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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Location: New Zealand

OK so u know i havent done this in a while so i will attempt to remember as much as poss and fill in some of the blanks you have been asking about.
New Zealand:
Arrived in Auckland (all kiwis believe it to be a huge city but it isnt) there are only a few mil in it but that paints a fitting picture for all of NZ, sparsely populated. In the nth they talk about how many people to sheep in the area, in the sth they talk about how many sheep to people there are, so basically im in wales.
After taking some time time to decide on the best course of action (generally partied in auckland for a bit) i decided to move onto catch up with an old pupil from the school, Smiffy. Stayed a week or so with him and had a load of fun seeing Hamilton and having great homecooked food. Also went football training with him and its good to know we are in no danger from the new zealanders in the next world cup! Then moved down to Wellington and caught a ferry to the sth island.
Went to christchurch but not a lot going on so moved onto Queenstown the place of all evil and fun.
Arrived and checked into a shitty hostel, downtown backpackers. The place of the most disgusting smells and carpets the world knows. Here i met the boys and went drinking. Booked up to do a sky dive from 15,000ft on day one and then the bungy the next day, followed by white water surfing that afternoon. I was wasting no time and attempting to scare the shit out of myself everyhour. Each event though i found myself satnding at the back of the bus saying were going out for celebration beers after so meet in altitude bar. This theme contionued for a week or so. Met loads of ppl and generally had a groovy time. Hopefully you all got the links to the bungy photos and skydive pics, but i also have dvds to show. Met some french canadians when surfing and invited them for a shower after as we were all cold and they were living in the back of a car. We got on really welll and ended up hanging out for the next week. They invited me to drive around with them in Betsy the shit automobile and we all ended up sleeping in the back for a few nights around the sth island.
We decided that the ferry was too expensive and a better plan for us three trusty travellers would be to bunk the fare. So i hit the ground and was promptly covered in backpacks and clothes and we drove on to the ferry at 8 am. The perfect crime!!!
The girls and i parted company at Tongariro. This famous crossing is the path between two volcanoes and NZ´s most famous walk. Met some cool kiwis who were running it and naturally i got sucked into following them and having a painful but rewardiing laugh for the day. The walk is estimated to take 7-8 hrs but the lads dragged me over the line in just over 4. They also decided that closing in on the end they had not enough so pointed at various peaks and went up them also. They are just nuts over there but great fun.Bex i hope you read this and if not then taz please email her, go and stay at the national park hotel with Fran and Tony, at Tongariro and do the walk it may hurt and kill you but its so good in the fresh air, well i say its fresh but its full of sulphur dioxide from the volcano! Went to a couple of super 14´s matches and saw various all black iinternationals play which was fun. On one math the Queenstown lads and i got so smashed we were singing all the way home on the bus and continued all evening. The place is just a hole that sucks you in but well worth it. Skydive was amazing over the volcanic lakes and cool to mess around while hittiing 200 kmph, not scary in the slightest as there was a guy strapped to you doing all the work. The bungy on the otherhand was a different story. They take you out on a tiny platform on another tiny platform then you wait in this station with a glass floor 134m above a tiny river called the nevis. You go in turn of weight and its not long before you are up, unless your a fat f--ker then you go first, serves em right really?
So the call comes and you are hooked up and start taking duck steps to the edge as your harness allows. As you get closer though the steps become smaller and then you cant put it off any more you are at the edge and going only one way. The dude shouts just jump out and try and touchthe mountain....ive got a better plan, i fix you a tall glass of shut the hell up!!!
The count-down...3..2..1..i leapt like a salmon with perfect form and suddenly realised that it was a terrible mistake and had no idea of the full horror of what i had done. Plummeting through the air alone for 9 secs was very scary. Unable to scream for the jump was weird but the terror was huge till i started bouncing, then total relief caused uncontrollable laughter to be heard by all above me.
New Zealand was crazy and i have a huge group of really close friends that i made and stayed with for the week in QT, again one of the best places in NZ and great memories of the place. Fantastic landscapes and great scenery.

