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After much procasination, late night discussions, going through break up brown and Melba's time, Kellie and Rachael are leaving the GC to live it up in Europe for the Summer !
Look forward to keeping you up to date with our adventures!!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 09 August 2007

Location: Rome, Italy

Hey Guys been a little slack we know, update coming soon we promise for now check out julias planet ranger she has done a greece update.


Tuesday, 24 July 2007

sorry guys ran out of time post more pics later. x

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Location: Europe

okay, so if you think that it has been a while since we last posted an update (or a 2nd one at that) that’s because it was over 3 weeks ago now....clearly we have had a few computer run ins so fingers crossed this goes smoothly...
4 countries later we have just arrived in Vienna, Austria for a brief 5 hour stop over before we fly to Athens....but to bring you up to speed we are going to go back to Dublin, Ireland and start from there...


Well we spent 2 days in Dublin and i have to say we were both surprised at how modern and hip this place is. Full of young funky people and thousands of cool pubs and bars. Needless to say we did not venture out to the countryside as planned but hung in town mainly around Temple Bar region which was 2 streets from our hostel (which i might add was quite bearable for our first hostel experience) with over 200 bars etc !
Of course we did the touristy thing too, the cheesy city sites bus tour around town on the first day and then Kel and i managed to somehow lose each other and without Kels phone working were left to our own devices for an afternoon. I went to a tarot reader, who of course only said good things, surprise surprise and then found the closest pub and had a beer to get out of the cold weather (it was pretty sh*t). We also ate the traditional Irish Stew followed by a few beers at Fogertys over some irish folk music where the singer and band proceeded to play 'Mary clip your toenails cos your cutting the doova' - as you could imagine they did not sell too many of their CDs that night.
We also did the Guiness Factory and got ourselves a free pint of Guinness with the entry, awesome! And the Kilmainham Gaol, which housed prisoners throughout the 1800s and early 1900.
All in all Dublin was cool - the people friendly and definitely happy to stop for a chat about absolutely nothing at all. Definitely a place we could go back to to explore more...

Next stop was The DAM......

Enough said at that really, basically it was four days of haze (well for me anyway)!! We met up with Jordan and Sarah here on the first night and realised we were staying close to each other which was good and also close to Chips, Jordan’s mate from the GC who lives in Amsterdam now, who was a really good guide and gave us incite to local Amsterdam.
We all had great intentions to climb the tower, do this, do that, but once we hit the BullDog at the start of each day - this is a chain of coffee shops, traditionally know for their pre-rolled green - we found more amusement wondering the streets and tending to the munchies, and the savoury pancakes (like a crepe really) were great!! We also tried to hang out in our hotel a little bit as we realised we majorly stuffed up our booking and instead of paying $120 for the room an night we were paying that each and walked away with a $1100 room bill – Ouch!
In my wisdom i thought it would be a great idea to drag the crew to the Ultimate Pub Crawl, which was not at any stage Ultimate, but utterly crap! There idea of free vodka shots consisted of a communal used water bottle filled with what was assumed vodka and red cordial that they tipped into each mouth...we lasted 3 out of the 6 stops and decided to meet Chips in Leidlespein, a very cool area with street music etc.
And to save the best bit to last, yes, we made it to a sex show. Well actually we nearly didn’t get to see it - after paying our €25 we sat down in the pews and Kel decided it was a good idea to pull out the camera and take a photo with the flash of us, not even the stage, but us in the crowd and of course she got busted and had to throw the camera while the girls stormed over and started yelling ‘bitches’ to us and that we were getting kicked out – luckily she piped down and were entertained for the next 40 minutes by the lady with the banana, the lady who did not much at all and then the grand finale of Mr Asian who had been working too long a shift and had to keep tugging at it to keep it up and little Miss Froline with rough edges!!


