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Phil's Big Tour

Hi guys and welcome to my web page and online commentary of my trip as it unfolds. With any luck the next few months should see Natalie and I travel through some of the worlds most exciting and beautiful places and record them here for you to read. Feel free to leave us a message and in between partying and doing highly dangerous sports I’ll try and reply!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 12 October 2006

Location: Thailand

Due to unforseen circumstances this site is now closing. For friends and family i'll be sending an email to update you of the new site and details. Thanks and will check back with you guys soon. Phil

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Recent Messages

From Jon
So long, and thanks for all the fish!
Response: Loving the hitch hikers reference!
From Nic B
Just seen the worst ever england game. total utter sh!te. Wish I was in thailand and didn't have to watch that!!
Response: who did we play and what was the score?
From Bodhi
Roooaar. I could eat that lame arse tiger anyday I'll have you know skeeto... and then munch away at you for a light dessert.
From Nic B
If I've learnt one thing from my 25 years it's that only a kung fu monk can chin a tiger and survive!! Speaking of which, the Wing Chun is ace been doing lots of sparring recently had a minor eyeball + elbow incident while training with one of the more senior students. I zigged when I should have zagged! Keep up the good work mate, loving the blog, sounds like your having a quality time. No biding necessary....!
Response: Those sneaky elbows are evil, check out the new photos of the super hard muay thai dude i fought!
From Ticker & Flicker
You know who this is now so you'd better reply! The photos on here are quality, the captions are actually crackin' me up! You sound like you're havin' a RAD time skeeto... wish I was out there too! You realise how rubbish your life is when you read up on all your wacky debauchery. Miss ya loads, looking forward to some proper drinking seshes when you get back! XX
Response: Hey sexy, put a special message on the recent photos just for you and your pussy!
From Mum
Have been worried-no news from you for 9 days. Thank goodness Nat keeps up with her blog-thanx Nat . I was worried you two had disappeared off the face of the earth. Sounds like you have been having a real adventure. Phil- you must get a new sim card and get that mobile working again. Nat's mim says Nat can receive calls free of charge. It would be good if you could organise that too. Do contact us back home. Much love MuM XXX
Have emailed you-read my message.
Response: Have only just got back into civilisation mum, been into the hills trekking and getting back to nature. Have been really ill last day or so but feeling better now, think i drank some dodgy water. We decided to take off on a tour of northern thailand, then may go into Laos till we have to meet jim. Also Yahoo mail don't work so i can read your message but can't reply. Sorry if you were worried but haven't been able to do much. Love you and have been trying to sort phone but u wouldn't believe the trouble its causing. Love you loads, phil
From taz
hey phil look can you please contact someone and tell us your ok we're really worried about you as there has ben no word for a while etc. Well hope your ok and are having a great time. Love you loads xxxx your little sis xxxx
Response: Yeah babe went off the radar into the hill tribes of northern Thailand for a bit. Have been doing crazy shit for ages, guess who cuddled a tiger, yes fully grown eating machine..just a big pussy really!
From Jase
Yo dude... its me again..

I forgot to let you know that I have a boxing match on the 7th of october... its now the 5th. So yeah wish me luck.

Im fighting a Woking boy, hes 14 years old, called nathan edwards. should be worth a go. I dont feel the fittest ive ever been but its only 3 x 1.5 min rounds.

Hows things in Thailand? (you lucky bastid)

Oh and dont worry dude... im taking care of taz. Shes cool, as moody as ever, but cool.

Hit me back dude...

Response: Been off the radar for a bit dude but just heard you came a cropper in last fight, nevermind, whatever doesn't kill u only makes you stronger and in this case makes u train harder, which is exactly what i'm doing in northern thailand tomorrow morning, got a 2 hr knee and elbow class. bring it on thai boys!
From Jimbo
P to the hil - my ticket's locked and loaded, I've e-mailed the details to you. So get ready as I'm coming out to see you in a month! It's gonna be awesome!