Monday, 05 March 2007

Location: Fraser Island and Whitsundays, Australia

Having not payed for transport since melbourne i was in good spirtits as i decided to hitch again to Hervey, thought i was getting good at it and was getting loads of good moments to chat about with other travellers and got a pat on the back from all the people who ended up taking me places, lots of them used to hitch so had lots to chat about, and the truckies are a font of knowledge, sometimes bullshit but always funny, plus lots are country folk, so when asked do you like counrty music boy?! you smile nodd and attempt to switch off your ears for the next 6-10 hrs. I average 3-4 hrs behind the greyhound coach and am roughly $100 cheaper per 500 km. So as i have now left oz and finished approx 3000km for bugger all bar a few coffees i do believe i have had a result!
The road to Hervey: On a beautiful sunny Brisbane day i got myself to another petrol station which had a truck stop and picked up a lift to hervey. He dropped me in the town just at the turn off and i walked into a hick town (theres a lot of them) and spoke with the lady behind the counter. This did not go well. Basically she didnt want me hitching near her station and that it is illegal in queensland, all bollocks but i left and walked a full 200m from her station, thumb out, 4.5 mins later truck to Hervey Bay, cool bloke who runs a farm and was driving the truck in to see his kids play in the sports going on in Hervey. He took me to the very doorstep of the hostel as he knew where it was and i couldnt have been luckier. He gave me his business cards and i said id give him a shout so if any of you are looking for some hay- primegreen to weaner hay, round and square blades, delivery available, with a promise that they will chaff your hay phone ray and jane gunn.
left for Fraser island the next morning and met the group i was going to be spending the next few days with. They were a sound bunch and we packed our 4x4 full of meat and beer and lot o goon and jagermeister and headed for the worlds largest sand island. Copious amounts of parties on the beaches at night and days full of racing along the beaches in a 4x4 over sand dunes and through rainforests was amazing. Had lots of fun driving ove rthe terrain and on occasions digging out the overloaded monster from what seemed to be endless amounts of soft sand. Eventually the 11 strong group of 9 guys and 2 girls discovered when all is stuck and buried and the "sweet wheels keep on turning" that man power is far superior to horse power and that we can push that truck through so long as there is lots of top gun style chanting and hand slapping and general clowning around.
We swam in freshwater lakes and creeks and i took Nics advice and tried my hand at sand surfing down the steep dunes, well i messed it up on the water so tried to redeem myself.....failed again. Lake Mckensie was awesome and lake Wabby was great but it was great being part of a large group experiencig it together while meeting new ppl. After the 3 days we all had more sand in places we didnt even know about that we were all looking forward to a shower. Went out with the gp for a final evening and everyone was dressed up as we had been living in boardies for days.
This was one of the most entertaining things i have done travelling and provided the group is cool the time there will go too fast but linger forever.
Next day i attempted one of my biggest hitches from hervey bay to Airlie beach. Spent about 3 hrs at a servo asking truckies then one said yes why not. I had been in big rigs before but never a V-dub (or double trailer) car transporter. This thing was huge. Come the wee hrs he said hes gonna sleep for a few hrs but there were 10 cars on the back and i could pick which one i want and go to sleep in it. BMW,Lexus, but chose a peugeot estate for comfort. Got chatting and said where was he going and he said the dream answer oh way nth of you, ill take you all the way there! Done it again...go on the boy genius! 18 hrs with this dude and one night sleeping in a car later and i arrived in Airlie beach, bumped into the boys from Fraser island who had caught the greyhound and i was only a few hrs off the pace. Airlie beach is not great the bars are what you would expect from a 18-30s holiday but you tend to do that up there and everyone returns from a sail and goes out with their new friends from sailing and get wasted and then demand a kebab. Went sailing on a tri-maran called Avatar which was fast and the crew were fun but where i had lucked in on fraser i lucked out here. There were some ppl on the boat who were not up for teh all night bender and on a working sailing boat there is not loads of space. The sailing was great and the snorkelling ok (thailand is better) the diving was not great but got it for free so that was good and cos no instructors were available me and the skipper buddied up and went for it.
After Airlie and the customary nights out after the sail i headed for Brisbane to fly out. Made it with a day to spare. Would have loved longer in oz but no regrets on any decision, those who are going (BAZ) go to townsville and dive the Ongala wreck tis meant to be on the world best dive sites.
So all is great here in NZ,
went pot-holin/caving today with a guy i met down the pub, you have to pay so much for these tour and they dont let you get really into it. Today i went down a route that has not been passed in a while, we fought out way through vegetation to get out at the end, this dude is a top caver and just wanted to go and explore some new caves. With only a head torch! We were climbing, chimneying, sliding down mud slopes, swimming and diving through a chamber with a 3 m wall, thick muddy water but eyes wide open and hoping that the torch will suddenly spread out and the chamber will be light up and you can swim to the surface. Proper awesome!!! Went through one bit and it was a gentle controlled slide down a slope to the edge then hang from the edge and lower drop yourself the 6 ft into the pool below. Climber dude Phil fine no worries, stupid Phil beginning to think he had yet again bitten off more than he can chew, began picking up speed on the controlled descent and by the time i reached the edge i wasnt stopping for shit, flew off and into the pool much to Phil's amusement.
So guys i have now spent most of the evening updating the blog so any feedback is cool.
Later peeps.

