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Rach & Lol's World Adventure

Welcome to Rach n Lol's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. We miss you!! xx

Diary Entries

Monday, 07 December 2009

Location: Fraser Island, Australasia

Hi All,

Yet again a lot to catch up on. Well after Airlie we headed to Kroombit for a compulsory stop on the bus. Basically its a cattle ranch where you spend the night dressed up as cowboys ride bulls and heard goats, and guess what drink alot lol! Well we all dressed up and there was about 70 of us on the ranch, we had comptetions between the north and the south bound buses on the mechanical bull and tugs of war and drank until the ealry hours pretending to be cowgirls - a lot of fun and alot of drink (for a change).
Well the next morning we were woken up at 5.30 by a motorbike reving outside our stable that we were staying in to get us to go goat hearding and branding. I found it hard to cope with throwing a goat on its back at 6 in the morning to put a hot rod on its back so i let lauren and Neena do it lol!
All good fun and one of the best things that Oz Experience makes us do lol.!

After Kroombit its off to Hervey Bay for one night before we left for Fraser Island. Fraser is the largest sand isalnd in the world and made completley out of sand so there is no getting a away from it. We had a group of 8 in a 4x4 and bascially offraoded dangerously aorund the island. On the first day we found out our 4 wheel drive was knackered and ultimatley got bogged down - this would of been all good if we werent in the middle of a busy interestion blocking traffic lol. Well after a long and stressful day we decided to make the most of a bad situation and cook a bbq in the middle of the road lol which was gorgeous! Well we got fixed and got to our camp on the beach as thr sun was going down, we had to race to get the tents up and start the camp fire and drinking games, Fraser had the best view of stars i have ever seen, we laid on our backs with our cups of goon and took in the amazing sights.!

The next day we were back on the road again and all sorted. We went to Indian Head, the Maheno Shipwreck, Eli Creek and a massive lake which i forgot the name. Driving on the beach is so hard, its a good job we had 2 lads that sorted us out. Day 3 we went to Lake Mckenzie, the most beautiful place i have seen, its up there with the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand, breathtaking.

Fraser was an amazing experience and i think the breakdown made our group so close, how to deal with a crisis, its up there with the best experiences of our lives, one we will never forget xxx

Wednesday, 02 December 2009

Location: Airlie Beach

Hi All,

Right well just read the blog back and we missed out a major bit of Cairns, sorry i was tired and sea sick. We did the Great Barrier Reef which was amazing!! We swam with Turtles and saw pretty much the whole of Finding Nemo on one bit of Coral :) I was supposed to do the scuba dive but couldn't as i failed the medical which was gutting but we defo saw more snorkeling (honest)! We had champayne to sail home to and individually ungarded got thrown in by a member of crew who 'had' to do it! Amazing though defo the best and most gorgeous but of snorkelling i have ever done and i am sure i can say the same for Lauren!
Well wer have settled off the boat now and are fitiing into the drinking culture of Airlie, next were off to the cattle station at Kroombit so that should be a laugh! I will fill you in with that too!

Miss you xx

Monday, 30 November 2009

Location: Whitsundays, Australia

Hi All,

Well we have just arrived back from our two day sailing trip around the 74 gorgeous Whitsunday islands. There was about 30 of us on our party boat for two days and two nights drinking all day and night, snorkeling and backflipping off the side of our boat 'The Pride of Airlie'. It was so beautiful and were now both very tried and still rocking from the choppy journey back from the South Molle Island this morning. Had a wicked time, got woken up last night from one of the lads in our room pissing over one of the girls in bottom bunk - see it does pay to have to climb to the top bunk lol! But all fun and games and Kirsty tool her mid morning shower quite well lol! It was safe to say that Adam was not to be seen on the top deck of the boat today!!
Well we had a great time had Dolphins junmping and following along with the boat, saw Turtles and drank plenty of goon and had lots of sun (too much probably). Loved every minute of it. We are in Airlie Beach now until Friday the party town so i am sure there will be plenty of more stories to tell! We are off for an afternoon nap now before our group and crew meet up tonight for a send off bbq and guess what more drinks!!

