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Patricia and a big bag hit the road

Cello, well below you will find a some short tails of my travels. I don't promise that they will be exciting but I dare say they will include large sunglasses and probably a fair amount of falling over!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Location: UK

So, it has been a while. Apologies, my only excuse is… I am too cool to be on the internet these days – what a lie, I spend my life in front of a computer!

Any way, London is going well, so many stories no idea where to begin, so I promise that anyone who gets in touch will get a story, maybe even two if you ask nicely.

The house and work are still going well and there are plenty of weekend trips past and future.

Karen and Rob are heading home and jade is off to Scotland so London definitely is changing (not just because it is getting colder and darker)

Have a look at the photos - any questions, just ask!


Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Location: London, UK

So... I finally got my photos on a disc - word of warning, don't look at them all at once as chances are it will be a while before i get some more on here. I suggest rationing your selves to two photos a week, that way the good times really can last.

Had a great weekend, watch a whole bunch of rainy day DVDs, discovered a new local Thai restaurant (SO YUM) went for a walk (chosen from the 50 best walks guide from the paper) and saw a band or two.

Don't have photos of any of it, as i got my disc burnt at the start of the weekend - just wait a few months and I am sure there will be some!


Thursday, 04 May 2006

Location: London - still, UK

Cello again,

Still kicking about London, have been catching up with old friends and making some new ones (see photos for further details on shenanigans)

I have convinced someone to employ me and now get up at respectable hours and do not fill my days having coffee and poking around museums (drats! I really did like my lady of leisure life style – even if I was a lady of leisure with very limited means)

My lovely friend Jade has arrived, as well as my equally lovely friends Karen and Rob, so after a week or so squishing in the room at She Bu we have found a lovely new home! If anyone is in the Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington area, please pop by for a cuppa and a quick end of lawn bowls.

So the sun is shining and the flowers are out, it is 24 degrees today, i think i am a bit sun burnt... HAPPY DAYS!!!!!


Thursday, 13 April 2006

Location: London, UK

Hi there,
Thanks to everyone who dropped a line over the weekend. Had an awesome birthday - yumcha for lunch, and beers in the afternoon.
The weather is looking up and I am looking forward to seeing my dear old sister and Ray next weekend.
Thanks again and hope everyone is fine and or dandy.


Monday, 03 April 2006

Location: London, UK

Well this was the weekend of farewells. First Cuppa then Kelly.

Had a great BBQ at Barnes on the Saturday night. Fun times were had, although the carefully timed presence of Power ballads kept us all in a suitably sombre mood, until cuppa left and then I believe it all ended in some dancing on tables.

Backed up the next day and the gang from 12 MacFarlane were all in the Church at a ridiculous hour of the morning to farwell Kelly- Jess and I used our specialness to get straight to the top of the queue and free entry. Sometimes having your bag stolen pays off!

It was a fun day, highlights being… well there is only one - watching Ryan get kicked out because Jess was stealing peoples sparkly wigs and then pointing at Ryan when they got cranky. Tee hee hee.

So good bye Cuppa and Kelly - unfortunately given my Monday headache I may not be wishing your returns too quickly

Thursday, 19 January 2006

Location: London, England


Left Canada after a whirl wind trip to Toronto. Saw all the sights and even managed to get to a Bolivian night club (of all things) and sneak in another crack at out door ice skating. I am still a terrible skater.

Arrived in London and caught up with a good friend from home, Brami, and was very lucky to get a glimpse of her life while she has been over here. Tears all around when she left – even though I pretended they were tears of laughter from the stand up comedy we just saw.

I am living in a new house – well squat/brothel/den of slack- in Shepherds Bush, which is good fun. We had a family outing to The British Museum on the weekend, followed by lunch in the pub, cupcakes in Notting Hill and a night out I Fulham. I feel such a tourist again.

Have started working in a pub in Soho, the Three Greyhounds – so if you are ever in the area COME on down.


Saturday, 31 December 2005

Location: Banff, Canada

So I have left Vancovuer and am carrying all my stuff on my back again - it seems to have grown since arriving in north america.

I flew from Vancovuer to Calgary and got on the always delightful bus to Banff. I have been catching up with friends, Jodi and Macca, from uni, mastering the art of skiing and trying to bring back shiny parka material!