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Location: Surfers Paradise, Australia

Wilko is a mate from England who emmigrated to OZ yrs ago and kindly let me crash for a week or so at his. He is sound and well into his footie (rugby union to us) and surfing and partying. His house mates were sound and we all got on very well. However Mark thought he would teach me to surf and i was all up for this lesson. The surf world champs were in town and Kelly Slater et al were just down the beach. So after watching them it was time for me to shine....oh dear.
So wilko "the tit" decided to take me to the next beach down and go headlong into huge surf against the rocks. Can you see where this is going? Phil loses, rocks win. Two busted surf boards several lasserations and a total loss of pride later i was clinging for dear life against a rock the size of a car out at sea while huge 6 ft waves continued to pound me into the rocks and barnacles. So i climbed out and decided that maybe i should start on a break that is a little easier! Wilko was great and even ditched his board to come swimming after me as i was dragged out to sea and watched as the waves smashed his mates board that i used in to the rocks but we both escaped alive and kind of kicking. We had several good nights out and my time there was great, i would certainly live around that area if i went to oz. Surfers paradise was actually shit, totally built up and full of skyscrapers and tourist traps, he lives in a cool surfer area outside which was much nicer. From there i went nth to Brisbne and had a good day shopping then attempted to go and pay my resepects to the recently departed King of conservation and all round animal lover Steve. However aussie transport threw a monket wrench in my plans and the trains were buggered so no Australia zoo for hoo! Hitched my way nth to Hervey Bay ready for a trip to Fraser that i had been looking forward to since Fay, Chels and Nic had recommended it.
Check the next update.