I will fill you in on those antics!!

Love us - very tired and very burnt xxxx

Friday, 27 November 2009

Location: Airlie Beach, Australia


Well next stop is Airlie beach, and the Infamous Whitsundays islands.
We arrived last night and got absolutley wrecked! Sang Karaoke with the bus group and danced and drank until the early hours lol! Top bunks are not so great after a skin full i can tell you.... i have just read Oz back and it seems that all we do is drink.... there is so much more to this place honest lol!

Well tomorrow we are off to the Whitsundays sailing on a boat for two days so excited and should be amazing!! I will fill you in when were back! And i will promise to upload more pics just hard to fit it all in, got sooooo many as well!!

Miss you All but not the Weather xxxxx

Friday, 20 November 2009

Location: Mission Beach, Australia

Hi Again,

Well the Oz Experience bus was an experience, we stopped at an Crocodile farm on the way which the guy who does it is set to be the next Steve Urwin so like a proper traveller and groupie i got a picture with him lol! Well Mission Beach we wer eonly supposed to stay 2 nights but stayed 4 because it was so good! We stayed at Absoulute Backpackers and it ius the nicest hostel we have stayed in, it remined me alot of Forest Gumps house, have a look at the pictures...

Well we met some great people there, namely the workers and the guys from Cairns came and met us. It was so chilled there, drinking goon until the sun came up and having chicken nugget challenges (60 nuggets, 60 mins - Lauren did 6 - good going gal lol). And yes of course Mission was the home of the infamous SKY DIVE!!! It took us all days drinking to book it for the next day and we woke up with the worst hangover ever! I was pretty bad before we left on the bus and Lauren was chilled, but then the roles reversed, i think it was the adrenaline, the most amazing thing i have ever done, seriously that feeling is just incredible! Well i went 2nd and Lauren 4th, she said it was strange to see me jump from a plane which it was me the first guy and i didnt even know him.... but OMG the views over the great barrier reef was just incredible, when the parachute was up you could see dolphins and turtles swimming.... they let us drive the parachute too doing twsists and turns until our safe landing. So excited to show you all the DVD!!

We did then leave Mission and we both sat on the bus gutted, met the most amazing people and hate goodbyes, seems like they keep coming no matter where we go :( xxxx

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Location: Cairns, Australia

Hi All,

Well firstly sorry for the delay but just been having too much fun to be writing in internet cafes lol! I will try and do this all as best as i can but there has been a lot of drinking to prevent my memory..

Well our first night in Cairns went down as one to remember i will be brief but there was a near arrest (Rachel) won't go into what for.... a lot of drinking and being thrown out of hostel lol! But all in aid of good nights drinking!! Met some wicked people that night and we have stayed with them and in touch since.

So after two night son the lash in Cairns and trying to pick our sore heads back up off the floor we went to Cape Tribulation for two nights. Bascially there is no civilsation there your in the rainforest and there are only a two hostels or so and no PHONE SIGNAL it was weird.... Amazing little place again meeting an amzing group of people and drinking in PKs Jungle village until the early hours! I went Horse riding there and galloped on abeach! So amazing i never thought it would be that good and was so good to ride again - mother i may have to buy a horse again lol on my ranch i buy in Australia though so thats all good.

Well Cape Trib was beautiful and we went to see where the Infamous Steve Irwin was killed on the way back down and we are both smiling on the photos which we thought afterwards was abit wrong??!

Well we had one more big night in Cairns before we left on the Oz Experiemce party bus heading south to Mission Beach!!

I am going to write in bits so the comp dont crash on me as it usually does... back in a mo jo....


