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Philly from Chile and Alex from the Galaxy

Diary Entries

Saturday, 27 May 2006

Location: Chile

hi Everyone!
in case you are wondering why this website is so outdated its because we have a new one! This website has run out of space so if you want to see our latest news and photos go to


Monday, 24 April 2006

Location: Mendoza, Argentina


Nick was here for 3 weeks and for his last week we decided to go to Mendoza, Argentina. Our bus trip was quite long but that was definately made up for by the beautiful scenery! The journey to Mendoza from Santiago is through the Andes the whole way and the border post is right in the middle of the Andes. We passed Portillo, the main ski resort in Chile, and we got a quick glance of Aconcagua as we entered Argentina. We arrived in Mendoza and checked in at a wonderful hostel. The first two days we spent shopping, which was a bit of a joke as everything was soooo cheap!! We decided to go on a big city tour...which was quite interesting but also a bit boring a some points as San Martin is mentioned in every sentence. We also thought that it would be quite appropriate to go on a wine tour as Argentina is ranked as one of the top wine regions. We were taken to 3 wineries and a distilery which were very interesting. Nick was teaching me how to do the whole wine tasting thing as I didnt really have a clue! We met an It on the tour with us...SHE was from England and she shaved her beard!!!!! At the end of the tour, we were treated to a hhhuuuuggggeeeee buffet lunch and loads of was fantastic and just what we needed.
We also went on a wonderful trek to Aconcagua and Puenta del Inca with an Argentinian guide, Mario, who spoke "pocito" (a very litte) English and who had summited Aconcagua 10 times!! Our day started off with a 4 hour bus ride to the Aconcagua Park where we surprisingly saw Aconcagua (6963masl I think-tallest mntn in the Americas) and then a lovely trek to Puenta del Inca which is the ruin of a hotel which got destroyed in an Avalanche in the 1600s. The river water just below it has some mineral in it which turns anything that you put in the water yellow over 2 weeks-weird!
The next day was time to we sadly packed our bags and left! It was an amazing experience!

Nick left to go back to London which was all very sad as we enjoyed his company over the last 3 weeks...thanks nick!

On friday night we went to the Infected Mushrooms was amazing! Phil and I met some new peeps and stomped the night away!!! We eventually rolled into bed at about 6am.
This weekend was a long weekend and phil, lily and I decided that life was too short to stay in the grange flat for the we caught a bus to Viña Del Mar (the beach). We had an interesting experience at the bus station as some dodgy guy tried to open my bag but i caught him and then warned phil and lily about him as he kept following us... he then went up to Phil made some funny sign with his hands and klopped her in the shin and then ran away. Very very random and quite scary! We arrived in Viña ready for a day on the beach, only to find that it was raining! We managed to get a room in some guys apartment right on the we decided that it was too cold for camping! The highlight of Viña was definately the cool bike/rikshaw things which we hired and went on the roads with. This was indeed very hazardous as they drive on the right and it was 12 at night...this was the closest we´ve got to driving the entire year so we were very stoked!

Next week is our mid-term break so we will be off again and will return with more news and stories for you all... love to you all

Sunday, 23 April 2006

Location: Santiago, Chile

hi Mense

2 weekends ago we all headed off to Cajon Del Maipo for Easter weekend. Cajon Del Maipo is a beautiful camping spot in the Andes and is one of Chiles highlights. We caught the metro to a funky bus stop and then sat on a dodgy jampacked bus all the way there. The bonus was that we got there for a whole 1000 pesos (R10).
The camping spot is in a valley so we were surrounded by mountains. We attempted to go hiking but sadly we weren´t allowed to go walking on our own and if we wanted a guide it would have cost us 10 000 pesos each!!!! exploitation of tourists to the max! so we only did one walk and that was to the two waterfalls in the reserve. It was all good though as we spent the days chilling and really had fun! by night well we braaied as true South Africans do. We played a dodgy concentration game involving farm animal noises. Nick(Howard) and myself also started a fiercy competitive foozball competition which is not over!
Last week Alex and Nick went to Mendoza a fantastic time...but hopefully she will write soon and elaborate on that. We have a long weekend this weekend so will hopefully go away today or tomorrow. Today is a bit of a write off as Alex and myself went up into the mountains yesterday to see Infected Mushrooms so we're a bit on the tired as got home when the sun was shining.