Monday, 19 February 2007

Location: Wollongong, Australia

Hello again people,
I write to you this time in better spirits and must apologise for being downbeat after the last message as at the end of teh day i'm still in OZ! Travelled to Melbourne in teh sth at large costs (compared to asia) and managed to get to the cricket game where we whooped ass. Go the collinwood! Day was marred by aussie twat who had a go but am now putting that down to general sport hostilities at the english. Managed to get to a Evanescene gig also which was sweet and warmed to Melbourne after a few days. The city is odd with strange weather and a much more relaxed atmosphere than Sydney but still moved on after a few days. Having heard of a dude in Sydney from teh hostel he was planning on hitching around so light bulbs flashed and i thought this was a good idea, no i havent seen wolf creek yet and i dont intent to! But the next morning not knowing anything about the transport i got in a cab, and same as in england none of them speak english and i got out again! Then walking around i saw the cops so why not? Asked how and the best place to hitch from, we spent some time with amap on the bonnet (no handcuffs involved) then he gave me a lift to the tram stop. Bunked that to the end of teh line and waited by a road leading to the freeway. A nice lady gave me a lift to the highway then a van man to a truckie petrol station. Then the long distance drivers took over. 1st lorry took me about 4 hrs then dropped me at truck stop town, basically a giant truck park and a greasy spoon and an off license and a motel. Here i managed to pick up a lift in about 30 secs of thumbing under a street light with a guy called Andy in his 18 wheeler. He was in convoy with another truck and when the cb radio said hey andy is your new friend a good kisser i got worried and considered a high speed bail out but luckily andy turned to me and said dont worry hes only messing i'm not that way inclined as he leant over and rubbed my knee. Andy was cool and dropped me 45 mins from Canberra at a petrol station. Here i lucked out and sat on my freezing arse for about 3 hrs till 3 oclock. Then after many declines from people i like to call CxxTS one strange man agreed but i was not so sure now. He then said i could take you there but its late you'll have to get a motel for the night and that will cost you. Come back to mine and then i'll drive you in the morning. Ok i replied and i was off into certain anal penetration and death territory in a town called Yass. Fortunately all went well and my arse never left the sofa. I arrived 18hrs later at Canberra Grammer school to see my ma and pa's friends who were really cool. The journey cost 1 cup of coffee and 1 hot choc for the truck drivers. Sweet. Spent a week chilling and going out in Canberra with people from all over staying at the school and all was well. Took the kids camping with Pete and Chris and they were well behaved and fun. Then i started hitching again and 5 hrs later i was here in wollongong. So far have had some lifts from huge trucks, the cops, a nice lady who liked hip hop, 2 couples who were cool, a dude in a lexus 4x4 with dvd (nice), and Pete. Pete likes his car and no suprises why, we basically flew the 50km he drove me in style. 1958 Holden FX V8 monster. J you would love this car a real drivers car and a classic, check photos! Anyway guys, staying around here for a bit then moving north to surf. Later people and hope all is well in your lives and if you are hating life remember that it there is nothing stopping any of us from doing what we want to, just get on a plane and leave that cold expensive island behind and come have some fun!
Muchos love to all.x

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Recent Messages

From fay
hey hey hey..

.yeah ok so u have to come home...but good news...the sun is shining.

looking forward to seeing u again..cant beleive the time has gone so quick...i havent a clue when ill be in southend to see u..working most weekends...but shall see u soon hopefully...mayby u guys can all come up for a bbq or something??we'll chat laters.

have a good trip home...much love x x x x x x x x x
From Mum
Soon be home Phil. We'll be there to pick you up. I phoned Nat's mum but she said thanks for offer but they will probably be going to pick Nat up from airport anyway.
Lots love, Mum xx
From fay
hey cuz..

thankGOD u updated...i was getting a VERY tired of checking ur blog with no juicy gems of tales from far here goes on.and on.and on.

word of advice....DONT COME HOME!!!!

much love x
Response: the bottle is empty the money has gone, i havent got a pot left to piss in so guess i will see you soon.x
From Taz
Cool photos your home inless than a week so I wont write you a long one but exams are going well so far and can't wait to have you back. Looks and sounds like NZ was fantastic It looks beautiful! xx
Response: cool will email you soon and keep working babe the end is soon.x
From Bex
Update you monkey!!! You're a useless traveller!!!
Response: Bite me!!!
From Beck
Heya cuz!!
Hows life abroad going?, sounds like you're still having an awesome time!! your blog continues to crack me up everytime i read it, so keep the entertainment coming!! ha ha. Hope sth america has been amazing for u...though i bet you're looking forward to coming home soon!
Hey just one a nice swisse army knife in the post just after you left..did customs think you were going to hack someone to pieces on the plane? ;-) .....anyway i can bring it over to the uk when i go in July and ill figure out some way of gettin it back to u!...its still got aussie sand in it so it's full of memories!
hoping to catch up soon,
take care xx
Response: Yeah in a rush at custom after Fraser island iforgot it was in there so mailed it to a safe place!!! DOH!
Will be awesome to catch up in July if poss, maybe we could organise a concert or something?
Will try to update the blog shortly, later babe, love to the family.x
From Claire
Hi babe, you're really having a bal out there aren't you?!!!! Hope you can manage to persuade yourself to come back when the time comes, but in the meantime - try not to let the sharks get you!!!!!

