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Bex & Nick's Trip Round The World

Welcome to Bex & Nick's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 08 August 2007

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Ok so we have many piccies to show you but we are coming home very soon so it will probs be in person but we will update once more when we get home too.
As many of you know we had some money troubles- bloody western world's too expensive! And they have to put Maccy d's n Starbucks everywhere........
We were due back in 2 weeks but we are coming home next friday 17th, so you can crack open the champers!
We are looking forward to seeing everyone so much n going out for pint!
So thanks to our amazingly wonderful parents for helping us out throughout the trip! N we will see you guys in a week!
We're off to fiji.....

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

There you go you buggers.... You happy now????

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Location: Bombay (Mumbai), India

So! Lukla... Despite the fact we managed to get there a day before our flight, due to cloud cover we couldn't actually get out for 3 days! And i tell you we were going stir crazy- there aint a lot to do in Lukla! I just about managed to persuade our lodge to put on a video (after them telling me there was not enough power and then watching TV themselves, I was so angry!) unfortunately instead of My best friends Wedding we ended up with 'Daniel and the Superdogs'. I tell you its a classic... we were so bored we would have watched anything though! Eventually we got out and back to Kathmandu and we were SO looking forward to it. We'd lie awake and talk of seeing Vinny at De la Soul, our local, having Quesadillars at the Northfield cafe, and swimming in Vintys pool at his hotel. AND we were not disappointed. A hot shower and a nice room with TV (I love HBO) topped it off. We were not happy about leaving Kathmandu then, we were settled. So we did some sight seeing... well the monkey temple (Named because it attracts monkeys not a temple for monkeys...) and a lot of partying, live bands and good food. Then our travel agent a Mr. Chhetri at Metro Everest near Via Via cafe, (by 7 corners) i tell u this because if you go to Kathmandu STAY AWAY! We got rinsed but you never know it till its too late do you. Anyway he told us the first train through India he could get us on was a little bit later than we had wanted so we were stuck in Kathmandu for a few extra days. What a shame! We said with big grins on our faces. And we got to stay for Vinny's and Alex's, Opening party of De La Soul. ( Vinny had revamped the menu and they hadnt had one so far so..) Kathmandu is basically city of the Sunrooms!
It was crazy but brilliant, never seen the place so packed! And vinny kitchen staff were doing free samples of the new menu, so me and nick got free dinner! and Alex is british so they had big jugs of Pimms, lovely! Anyway we had a few more crazy nights and some free swims thanks to Vinty! (And Vinny if you're reading this I hope you got some sleep!heehee)
Then we had to leave for India, so got a bus a bit late, to Sunauli the border between Nepal and India. Stayed one night there and then headed to Gorakhpur in a 'share taxi' aka a Jeep with as many indians as you can fit in it. And us. The Sunauli border is crazy you could so easily smuggle stuff across, you just walk down the road under an arch and your in India. You really have to serach for the immigration house/hut/thing... Though they are friendly. Once we got to Gorakhpur we had a train to catch. Unfortuantely we were a little unsure of which train it was and there seemed to be delays, we were pretty much the only westerners there too. We ask some guard who looked like he was in Authority and he pointed at a train not coressponding to any information that was on our ticket or on the info boards. So we asked someone 'Lucknow?' They nodded so we got on. We have a feeling now it might have been the wrong train. We were meant to be getting a train to Agra from Lucknow but the train to Lucknow was so slow it didnt get there in time and we missed it. Some indian guys who where sitting with us and spoke very little english said ''no problem'' and made gestures to sit down where we were saying that this train went to Agra and jsut to stay put. Anyway the ticket inspector came round and said 'No' basically but we had left Lucknow by then and was travelling through the Indian countryside with no one who spoke English surrounded by many Indians (they sure know how to pack them in!) at 1am. So the ticket guy gave us a spare sleeper bed so me nick and the bags tried to make ourselves comfy. We did have a little panic, were i nearly cried but we realised we couldn't do anything and we were really tired. So we went to sleep.. ish and hoped we were going the right way! Then at 9am about 19hours after we got on the damn train we saw the Taj Mahal in the distance. Thank god!
