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The Journey

Well it started in lovely East Africa with a little bit of travel to whet the appetite, and then a very fulfilling few months at Boona Baana Home in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Then the next adventure Europe

Diary Entries

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Location: England

Well, finally I have arrived in a decent hostel, that gives free interent and guess what hotmail is down... so I thought I would write a few lines on here to keep those of you who check out my photos posted on my whereabouts!!
I have been in england for 3 weeks now, I have came up form spain to see Mike for his birthday, I stayed in London only for a little bit and then got to discover the town of Worcestor.... yes thats correct the home of Worcestorshire sauce!! Not that I discovered too much, 3 days in a row I was to admit that the furtherest I had been from the house was the corner shop (which was literally 2 doors down!) It was so nice to be in a house, to cook and watch some TV and hang out with Mike and all his english buddies! His flatmate Sue is so lovely and I miss the place already! Mike was leaving to head back to OZ on the Sat so I decided I should check out some of england while i was here so I ventured down to Bath. Stayed in a hostel full of permenent tenants... all illegals I'm sure from Spain and Poland. So I looked around the place on my lonesome, did a day trip, met a few fellow aussies I had friends again at last! But what an amazing ly beautiful countryside... just divine.
Tomorrow I head to London to stay with more friends, Frances who I haven't seen for about 6 years is taking me to see 'Viennas- Spanish Dancing Horses' in London... Go figure!!! But should be a scream. Then I get to stay with Cousin Luke on Sunday whcih will be excellent. Then I head off on my little exchange student crawl! Germany here I come!!
Hope you are all well
Lots of love

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Recent Messages

From Tanya
Hey chicky...very impressive (you know what I mean!!). Photos are great...wish I was there with
Response: So pleased you like!! Liss you xx
From Frances
Are you coming to London then? If so - when? Looks like you're having a blast. Guess who emailed me recently? Sintu! xxx
From cara
hello hello

hows germania?? good to see kai and have - warm showers and nice red meat?? hope your loving it it!! you'll have to upload some pics of kai and anna for us!! love lots xxx
Response: Thanks for all ur little notes Carz ur tops!! Here are some more pics for u
check the dar one too!!
From Diane Hewson
Hi Prue,
Love the photos, we were down at Matt and Amy's last weekend end and Matt showed me your photos. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.

Also thanks for sending the book, I have been meaning to let you know that I had received it ages ago.

Hope all is still going well

Lots of Love

Response: thanks for the little note.. what a lovely surprise! I am pleased that Matt is keeping everyone up to date! Love to u and Steve
From Alison
What a great idea this is..I'llgive it to patients to have a look at is that ok? If only the elephants had their trunks up it would have been a great fungshui photo for the clinic...very serene anywqy! Amazing shots
Response: Hi Alison, I have just left africa but left a big part of me there as u can imagine! I would love u to forward on the address for people to have a look at photos! Now the next adventure begins!
From Tracey Mitchell
Hi Prue. Amy & Matt forwarded your email and contact. Thought I would send you a quick hello and say we are thinking of you (and jealous as hell). You take care and make sure you cuddle some huge efalants for us. Put us on your email list so we get to see your photos. Love to you, Trace & Mitch
Response: Thanks for dropping me a line good to hear that those two kids of yours are keeping u updated!! Will def keep u updated myself now! Love Prue
From Ame
Hey Prue

Wow, great photos, I love the elephant one! Glad you are enjoying yourself, all sounds great. We are saving that bottle of red to have with you when you return.. all is great here, sure matt told you, so take care, I'll keep popping on to look at your updates, all very exciting.

Luv Amy
Response: so lovely to hear from u and i had messages form ur mum and di!! Waht a lovely surprise, i only just figured out how to check them!! African internet left alot to be desired!! Have made it to germany and will now embark on a new adventure