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Our Wedding At Whitewell -20th August 2006

Thank you to all our friends and family who made our wedding weekend such a memorable and fun event. We had a wonderful weekend, made all the more special by our guests. As many of you have asked to see the wedding pictures this seems the easiest way to show them off. We hope you enjoy the photos. We have just put a selection of the official pictures of the wedding and some from our honeymoon in Africa. the weddeing ones start at the bottom of the page. There will be a few more added from the afternoon and evening reception soon. Thanks again for helping to make it a great day - Philip & Judi xx

Photos - Click Below


What Wedding?

One gallop too many? During agallop with wildebeast unfortunately I took a tumble and landed on my head at high speed - after several minutes unconcious I came too only to have forgotten the wedding, the house move and most of the previous 7 years!!!


Big Cats

Having found the big cats we followed them (nervously !!) into lion country - long golden grass where they were well camouflaged, hard to see but fortunately already fed.


Elephant charge

Charged by elephant and crossing the Mara River we get right up close to the biggets game


Africa - Horse riding Safari

After a few days on the coast we had 10 days horseriding with the great herds during the migration of wildebeast and Zebra camping and living amongst the animals.


Down by the riverside

Stepping stones across the river Hodder


The Inn at Whitewell

Pimms o'clock at the riverbank


The Formals

A small selection of the photographers wedding portraits.


Off to the church

Traditionally for the bride to be late gives the groom something to think about.......20 minutes late gives hime something to panick about!!!


The Girls Preparing

Flowers, Champagne & Perfume


The Boys Preparing

Pub, Guiness & Port

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