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News and pics for family and friends

Wello hello everyone, family and friends, wherever you all are.
Hope this will help you keep up to date on what we are doing in SA.
I have decided to start with the latest fotos first and will then slowly but surely add the others I have chosen to share with you.

Photos - Click Below


Kids and horses

These photos are of the kids on the farm, doing training with the horses with girls from England. Inge, was looking for 4 horses to take to an orphanage in Pemba, Mozambique. So they flew to SA to buy and train horses.
She uses the Pat Parelli Natural Horsemanship method.
It was quite amazing to see what she does with them, horses from the veld without any training, in such a short time without bucking, rearing and performing. She also taught the kids to play games with the horses, which teaches them who is boss basically. She has her own website apparently there are photos of the kids on there.


Fotos D and I's wedding

Thought I would put some fotos on from Daneel and Ilka's wedding that you perhaps haven't seen there as so many but I had to choose just a few.
Hope u like them.


Homeschool fun!!!

Homeschool Concert was held
at Ben and Retha on the farm, we had lots of fun with the children and lots and lots of fun getting out after it had been raining all day. Slip, slip, slide, slide and more slip.

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