Saturday, 14 November 2009

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Hi All,

Well we leave Singapore this afternoon for our flight to AUSTRALIA!! Not too excited as you may tell!! Well we have been in Sinagpore for the last 5 days and been proper tourists lol! Thi place is soooo nice but so expensive, a bit out of reach of us travellers... apart from the 2 4 1 wine bar accross the road which is a bonus! Well the Hostel with shared dorms was not that bad, and it turned out we did have our own bathroom which it said we didn't, apparently The Hangout is like a 5 Star Backpackers place so i think it will be down on in from now on then... The internet is free but your not allowed to upload pics so i will do the rest of the tour and Singapore when we get somewhere we can! Anyway we went and visitied Sentosa which is the most SOuthern point of Asia where it is like Singapores Universal Studios (well it will be next year) so we had a fun filled day of rides and Sedgeways! And Luges (felt good to be back driving again lol) but you will have to see the pictures. Comical though as we were wearing Ponchos all day as its been throwing it down pretty much since we got here... still humid though so wardrobe decisions are a drag...
Last night at the hostel met a great group opf people and chatted rubbish about eachothers lives for hours before i went and woke up the really loud morning girl in our dorm - revenge is swwweeeetttt..... Anyways we are waiting for time to pass so our next adventure can begin about tomorrow time ha!!

Well bye for now, catch you in Australia Mate!! Do ya dogs bite xxx

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Hi All,

Well back to present day, we arrived in Singapore last night! After several seraches at the border for Matt that may have involved a glove lol! Back to Civilisation but also the end of our tour an another set of goodbyes :( Well we made the most of it last night as we were in a really nice hotel got drinks from the shop and drank lovely wine and had a girly getting ready session before hitting the town of Singapore. Singapore is the most clean and beautiful place that i have ever been, your not allowed chewing gum in the country full stop and there is nothing on the pavements to be seen.
Well we went for some drinks at Clarke Quay last night where the Clinic Bar is, the one where you drink in wheelchairs and drink out of a drip, really controversial but a must see! Lauren and I did a Bungle Ball and GX5 jump last night - i am getting more sacred with age! Its one of thinkgs though you have to do, but we have war wounds from that too lol!
Well it was back for the room party and then alot of sad goodblyes this morning. We have 3 more nights neft in Singapore and we have justa rrived at our first proper hostel, 8 bed with no bathroom, but to be honest it looks ok at the minute, we haven't seen the rooms yet were waiting to check in but will let you know!!

Lots of Love Rachel and Lauren xxxx

Sunday, 08 November 2009

Location: Melaka, Malaysia

Well, Melaka was our next stop down the coast of Malaysia, it is quite a quaint area with a traditional chinese market and has a lot of UK history there as Malaysia used to be part of the commonwelth. We didn't arrive until the afternoon so dropped our bags and headed for lunch followed by China Town! In the evening we went on the most boring boat trip down the river know to man he bored me for half an hour saying goodbye in every language in the world (some i had never heard of) but it was fun all the same and this place too was featured in the film Entrapment alot.
After we got Laurne the nicest Australian Steak (she had been craving steak for so long) and it was massive, a whole cow and yet so cheap so sod it hey lol! Well another early start in the morning heading for out final destination....Sinagapore..... xxxx

Wednesday, 04 November 2009

Location: Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

We had left the horrible moutain and took the public bus (which was surprisingly nice) to the capital of Malaysia. The heat immediatley hit us once more as we dragged our backpacks from the bus station to our hotel, which was surprisingly ok.
The rest of the afternoon we went to the shopping centre and had a mouch about, trying to sort Laurens camera out and a visit to Borders (books running low) i have been recommedned a book to read about life and how to look at differently so i bought it and i haven't put it down since, a must read!
Well KL or Kuala Lumpar isn't as big as i expected, or as high rise, but beautiful all the same. We went to the night market that night and then onto a bar for food and drinks we were all suffering from the day before so minimum walking was what we all opted for!
Day 2 in KL we did the typical tourist Hop on Bus and it was the best way to see everything in such a short period of time! In the afternoon we went to the Theme park in the Shopping centre which we thought was going to be a bit amature but we both felt sick as a dog afterwards lol!
That night we all went for dinner and drinks in the Golden Triangle and went to see the KL towers and practiced our photography skills, for those of you that don't know they are the ones out of Entrapment, but we will add the pics so that you can see!
Had a great night out with the group! We went to the Reggae bar a famous bar which we danced and drank until the early hours! Full of Travellers so not very cultural lol!
One of the group lost her Grandad that day though so it was horrible and she was so far away from home :(

KL is lovely though, probably the nicest part of Malaysia so far xxx

Tuesday, 03 November 2009

Location: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Hi All,

I just wrote a really long entry for this day then it lost it so i will try and re-write as best as i can - dam internet cafes!