We boarded our first leg of the busabout trip in Amsterdam and started the 9 hour journey to Berlin, Germany – home of the Hoff!! We have to say, the bus is great, better than expected, its actually great chance to book sectors of the trip, watch a movie, sleep of the hangover etc.
Berlin was a great city, its absolutely massive and very modern which was a surprise. We were lured into another pub crawl, ever so reluctant after the first experience we thought for €10 we would give it a go and it was brilliant. The shots were actually vodka or jager from the bottle and we visited some cool places around town, wrote ourselves of and got the good old kebab on the way home – which had a whole block of fetta in it, the best kebab we have ever eaten!
We had 2 days in Berlin and spent most of the first day trying to find the Jewish Holocast, which we confused with the museum which meant we literally got lost 6 times, walked the same streets, took the wrong tubes but eventually found it! After that we decided we deserved a drink and went to a cute little bar in the park on the canal path, that had makeshift sand to appear like a beach (had to feel sorry for them coming from the GC) to watch the sun set.
Sarah and Jordan arrived into Berlin a day after us and we all managed to do a bike tour around town with NewEurope tours – going to give them a plug, awesome concept where you do not buy a ticket but give a tip at the end on what you think it was worth, it’s a new company that has just started and I happened to meet the CEO in Edinburgh and found out all about it. our guide was great and the day was so much fun. We definitely plan to do the tours in Munich when we get there.


We heard that the locals of Czech Republic were rude, but I do not think we were prepared for actually how rude they can be. They do not want to help you but if you try to do something yourself so you do not bother them in their job (what the!) they get narky at the too!! In the end we found it funny but these people need to get a grip on what it means to be employed and what a job description is!
On the way to Prague we stopped at Terezin Concentration Camp that saw 32,000 ppl throughout WWII. It was a pretty horrific experience to see the detention room, the size of two toilet cubicles that would house 60 Jewish people with one small window, requiring them to sleep standing up for 2 weeks, and that was if they survived the time. We also walked through a memorial tunnel and throughout parts you could feel it getting colder, quite eerie.
Prague itself though was a beautiful place, with cobblestone roads (a bitch to walk on tho!) and some picturesque sites!
We did a little partying in Prague and hit Middle Europe’s biggest club with Sarah and Jordan……..apparently it had 7 floors…we found 4 and that included some half levels but the absinthe and music was good so we still had a good time.
We also went to a jazz bar which was very cool, smashed a few bottles of wine and were the last ones to leave. Sarah had told us the train line was open 24 hr, so after wondering the streets for an hour, talking to anyone along the way we find the line, that was closed and then it started raining!! We ended up finding a cab so it was not too bad in the end and headed to our hostel, which was nice but seriously miles out of town.


Well Chesky was cool. It’s a little town surrounded by a mote about 4 hours south of Prague with a population of 14,000 ppl. We arrived to quite bad weather, overcast and spitting and was told by Bevan (absolute dick – the name says it all) that the weather was only going to get worse and that we should do the rafting trip that day – so there was about 15 of us that did! And of course the next day – 30 degrees and sun shining! Besdies that the rafting was heaps of fun, we loaded up with beers for the trip, stopped off for some travellers on the way and after 3 hours ended up at a floating mojito bar…lots of fun. Other than that there is not a whole lot to do in Chesky, which was the great part about it, nice to just chill and relax. So obviously on the 2nd day we decided it would be a good idea to buy some bottles of wine and sit at the hostel and drink, after a few bottles we ended up at what we thought was a nice restaurant on the canal for dinner. It was too bad until, after more wine, we got the bill which was inaccurate. Trying to talk to a rude Czech person about the bill did not go down to well and it ended in a screaming match, him calling the police (his friends), us telling another table to not eat there and then scrounging together our money to give them what we thought was fair and basically bailing asap with a ‘f--k you’ from the waiter (ironically his only English words!). The girls thought it would be a good idea to start running at this point as we were 40 kronom short (about $2) and on our way what did we see, the police car coming towards us and Kel, me and Lauren (fellow busabouter) diving into the closest shop we could see. The police car managed to drive past and we ran like never before to hide at the bar of the hostel to smash as much wine as we could when at 1am the Police arrive, fortunately only for a noise complaint. That was last night and we were very glad to be getting out of Chesky this morning, but we did have an amazing time.