Banff is beautiful and not as cold as I remember (which is a good thing) I have had three days of skiing and stretching tired sore muscles. But all is good and I am off to do it all again tomorrow!

Hope you all have/had a great new year


Monday, 26 December 2005

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Departure day!
Today I wrap up 4 months in Vancouver... I has gone so quickly.

Christmas was so much fun yesterday, I had forgotten the magic of Santa visiting. All the west coast family was together for the day, which was just lovely. I can' thank my family over here enough for making me so welcome.

Right, I am off to try and squueze 7 pairs of shoes into a backpack... I think some small children may be required to jump on my bag!


Friday, 16 December 2005

Location: Canada

Hi there everyone!

Christmas is bringing out my inner 6 year old (not that it is ever very well hidden) and there has been tree decorating, snow angel making, gingerbread house making and clothes bleaching.

I no longer own anything black after a small run in with the bleach the other week, but it did solve the problem of fitting everything into my pack, so that is pretty handy, plenty of room for santa now!

I finished up work on Thursday so now have my days free to get even more excited about christmas! yaya. I got some lovely gifts from work and now have a "ROOTS" outfits for summer and winter - a brand of clothing whose name isn't so rude over here. It was a little bit sad to leave work... the first of many goodbyes coming up.

Ok I hope everyone is getting ready for christmas


Tuesday, 13 December 2005

Location: Vancouver, Canada

I just found out that my modeling career has begun.
I will be staring in the Provincial Language Service brochure, appearing as a Dr in an interpreting session.
Please note the pensive look and obvious medical knowledge I am portraying.
If anyone needs any medical advice, please feel free to ask!

Sunday, 04 December 2005

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Long time no boring you all with what i have been doing.

Well truth is I haven't been up to too much. I am living and working in Vancouver at the moment and the weather has been very pleasing to an Australian - it is snowing, so pretty and white. I am living with my lovely cousins Alyson, Bruce, Aidan and Bronwyn.

I have been pottering around these parts for a while now, getting to know my cousins and the Canadian way of life - namely ice hockey.

I have also been discovering my inner Martha Stewart, knitting, crafting and even baking. As such I have to get out of North America pretty quickly before I start thinking this is normal behaviour!

I am in Vancouver for Christmas and then travel around Canada a bit more and then hit the UK.

No doubt I will write some more before Christmas,
Hope we are all well in the various parts of the world this is being read.


Thursday, 25 August 2005

Location: New York, USA

Well hello!
New York New York! the bronx is up and the battery's down - my gospel as i lost my map on my second day in the big city!

So I met up with my dear friend Cat Rewell and hit New York for six days. After five months in south america i got very excited over the little things, brushing my teeth with tap water, not having rice and potatoes with everything... but still true to my back pack i did a big dodge on accommodation, i am still waiting to be hit by the karma for that one.

All the usual New York rituals were enjoyed, Tiffany's, Bloomingdales, Central Park and a Broadway show (although i only just managed to squeeze this in and had to check my massive pack at the theatre) It is amazing how in a pack that is so full extra space can be found for wonderful shopping. We even dropped by NBC today and saw brooks and gun live in concert - such a wonderful noise at 8 am on a monday morning.

We had a couple of good nights out on the town, meet some lovely New Yorkers and found it ridiculously easy to get a cab... I don't know what all the complaining is about.

I tried to go to the US open but had all kinds of trouble with my VISA card, and found out that not everyone in New York is as super friendly as i thought. I ended up getting back on the subway and heading to the Queens Library (a lovely place) so I could get on the internet and phone the bank - a whole bunch of stress over nothing.

I saw some live music, ate some lovely food, did some good markets shopping, bought cds and drank nice wine... It really is a wonderful town


Sunday, 21 August 2005

Location: Puerto Escondido, Mexico

So,,, no more south america for me!
Mexico here i am.
I really don't do much with my days but have a swim or two, lounge in hammocks and watch surfers tackle the pipeline. (how cool am i, i actually know what that means now!) I got dumped big time today, and i think i have half the sand in the world in my swimmers, hair, ears, mouth... I am very well exfoliated!

The Best thing is watching sunset over the ocean (when the afternoon storm doesn't get in the way) It is so much nicer than sunrise because it is at such a respectable hour!

Nights out are pretty fun, they did invent tequlia after all. I have befriended/ been befriended by a lovely group of Aussies, even managed to score a cool orange hat the other night, so much better than a witches hat.

