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Simon's Alpine Adventure

This is the travel page for my 4 month sojourn into Alpine Medicine/Ski Doctoring in New Zealand!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 01 October 2006

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Greeting sports fans...

I know its been stupid length of time since an update but its been a mad mad time and its all nearly over. I'll try to remember what I can about what I have been doing but we'll see how we go...

I headed to the small township of Wanaka with aforementioned cute scottish girl for the weekend and it was probably one of the best weekends I've ever had. Such a relaxing place :)
On the saturday we headed there and stopped for a coffee at the Cardrona Hotel which is near the turn off for the Cardrona Ski field (more on that later) on the way. This is the kind of pub my Dad would quit his business and move to run tomorrow. Theres a great outside fireplace and beer garden with immaculately manicured gardens, reminded me of the proper beer gardens you get in the UK over summer. Smell of fresh cut grass, shandy for the kids (or Broad), small boys playing football, jumpers for goalposts, etc... Sorry Aussie brethren but Australia for all its great pubs simply doesn't do a good beer garden.

Anyway we got into Wanaka and found our accomodation which was quiet and perfect, then we headed down and had lunch at an Ale House (Speights) which was an amazing feed, great beer, great company. Then we walked along the lake shore where there is there are these tiles with moments in history from 0 AD to 2005 (both local and world wide) painted on, it's really cool, with tiles like "1066 Battle of Hastings" followed by "1067 Early Maori Paintings dated to this time at blah". My companion was however most inspired by the date of the invention of mayonnaise, but hey whatever floats your boat hey.

We then went to Cinema Paradiso which is basically an old school cinema with all the chairs ripped out and replaced by old comfy couches and an old car with the roof cut off on one side (you can sit in that, but not as comfy as the couches). You can order meals for the interval and get real coffee, beer, wine and homemade cookies brought in during the feature, so frikkin cool. Then we had a few beers and hit the sack in preparation for our snowboarding the next day: Cardrona! - It was amazing. Got up and wandered round town before having a breakfast at the Kai Cafe (which we'd had beers at the night before) and then headed off to Cardona to get half price day passes (as we both work for NZ Ski). It was SOOOOOOO wicked. FAR FAR FAR better boarding than Remarkables and Coronet put together. We are so annoyed we hadn't done this earlier in the season! Massive long, wide runs with great snow, and little jumps/mogils for amateur terrain park people like us ;P

When we finished for the day we were supposed to head back to Queenstown for the end of season ball, but we'd had such a great time we just couldn't face Queenstown (we are a bit partied out after 3.5 months!) so we went back to Wanaka and had dinner before heading home. Magic!

Well I saw my first Ice Hockey game in the flesh for the end of season Coronet Vs Remarks play off. It was awesome, as these guys all play on a Thursday night amateur league regulalry so they are pretty good. Also there is a guy who grits the road at Remarks who just happens to be captain of the "Ice Blacks" - the NZ national Ice Hockey team so he played for remarks. The guy who runs the Rocky Gully Cafe at Coronet is also an outstanding keeper so each team had a star player if you like which made it a great game. It was crazy to see all these guys slamming into eachother and pummeling themselves into the barriers then realise..."holy crap I know that guy, he works in ski rentals...I gotta remember to be nicer to him"
It ended a draw and then we went down to the usual haunt (Montys) for post game beers and debrief. Awesome.

Well it pretty much ran out of snow. I knew it had maybe a week left in it when I hit work on Tuesday to find a new water feature outside first aid -> a 4m wide waterfall! The hill is very bare of snow and the snowgroomers perform miracles each night to keep the few runs open but its a sad sight. The med centre called at midday to ask if I had any injuries come in and I said "A drowning". They nearly believed me. Wonder if they will pick up my requisition form for snorkels as a joke? Remarks is still open so I am up there this coming week.

I hate moving. I finally moved out of the place we had with the other 3 flat mates having left earlier in the season I had a lot to sort out but now its all done and I am crashing with Will at his place in Arthurs Point which is cool, he's really funny and gets regularly attacked by the neighbours cat whilst asleep at night which amuses me no end. I am with him until the 10th now, but as Coronet Peak has now closed he is off Ski touring and Heli-Skiing (get Jealous JD and Lev) for 4 days on Fox Glacier so I am house sitting the bachelor pad.