So there you go, 3 weeks as brief as possible!

Off to Greece for a week to meet up with Jordan, Sarah, Smuts, Carla and Julia for the Greek Islands cruise which we have been waiting for the entire trip. Bring on the sunshine, cocktails and good times!

Hopefully not as long till the next time we update. Hope everyone is well back home, we hear its cold, bugger hey and don’t forget to fill us in on the goss!


Saturday, 21 July 2007

Location: Praha (Prague), Czech Republic

We have tried to upload photos with no success, apparently the free internet provided in our hostel does not allow us to resize images (and we have over a 100 of them for your viewing pleasure)....seeking alternative methods...we will get back to you shortly.... xox

Monday, 09 July 2007

Location: London - Scotland, UK

Hi Kiddies,
We are writing to you from Newcastle, arrived here around 9am this morning after our 3 hour journey home from T in The Park. Well what can we say, it rocked! We were lucky enough to skip the rain, 14 mile (equilevant to 9 hours) car que and slushy conditions of Friday night and arrived Saturday ready to go! A few slight delays to get there involving a massive drinking session Friday night in Newcastle with happy hour drink prices for 3 hours - double vodkas (with blackcurrant, yes, so much better than red cordial) for £1, free or half price literally meant we were staggering at around 9pm but managed to make it to a few clubs.
When we finally got to T, around 2 pm the next day we walked our 1 mile to the camp site, yes with the back packs and camping gear (which we dumped on our walk back, not silly enough to do that twice) and made it for Razorlight, The Kooks (UK bands, serioulsly look up!) and Killers. Sunday we backed it up for Interpol, Scissor Sisters and SNow Patrol, which rocked my world! We also managed to lose Martin or should i say he lost himself and Kel and I found ourselves all wandering around to and from our meeting (funny how you can't manage to be there at the same time) and after a few good hours eventually we reunited!!
Hence we have very sore braindead heads today and have not been able to manage more than a quick step out for lunch!
Its now midnight here and we are off to Dublin, Ireland at 8am to get amoungst it with the local McHeartys over a Guiness or 2!
Spent the first part of the week in London with every policeman, security and Australian on the look out for Terrorists! Managed to have our local Hammersmith tube / bus station closed down one morning due to a bomb scare but other than that it really wasn't too bad, the security measures are ridicilious. They will check anyone on the street with a bag larger than the size of a small handbag! Did the local sites with our very own personal tour guide, Miss Julia Sandler (this involved a pub crawl around Soho!) and did the others on the bus (as you will see in the pics!).
Will upload more piccies soon, we are working off the one camera at the moment and hopefully soon will get the groove happening!!
Peace out! xox

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Location: Newcastle, UK Territories