Well today was the most exhausting yet rewarding day of our lives. Today was our junmgle trek to find the worlds biggest flower, we had seen pictures of it and it seriously was big, big enough to get a whole family behind it. Well im not sure if i explained but Cameron Highlands is lietrally in the clouds and it is is cold, maybe nmot by home standards but after the 37 degree heat we came from it was rain macks and jeans for the first time!
Well it was an early start for the group and we first met up with the aborigines who taught us how to hunt with snake poison darts (i was not feeling greatly confident at this point that i wasn't going to be eaten by a tiger or something and even less confident that one little dart would stop it from doing it) but anyway Lauren had some target practice all the same.
Well then the heavens opemned, unbelieveable a months rain in one morning, even the 4x4's weren't going up this mountain! After the first 5/10 minutes at least three of the group had taken their first tumble. I need to try and explan how bad the conditions were but it won't be put inot words. The mud was so deep and dnagerous that every step meant either sliding so dangerously near to the cliff edge or falling down deep pot holes to your death. Youi may think it can't be that bad, but they stopped the jeeps going up so if they can't do it don't know how were were supposed to. The rain continued all the way to the top our 45 min trek turning into just short of three hours! Well we found the god sorsaken SMALL flower, we were all exhausted and not impressed, some of us couldn't even take a picture of it lol! After alot of swearing and cursing of the tour guide we shared a pack of biscuits for energy before stating to get back donw the moutain ASAP as there seemed to be a storm coming in!
Well the trip down was even more dangerous than the one up, Lauren opted for no shoes and bum most of the way down and i had my fav jeans on (note to self don't wear DKNY jeans up a mountain) so i tried to stay upright but to no avail. All the falls were funny of course but they were seriously dangerous, at one point Priya nearly actauly fell off the cliff. Well my Primarni shoes did me well until i had a fight with a big piece of bamboo that pieced through my shoe and into my foot, they had done me proud! But we all battled through to the bottom with endless falls and removal of leaches off our ankles and feet! We all laughed at the bottom but some of us had real bad injuries, then the tour guide decided it wasn't safe for us to of done it REALLY!! WOULD NEVER OF GUESSED!! He then took us to the tea plantation where no one wanted to go because we were caked in mud and so cold from the rain....
We had a few beers that night to say the least - we deserved it and it was a massive achievement, the flower i can't safely say was not worth it (i have seen bigger sunflowers!) but hey we did it and lived to tell the tale.
Well just i couldn't walk for the next 2 days lol


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From kate
i think i missed the bit were you explained the photos ... i want to see some.... where are they?? ... xx
From Dan & Carol
Still sounds like you are having the best time. I can't imagine ever wanting to jump out of a plane. Just glad you are having such experiences.