Well this blog is FAR too long so I will end it now and say that I have had an awesome season and met some wonderful people, made some friends for life and learnt a heap aswell as growing as a person I hope (no I aint talking about the gym Ali). I am looking forward to coming home to Brisbane to see my friends and family who I dearly miss, before my next adventure: Outback service!

Anyway I am back on October 10th and will hopefully be going out for a few beers on Saturday the 14th of October, so if any of you are keen I'd love to see you/drink with you then :)

Keep In touch - I will be back on my Aussie mobile from October 10th

Love yous all



Thursday, 07 September 2006

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand


Ok here are the latest news headlines from Reuters Queenstown branch...

(1) Sun hits South Island ->
Miraculous tranformation has occurred in my apparel. I have gone from wearing balaclava (makes me look a bit IRA) + mirror goggles and helmet whilst snowboarding to wearing a red Coronet Peak bandana and mirror aviators due to the sunny and hot conditions. Doesn't sound that impressive but basically I have gone from looking like a stormtrooper to looking like Axel Rose from Guns and Roses in the space of a week.

(2) Skidoo Racer ->
I drove a skidoo!!! The mountain was all but closed due to appalling weather conditions (this was before the sun hit) so we only had the beginner area open and I was bored. They have a frozen lake (Alta Lake) up the top of the ski field and a team of ice divers had been running a scuba course there (Read: Mad bastards) so I wanted to take a look. A ski patroller (who will remane nameless so he don't get into trouble) took me up there on the skidoo and we drove out onto the frozen lake (which is melting this time of year) on the HEAVY skidoo with two big (and might I say devilishly handsome and tough...well I am at least...;P) dudes on it. I was a little concerned when he drove within about 1 meter of the edge of the hole! Anyway when this was done we went back to the base of Sugar Basin and Patroller X stopped the skidoo and jumped off saying "righto, no-one's watching...your turn!". So I drove the skidoo up and around sugar basin, until he asked me if my husband had taught me how to drive. To prove a point I opened it up full throttle and got air. He was suitably impressed and THEN told me that they handle like a drunk tricyclist with one leg at speed and that if he hadn't been counter leaning on my turns we'd have rolled it. Oh well, live and learn...(just)

(3) Duck Killer ->
I hit a duck with the car :(
Dave (nurse) who was in the car then called me murderer for the rest of the day and texted everyone, so I started getting messages like
"You up for Peking Duck tonight Turk?"
"I thought it was Wabbit season?"
"Just saw three little ducklings walking around the base of remarkables looking for their mum. You seen her?"
"Hey Turk, I heard U got a job drowning puppies for the RSPCA? Is this true?"

I feel awful. All abuse welcome :( I deserve it. RIP little ducky.

(4) Home made ambulance->
The ambo's here are a bit crap. We ordered an ambo at 4pm (we finish at 4:30pm and should be off the mountain by 5 at the latest as Ski Patrol need to leave and thus the moubntain isn't "safe" without them to get people out of trouble (their job extends to the road getting off the mountain too). Anyway they told us 20 minutes (which is good, it's usually 35mins if you are LUCKY). Anyway 5:30 came and went and so we called back and they said "oh we weren't sure if you wanted that now, I'll despatch it now but they went to Glenorchy so it'll be a 1.5hr wait". I was fuming. I cancelled the ambulance backed the Subaru legacy up to First aid, filled it with Crash-Kit, O2, Entenox, Took Morphine and Naloxone and made my car an ambulance. With Dave the ambo driver we got the guy to hospital in 18minutes! No siren or lights though ;P

(5) Navigation ->
Due to crappy weather (same day I did Ski-doo land speed record ;P) We had kKi patrol give a Navigation tutorial which covered magnetic VS true north, GPS theory, Inclincation/declination, taking bearings, triangulation and navigation under trying conditions I.E. Flat light and white fog on a glacier! It was awesome, I'm not saying I can do ANY of that stuff now but I learnt a hell of a lot.

(6) Jadd, Heather and the lads ->
Jaddster, Heather, Jim, Dan, Beau and Luke are in town snowboarding, which is awesome. The lads are running a muck and chatting up all the local girls (who then get very disappointed when they find out they all have girlfriends!). Anyway more on that later but current countries woo'd include Brazil, Sweden and England...and that was just one night! Anyway will upload photos of their debauchery soon...Oh and I have a bet that Beau hurts himself on a rail/jump/box before the week is out.