Hello everyone..
Sorry for not writing earlier, I have been waiting for Kellie to arrive to write to you all then, but I thought i might as well update you on my week!
Arrived into Heathrow with a flat battery which made for an very interesting tube ride considering i had no idea where Julia lived. After trying to get the friendly locals to help out i ended up at a ph shop and bless the man who let me quickly charge up the phone so i could call Julia. After a bit of stuffing around we finally found each other and of course the local pub for a few. Had a very random night, the minute we in arrived at the pub some girl walked up to Julia who apparently she went to primary school with and some Noosa family holiday, random run in that was followed by my own only a few hours later (and quite a few pints), in the same pub where i ran into one of my mums friends, the chances really! So in all, it was a very aussie night amongst the 8 million ppl that live in London!
The next day involved the pub, yet again (you will start to see a trend here!) with my lil Cousin Annie, who lives in Surrey, about 40mins out of town, was so good to see her!
Martin came down for the weekend and took me to The Lion King Musical, which was amazing, i had goosebumps for most of the performance. This was followed by a few drinks in Soho but nothing too hard as we had Ascot races the next day, had some much fun at the races, we started our day with Veuve Cliq on the train, saw the Queen on her carriage carting around the track doing the queen wave and finished our day with magnums of Bollinger (between the 2 of us mind you) so you can imagine the state i was in for the 3 hr journey home, yes, the entire trip home involved me being dragged by one hand and holding my shoes in the other, pure class.
Managed to get to the Spinderfield markets on Sunday before getting on the train to Newcastle and been here for a few days! Weather is shit, surprise surprise, welcome the the UK summer, most rainfall this month ever recorded in 125 years, awesome!! Its been flooding down south which means i have been stranded here but managed to find a pub or two to keep myself entertained. Off to Edinburgh, York and Leeds over the next few days before going back to London to meet up with Kel.
Will post photos, when i figure it out and i'll try not to babble too much next time.
Hope everyone is well.

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From troyboy
Rachy, Rach......
Great to see yr pics on hollies.
Say hi to Martin & the boys if u see them on yr rtn to UK.
Enjoy yrself, & I think I've talked yr mum around to all of us doing Thailand again. U will need a hard earned rest in Phuket again....after your travels. God I had a fantastic time with u and your Mum earlier this year. Take care & should u get in trouble Uncle Troy will come to the rescue.
Ella is well. x o x
Response: hiya Troysie, i'm back now and actually flew through Bangkok, i seriously thought about staying there for a few days or permanently, god i love thailand! I am in for sure! xx
From maria
hi babe, just checking for a photo update....i noticed your email spelling is quite od so i figured the keyboard was french or potugese. have fun on your countdown home xxxx
Response: haha, yes dodgy internet cafes & plastic keyboards, shocking really. x
From Jules
Hey Ladies,

How are you?? Now I am eagerly awaiting an update...... it's well overdue!! Cannot wait to run around the streets of Barcelona with you girls...

Speak soon xxx
Response: okay okay...we are so far behind now that it is daunting to update, but we have free internet in Nice so we will give it a go.
ps - we do not speak french so trying to upload photos appears harder that we expected....
here goes!! x
From Bridget Rusk
Just been looking at your photos and they are bringing back so many memories!! Especially the cesky krumlov ones! Oh that hostel was fun, geez i gave the kegs there a run! Do they still have free keg day? And the rafting!! So fun!!! Looks like you are having a ball!! xxx
Response: we missed wednesday free keg day, but made up for it with the mojitos tho!
so hard to keep this thing up to date and trying to find a comp that you can download pics too! its like a full time job, hotmail, facebook, myspace and this!! and it really hurts when in roma for 5 euro an hour!
From Allan Morris
Hi Rach.
Enjoyed your photos, it was great to see a photo of Anne your cousin.
Anne is quite groun up as I can see. I hope you gave anne our Love best wishes. If not possibly another time . I will show Grandmar the Photos when she comes home from work to day 7/8/07 regareds allan
Response: it was awesome to see annie, and yes she is all grown up now. she loves the UK and is planning on staying for a while, so hopefully i will get back to see her again! x
From Claudia
Photos are AMAZING! Makes me want to pack up here and move back over there.. so jelous! Make sure you guys have a shot in every bar/country for me.. Miss you guys.. ! Have the most amazing time in Greece, can't wait for all the stories. Love xxxxxx
Response: even better i am buying shot glasses from every town i visit and kel decided to do also, so i will definitely have a story or two to tell you over a few tequillas, sambucas and absinthe, you just need to get your butt to the GC!! x
From Allan & Grandmar
Hi rachael
your info,very newsy,love to see some in perth windy wet. We had mini cyclone in our suburb mond. our house ok.
Say HI to Annie when you see her. lv Grandmar Allan xx
Response: hi guys,
have posted some pics on the website. you can click on the tabs on the right hand side of the page, they are labelled by country.
in salzburg today and it started of hot but now it is cold and stormy. apparently the mountains even got hail, who can predict it huh.
hugs and kisses. x
From Erin
Hello Dalring,
Thanks for the photos, they are great. Looks like you are having so much fun!!I hope you girls haven't been doing to much drunken late night bike rides - you know what happens?If you are make sure u wear shoes!! I think the naked men in the park are funny!!Did you girls join them? Hope you are both well!! Miss you heaps. Keep the photos coming!!Have fun!!!Lots of love Ezz
Response: Hey ez, from memory i think we were wearing shoes if havis count??????? Took bike riding to the next level with scooters the other day was heaps fun and surpise surprise no injuries. Hope you guys are well say hi to ellis. xxxxx
From maegan
I loved the update - it help me waste a good 40 mins at work. How funny are the naked guys in the park!