I have been very good and resisted all shopping so far, but i hear the hammock lady calling me.

Off to New York next and just found out that Cat, a friend from Sydney Uni will be there, so now i am super excited!

hope we are all well children..

Monday, 15 August 2005

Location: Lima, Peru

So the end of south america has come (ahhh how sad)

spent the last week of the trip at a lovely little oasis called Huacachina. I tried my hand at sand boarding and i am very good. Also very good at falling over and stacking it big timw and walking away feeling a little violated by sand! that took up about 2 hours and the rest of the time was spent walking around the lagoona (15 min) and hanging out by the pool.

So it is onto the plane, up to mexico for a few days of sand (not that i really want to see to mcuh more of that for a while) and surf and sun. (and one dollar Caronas, what more could i want really?)


Saturday, 06 August 2005

Location: Cusco, Peru

Well hello friends,
Since Brazil it has been go go go! I like to liken it to the amazing race, but I think there is more film being shot on this adventure than on the amazing race.
From Salvador it was to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, after the treat of a night in the Rio airport hotel. Somehow it was slot into the backpacking budget when looking at cab fares to and from the airport and well that is it really… it was very much worth it to not have to sit in Rio traffic again.
It was a brief visit to Santa Cruz, long enough to be evacuated from the airport and jump on an “overnight and then some” bus to La Paz. I can’t tell you too much about La Paz as the altitude knocked me around a bit and I spent a fair amount of time in bed. I do know that the cinemas are very nice, as are the empanadas and the lady in the airline office.
From La Paz it was to Copacabana and Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca is amazing, so huge and so… huge. How does all that water stay up so high? That is what I want to know. Isla de Sol lies in the middle of the lake and we went out there and saw where the sun was formed and also saw some amazing rock formations. I must confess that I was wishing that good old Pete the soils lecturer from uni was there to explain some of it.
The “Gringo trail” then lead us to Puno in Peru next, where I went out to the floating Islands. These islands are made of plant matter and just float on the lake. They were amazing (I know I need to learn a new adjective) The people who live there are also amazing, the only modern concessions they have are solar panels for lights at night and the use of nylon string to make houses and boats. They also have the cutest little snotty nosed children!
From Puno we stuck to the Gringo trail to Cusco. From here we jumped on a train to Aguas Calientes to see Machu Picchu (No we didn’t walk the Inca trail due to time and lack of organisation) It was… you guessed it amazing. Due to an error in changing the time on my alarm clock we were up and at the bus stop at 5.15am instead of 6.15am..oops, but it turned out to be the best mistake I have ever made as the buses secretly start at 5.30, not six. So we were there well and truly in time to watch the sun hit the valley and light up the whole place. Just spectacular (I bet you thought I was going to say amazing huh?) Anywho I have been very good with limiting the number of boring ruins photos I have included, but if anyone wants to see more please just ask.

So where does that leave me? Just about to jump on MY LAST OVER NIGHT BUS!!!!!!!!! I hope you all feel the excitement!

So tata for now,

Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Location: Salvador, Brazil

Well Greetings from San Salvador!
My visit here is brief, due to the fact that Brasil is just tôo darn big! So we are flying (such luxury I know) back to Bolívia to lap up the beautiful cold weather and altitude. YAYA

All the usual things were done in Rio. I checked out Christo, Sugar loaf, copacabana and Ipanema (yes, the songs were stuck in my head the whole time) I even went to the beauticians and got a Pedicure so that me feet looked good in Havianas... I am so happy, finally a country where flip flops are THE only acceptable foot wear!

Since Rio there hás been the most terrible bus ride of my life. I think the bus company’s motto is “drive it like you stole it!”. So after 26 hours of no leg room and crazy bends in the road, we arrived in Valença, jumped on a boat and headed out to Morro de São Paulo. A lovely tropical Island where not much happens. It was just lovely. The hostel was right on the beach, and looked to good to be true... clean, friendly, on the beach and quiet. Well quiet until the night club started which was conveniently located just next door, three out of four isn´t tôo bad.

We were there for five days, and getting on the boat to leave was very sad, mainly beacause we were travelling towards the cloudy patch on the horizon.