Better go as this is my day off and its sunny so I need to go run around the lake :)

Take it easy and write to me! Want to be up to speed when I get back (1 month to go!)

Love and err...nah, oh ok peace



Thursday, 31 August 2006

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand


Well sorry its been so long between entries but again my excuse is work.

It has been really good, and I had a poor japanese fellow the other day who landed HARD after a jump and managed to dislocate his hip, shoulder and crack a bone in his neck. He was in ALOT of pain which really shows how bad his injuries were because Japanese snowboarders are notoriously stoic with pain. That was fairly stressful, but the overall magaement of him was good so I was happy. I think thats the toughest call is do we call an ambulance or get a helicopter early on? It takes time for these things to arrive so you have to make very quick decisions based on imperfect information and that can be stressful.

Also had an elbow dislocation the other day which was tricky to get back in, but brute strength from Nurse Dave was sufficient (I just hate the idea of pulling on a painful limb as the patient screams, but I guess I just need to toughen up hey?!)

Other than that we have had the Ski Patrol party and there are some pics uploaded of that. It was fancy dress so JD and I went in our Norwegian guises, although the moustaches pissed us off after about 30 seconds (and kept getting in our beers so we had to use straws -> not the coolest look) so when we ditched them we were left with abraham lincoln beards making us look amish ;P It was a great night and I had a super time with a great crew of people. I like their mentality "You fall, we haul"

Such lovely people, and so caring when people are in pain, cold and in sometimes extreme conditions. They also like a beer or twenty after work!!!

Mum and Dad also visited for 4 days which was awesome. Mum was sick as a dog unfortunately but it just goes to show how tough my Ma is as she never complained when she pretty much had pneumonia. We had a great night up at the Gondola restaurant. In Queenstown there is a big hill ovedrlooking the city and a cable car (Gondola) up to a big Restaurant. We went up there (with the lovely Morven) and had dinner and saw a Kiwi Haka. Unfortunately when we got there for the Haka the Maori lady who greeted us said that one of the young male members of the group had to be elected the chief of our group for the ceremony so we could be welcomed into the Haka. Some big beast of a women suggested me (you kow those big, loud types, grrrrr) and as I looked around the crowd to try and find someone else who I could drop in it I noticed I was pretty much the youngest tallest adult male there (70% of the group were small asian women) it had to be me. Oh great. I accepted with great vigor (can you sense the sarcasm) and then it was explained that I was now chief of the group and when I enter some guy is gonna come at me with a spear and I have to stand my ground and then he'll give me a token and if I accept it we can watch the Haka. Yeah, sweet, what a relaxing evening ->

"Come to the gondola restaurant, enjoy the view, relax with a great meal, get attacked with spear by massive maori dude in front of 30 Japanese women"

Usual saturday night I guess...

Needless to say my first act as chief was to try and have the big beast of a women who nominated me sacrificed for the good of my luck though :(

It was pretty bloody cool actually, dude basically ran at me with a spear and yelled alot then left me a good luck token with a white feather. Then the show went on with some awesome Maori songs and great harmonies, really talented stuff. So different from our aboriginal culture.

Dinner was great, and we had a really good time there, I hope Mum and Dad had as good a time as we did.

Other than that I have just been snowboarding when I can and leanring as much as possible and socialising. The season is really running away now and I have to try and get as much snowboarding in as possible before it all ends and I am back in Brisbane and then off to the outback for a spell.

Anyway I better go, speak to you all soon

Take care



Monday, 14 August 2006

Location: QTWN, New Zealand


Apologies for not doing an entry for a while, but have been so busy, so have saved up a bunch of pics for you. Not sure what I wrote last time, but I have been visited by Christian and Lauren from Brisbane which was awesome. Christian is truly clinically insane and needs medication due to toxic levels of enthusiasm. Spent a few days boarding with him in APPALLING conditions, and just as you would know it, as soon as he left we got a great dump of powder. His wife Lauren is a star and she picked up boarding very easily despite bilateral knee contusions for the duration.