Al and I will write soon
bye bye

Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Location: Santiago, Chile

hi Peeps!
Thanks everyone for visiting our site. We've had almost 200 visits!stoked!
last week Alex and myself missioned to the airport to fetch Nick. We made him a huge sign saying bienvenidos nick! Everybody was checking out our sign wishing they were Nick! :)
That night we had our first rugby match. It was good fun but sadly we lost as a certain English bloke on our team wouldn't stop swearing at the ref and tripping players etc.
The following evening Emily, alex and myself were invited by a Chilean family for supper. We had a good time and were even offered a pet cat but decided against it due to the state of our house. We then met up with the boys for the usual Murano experience.
On Saturday we decided it was high time we caught the first bus that came past and see where we landed up. Well we landed up having a pic nic in Vitacura in a small park with a fountain.
On Sunday evening us South Africans decided the weather was too good to waste and had a fat braai! it was great...nick is quite a legend when it comes to food.
A new Argentinean friend, Seb, has invited us to a party tomorrow and then its camping in the mountains this weekend so I'll let you all know how it goes.

bye bye
Philly and Alex

Sunday, 02 April 2006

Location: Santiago, Chile

Another week has gone by...time does fly
On Monday night we went for supper with our friend Chicho. we went to the family restaurant and met the father and mother this time. We also met their missionary friend from Africa. We had never heard of the country he came from so we just smiled and said 'oh ya'.:)
On Wednesday we went to the Santiago zoo with the grade 1's.The zoo was pretty awful as the cages were abysmal. Never the less we did see tigers, kangaroos, polar bears, ugly monkeys and llamas! We felt really sorry for the African animals that had tiny pens and no trees. The grade 1's were running around and giving us a headache. In the evening we played touch rugby with our team. Our team is called the T-birds(as in thunderbirds).As anyone heard of that cause we reckon its not from our decade. After practice we went to the pub with our team mates for some bonding.
Thursday was the day that Alex's rash broke out.gasp!!!!
She wasn't sick enough to miss out on the usual Murano experience. We had a good night out but have decided that 7am is too late to come home as it is light already and some of the teachers have arrived by then.
Friday was the usual right off especially for Alex as the rash spreeeeaad over her body. Nick, Emily and myself went to the cinema up the road to see Memoirs of a Geisha. It was great...way better than brokeback mountain(sorry Tash).
Tomorrow we have a hockey match and then its off to the doctor with Alex.

bye bye

Monday, 27 March 2006

Location: Santiago, Chile

Hi everyone!
I hope you all got our last mail. If not write us a mesage with your mail addess and we'll send it.
The last couple of weeks have been hectic. The OASIS concert was amazing. We managed to push our way to the second from the front row for wonderwall! We got really keen and went in Rugga jerseys and took our SA flags...which we managed to get onto the big screen!
last week Alex found a birthday chart in the staffroom and decided to add our birthdays to it. She didn't realise that she had actually signed us onto the 'birhtday club'..lame one:)
We've recently made some new friends so have been going out lots. the big night here is Thursday so Friday is always a bit of a right off. Saw Brokeback mountain the other day...dont see it.
Went out last night and met up with fellow South Africans and Bishops boytjies Theo and James.
Had to go to Vina(the coast) with the volleyball teams this weekend for their matches and had to help out at a hockey tournament today. We're now playing touch rugby and hockey twice a week. We starting rugby matches this week and have a hockey tournament next Sunday.
Hope you enjoy our photos...please leave us messages.