Glad to hear you girls are having an excellent time. We miss you back here - just not the same.

Rach I have a function @ The Villa tomorrow - stupid cow arranging it had not idea what she was doing - I pretty much did her job for her!

Have a great time on the cruise - hope you got away with sneaking alcohol on!

Response: Hey maegs, glad you liked the update stayed tuned for the greek isles inthe next day or 2. And yes we got away with sneaking the alcohol on - 3 litres of vodka, and one bottle of jagers then julia brough more for the last night, and only got caught with it at the very end of the last night which really in hindsight was probably good thing. xxx
From Janelle
Hi Rachie,
Loving reading all about your trip and looking at your photo's! All is well in BrisVegas had a little white fury house guest for a few weeks - Charlie. She went home last week and William is missing her so much - they have become the very best of friends. We are going to pick her up again this week as your mum thinks she is lonely too. Went to Wagga on the weekend for a party, had a blast left the kids at home with Kell & Michael. Love you so very much xxxx Take Care of yourself, Nelly xxxx
Response: hi nelly,
i am missing charlie heaps, just left cheksy krumlov today in the czech republic and nearly every person there has a dog, some very cute ones too! Glad to hear you had fun in good old Wagga Wagga!
Kisses to Angus and Will and look after Maria! Lots of Love. xx
From marie
when u doing update?
Response: right now maria!! x
From maegan
hope your girls had a blast in amsterdam - i am sure you didnt let the team down. (well maybe kellie but I know rachael wouldnt ha ha) cant wait to see the pics.

girls next time i tell either of you a stupid idea (ie: i want to go back to schol) please kick me in the head and give me another vodka. i dont know what i was thinking its only the 2nd week into Tafe and i am already OVER IT
Response: Yes it was a haze for Rachie in Amsterdam!! As for Vodka we now refer to it as Wodka maegs, see how that goes down at Melbas! They'll probably kick you out! x
From Kristen
hey hope your having a good time, you really need to put more pictures on here. Talk to you soon oxoxox
Response: will be soon just have to upload.
From Sasha
Thanks for the Killers pic!! You made my day hahahahahha!!!!!

Love the photo's... keep them coming! Hope your both happy and having a blast!!!!!

x o x o x o x o x o x
Response: Thought youd like that one sash, haveing a great time just arrived in berlin and have hit the hot wheather finally, yeah, xxx
From marie
how is your nose you have lost it again....i love the paper plate with martins ph no on it...classic. he text me last night asking for my email to send photos and sais he was sad you left...hes a good guy.
having fun spending 150,000 on house fit out for gets delivered tmrw, so flat and i off to noosa this weekend to look at house designs and pick up charlie on the way home xxx
Response: Well the piercing places in the UK seem to have some sort of clue, this piercing has no way of coming out, it coils inside my nose, which is kinda strange but looks weird when it pops out!!
Have fun in Noosa, hopefully good weather for you. We are finally starting to see a lil bit of sun which is great.
Tell Nel to look up Hamleys Toy store, in London, we went there, Angus and WIll would have a field time. You can design your own teddy bear too, i was tempted, but then thought about the pack! She can order online too!! Tried to find a postcard but they didn't have any.
Give nuna a big kiss for me. On that thought did you clean up the mess in my room from that other dog??
Love you! xox
From ads
hi rach

i found pics of you!!!