Matt and Tan also visited and I spent a day at Remarks boarding with her. We had a really bad Norwegian Snowboard instructor who basically was telling us (the group of 10) the same things over and over again, regardless of how good you were and what you were doing wrong. We were at different levels and usually they give you all a bit of individual advice) Tan and I went in a level 3 lesson, and we should have gone to level 4. He was being a real tool to this girl who was pretty bad and needed some help with the basics so we just waited until he boarded off to wait for us at the bottom and gave her a quick tute! By the end of it she was doing awesome toe-side turns and Tanya and I were going ballistic! (we may actually have been happier than her)

Other than that I have been working heaps and boarding a bit too. Have started boarding with my MP3 player and it really helps me to relax and get my technique right. Jamiroquai is a must to listen to but occasionally you start laughing when you think about the dancing scene from Napolean Dynamite and fall over. Also really keen for a trip to Cardrona which I'll do after Mum and Dad have visited.

Last night was the Ski Patrol party so JD and I went as Artic Norwegian Mountaineers complete with ridiculous beards. We had one of those greats nights where everyone was on top form and being really hilarious. I had a few too many Vodka Red Bulls and totally forgot to find a pub to watch the Charity Shield between Liverpool and Chelsea and I am gutted as we beat them! (Hui may not forgive me)

Am going to climb a glacier in the next month or so, so with some luck will have some real quality pics for you all!

Better go, off to meet for coffee (day off today)

Love yous all, keep in touch


George and Ila: GREAT Pics!!!! Am jealous, especially the Barcelona ones. Next holiday I do is gonna be a hot one.
Gareth: Congrats on the great marks and the new job! You're such a champ working with cereral palsy people, I'm blown away (again).
Ness: Hope you got this one :)
Alan & Margaret: How is Aunty M's fictional rotator cuff? Is she pulling her weight round the house yet? Tut tut...
Liv & Ben: How is the new job livster?
Steve: You are gay, but hell we knew that...
Scott: Gimme a text when U R free to talk, I need an update on all things scotty!

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From mum
About time you updated this page! xx
Response: Yeah I'm getting there! Just never seem to have time :( See you soon tho!
From mum
Milford Sound looks magnificent. I do wish the weather had been good enough for us to see it. Who is Donal?
Response: Donal is a great mate of Morven and mine, from Belfast, LFC fan and absolute champion :) Wants to be there when I see my first game at Anfield...
From Tony and Sonja
Hi Simon
At last we have checked out your web site, just got broadband so can now do such things. Looks great but cold, we saw it in the summer and would love to go again. Bet you can't wait for some of that Queensland sunshine. hope to see you and the family sooner rather than later, still trying to find a way to get away for more than 2 weeks.
Love Sonja and Tony
Response: Hey guys! Glad you could check it out. You'll be happy to know Queensland wine stocks have been replenished to feel free to come deplete them again :) Send my love to Nat&Sam
Hi Simon - Sorry we haven't been in touch for a while - we had a good time at Dad's birthday party
but we missed you anyway.
Must be something in the air as we're going to a 70th tomorrow - hope it's not catching. I don't think it will be a rave-up!
Looking forward to seeing you soon
I'm sure you can't wait to soak up some sun - we know a nice place which has a jetty with a boat!
Mind you it's a bit expensive.
Be careful on your journey back - take care - Love A.Mags & U.Al
Response: I am HANGING for some sun! See you guys real soon :)
From Stu

In answer to your question below re: arctic ducks and penguins, they're a different order (penguin=sphenisciformes, duck=anseriformes). Anyway in your neck of the woods it'd be antarctic. If you ask me ducks are getting a bit cocky all over the world so you've done us a favour getting rid of one.

Thinking a bit further on this, how many positive portrayals of ducks are you aware of in popular culture?

Donald Duck: cranky, prone to tantrums and wears no trousers. Also frustrated by sever speech impediment.

Huey, Dewey and Louie: Donald's young "nephews". Yeah, right.

Daisy Duck: gold-digging wanton temptress with questionable relationship to all those around her

Daffy Duck: vindictive and rabbit-hating, toys cruelly with bald and educationally sub-normal Elmer Fudd. Daffy usually ends up shot in face by Mr Fudd, who is sounding more and more like Dick Cheney the more I think about this.

Duckula: he's a vampire, people! There are no nice vampires, no matter what you heard on Buffy.