Miss you Lauren

Love x x x
Response: Hey sorry, not been on for a while, am having the most amazing time, just want to see more and more proper got the bug! I couldnt have imagined it either till the night before, ha! Best thing Iv ever done though! Miss you too, love ya xx
From Bex
hey giriles, hope your both ok.... sounds absolutly amazing, and that your having a blast. just had a fair bit to read up on, n wishing i could be there with you. love you both so much cant wait to speak soon xxxxxxx
Response: Hey Hun,
Come over to us, we were trying to remember everything we had done today and the list is endless can't wait to read blog back lol love ya xxxx
From Jacko
Hey my beautiful ladies, not been on here for soo long feel like iv just read a novel (an interesting one, but a novel all the same) i must keep up and check more often. Hope you're both ok sounds like you r!! Remember you dont need to be intoxicated every day u might want to remember some of it (stop leading raqs astray la la) only jokin im only jealous cos i cant drink!!
Well only 3 weeks til crimbo i got hay in the secret santa AGAIN!! not that i mind shes easy to buy for, weird not havin your names to pick out though, anyway ill sign off now speak soon on the next skype night love you both millions and millions xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hey Jack,
Yeah were finding it weird that we wont be having a xams this year let alone pressies... :( Yeah i know, when we ge toff the east coast the drinking culture will subside i hope my brain and liver can't hack it. I need to get on top of the blog, and add pics from Malaysia until now thats how behind we are i thought we were organised. Hows you anyway love to you and bump xxxxx
From jemma & Daisy
hi girls! where do i find ur pics i can only see duabi x x
Response: I know im sorry it takes ages to put them on here, will upload to snapfish asap just need time, most internet cafes won't let us uploadm will do asap xxx
From Lee
Sounds like spoons been on the boat trip with you with all the midnight random pissing :-) I think i need to find that winnig lottery ticket and come out and join you!! Get some pics on the old facebook sao i can take a peak. Say hello to lol aswell, need to sort a skype hook up soon aswell.
Response: Howdie Bro!! Yeah a big smaller than spoon though and the stench was unbearable!! Yeah we do, mayvbe on the 12th? The Girls are cranking one too so do the both at same time, but 12th we have no where to live or no idea where we will be so we need to organise. Miss you xx
From Kathy
so glad ur back on blog missed reading what ur both up 2 X
Response: Sorry Mother been busy and net is expensive here... will try better... xx
From Dan & Carol
Your trip up the mountain sounded dangerous but exciting.Looking forward to seeing the photos. Hope Oz is living up to your expectations. Lot os love X x x
From jemma & Daisy
LOL Lauren love the
"do ya dogs bite"

sounds sooo fun! hope u both are ok and having a wicked time! hurry home both of u! loves ya Jemma and Daisy x
From claire wills
Hi Rach and lol! Sounds so entertaining this experience, so go girls! Have you been working in any of these places yet? You will have some awesome pics that will be with you for life, just great you got guts!! Keep blogging and stay safe. xx
Response: Hi Claire!

I hope your ok thanks for the message, I am adding some of you from work to the Snapfish link so you can look at the pics as it takes forever to upload on here, will have to show Vanessa too :) Hope all is well at BPC xxx
P.S No no work yet just play lol x
From Sue
Hey girls, you both sound like you are having the most amazing time. Glad that you survived the mountain climb! I can just picture Lauren on her bum all the way down! LOL
I hope that OZ is ready for you two........!!
Whilst you are away always remember "the bond that links your 'true' family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life". Love and miss you xxxxxx
Response: Hi Sue!