Now I am sitting in a lovely internet café in ‘the cloudy patch on the horizon’, waiting for a flight out. We have a got a bargin fare of only ten dollars more to fly to Rio than to catch the bus, and after the horrible trip here, 2 hours on a plane beats 26 on a bus. The only catch with this good deal is that the plane leavs at 4am. We figured it takes 45min to get to the airport, we need to be there at least one hour early and don’t have a reliable alarm clock.... entonces, no accommodation tonight, just a late dinner and early arrival at the airport. How I continually come up with such sterling plans I don´t know !!!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying their beds tonight, tomorrow mine is going to be three times as good as normal, no matter how bad it really it!

P.S. the next two days sees me spending very much time in airports waiting for connections, please send me some nice long emails to help pass the time...please!!!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Location: Rio!, Brazil

First things first...
Iguazu falls are amazing... for want of a better adjective. After a luxurious 18 hour bus ride (wine and all) we arrived at the boarder. I was thinking that a quick tour of the falls would be possible and then straight back on an overnight bus to Rio, no such luck. Nothing happens quickly... after much sitting around and waiting we got out to the falls and had a good look around. They truly are amazing (again with that word) so much water, so quickly..well they were just amazing.

Next day straight back on a bus to try and get across the boarder in time to get the 12,30 bus to Rio. We got there in time to be told that the next bus available was at 6,45, AND that unlike the lovely Argentinian buses I had got used to, this one was just a bus AND would be 22 hours long. YUCK.

We stopped in lots of terrible servos on the way, saw all the cultural differences that are apparent in service stations (well the only one being that the toilets are free!) and finally arrived in Rio at 7,30 the next night. In two and a half days we have gone wollongong to Noosa on buses... time to stretch the legs.

We arrived in Rio just in time to have a few Caprihinas, head out and try my hand at Samba. Yes I finally put on my dancing shoes, just to realise that they kinda hurt after 3 ½ months in joggers, so quit the dance floor early (I think to the whole of Rios releif)

Today my feet are recovering slowly and I am waiting for the sun to come out so I can head down to Copa- copacabana and check out the beach!

Bye bye now!

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From Fi
Beluga Whales are the best Pish! You can go swimming with them in Canada in Hudson Bay and apparently they even nibble on your toes they're so inquisitive...does that mean toe jam tastes like plankton and small fish to them? Go to: ... these are the people I went & did the Tonga whale swim with and have the Beluga swim on the main page of the website too if you're interested :)
Response: Watching them was cool enough, imagine swimming with them... hmm food for thought about the plankton
From Yvette
That whale is cool.

From stace - your gato bu
allo matey, just been looking at your site. very cool. whats this about you being a doctor?!? the expression on my face is one of much concern. anyhow, mate its good to see your enjoying yourself and the bus journeys.
take care my dear. when you heading to blighty? x
Response: Hello hello, or should i say ello ello!
Will drop a line when i arrive in jolly old england - very soon.
From Sunny
Hey Pish!!!! We're missing you here at the office! Come back!! Well I hope you're enjoying ur adventures!! Remember..Canada Kicks Ass!!! :)
Response: Sunny! i would love to say that I too am missing the office, but i gave up lies for New Years!!! hehehe
From Colette
thinking of you. Happy, happy Christmas -lots of happiness, joy and laughter. Talk soon
Response: Thanks col col, it was so nice to speak to you at christmas. I am in Banff at the moment and having a blast!
From Karen
Hi Pischi,
I loves to hear from you! My favourite photo is of you and your Dad at Vancouver Island- its so sweet. Bye Bye xxx Kaz
From Mr Pike

Is that little dot in your photo in Canada the bear you saw? Photos just don't do the real thing justice do they.

Hope you ate the cup cake. When do you stop having fun?