We got to a guesthouse recommended to us by some people we'd met and crashed out. (With HBO!) Then the Taj Mahal at 6am. Got up early because the same people said that as the sun rises over it, the Taj is beautiful and changes colour. We didn't see any colours just white. Unfortunately i'd woken up and decided that i was going to get malaria if i didnt take a Doxycycline pill so took one at 5am on an empty stomach. At 7am i was sick in the Taj Mahal gardens! Most romantic place in the world and Nick wouldnt kiss me (nick- She had sick on her beard). We got some pics and left. Next day off to Delhi. We'd changed our ticket at Agra with a man who was not very understanding about the fact the ticket we'd paid 2000 rupees for was actually not valid. When he told us we had to buy a new one the actual price of which was 300 rupees. Hence our hatred for Mr. Chhetri in Kathamndu. Then when we got on the train thinking just get to Delhi, when the ticket inspector comes round and tells us the date on our tickets are wrong. We look and indeed its for 2 days later, despite the fact the man changing them never said anything he just agreed the form for the 20th and gave us tickets for the 22nd. Thanks! So he tried to charge us again and a fine. 600 rupeees please. I had had enough of bloody conning indians. So i tried to explain about the first ticket, 2000 rupees and the second, 300 rupees and that i was not paying another 600 rupees for a journey that cost only 300 rupees. He didnt understand. This was the point i burst into tears. As it turns out Indians dont like that. And the man's saying to nick "Make her be quiet." Then he ran away and some lovely indian comes over asking what the problem is and gives me a hanky. Nick explained and the guy told the ticket inspector who let us stay on at no charge, then he said him and his wife were getting off next stop and we could have their seats. Bless him.
After all that India hasnt been so bad! Apart from the beggars. And disease.
We stayed in Paharganj in delhi the backpackers place, like Ko San Road in Bangkok. But dirtier. we had a nice room in a good cheap hotel though. In Delhi we wen to the National Gallery, A tomb, saw India Gate and wen to Lodi Gardens. The gardens were so beautiful i even prefered them to Taj Mahal but I wasnt ill in these ones... Lodi is like a massive park with a lake and ruins of temples in the middle, it has many species of wildlife and even ducks! All the Delhites go jogging through and couples are conudaling. Its my favourite place in Delhi- such a haven! They have some fabulous restaurants in connaught place too not far from where we were staying too, even got to go to TGI fridays! Lol! And Piccadelhi a London themed plaza of restaurants e.g.Soho and pubs 'The drunken Duck.' The entrance is made up of red london phoneboxes! and the doorman is dressed as a beefeater! heehee
Even our train from Delhi to Mumbai was lovely and we met a singer who was performing that night and invited us to her gig.
So really we have had a good time in India for the past week it was just the first week that was a pain. But every travellers moto seems to be 'the worst times make the best stories!'
So up to date finally and we are looking forward to going to Oz tomorrow and New Zealand in a few days. Especially as the monsoon has started and it hasnt stopped raining for days! We have been mainly going to Galleries in Mumbai because they are dry and theres not else to do! But i cannot figure out why a city that has monsoon season has so many marble steps- i've already slipped down far too many!
love N&B xxx
P.s. Photos soon!

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From fay
ur comin HOME WOOP WOOP....cant wait to see u hope u had a lovely time in fiji...