Response: yeah, we obviously had to censor some of the piccies!!!
Was awesome...check it out...
From maegan
Glad to here you girls are alive and well. So by the sounds of it your still drinking like fish - LOVE IT!

How funny is the paper plate that you wrote your number on. Did you get any random calls? BAHHAHAA

Your Gum Boots are very cute.

I dont have any exciting goss to report I am sorry girls but you know how it is here on the coast BOOORING!!

Response: Hey maegs, no suprisingly no random calls. Wernt lucky enough, so you counting down the days 2 ur pub crawl - we did one in amsterdam the other night - not
From Jules
Lovely having you girls here in London... can't WAIT to see you in Greek Islands... wahooo! Have fun at T in the park xx
Response: Did you hear us calling you the other day when the kooks were on? x
From Claudia
Glad to hear all is well with you.. can't wait to hear about your adventures so I can live through you this time heheh =) Thinking of you, Much Love xxxxxxx
Response: We'll make sure we stick to the plan and make the most of each country!! A drink for you in each one!! haha. x
Hi Babe,
So glag I gave you that coat you didnt want to take..when you get the phone card sorted let me know, Janel is making enquiries for you, until then reverse charge is great. All great here and excited about our new house project. Lots of Love Mum, Ads and Charlie xxxxxxxx
Response: Hi mummy!
Apparently calls i make from here are not part of the cap, oops!! and i thought i wasn't really spending the money. Going to get a sim or phone card tom or thurs! Love you! xox
From Erin
Hello Darlings, How are you? Where do I find your photos??? Hope you got there very safely miss Kel...HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER!!! Make sure that there are as many photos as you can fit on this page. I love photos. Lot of Love - Ezz
Response: you'll be happy to know then we are just about to post photos for your viewing leisure, hope it kills some time at work!!! xox
From Sarah
hey honey,
we are getting so excited now. Moved out of brissy, getting everything boxed up for moving in when we get back, and finally finished all of our travel itinerary. We can't wait to be over there, we're all going to have a ball!
Love ya honey
Sar xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Awesome. You will have to email me your plans. Kel and I are sorted till early August with a rough idea of what we are doing but nothing confirmed just yet.
Heat waves in Greece, 46 degrees, I can't wait. x
From Maegan
'dragged by one hand and holding my shoes in the other, pure class.'

LOVE IT. . .

Your all Class with a touch of Trash Rachael. . . just the way we like it! Glad to hear your having a great time. Kellie is off on Sunday... . man everyone is disappearing! I am not liking it.

I am off to court next Thursday so think of me and cross your fingers they dont throw the book at me!!

Take Care Babe
Over and Out from the GC
Response: Oh no! No more pot for you 2 girls! Maybe thats a good thing, save some money and come over here! x
From Bridget
Hi Rach! hope you're having an amazing time! I'm so jealous! The races sounds like so much fun! Enjoy xxx
Response: thanks hun, looking forward to kel arriving today but still a lil skeptical about the hostel situation, fingers crossed! x
From Cashy
Hey luv, just got home from the usual wednesday night drinks at rowers. Watched that piece of crap mundine fight. Don't worry you haven't been missing too much good wheather here, it's been rainy and f*cking freezing. So much for good old sunny queensland. Say hi to Jules for us and have fun. Try not to drink all the beer in England, god knows the poms can't drink it.
Response: Rain and Freezing...Cash its summer over hear and i am almost wearing thermals! Bring on Greece i say! x