Response: Great to hear it buddy, have been getting into the crazy life of living with hill tribes bathing in streams and trying to teach kids. Prepare for Bangkok dude its a bit much to handle, bugged out after one day, remember the Dam, any 1 for ping pong?
From Gill
Hi Phil
Just checked your site for the 1st time, only one word to describe it all. AWESOME!!! Sounds like you're having a ball and will have so many memories stashed in that little brain of yours to last a lifetime!! Let's hope the booze doesn't kill off too many brain cells so you can remember it! The pics are amazing and great to see that you're still managing to stand up, all be it with support mostly from buildings and the like and sometimes even managing to look awake and a lert, sorry that should read, alert!! Travel safely. Love Gill xx
Response: Hey Gill, great to hear from you, have been taking in all this fab scenery and sights for everyone and then having a drink for all as well hence the recklessness! Will continue to live life to the max and try and stay out of trouble. Love from your godson.x
From Tazzy
Hey you, am off school today ill, meh, i knew this would happen, sorry about the last message it wasnt particularly happy, im feeling a bit better tho other than being ill lol anyways hope your ok and im loving the new photos there soooo kl especially the one with u n the gun and the fag.. looking vry cool there, jase's boxing match is this saturday (7th october) and its almost half term which means im so close to my mocks which is scary but manageable ok well i have to go sleep so byebye xxx love you and miss you loads xxx
Response: Miss you too, wait till i upload the next lot.
From faydee
yo yo yo

well phil....looks like ur having an absoloute blast....loving the pics of u and the bigboys toys with a fag hanging out yer mouth.and cambodia looks amazing.soooo incredibly jealous....but its awesome to see u smiling so much....keep on having a wicked time....say hallo to thailand for me.check out happy dayz on koa tao.....ask the main street where u get off the boat....go there and stock up before u try and get a hut in sai ree beach for some hard core diving.and try and find vie, our diving instructor....fantastic chap....his diving school was practically opposite seven eleven.go hunt him out if u get no better offers.

some news from home....if becky hasnt told u....marc had to interview becky at hsbc the other day!!!i had to chuckle.apparently she got the job tho.which is all good.

so...take care y'all....i cant wait to hear about thailand....

muchos love...

ur cuz x
Response: Nice one cuz keep the info coming! Bangkok is full on! Been here a day and already been to boxing gym! Going again tomorrow, think i may die before the week is out. Later
From Nic B
Alright matey. Just got back from Space / Pacha closing parties in ibiza. Had a very very good time. There's something very satisfying about massive partying at lunch time! I think we should all def. go next summer. Anyway hope your good mate, how was the Kung Fu, kick any ass?

Response: Believe it or not harder to fing a kung fu school in HK than i thgought, plus did too much drinking! No Muay thai schools open in vietnam or cambodia till weekends so no luck here either. Will have to wait till thailand! Glad Ibiza was wicked we will have to get together on my return and catch up. Can't wait. Seen some cool shit here though and learned loads of messed up history, Pol pot, now there a proper out of order C**T!
From Claire H
"Try not drinking in Thailand" Believe that when I see it!!!!! Hope you are enjoying it as much as it sounds like you are. Looking forward to next set of pictures though! Take care, claire x x
Response: Know you like animals Claire so have got some excellent photos coming for you.
From mum
hi phil ,
do you really hav to drink so much to hav a good time? Please be careful. Glad to hear you're having a gd time it seems really quiet without you at home. When do you go to thailand? Have seen james and he'll bring your driving license over when he comes november 5th.
Take care son,
Much love mum
Response: Love you to mum, have had to stop drinking and stopped smoking as have been struck down with some horrible cough/throat/cold/flu thing that has gone round the group i'm with, they're all sneezing and coughing and now gave it to me. Bastards. Plus i'm the only guy on the trip, they're all mid-old people, if i do this again i'm not booking tours! Love to all, your son.x
From taz
Hey.. sounds like your having yet more fun! as always your a lucky thing getting to go off around the world but u definately deserve it... i miss u loads its rele lonely here i mean bex is constantly working or out or at nicks or asleep, jons in london as always, dads always wrking or visiting g'pa and mums always stressed so having a go at me or sleeping due to a headache or running around visiting g'ma shopping and all those motherly things so i haven't really seen many ppl since u left. Jay's always at college or training for boxing and im not allowed to see him during weekdays well only once and normally thts only for like an hour! My form tutor talked to my head of year cause she's worried about me... ive been late so many times already this term... im not sleeping too wel and the work load is horrible but im trying really hard to get my work done and go to bed earlier its really hard when your not coping and your mother thinks all you need is to be nagged more but you've had your fair share of that. Anyway sorry about the kind of dull message ... but on the up side im having a big birthday party for my 16th so that should be fun... dw i won't get drunk! :) I went and watched at boxing the other day and kru told me to say hi and that he hopes your ok etc ... Jason has a fight on the 7th of october so im making him run a lot to build up his stamner so he'll do well. Anyway hope you have a lot of fun in cambodia... and awww bless you for buying the orphaned kids pizza thats really sweet. Anyway have a great time xxx please keep messagin back when you can xxx Yr 11's really rough! xx
Response: Am having a sweet time babe, keep up with yr 11 you know it makes sense. will be back to help you out soon.x
From Sophie S
Hey You!!
Nî hâo ma?