Howard the Duck: smart-mouthed, eerily sexualised and inhabits one of the worst movies of all time

Scrooge McDuck: the ultimate feathered capitalist, likes to bath in own currency

Darkwing Duck: in the pay of the CIA for his espionage activities

Plucka Duck: violent, sociopathic and possibly bipolar. Also friend of Daryl Somers (enough said, methinks)

Be of good cheer and lay off the wildlife, speed freak!

Response: WHat about the duck from Roger Rabbit? Jessica Bunny was it?!?! Thanks but I still feel bad...;P
From coxy
They're called girls - they have long hair (usually), and protrusions at the upper end of their body (also usually). I'll point one in your direction when you get back if you're lucky.

Which team did you say you were on... the other i think!
Response: Thanks Dr Cox. Your advice is, as always, as negligent as it is informative :) Was having trouble telling them apart, but seriously, you are Broad are my mates, and thus my example of the male species, both of which spend far too much time in the bathroom preparing for an evening out...much like women...can you see my confusion?!?!?!
From coxy
Yo Dr Death...hows the fields this time of year? I'm thinking by the sounds of your last entry dude that it's lucky you're a doctor and not a vet.
Anyway, will e-mail more extensive (& explicit) content soon. Hold tight (not a guy)!!
Response: It is Gay ski week here at the moment Stuey and I'm sure you and the Broad would be having the time of your lives...double glove boys, double glove...
Your latest 'adventures' made me laugh. Shame about the duck. did you leave it on the side of the road or did you have it for tea?
Response: Yeah poor ducky :(
Who is this?
From Lt Col Buzby-Claret
Dear Sir/Madam,

I do humbly apologise for my absence of late, I've been teaching Stingrays self-defence.

I could not, however, let too many moons slink by without casting an eye over your activities. I must warn you my young Padawan that home-made ambulances cause nothing but trouble, as with everything home-made. The home-made hanglider I constructed to escape from Sicily after the Anzio landings was a less than auspicious success, as was the home-made crack cocaine I attempted to manufacture from chocolate ice cream and maple syrup was only partially successful. And of course my home-made Apollo moon rocket hardly made it out of the troposphere (eventually spearing into the lithosphere and bouncing into the hydrosphere).

I am a proud man but I do not mind sharing the details of my many failures if it will help you learn.

Speaking of failures, I ran into [CONTENT DELETED FOR LEGAL REASONS] who gave me a terrible [CONTENT DELETED FOR LEGAL REASONS] while pretending to be a [CONTENT DELETED FOR LEGAL REASONS] ended up covered in fragments of dried mackerel which left me with terrible BO and a persistent rash on the unmentionables (which I hear are quite close to the Remarkables).

Yours in apathy,

Lt Col Nathaniel Buzby-Claret, GCMG (God Calls Me God)
Response: He's back! :)
From Fast Knob
You drive like a girl, as witnessed by skidoo man, how did you manage to hit a duck at the speeds you travel? Or was he going fast? Hurry up and come home, I'm bored. With all your new navigation training at least you should be able to find your way :P
Response: I'll be home soon Knobby and we will Beer-on in ridiculous fashion! Hey I am going bush when I get back so you & Teen should come for a drive to the outback! P.s. I was in the cvar when I hit the duck, not on a skidoo. That would have been an arctic duck had that happened...which I think is a penguin (not sure though..Stu?)
From Georgio
I hope something eventuated with the Scottish girl as they are the most smitten red cheeks I have ever seen in a photo!
Response: ...early days...;P
From Gloria Satisfaction
Um . . . tits?
Response: Hello Tom (giggles enanely to self)
Hi Simon - hope you're having a great time with mum & dad. Would love to see you all on snow boards - the mind boggles and before you say anything it's very hard for U.Alan & I to know what you're talking about! It sounds tiring & painful - the drinking bit is O.K. we can relate to that!!
We're off to Cairns on Monday - going up on the train, we're looking forward to that part even if it does take 24 hours.
Catch up with you when we get back, glad to see Kerry managed to get in touch with you. Take care - Love A.Mags & U.Alan
PS Don't lead your dad astray!
Response: Dad can lead himself astray with no help from me...
From Cuz Kerry
So this is where you've been hiding. Thought was very strange to not have heard any tales from you in so long and been looking longingly into Skype for my weekly entertainment to no avail! A. Mags and U. Al told me where to find you... I know, I know you told me but must have had had roots highlighted that day and tend to come over all bimbo-ish on those touch-up days...