Thanks for that quote, so lovely, and we are sisters from another mother lol! I am not sure Oz is ready for us but were ready for oz! No more humidity and surfing galore! Lots of love, P.S My mother has master FB so proud lol xxx
From jenbo
Girlies, absolutely loving the blog sounds like you are having the most amazing time ever!!! Really missing you both now though another skype soon please...Oh and your pics are amazing loving the reinactment of the beach pic awesome!!! Well im gonna have to love you and leave you love you both xx
Response: Hey Babe!
Yeah we didn't think people would get why we did it lol! Got in on the first attempt too! We are in the nicest Hostel atm apparently its 5 star as hostels go lol so it doesn't matter that there are 8 in a room lol. Internet has no Camera here so will have to be in Oz now. Miss you lots too xxx
From Dan and Carol
The places you have been sound absolutely great. Although we have never fancied going to these places we may reconsider you are making them sound a must. Elephant riding is something Lorraine always wanted to do, she will want you to give a full account when you next see her. Skype and webcam now set up (sorry it's taken a while Carol's been a bit busy as you might guess). Will text with address. Due to location of computer would be good if we could arrange a time to speak. Hope your cold is better. Love Dad & Carol x x x x
Response: Yeah its been absolutley amazing, Thailand is stil my favourite this is definetley a must. Will be sure to give Lorraine a full account on my return. My Skype name is Laurenwilkinson2 so search on yours and add me. Will fly to Oz on Saturday and will arrange a time when get there as there is no web cam here. Cold is just about gone now. Love Lauren xxx
From kate
it's friday and i am making my trip back to leicester tonight.....and you won't be there!!
Response: Sorry love places to go people to see!! xx
From kathy
Hi u two just read your page c ur having a great time hope ur both ok misssin u.
Tell Lauren all plastic glasses have been put away Love u loads Rachel as always xxx
Response: Hey Mother - so proud that you made it on here on your new computer... just Facebook to master now.. love you xx P.S Lauren hasn't broken a galss yet xxx
From Nigs
Hey girlies bin comin on here everyday waitin for an update!! Snds like ur still lovin it, doesnt snd like ur slummin it at all!! Wots goin on?? Massages the lot!! Nothin to report bk from the uk apart from its nearly dark n its 4.15pm!! N its proper winter now so the scarfs n hats r out!! I do like winter warmers!! Bonfire nyt 2nyt so goin to c some fireworks but i'm tired after yest, very sad day :( missed u girls :( think its guna hit me most at xmas when the girls cant all b together on xmas eve :( will av to take a pic dwn white horse with me or even some cardboard cutouts!! Well girls i have so much more to say but cant b gettin emotional now can we n suppose i best leave some space for the others!! Love u girls, keep livin the dream n capturin every moment xxx miss u tonnes xxx heres a new quote - never long for any1 in the past, theres a reason they dint make it to ur future - keep it with u raqs xxx ciao for now my hunnies xxx
Response: Hey Babe,

Thank you for that quote love ya xx We have had a rollacoaster few weeks on this tour can't believe we have to say goodbye to more people i thought it was the end of that... just about to update blog blog now. I hope everything went well Leanne gave us an update so so sad. Love yas xxxx
From James
Can i DHL myself over to you guys for a few days.... Why didn't anybody worn me that when a baby cries at 3am it sounds like a frickin car alarm going off in the bedroom!! Jayden was 1 month old on Wed!! He's started smiling loads... at Cherri. When he looks at me his forehead crinkles and his smile turns up side down... i think he's jealous :) Cheeky Charlie's haloween party tomorrow... Jayden's going as a pumpkin!.. So... this blog thing is so detailed i can never read it all on lunch, sounds like your having an amazing time... i'm staying of the alcohol so that when you get back i can donate a kidney/liver as yours will be shrivelled up by then :) Be safe you 2! xx
Response: Howdie!
Yeah i can officially say my liver and kidneys have not been functioning for some days now and im feeling the pain! Sounds like the Halloween Party went well - so cute hope your going to upload some pictures so i can see :) Also send me a recent picture of Jayden please, i have one of all the other little ones with me ...
Bonfire tonight and we certainly won't have any fireworks, glad you like the blog i thought its best to be detailed lol xxxx
From Sue
Another great blog Rach. We are really getting an idea of what you are both getting up to and what is going on. Have either of you ever considered water or a soft drink? No??? Just a suggestion! LOL. Although, I am loving the crazy, drunken ramblings of the Skype conversations in the early hours most nights! Lauren struggling to stay on her chair............... and getting into trouble with the Thai poker players for making too much noise. Doesn't worry me at all...........!
I hope that there aren't too many 'creatures' in the bunks on the overnight train on this journey!
Loob - we miss your smile around the place! :(
Take care both, keep an eye on one another! Love ya xxxxxxxx
Response: Hi Sue!

Its come to the time when we need to turn to the water, Lauren is the victim of Man FLu and i don't think i am that far behind! We have both been overdoing it and have done so much in a week (will update blog in a minute). Surprisingly, the night train wasn't that bad and we survived, we were all together this time with the train man singing 'Singa Beer, Singa Beer' for most of the night instead of Jungle bells which kept us amused.