Really looking forward to having you back, but make sure you the make the most of what's left. It certainly seems like yr happier now than in Oz so go and enjoy!!

See you soon hon, C x x
Response: Cheers babe, will se you in 9 days, god its flown by, really wish this was the start again, could do this forever! Spent today drinking Caprinhas on copacabanna beach seeing some of the smallest bikinis ive ever seen! tough life!
From Jase
Hey mate,
Hows life treating ya? Im heading off to boxing in about 25 mins. Everybody is pretty out of shape so you'll fit right in when you get back!
Ive been doing the odd bit of sneaky training on the side at the Cricketers pub, they are hardcore. Its good to train with the english, scotish and welsh thaiboxing champion (Jay Woodham) hes just... well... immense.
Oh... your hand pads are a bit ****ed the lining inside has ripped a little but gunna see if i can work my magic on them and have them sorted by the time you get back (so i dont get a kick in for breaking them).
Well, all the best mate... will be nice to have you back soon.
Response: Cheers mate cant wait to get back into training. My legs are currently sweet as due to much mountain running so beware!
From Taz
Hey bro, Do we get to see any pictures of New Zealand or not cause i would really love to check your blog and find something new on it... tee hee hope your having a great time still.. miss you loads and cant wait to see you its getting closer but so are my gcse's a little scared now i must say but hey il manage im sure. xx
From Nic B
I hear your milling round the galaagagaggagagaapapapagus islands at the moment so no idea if you'll even get this but FYI: pool beat chelski on pens in the champs league semi.
Response: watched it in peru! Get in there!!! bring on milan on the 23rd!
From Fay
i can say 'adrenaLIN junkie' mate....shame u cant...check ur typo twat face.and good to see u on facebook...i can now spy on u and see the pics ur friends have put up of u.mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.....

im afraid camberwell's general madness has infected me.
From Jimbo
Soooo matey boy,

How's things going in Sud Amerika? Is it a bit more of what you were after compared with the westernness of Oz and NZ? Envious of the diving - let me know what you see and don't go chasing anything colourful!!!

Certainly sounds like your sis is blending in - she'll be speaking it as well as me in no time!

Look forward to catching up with you soon enough.

Response: cant wait to see you all matey, yeah much summer bbqs to catch up and drink
From Baz
Easy mate. I tell you what this updating business of the blogs is harder work that i thought. It bugs the hell out f me when i cant get pics up on mine! Your still living it up to the max...good work. I'm in Koh Tao at the moment but am moving off v soon to Cambodia. only done 2 dives here then got carried away with the scrambling (as i've mentioned already f--king great fun!) Some proper good looking girls everywhere i look, not looking forward to home and munters etc but that a long way off! check out if you've got time thats my page but its not too hot at the moment.
Take care buddy and i'll be using ur advice for Oz and NZ etc.
Response: Ok been in sth america while now but will update you more when i settle in a place, keep having fun and enjoy Angkor <Wat
From soph
soooo.... home in about six weeks is it???
bet it went a bit quicker for you tho eh?
where you at now then???
and i WONT ask you if youre lookin forward to coming home..... ive got a good idea about that one as it is!