see u SOOOOOON x
Response: See you tomorrow actually ! :P xxx
From lou
if i havent told u b4, ur rubbish! u havent written anything for agggggeeesss! how dull, r u guys! hope u guys are haing a nice relax after ur busy few months, u lucky buggers, sunny urself sumwere! faye and i cant wait to see u!id love to have a cup of tea wiv u on fri wen ur bak! soo looking forward to it! let me know asap wot kinda time u reckon ul b bak! btw next friday nite were gonna go out so keep it free! anyway lots and lots of love hope u r well, cant wait to see u! x x x x x xx
Response: I know! But we thought we could save all the new news for when we get back as its very soon, but now have so much to show n tell! (heehee!) Anyways havent much time left so would love a cuppa will call you, am back in leigh 12am pretty much so be sitting by the phone please! Lol... OK love you.
(May have a lil update later as have all day to wait for flight...) xxxx
From Bro - Ant
Hey Bro, hows it going ? hope you are both well and enjoying Fiji, but more importantly, have you surfed yet ?
Kerry, Lucy, Nathan and I are all off to the Lake District on Friday for a long awaited holiday, the holiday's not starting until Saturday evening though, as I have a fell race to run on Sat afternoon somewhere in North Yorkshire.
Lucy is really looking forward to it, she seems to have developed an affiliation to the mountains, Kerry has even bought her a proper pair of walking boots. As for Nathan, he will have to put up with being strapped to my back in a rucksack style carrier (Not sure that he's going to like that).

Nick, I can see from the post below that Taz knows you well, she has pretty much summed you up in three words "Monkey boy pansy", couldn't put it better myself.

Take care, and enjoy whats left of your travels.

xx Marsh Clan xx
Response: Hello Bruv!
No Surf unfortunatly, not where we went, although I did see some pics of surf on the main island but if i was to try it i'd be coming home in a box and we dont want that :) (bex just said she does!) good to see the fam are all going for walks up mountains, maybe one day we could do the himalayas, it might put lucy off it though. Anyway, looks as though I'm not gonna see you till your back, so have a good holiday and take care.
lots of love
nick and bex
From Taz
Damn straight im your most loyal fan! And nick, I miss dissing you too... am actually looking forward to seeing the monkey boy face... haha! Love ya and of course i have the my chem album u pansy! xx
From fay

ull get used to it...

so glad u decided to go to fiji...enjoy x
Response: BULA!!!!!!!!!! We have just enjoyed our first night of Fijian hospitality! Limbo, n fire dancing..... i think i like this place! See you soon xxxxxx
From taz
hey, miss you... counting down the days cannot wait to see you... glad for you that you chose to see fiji! Love you xx hugs to monkey boy
Response: Cant wait to see you too!!! Nick misses dissing you! And i'll be needing a copy of my chemical romance album, which i presume you have?!
Thank you for being our most loyal fan, lol! See you soon xxxxxx
From Taz
Cant wait to talk to you miss you loads keep having fun and will see you soon, do your best to see what you can even with the money shortage. Dont regret leaving things behind.

Love you xx
Response: Thanks titch! I regret leaving you guys behind! Lol so much stuff i cant wait to show you n tell you about! N here from you about these carribean boys??!! Take care Talk soon xxx
From fay
yow yow yow....

so u still in NZ?when u home bitches?sounds like ur having fun in ur van im sitting at home looking after two young insane kittens.its grreat...Maggie is sleeping in my room at the mo, so that means im also sleeping with a litter days consist of flea combing, poo shovelling, litter filling, and cat fights.its been fun.

no its not as bad as that.they are very lovely.check out maggie's pics on facebook...she has her own profile. and soph leave london on gutted.its all a bit of a mission and i havent started we'll be home and waiting for u...i may have lost the will to speak and interact with u thru boredom before long so come home quick so i can at least attempt to say good bye before u go to uni!!no...if u have enough time, we should do drinks or something.