Lots of love xxx
From kate
i'm getting that skype thing at work so i can natter to yous...i'l let you know when the it girl (me) has installed it. xx fb message on its way x
Response: Ok Hunny... well my name is rachel.evans18 so add me and we can chat :) xx
From Kathy

Enjoy reading your blog so much very funny. So sorry could'nt get skype to work very disappointing. Here's to your next adventure keep having fun loads of love X Hi Lauren

Response: Hey - yeah well i wasn't i,pressed mother dear! Need to sort it out, looks like we have another sleeper train on the next trip :( xx
From kate
hey girls, sounds like your having much fun...making me smile and lol as i'm sitting at my desk. pictures look great too. miss you both much, am home in two weeks! won't be the same without yous xxx
Response: Howdie,

Oh no! You so should make your way out here for a holiday! Message me on FB whats the latest.

Love ya xx
From Bex
OMG... another week over. this weeks been a tough 1. But sounds like everythings ok there, pictures look fab. Im tryin to save, although i think im takin over the i need to buy so many dresses all at once tatic for rach n the clumsyness is gettin there now lollypop.LOL im looking after the other peeps, in my own little way... just hope its enough. Cant wait to see you 2mz on the whats it thing :-) feels like its been forever. love you both millions xxxxx
Response: Hey,

The wotsis thing lol - good to see you too, looking forward to next time.

Love lots xxx
From Jenbo
Sounds absolutely amazing girls and still got so much more to come crazy...Rach you are doing a grand job onyour diary entries, with my memory theres no way id remember what i did yesterday lol!!! Keep it up though loving it..Yeah just keep us updated then about skype and i'll gather everyone round. We all cant wait to see your little faces...Muchas love xx
Response: Howdie Hun!

We have just tested Skype, i am settin one up too, just spoke to Lee n Emma amazing to see him, hes cut his hair off :( see things have changed already lol! Yeah think i may become a full time traveller n author ha! Can't wait to see you on the cam! Love you xxx
From Mini mee
Hello my hunnies,
Missin u like mad now but snds like ur havin an amazin time n av met sum lovely ppl, some of which have reminded u that ur neva alone ;) well i'm slightly jealous about the dancin on tables, snds like my kinda scene, lol :)!! Seen bucko last nyt, told him to give u both my love when he sees u, he cnt wait!! Weathers rubbish here, gud old england nothing changes!! Its so gud to hear wot u've bin up2 n bout the ppl u've met from all different backgrounds, i'd b there with u raqs on the irish peeps!! had a dream the other nyt that me n hay come out to thailand for 5days, crazy, but it was the slums without goin into too much detail!! It was gud 2c u tho, lol!! Well cherish every moment girls, sit bk n enjoy the ride, love ya girls, take care xxx
Response: Hey Babe!

Well make that dream a reality! Were back in the slums now, so strange from 5 star to slumming it in 24 hours but hey were versatile lol! Yeah had an emotional afternoon the other day, one girl breaking down and i look at her and thought of me and i knew exactly how she felt and that nothing but a cuddle would help... look at me getting soppy... So sad to see Jane go she stayed on the island but were meeting up with her somewhere along the east coast and Donna we have arranged already to do a trip in Cairns so not all goodbyes just see you later...:(
We need to sort Skype, i have a funny entry to add and going to try and do the photos tonight too but takes soooooo long.
Oh cool looking forward to seeing Mr B he will be in his element on the Khosan Road :)

Loves xxxxx
From Bex

just to make you both giggle, i wrote u a message the other day, n i come on to see if n e reply... n guess what.... im the gorm!! as its not even been sent :-( well i hope your both having a amazing time, missing both like crazy!! i cant actually remember what i wrote the first time now... but keep us all posted all see you love you tons xxxxx
Response: Hey!

See here is the second message! Not so gormless after all! What have you been up to then! Don't get spending too much you need to save for your trp to us! Does feel like ages since saw you, we are arrangin a skpe session, sure Jenbo will let you know.

Lots of love xx