hope all's well, enjoy your last trips, looking forward to seein you and the new missis.
love soph and Fay x
Response: Eventually hit Equador and now leave for the Galapagos tomorrow, hopfully gonna dive with giant galapagos turtles and sharks!!!
From fay
yo phil....where ya been????????where are u now??whats going on???ur my link to a life outside camberwell....dont fail me now boy
Response: OK, photos to be uploaded soon but going to Galapagos soon so no internet, the NZ photos will piss you off the amount of fun i've had though, can you say adrenaling junkie????
From Taz
Hey! Haven't spoken to you in ages. I hope your okay and are having fun still but everyone over here is beginning to really worry about you so i was wondering whether you could just phone somehow or send an e-mail or something! Cause we're worried about you and just want to check your alright. Anywho revision is in full swing no so i should get back nd then go to bed so hope your great and cant wait for you to come home! Miss you loads and love you lots xx Titch xx
From Mum
Lovely to see all the photos you've posted on your blog Phil. What an adventure you're having. However I havent heard from you since 9th April. You're supposed to be flying on to Santiago tomorrow. Do make contact soon as I'm starting to get worried. Mum XX
Response: Mum im in argentina doing well. Leave for the rainforest and iguazu falls to cross the boarder into brazil on sun/mon. then to Rio Baby!
From Nic B
Hi mate, I hear your coming to wildchild when you get back. Should be ace, Pendulum DJing in the sun can only be good! Hows things? I see you've been getting your extreme sports on. Good work, have you jumped out of a plane yet?
Response: plane, bungy, river surfing, climbing, ice climbing, louging and general volcano running etc, good for the soul!!!
From bex
How are you? Im in beijing now, been here a few days. Got lost gettng to hotel from airport! As no taxi drivers speak any english whatsoever!! Ended up at English ambassorder's place with some helpful brits who happened to have some useful friends n spoke chinese...
Found hotel in outer beijing where nobody speaks english at all. Now at hostel is so much better except think may have left camera charger at off to try n find one in market. Anyway was hoping to get to forbidden city today so best be off....
All my love cant wait to see pic's of NZ hope your having wonderful time....
Love as always
P.S. why didnt you tell me about the toilets?! Or urinals in the ground some might say.....
Response: Great to hear from you bbabe, glad you are more settled and enjoying the delights of china! Especially the toilets, dont worry things will only get worse!!! Love as ever,
From bex
Hey bro!
Am in beijing now been here a few days. Just off to see Temple of heaven. Have arrived at youth hostel n is so much better than hotel been stayng at as is more central n free internet!!
But how did you manage this place is crazy!!
We were is outer beijing were no one speaks any english easpecially the taxi drivers..... so started to panic a bit as couldnt even order anything to eat. Is all better now more central! N have hostel card!
Im well looking forward to NZ though! Cant wait to see some pics from you.
N jesus you never told me how cold it is here! Im going to have to buy more trousers i only brought 1 pair which im living in! Any ways best be off as temples to visit. Am off to Xi'an in a week then HK in 2. From there gettng train to thailand through loas hopefully did you book yours in HK??- some info would be helpful if you got time. Though i hear is easier to communicate in HK. Havent met any other travellers yet :( but is early days. So take care you nutter n stay safe!!! Love as always.
Response: Babe love ya style and dont stress about not meeting loads of ppl in China, loads of ppl dont do the backpacker thing through there as it is a challenge but you're a skeet and i have every faith you will come out on top! I flew to Vietnam then went overland but i know you can book trains out of HK to where ever so shouldnt be too diff. I was amazed by all the cool temples and architecture in China, its massive, eh!?! Always take the hostel card as the name is on there in chinese so u hand that to the taxi driver and wave money at him! Go to tourist info places and travel agents in HK and they will give you advice plus the level of english in HK is better than in england so dont worry on that front. Love ya loads babe and stay
From Taz
It's official you have all abandoned me! Yo are off around the world as is now Bex, an Jon is sitting in london working and drinking. Glad u managed to hitch hike ur way safely and thus saved money. That mustve taken a bit of pressure off with the money front. I Hope your okay, I'm missing you so much more now Bex has gone and its only the first day! The next few months are going to be very lonely indeed. Mum is obviously nagging about revision which i am slowly considering starting. I believe the wish is to stick my head in the sand and think it may never come but with my exams my siblings all come back so it will be busy then/ You get back in may right? end? Well im going to go but ill keep you posted more often now probably as the view from where i sit has just plunged into darkness. Keep havin fun for me. Did you meet up with smiffy afterall? xx lots of love and hugs xx
Response: Yeah i met Smithy and spent a few nights there. I know it seems like there is lads of tme but it will pass quick, best start revision soon, little steps mate. Will be great to se you and am looking frward to having a good catch up.
From claire
Hiya babe, glad you're back on the radar again. Sounds like things have picked up out there - great stuff!!! Blog & pics fab; keep 'em coming! Have just booked my own little bit of sunshine - Bodrum in july. Can't wait! Doesn't compete with u but all finances will allow!
Hope u r taking care out there? You aren't missing much here; england r doing fairly crap in tthe Euro 08 matches but I couldn't tell u anything abt the cricket I'm afraid! All a load of bo***cks if u ask me!
Passed another of my financial exams this wk; two more and I should be able to go for a job that pays more than peanuts!
J's working now - cracked open a bottle of bubbly or 2 over that news!!! - at a car dealership in Romford. Company car + everything! Has sold 3 cars in his first wk ( started monday) so looking good!