So yet to read your entries... but from quick perusal seems like you are having a lot of fun boarding with Norwegian Smurfs whilst being jugged for drunken behaviour ?

Glad you're having fun cuz, very jealous and will now read properly instead of doing any work today.

Response: Kerry! Hey Cuz. Glad U have finally caught up...:) Enjoy the procrastination!
Dear Dr. Simon
I have before me a printout from the doc saying I have rotator cuff tendonitis. Do I now have to go back to her and tell she is wrong??? I would just like to know before I go back to the surgery once more - if you had been here, I would have come to you instead and (as Alan says) got a bum diagnosis!
We would just like to know if you will need to dry out when you get back to Oz - it will seem very tame when you're in the outback - Alan says the sheep are not very pretty. Keep safe - Much love. A Mags & U. Alan

Response: LOL...cheeky! Ok there IS a rotator cuff and I am sure you have strained it. Yeah the outback will seem strange compared to alpine medicine, but what a year! Am looking forward to some sailing with uncle Al in the 2 weeks I am back before the bush (Oct 10th I get back) Love Si
From A Mags & U Al
so even you docs can do damage, we went sailing off Maroochydore in a 33ft er and Mags and I both damaged something ,my knee and A Mags (Ithink it is called a rotator cuff) any way she is getting out of the house work !!!! lov us .
Response: Dear Uncle Al, no such thing as a rotator cuff, or a rotator cuff injury, she is simply skiving off the house work. Sack her. Immediately. ;P
From Bex
Ok Ok not the most original idea. But would make a great group photo of everyone dressed up as All Blacks!
Here are some other, probably not very original ideas.... A Bomb (I have seen this done and was interesting), Bananaman! (remember that old cartoon?), a bear, a bat, alien, astronaut, barrister... Lots, but if i come up with anything more original will let you know
Response: Nice! I light of the emergency banana (see blog entries + photos)perhaps I should be a banana?!
From Bex in Auckland, NZ
Go as an All Black, you are in NZ after all....
Response: There may be a few hundred people already doing that! Thanks for the advice though...
From Alan Newman
Please send joke..Thanks When is the fancy dress...could go as an English(B) straw hat...bow tie and striped apron....Don't go near the eeedge any more please!
Response: What edge?! Never saw it! (obviously had eyes closed due to blind fear)
From Simon Wilson.
Dude, Great work! Love your stuff :-)
Looks like you are having a blast down there, I'm jealous..

Let me know if you come up to Welly, and want a tour guide, I'd be happy to be Planet Ranger tour guide for the day.

Response: Thanks Simon! Your webpage has been getting MAD plaudits, good to hear from you! Similar offer if you get down this way for some Snow-action! Just don't hurt yourself, the doctors here are dodgy! ;P
From Beck
Hey Si,
Just caught up on the goss and pics. The page is looking fab, v good work . I would like to add that not many can pull off “blue steel”, but you are one, you little poser!
Take care chicken and keep up the good work!
Response: Becky! Had a GREAT Thai feed over here yesterday and thought of you as I had a Chang! X
From Georgio
By the sounds of all the banana shennanigans one might be a little concerned with the rising potassium levels in New Zealand - id be on the look out for a serious cardiac event on the peaks! No SI the palpitations arent because of your Luke >Skywalker impersonations......
Response: K+ (and other electolytes) very handy for hangover recovery should be trying that in the UK :)
From steve broad
Caption: "I'm cold"
Response: Thermals are king here. So far you are winning Broad... :)
From Chucka

Thanks for the updates. I'm off to Queenstown on Wednesday, so pumped and ready to hit the slopes and pubs. Will be there for ten days so shoot me an email or give me a call and we'll have a beer and i'll tell you how bad your norwegian accent is.

Response: Awesome! Great Surprise! See you soon!
From The Knob
After all this mention of spandex and remarkables and Norwegian Mountaineers I figured the only thing missing from this blog was a knob ;)

It's great to keep up with the appalling conditions in which you spend your life, I only hope it gets colder and more blizzards keep you off the slopes and in the bar. Would love to get over to visit but.... Maybe.

Stay safe mate.
Response: Maybe is not cutting it Knobby. Get you and Teen over here pronto. Will give you a call this week...:)