Bye bye
Philly and Alex

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Recent Messages

Dear Philly,
Hi from Cape Town. I was just wondering how you were... sure you are quite fluent in spanish by now & needless to say, having the best time of your life so far!
Keep well & in touch.
Lots of love Lynn
Response: Hi Lynn
Im doing great,
Cant say im fluent in Spanish yet..but am learning. Am having an amazing time
love Philly
From BoBo
Hey there my favourite travelers! Hope you guys are having a rocking time. I wright my first exam on sat at 8.30. Geogrpahy practical. its gona be quite a laugh! BUt its gone be more of a laugh tonight! We are doing a strip show as a rowing fundraiser. Been hitting gym one time this week. my body is quite soar. Think of me and laugh hard okay! love you lots
Response: good luck with the strip show Jono! will definitely think of you and laugh this evening. hee hee
have fun
From Brian Malcomess
Hi Alex! I know this is a little late-My Bad but I only found out about the message function on this site just now!Happy Birthday for yesterday, hope you had an awesome day! All reports seem to say that you having an amazing time so keep up the good work-No Regrets come December!..Remember be good, if you cant be good be bad, and if you're bad name it after me(",) Keep it real homey, Brian
Response: thanks brian...had anawesome regrets, at least not yet!!!! hope stellies is going well... loving it here love galexy
From Lu
HapPY hAPpY birthday my Plonk!!!! hope you're having a great day an u got my sms. must chat bout wen we coming ova2 argentina an if we can see you guys?!?!?! lotsa love always lu xxx
Response: thanks plonk.....CHICKS DIG ME!!!!!! thanks for the msgs miss u lots xxx
From georgia
happy birhtday ms tarsh!!missing u lots!!! enjoy the day!!!!1 xoxoxxo
Response: thanks poo...miss you too had an awesome day...missed you though!!! xxxxx
From georgia
hi poo
hope u guys are good!! thanks for the birthday sms!!!went out with your sis that night - very fun especailly after we left the keys in the car!! good times!!! missing you lots!!
Response: hay poo thanks for the msgs.. had an awesome day but missed you xxx
From BoBo
Those shaun keeling messages are pretty. SA champs was cool. Came 3rd and 1st in varsity section in the 8. Killer race. Im pretty unfit and racing wit thos guys was intense. After party was mad when they started setting boats on fire. This weekend was even madder. Played big catch up after rowing for so long. Got work out of my brains at the mo, but its all part of the fun. Goin home for the weekend for grans 80th shuld be fun. Hope you gals are partying hard and teaching maths nicely.
Love bobo
Response: shot on the races very jealous!!i miss rowing!setting boats on fire????interesting?? happy birthday to gran!!!we are now back at school after a week hol in Argentina...not cool being back...but its ok!! work hard and lots of bday kisses to gorge!!! love galaxy and philly
From Chukkie C
From the newest dublin dubstah a big shout out to where ever you are...keep smiling sweet gurlz you're the best in the world.
;-) x
Response: thanks Charlie.
love you:)
From eensaam sister
hi fart i am very irritated as you have still not replied to my message from about 3weeks ago!!!now i am even more eensaam than when u left!!!and to top it off... i am sick!please reply so i dont have to be eensaam 4 much longer!
love your sickly sis j
Response: Hay julz so sorry...i still love you!!!!! Pls get better....what happened to tricky dick?? love you lots love Zandi xx
From Ali (king) and rob
Ali (king) and rob
Response: Hi
Your website is truely awesome ! We will be regular visitors. Make sure you get to Whistler on your many travels. We will be there for a week in July and will leave you a little surprise1 Lots of love Didi et al.
Response: Hi Didi we would love to go to Whistler later on! Have a lovely time in July and thanks so much for the to the fam Love AJ xx
From Angela Webb
hey philly and alex,
just popping in again to say hallo. sounds great! glad to hear u not wasting a second.
luv ang
Response: Hay Ang How you been?
Thanks for your visits...what you doing at the should come and visit us! Love Alex
From mairi
hi alex (and Philly of course)
you guys are having such a lekker time it makes me wish i was 19 again so that i could do it better! however wishfull thinking hey?? since i'm now really an old toppie. georgie has been passing all these hints about south america in july but she cannot afford it so what can i say? i know she would love to see you and the travel bug is really g- nawing away at her. have a happy time love mairi and family (ali and sholto too)
Response: Thanks would be soooo nice if you all came to visit in July....we could all ski together and party together and it would be like you were 19 much fun!love to all Alex xx
From Nadine
Hi Alex,
Mom told me about your website ! You are the first person I knoiw that has their own website. I've enjoyed reading all about your adventures and looking at all the photo's...not enough of good looking south american men however !! You look as if you are really enjoying your time there and definitely making the most of all the amazing places around you. Will follow your travels with great interest . have lots of fun, Nadine and all the rest of the fuzzy Fosters.
Response: Thanks for you message Fosters...lovely to hear from you! We are definately having a wonderful time here and will be sure to put more pics of hot south americans on the site! hope you had a good long weekend. lots of love Alex
From Smiths
Second time we're writing doesn't seem to like our contributions! Loved your photo's of camping @ E/w but no 5 * hotel and red carpet treatment for our Alex, how things have changed! Dunc's shed some tears the night you left clearly loves his Godmother ..more than we got when we left for Croatia!
Heaps of love and have a hooley! All the Smiths
Response: Thats very sad that your msg got rejected as i did reply to it! My expensive, red carpet dreams have definately turned to dust (quite literally)! Glad Julian (my godson!) misses me...hows Gr 1 going? love to iany and the boys love AJ
From Valley
just discovered this leave a msg thing!!! actually rob was telling me about all this funny stuff on it and i didn't know what he was talking about, now i do!!! the pics are awesome, looks so amazing!! anyways this planet ranger site is pretty clever hey, liking it!!! spk soon!
Response: Hay Valley hows everything going...still rowing? miss you lots but hopefully see you in June!!!
Love Galaxy xx
From steve and lindy
Hi Sweet Philly in Chilli,
Absolutely love your site. It is great to be able to travel with you. Thrilled you having such a cool time. Saw Chris last week-end. Everyone thinking of you, you lucky fish, and sending love. Lots of love, Steve & lindy
Response: hi Steve and Lindy!
thanks for checking it out.having an awsome time budget travelling and budget living!sounds like Koo is also having a ball!
Lots of love
From anne and paul castle
Great to see all your pics and hear waht a great time you are having