Sounds like your having a brilliant time and i'm exceptionally jealous. I don't think East Asia was quite ready for you!!!

Loving the write ups and the photos.

Zai Hui

Sophie S

Response: Cheers babe, i hit the ground running in cambodia today, yet another mental city. Had to pay off border patrol just to get in but it is cool. Just been to a restaurant run and set up for orphanage kids, war victims and all that, heartbreaking, ended up grabing loads off the street and buying them pizza. Will upload more photos soon! Take
From Ticker & Flicker
hey hey!!! you owe Jordan a hug eh? Think that one needs explaining... Glad to hear you enjoyed your CYCLO tour you silly little white boy - you tried out the vietnamese hair cuts yet? Or have you grown a mop? XX
From Chels
hey babe. doesn't really seem fair does it -- i dye my hair brunette out of boredom and you get to do death defying high action antics! :) anyway, off to Scandinavia next week so hopefully i have some more news to report. have fun in Cambodia and keep it real- ya? (fluent in Scando already! ha ha..) xxx
Response: Dodgy Aussie! Will email you soon
From faydee
so whats the deal with these messages then???ive left two before this one, days ago, but they dont seem to have come up.did u get them?have u read them?gees shmology.and that.

what the other two said was somat like...erm...

- will miss randomly meeting up with u for a night of carnage in southend.
-im green with envy that ur there and im here.
-stay safe...innit.

nuff said.

muchos love

your cuz x
(aka klingon no.2)
Response: Miss you too babe, travelling is the bomb! Have read your messages but been busy in hard to reach places with no tinternet! Keep the messages coming tho and you know me, always trying to get into trouble but always get myself out! Big kiss to both our favorite klingons!xxx
From Claire H
Loving the pics Phil.. keep them coming! Hope you are really enjoying yr self - it certainly looks like it! Be careful in thailand though pls! regular updates will be absolutely necessary! take care x x
Response: Will do, miss you lot loads. About to leave Vietnam for Cambodia, loving the entire asian experience, so much better than the west!x
From Steve B
Just seen the photo's!! Looking good although I am not sure about the sirt off at the Wall!! Hope you are still having fun, we are still jealous!!
Response: Dude todat i got to fire machine guns, m16 ak47 and m60 monster! Plus went down the VC tunnels and played guerilla tell monty! how is the new wingman anyway??? Vietnam is awesome!
From taz
hey you hows life going.. am at school at the moment in my lunch break so i should go shortly but just thought id leave you a quickm message anywho start replying biatch its my 3rd message ive sent you and i really miss you xxx have lots of fun today for the both of us xxx
Response: Hey sweetie, love ya loads and miss you! Vietnam bit scary but getting the hang of it! Keep going at school i know it sux sometimes but worth it in the end! Get to uni sooooo much fun! keep messages coming.
Your bro xxx
From Mum
So glad you're having fun dear but PLEASE be careful. Don't go too wild! and watch out for Natalie. Dad sends his love. MumXX
From Nic B
Hi fil, sounds like your having a wicked time. Gammy git. That said i'm going to ibiza on friday so it's not all bad. When are you going to thailand? Sounds like there's some crazy ass coup going on. You could become a mercenary. Rambo style
Response: Dude you'll never believe how fitting that comment is, today i got my gun off! no not that one, M16, AK-47 and M60 belt driven bad boy! HOLY SHIT that thing is loud! Abliterated the firing range tho!