Anyways hon you've better things to do than read this so look after yourself and I'll see you soon (ish!)

Love claire x x
Response: Cheers for the messages Claire. Nice work on the exams and good luck for the future, yu deserve a sweet salary you work well hard. I on the other hand am continuing to bum around the world which is much more fun! ha ha!!! Big shout out to J thats great news matey...overdue but great work!!! OK gonna go and check out this new town. Later
From faydee
yo phil...

good to hear from u boi o...glad u liked fraser...i knew it wouldnt let ya down.loved that place.i had a similar disappointment with the whitsunday cruise, not good to be stuck on a boat with a bunch of nob heads.but its easy to grin and bare it when ur looking out over whitehaven.

how long u in NZ for??where to after that??im shocked to hear ur coming home soon...i thought u were gone till sept.u gonna fit everything in or u cutting out some places??

dunno if u heard along the grapevine, but i quit nursing.bit the bullet and did it.ive been in a state of shock since but am feeling more happy, just gotta figure out what to do next.working in a pub round the corner from me and soph...i think everyone took that quite well!!! :?

anyways...keep having a blast.

muchos love x
Response: Oh babe no i hadnt heard.Sorry to hear you were feeling that bad hon. if you feel like it was the best decision and there is less pressure then it was a good one. In NZ till the 20th, in Queenstown now, ooh...lots of fun stuff, tomorrow its exiting a plane at 15000 ft! To quote the whole of NZ "Sweet as Bro!"
From Nic B
Good to hear your still live and kicking. I'm all good, training quite a bit (got to road test my wing chun as well the other day when some drunk cnut decided to give his misses a solid shoeing outside my flat, long story short I ended up sticking him on the ground and holding him there till the police rocked up)

Not for the first time you've missed 2 pitiful england displays. We are total shite at the moment, It took your main man stevie G to rescue us against andorra! Where are you headed to next?

In other news, rich is training to be a filth/pig/police man. scary stuff. I'm buring all the evidence......
Response: Mate its most excellent to hear from you. Nice one on beating on the drunken wife beating nob jockey, he deserved a proper kicking. heard we drew against the israelis and thats shit! But the pool destroyed the dirty gooners 4-1 sweet!!! Ran around the hostel looking for tossers to taunt. Going skydiving tomorrow so hold this space for photos of me crapping myself at mach 1, thats a horrible image! Later
From Nic B
Hiya, Hows things? You seem to have gone slightly comms dark, what you been up to?
Response: yeah my bad. Have been on the road for a while but will update the blog shortly and hopefully some photos. All is well and i am still living the dream buddy. You cool? Cheers for the footie updates,well needed. Wasnt too impressed by the whitsundays but fraser was amazing, have awesome photos. Sending later.