From Melissa O'G
Sounds like you are having a great time. The Curry-Jones were so welcoming to me in 2000 and it sounds like you will have a lovely Xmas with them. Just in case I don't email before Xmas I hope you have a beuatiful white Xmas.
Response: Hi Melissa
I have my fingers very crossed for a white Christmas. Hope you have a great Christmas also.
From Sophie
Hi Pishkebab,
Loved the Halloween Display in the neighbours front yard-and your pumpkin! Glad to hear you're getting in touch with your inner Martha, just don't end up in the slammer..
Lots of love, Soph x
Response: Or worse than the big house - Martha Stewart the Apprentice, quality American television
From Bin
Hi there Pish! Great to hear from you again. Knitting and Craft..???hmm what can I say? You sound great, I hope you have a great Christmas. Oh and by the way when did you say that the necklace you bought me at Tiffany's is arriving? Take care, Love Bin
Response: It wasn't a necklace princess, but a tiaria...
From Nadia Brice
Howdy Pish, how weirds that i was just thinking about you the other day, I'm glad your still having a ball, keep it up. It must of been so noice with your dad there too.
Take care Nadia
Response: Nadia!!!! I hope harvest is treating you well and that you are still lovign your house!
From Fi
Great pic's, love the pumpkin & your little cousins are sooo cute :)
How you coping with the temperature difference? They say Vancouver is alot like Sydney...whatdoyareckon?
Response: My pumpkin is pretty good huh?
It isn't so cold here and besides the super cheap public transport Vancovuer is very similar to Sydney.
From Fi
Loved the pic's of Iguazu falls, where to next after Sth America babe?
Response: South America is now but a dream, and I am in Mexico. Soon though it is up to canada and stop this mucking around and get a JOB... eeek
From Amy
Hi dude,

Glad to see you are still having fun over there, The pictures you have posted are lovely. It is interesting reading your page compared to Dorns, it gives such a different perspective. keep up the good work for those in the boring armidale. love amy
Response: Hiya amy,
hope the thesis is coming along well!
From Jock & Airlie
Hey Pish, Wow - you look like you two are having a ball, currently in Ireland with the Kinross Clan & they all send their love.
Safe Travel
Kim xx
Response: howdy kimbo! good to hear all the clan are well, what a spin out. Say hi to them all
From Kate
Hi there!!
Just looking through some of your photos - who is the guy on the right in the "steaks as big as your face" photot in the End of Argentina album??? He's hot!! send him my number!
Response: Just call him George Jnr (as in Clooney that is)
From kev
Cant believe all the beaut photos. It is great to be young.
Keep sending the news!!!!!
Love Kevin
Response: Hiya Kev!
i do think that i have learnt to travel from my favorite unlce....
From sarah
hey trish how are you your'e so lucky you had heat heat for a while anyway. here in nowra were all cold as. we miss you heaps bye
Response: we are back to the cold now, and back to no hot water ... not such a big fan of that
From Ferg

These photos are great ! Had to have a chuckle when I saw you proudly sporting the Graincorp cap! Have fun with your flights & connections.
Response: Well... flights were fun except i left my other hat at the airport, so it will be GrainCorp all the way from now on.
From Dick
well hello there! good to hear it's all nice and loverly. have been hearing about you in some very strange places. your reputation seems to have reached far and wide!!!!
Response: Dick!
i hear my people have been helping your people get some cotton seed huh?
From Cathy
So will you 2 supervise Tom when he joins the wallabies?NZ romped home on Sat night against England.I spent the entire France v aus match explaining to Tom the davnatges of learninga 2nd lang i.e Venez ici.So happy to hear that you are having fun and are well .Dont forget heat packs/ice packs help most of the time.Have fun travelling otherwise you may as well be home eraning and best experiences Cathy A
Response: Will happily be Tom's wallabies chaperone, just say when!
From Fi
Soo jealous, Gato looks like a real hand full but a big pussy all the same :)
Response: hello there young lady pine!
so nice to hear from you, and good to see that you are still at the same email address, even if everyone else seems to be leaving it!
From Cecilia
Its nice 2 keep track of ur holiday on the website. I want 2 C the pics of ur dancing salsa!! I'm having a feline party 4 my u think u could bring back a 'gatito' as fixture for the entrance to the main 'party room'?? Get back 2 me asap...Cheers Ceci xxoo
Response: will try my best to get gato throguh customs... you distract the gaurds!
have a great time in europe!!!
From Tamara
Oh Pa-tric-a!
I am so ubber happy for you! Enjoy the adventure the only way that you can. You party animal you. Miss you and think of you often. Happy Valentines day was around here sometime wasn't it? Sending virtual love your way. xxxx
Response: oooh i think you are early, i think it is july...
verymuch liked the email by the way.
From skye
loved reading your stories....filled in an otherwise boring day at work....very cool working with a puma......
makes me want to leave japan and come to south america!!!
keep enjoying looking forwrad to hearing more.
Response: feel free to come on by south america any time!!!