missin u love u x
Response: We are home very soon! We are having loadsa fun despite being in NZ north island where its pissing it down n looking forward to going to Auckland where there is flooding....GREAT. Glad you are having fun with all the kittens! Are you guys in Southend now? How does your mum feel about the kittens?! You have to let me come round n see them when i get home as i havent even met Angus yet! Then we can go for drinks! By the way how was the food on Fiji its all included in prices isnt it? I am a little worried.. but im sure all will be fine. We only going to stay on Manta ray island i think in Yasawas- then go n see caves but thats it. Maxing relaxing after our hard 4 months or travelling! See you soon, hope all is well! What doing for work atm??? xxxxxx
From lou
hello skeet and nick, how are u guys? hope u r both well. sooo excited harry potter book comes out in 2 and a half hours. come to think about it do u hav it allready as ur time is prob ahead of ours?! ooh dont tell me the end! anyway so sorry for not havin been in touch for a while, im so knackered in the evenings at the mo i just wana go 2 sleep! haha im soo wild! well faye and i are both well. ur mum signed fayes passport 4 me the other day so hopefully shud get that bak soon. planning on taking her 2 france for a couple of days in aug(bak on the 23rd, and ur bak on the 24th yeah?? wahoo) and then baby rosie (we think) is due to arrive on the 26th! so much going on! really missin u lots leigh and southend is sooo full of pretenitous morons! ha not like u skeet although u wish! all week hav been thinking of lots of things wana tell u but have forgotten them all now so will just ramble. so u guys in new zealand now? r u meeting up wiv any1 nic knew wen he was there? hav u done australia? are u guys very brown or is it cold? england is havin the most mental weather at the mo, loads and loads and loadsa of rain and jumpers and storms and no sunshine! god im soo borring rabbiting on about the weather! anyway been meeting up wiv shiv and tom once a week wen she comes bak which has been great, taking the kids out bless them! she sends her love btw. ooh just thought of sumthing, seen conrad a few times recently, weve been meeting up, no i lie just walked past him in the street, hes sooooo weird skeet! have joined faye up to a football class startin on sunday and hopefully a dance class durring the week. multi talented u c. anyway much love sorry this has been a bit borring, anyway missing u lots get in touch soon and update ur blog u silly billys x x x x x x x x
Response: Hello!!! We are very well thanks a bit hungover though! I have HP!!! Its soooooooooo good and im only on chapter 6! I love it. but i dont want to finish it because there will be no more- its really sad. If you finish dont tell me what happens or i'll open a can of whoopass when i get home! Why are you so knackered? Are you working atm? You're back in leigh right? Are you sleeping in the conservatory? Is it fun?! Im living in a van- its pretty cool- we cooked breakfast (bacon sarnies) in a carpark today! We are such pikeys. Glad mum could do it, and hope faye likes france i bet she will have a great time. We are NZ and did Sydney in a day! We are not brown no lou, its like -2 most of the time. Which is actually handy because we dont have a fridge so can buy milk n just leave it outside without going off! i say- pikey....
I cannot believe England's weather i hope it gets better for when we get back n for you guys of course! Send my love to Shiv n Tom as well. Do you know if she will be still coming down when i get back? Would be really good to see her, we could all go out together You n faye, shiv n tom n me n my lil' brat..nick! Yes conrad is weird!? We knew this though. Unfortunately not soon enough for me, but hey. I've made worse decisions! Are you going to try to teach faye french? She can practise in france! Doesnt she do it at nursery? Wow then she will be really multi talented with all these new....talents. I miss you both SO much, i want to see Faye i bet shes changed so much whilst i've been away i hope she hasn't forgotten me. Do you still have that picture of me? You can show it to her n make sure she remembers! Anyway i'm rambling now. Have to go n read HP, :p! Love you lots like jelly tots as always!! Miss you loads!!! Stick some more Maggers piccies on Facebook so i can have a laugh! Did you have a good time btw?? Any goss?? Ok im going
From FAY
kia ora....

ill be ur dawg?boogie oogie oogie woogie...

u remember the advert??prob not cos ur a wee whipper snapper....
Response: No i dont only you ancient folk do!!....apperently it rings bells for nick hes started singing something similar...
From fay
Response: Kia Ora.
From Bro - Phil
Good work you two. The pics are amazing and you both look really well. So Enviious of your himilayan treks, they are so cool and i have definate plans to do that one on the the trans siberian. Keep up the good times and miss ya both. Love lots. Phil and Gal.x
Response: Thank you! When are you off travelling again?!? As you are back to work a week before end of term, do you get paid for the sumer hols? If so you are a jammy git!! Hope you n gal are ok. xxx
From soph
no, we are NOT happy... there should be more pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics.... ooh how bout a video?
Response: What?!!!? 8 PAGES OF PICTURES!!!! you will have to be happy thats all we have...for now. And as for a video! We were meant to get one for Scuba Diving but the camera broke underwater. And we do not have enough money to do silly things like skydiving so there! :p Be happy with pictures.
From fay
pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics.