lots of love

anne and paul
Response: Thank you for your message. Hope everything is going well and warming up there in England!!!! Lovely to hear from you! Lots of love Alexandra
From georgia
hey poo
hows it going there?started varsity on tues - sucks! went to VMK last weekend - good times. good to see everybody!spk soon! hi to nick and phil.
Response: hey georgia what is up
we are in mendoza livin it up its awesome hope varsity is great...ha ha ha....sean white is looking after us!
love alex and nick
From Big Shauno

I wish I could hold you
Feel your lips touching mine
I wish I could tell you
How you're special and you're fine

I wish I could be with you
I wish you really cared
I wish that all my tears would stop
I wish I wasn't scared

I wish love didn't hurt
I wish tears didn't sting
I wish my heart was strong
But it's the most fragile thing

With all these things I wish
I can't help but cry
Because at night when all is dark
I look up in the sky

I wish my wishes on a star
But as I softly close my eyes
I see my love
I see your lies

So tonight when I wish my wish
That wish upon a star
I'll wish that all my pain will stop
I'll wish that love is not too far

with all my love

Response: rob....ali....thats just scary
we dont like you
From Allan&Maya
Hola Philly
Como sta? Hablar usted espanol? Mucho grande shades. Sorry about the bad Spanish. Great to see that you are having a fantastic time. We will eek the unsensored version out of you some time. We are soooo envious...especially when skiing season starts.
Love from Maya Allan & kids

Response: hola all of you
Muy bien gracias
started spanish lessons a few weeks ago. have to learn sometime.
im a bit of a Bridget Jones when it comes to skiing but ya it will be fun.
thanks for the note. hope all is well
Love Philly
From chase
chchchchhhhhhchhch...shaun......s- dfssvhshvsdvs.....bats...sdfsdfsd- f...arra.....sdshshchchchchccchhh- hh..keeling...mrmrmmmmrrmrmmmmrab-'s shaun keeling...mrmrmrmrmbmrmrmbm!!!!!!- !
Response: Chase you are strange
From shuan KEELING
Hey Im pretty much the best rower. Manitee is spelt manitee. It's pretty much my favourite animal. Arra. Shaun keeling on the ceiling. Arra. Enjoy chile babes me and kirsty Mac bru. more photos of lilly. cool bru. over and out
Response: lilly doesnt want you
From Nikki Harding
Hello girls!!!
How are things in the land of philly and munniak?! Need to talk to you both about gap yearing next year... I'll email you all my thoughts soon soon. You guys stay fanfrickintastic and we'll chat soon. love you both loads xx
Response: Hey Nikki!
cool to hear from you girl!
you let us know all your thoughts and we'll see how we can help ya.
love ya too
From gavin lawrie
Hey girls, just seen all the photos and am sitting here amazed and impressed. Well done and some great photography too. Keep us informed. Sunglasses not too bad. Gavin and Dawn.
Response: glad you like glasses Gav...they have kinda grown on me