(soph...anything u can do i can do it??...apart from aid work...and testing soil...and completing degrees and shit).

anyways...yes..more pics from and soph have bought ANOTHER kitten.he comes on monday as he's a bit young...but we paid a deposit and saw him today and he's sooooo sweet.he's sooo tiny.

anyways...hope ur having fun...missing u.

much love fay fay x
Response: Ok! Coming soon! Yes i am slow at replying thank you but we've been a little busy!
Pics pics pics of the new pussy kat!!!
From Bro - Phil
Hey Sis and Nick,
congratulations i am laughing lots after your last update. Glad you are having a good time and you are so right about the best stories coming from the worst scenarios, whenever it all gets you down just laugh and remember you are on the other side of the world, its never that bad!
Glad you two are getting on so well and continuing to take the p**s out of each other! I'm seeing so many familiar sights in your photos, Lan Kwai Fong was so good for going out!!! Just had a reunion in london with the guys i met in Beijing, was great. Hope you are making some life long friends you can meet up with again.
So i guess by now you are in Auckland now? Try and see a super 14's rugby game, is a great atmosphere. Hope you both arrived safely and are more relaxed in an english speaking country. Beware the Mauri girls and guys especially when out drinking, dont give any lip!!! The sth island is very cool and you know how much i enjoyed Queenstown! Must do's: Tongario crossing just sth of lake Taupo (Mt Doom in LOTR), Abel tasman kayaking, Milford sound only if it is raining recently or Doubtful sound if it hasnt, cool boat trips on lakes with amazing waterfalls, must do franz josef glacier, think monkey boy will LOVE ice climbing, imagine rock climbing with ice axes up 30 m overhangs, and the phrase "sweet as bro!!!"
could chat for ages but will get off. Hope you are both well and make the most of everyday and moment! Love you both, and bex mummy Pam is worried, phone her! Later.
Response: Hey dude as you can see i got the long message so no typing lost! I know PR can be a f*cker- its always logging me out when im trying to write messages n updates! We are indeed taking the piss out of eachother- its even got a bit violent - he tickles me to death n my weapon of choice is a spoon. I hit him over the head or on the elbow n he starts yelling "Stop spooning me!!" its very funny especially when we get looks in camp sites! Lol... Milford sound is done, so is Dunedin n Invercargill (nothing there though!) now in Queenstown but we have no money for skydiving n stuff. I'm trying to live on $50 a day, n we live in a campervan so.... mostly goes on food n camp sites n mulled wine n petrol! Franz Josef is on the cards as is Lake Taupo n Tongario. Saving money for skiing n snowborading at Cardrona- wanaka! Its freezing n we have SO much snow. nick is looking forward to 'fresh powder' im looking forward to Hot chocs up a mountain n some nice easy trails!
Hope you are ok. Tell Gal i wish i could have met her n hopefully will be able to at some point soon! See you soon. N why is mum worried?? I've emailed.
As for the ''Sweet as bro!" nick lived here for a year n after 5 yrs back in Essex it didnt wear off, so im used to it!
From soph
pics picspicspicspicspicsicspicspicspicspicpsics. thankyou please. x
Response: ok.
From Mum Marsh
Hi both of you. Glad you have now moved on Bex, we were a little worried about you there but now onto more civilised country. You have certainly had some strange experiences, perhaps our transport in england is not so bad after all.
I do believe your essays are getting longer, but always interesting reading for us poor boring souls at home.
Paul and I went to Vicky's graduation ceremony last week. We were so proud of her getting her degree. She was so nervous but we have some piccies for when you get home.
There are going to be a few new additions to the family in the next month or two. We have got some more ducks on order, different ones this time, and we are going to release them onto the pond as they are not like the runner ducks, a little more wild. They will be pinioned though so will not be able to fly away. The new geese have settled in nicely, and the mandarin female is sitting on 7 eggs which are due to hatch early next week. I think they will be successful, she is very attentive to her eggs. We went back with Nanny to Tortworth Court at the beginning of June and had a much better time this time. The service was much improved and that waitress who was so rude, i believe has had a full lobotomy or it was her identical twin sister, as she was totally different and could not do enough for us. We had rooms on the first floor in main building, and they were very nice. We had Lucy and Nathan devil boy for the weekend last week. We have nearly recovered now, but it will take a while for my nerves to settle down. It was like having Anthony back again at that age, apart from the blue eyes - he is almost identical in looks and manner as Anthony was. They were actually very good, Nathan is a bit defiant, but we had no crying and no tantrums even though it was a very wet weekend and the only places we could take them was shopping which of course Mum enjoyed.
Nanny has had two weeks in Spain with trevor and Elaine - she came back Thursday but is going again in August. Kerry and Anthony have booked a cottage for Alan's wedding in October. I need to know whether you think you will be going or not. I cannot remember exact date but I believe it coincides with half term, so it should be o.k. for Bex. Anyway let me know on that one.
Its really nice to read your reports, so keep them coming. I am sure you are going to have a lovely time during your last 7/8 weeks of your trip. Looking forward to seeing you both in August.
Love Mum and Dad Marsh
Response: Yes! it's nice to be back in the western world away from people trying to sell stuff to you, con you, beg for money. But looking back over it, it was definately a worthwhile experience. If not to appreciate home more! and all the sights that we saw were pretty amazing.
Good to see Nan's got lots to do, she'll soon be getting her 60 ltr backpack and go hikking round the world! :). By the looks of things i'm going to be sharing A bed with a few ducks as you must have thousands by now. Must be quite fun going in and out of the driveway dodging ducks! Nice to see Tortworth Court was better the second time round, must have seen you coming.
Bex and I still want to go to the wedding so if theres anything we need to do or know let us...well... know! where abouts is it being held?
Anyway, really nice to hear from you, congratulate Vicky for me and say hello to everybody.
lots of love Nick & Bex.
From Mum
Bex- I've sent you 2 emails in last week and have had no reply. Have you received them both? Nothing urgent-just chatting but would be nice to have a reply, much love mum
Response: Hello! I gave you a call so i hope that will suffice and have updated blog loads! Lots of love and see you soon! xxx
From lou
heya love love, how are u doing? first of all danielle is brees daughter u moron and has been since the start of the show! just coz ur doing all tis travelling malarky and meetingnew people doesnt mean u shudforget about the important things! anyway so how are u getting on? u not enjoying india? i cant believe how much crazy stuff ur gonna have to tell us about wen u get bak! btw must tell u now to avoid all serious disapointment wen u get bak,..... the Hogs Head isgone!its been replaced by sum where that looks quite fancy, think its a chain. anyway i figured wiv out urs and nicks business they couldnt cope! we have marie and audrey staying at the mo from france. which is nice, my french skills are possibly not quite as good as i think they are though! fayes doing really well, im teaching her the alphabet at the mo,shes soo clever! went out wiv shivi at the weekend, she is doing well, passed her course so has got into uni and is working over the summer. anyway il be off, miss u loads and loads, looking 4ward to , august, kates baby is due on the 26th so hopefully u shud be around for all those fun and games!get in touch soon, love you x x x x x x x
btw gutted ur getting harry potter at the same time, was really hoping to wind u up, lol!did think u may have planned it though!!
Response: Hey dude!!
Yes i know who danielle is! I didnt know she was preggers though or who by!? Im enjoying parts of India.... we just got to mumbai (bombay) which is quite nice and not so hot as agra, or delhi. N yes i know the hogs is gone! :'( its been replaced by a slug n lettuce, they do really good olives and expensive cocktails. They have many in London. How is it i know this stuff and you dont?! Have you been there yet? I know fayes clever she has your brains....and kurts elbows! Is shivi down a lot these days? Sounds like it am gutted to be missing her. Say hello! from me and congratulations next time you see her. Hows little tom doing?? Really looking forward to seeing you when i get back its less than 2 months till i'm home! I will be back on 25th August so tell kate not to go into labour before then! heehee. I hope i get to see the littl'un. Has she thought of names yet? Is she excited or stressing?! I bet she's brought loads of stuff! lol. Miss you, lots of love bex
P.s. When you going to send me piccies of you and faye ?!hum punk
From alana
hellllloooooo......i saw someone the other day and i actually thought it was you!!so it made me think what/where you would be at that moment in time!! so where are you then??you seem to be doing loads of things...cant believe some of the things you've seen good and bad by the sounds of it!! and wedding rings?!?!?!i bet you come back married...ohhh bex come one is here...or they are being boring"!! when is the exact date your back??ill organise a big night out!!so hows nick??you both having a great time yeh??
anyways look after yourself..and listen to nick so u dont get taken in by beggars!!
love you lots alana xxx
Response: Hey dude! Im glad you have sent me a message its been a long time! How was uni? Did your exams go well?? Are you still with tom? As for wedding rings i meant to put an explanation on blog but forgot! It was just a little ploy to get rid of unwanted Indian attention. Im currently in Delhi and heading to mumbai soon. Anyway its like 35degress or some shit here and i feel really shitty so im going to go! Will update blog lots soon. Am really behind! And i am back 24th August a sat. But i dont think i'll be too up for going out straight away! So maybe monday? I do miss a good mayhem mon night! Lol.. Take care of yourself and keep in touch. xxxxxx
From Mum
Dear Bex and Nick,
I quite like the sound of sitting in an orange saree and getting stoned on hashish! Been feeling a bit down tonight and your blog cheered me up. Sounds like you've had quite an education out there in Nepal. Im glad you're not too proud to admit you appreciate your home and im very glad sensible Nick is there to protect you from giving all your money away to begging mothers with hungry babies.Im also glad i have a kind-hearted and caring daughter. I miss you Bex.
Congratulations on completeing the mountain trek and tell Nick not to drag you up any more mountains!
Did I tell you your diving certificates came? Also your parcel arrived with all the momentos in and the cd of photos. Havent looked at them yet. Dad and I have been really busy at work but I will get Taz to help me when her exams finish at the end of next week. She's only got one more to go now. Hooray! Un fortunately she's developed a sore throat. I think shes exhausted and pretty run down. Taz is going to do a work experience in a city chambers in the first week of July-luckily I was able to arrange it through a school contact. Should give her some insight into a barristers life so she can see if thats the route she wants to take.
Phil's girlfriend is settling in quite well here. She seems very confident. She has quite a strong personality and speaks excellent english. Phil seems very happy.
We havent seen much of Jon recently. He's been spending most evenings and some nights in town. Methinks a lady might be invovled?!
We are all going to Uncle Peter and Auntie Sandys tomorrow. A large gathering of the Skeet clan. Should be jolly.
We shall miss you- the only absentee of the family.
Yes I had a good day in France but unfortunately my alarm failed to go off and I overslept. I had to suffer the humiliation of being the last one on the coach- turning up late in front of teachers, parents and kids! As you can imagine, I was ribbed mercilessly and will never live it down! Rotten lot!
Dont worry about using my credit card. I gave it to you for emergencies- thats what its there for. I'm glad it came in handy.
Well. Mr & Mrs Marsh- take care in India. Are you going to bother to contact the Arthurells when you get to Sydney? Bex Arthurell will arrive here in July. Ironic isnt it?!
Keep safe and update blog as often as poss. Take care of Bex, Nick. Much love, Mum xx
From soph
wow! looks really amazing. you lucky things... where to next???
Response: We are in India now as i suppose you've heard! THen off to NZ in a few days- really looking forward to it! Will update soon! Keep me posted on what you're up too. I hear you're going back to sunny southend soon?! What are your plans at the moment?
From Taz
What? Why the hell are you buying wedding rings? And what in hells name does it have to do with you going to India? Oh and incase you are worried about me from what mother said in her last message, I'm fine you just keep on enjoying yourself ok. Don't even bother thinking about us boring lot. Just keep having fun for all of us, we're all great.... Hope your having fun and hope your not too affected by Nepal... theres a lot of shit around the world that our shadowed eyes dont see in little old Leigh but it'll get better. One day. xx
Response: Very true. Your a voice of inspiration! LOL! I'm buying a wedding ring or silver band to help ward off people in India. Its suggested in our guide book and by many people we have met who have been. They like to touch you and hassle you because your western. Its not like in England where people give you 'personal' space, in china everyone elbows eachother out the way and you dont even give it a second glance. I gave up saying sorry everytime i kncocked someone accidently after a few days. In india your western so your lucky but your not hindu and immoral so dont get any respect so they will stroke you and stuff. Its just easier to say "Im married, go away.I dont want to buy anything or go home with you." pretty much. Marriage is something they believe in. The ring helps! Plus its pretty and i can swap fingers when i get to other countrys!! Lol. Of course im worried about you! Just because im in another country doesnt mean i dont care! And because of the wonderful internet i can keep up with whats going on so long as you guys keep me updated! Anyway i thought you were going to give me a big sisterly email??? I'm waiting! Hope this finds you well and not too stressed. Love you dude.
From Mum
Hi you two.
Just a quick hello. The boys are back and dad and i are getting used to a nearly full house again. I had a bit of a stress at all the extra junk they brought home so we've all had a clear out and the house is looking tidier again. Gail comes on Tuesday. I'm off to France for the day with school on Thursday. Taz has 6 GCSEs left to do. So far so good i think. However shes hardly eating and living off her nerves.
Did you enjoy going up the mountain? Did you see Everest?
Do email from Katmandu.
Lots love, Mum xx
Response: I'm really sorry i havent replied but we have been stuck up the mountain for 3 days. And im really sorry i had to use your credit card! ( :s ) but we were staying at a place and ran out of money because there are no atm's up the mountain and there wasnt a flight for a few days and the barclaycard was the only thing they would accept! Im sorry but was a real emergency or we would have no eaten and slept in the airport.... if you can call it that! It was more like a small empty bungalow with signs!!!
As for the trek was the hardest thing i've ever done but will write on the blog soon as going to be in Kathmandu for a little bit longer than previously planned!!
Hope all is well at home. It appears that Phil is already back to work??!!! He's very lucky that such a good job was kept open for him! Or could they just not fill it??!! Taz is crazy and needs a 'chill pill'! Maybe one stronger than your calms!...maybe when the exams are over you can give her a few valium then she can rest a bit! Lol! I cannot wait to get back to a few house and leigh in the summer. I love all these new places im going and so many i would love to visit again but i also discovered how much i love leigh and england! And im not so ashamed to say that either...i've seen some nasty places. And things.
But i can imagine you're very stressed! Anyway i'll update blog and then you can e-mail any other questions you have!
Hope all is well, and you have a lovely time in France even if only a day :( ! Love you lots and wishing everyone well! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Taz
Can you please come the hell back down from the silly mountain and reply to messages from us lonely folk in england. :) Love u and monkey boy!
Response: So we're back! From up the mountain! N yes it was a silly mountain! Will be in Kathmandu in 2 days if weather permits flights out! They can be temperamental... So may get stuck up the mountain. Not nice. especially if we run outa money!! Anyway take care of yourself and dont stress too much about the exams. GET SOME SLEEP!!! hope you are ok hows life apart from exams? Good to have the bros home??? Miss you loads too. Can email a lot when back to less remote areas! lots of love