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Welcome to rakefet's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

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page 19: Nepal-the end!

I went back down to Kathmendu, to find out that there is a strike, or a road blockage, and it’s impossible to get a bus out of the Kathmandu valley. So I spent some fun days with my trekking friends, and took the first bus after the strike was over, before they will announce on a new one. I was planning to go to the frozen lakes, but didn't want to take the chance of being stuck again.
Anyway, it's the end of my trip. I'll be going home soon, on April 10th. See (most of) you soon! Hope you enjoyed it with me!


Page 18: Nepal

I was heading to Nepal for the Everest base camp trek, and intended to cross to the Gokyo rout. But, as sometimes happen, bad weather forced me to head back as I came. I made it to Namche Bazar, 2 days walk from Lukla (where the airport is located), at 3500. On my way up, as I crossed the 3000m line, the rain turned into a snow storm. In the accimatization day at Namche Bazar, I went up to Thame (3900m), just to find out that all the snow on the trail turned into lush-mud ice pools after the sun was shining. My boots were soaken wet when I got back down, and I realized it would not get any better if I went upper. Not to mention it started snowing again. So I dumped the original plan, and headed down. BUT, I got some view of the mighty Everest!


Page 16: Back in India

Who would believe that i will go back to India? Anyway, the pictures here are very diverse: been a few days in Sangla valley, where there is snow, two weeks in Rajasthan (desert area with forts, havelies and water reservoirs) and a week in Madhya Pradesh for the Kajuraho (Kama Sutra) temples.


Page 14: Thailand

Thailand, what can I say? Almost everyone has been there, so it's not news. As you probably know me, I try to stay away from the big cities.


Half Vietnam, Half Laos

The pictures represent the end of Vietnam tour: Hanoi and Halong bay, and a short view of Laos.



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Recent Messages

From Lorri
Hi Rakefet..
Happy 2006! I am so glad you are sharing your pictures. I love the scenery. It looks like you are having an amazing time. Take care!
Lorri :)
Response: Dear Lorri,
It's so good to hear from you. The scenery as the people are truly amazing. Have a great year!
From Allyson
Ah, you took me home again through your pictures. I have walked that bridge many times in Sangklaburi. We used to live on the Thai Burma border back in '89. My husband administered medical attention to the Karen and the Moan hilltribes, as well as the Burmese students. A never ending civil war. And it is where my daughter was conceived. Obviously a special place for me. Thank you for sharing this!
Response: Allyson,
It's so nice to hear that my pictures make people happy. Even more when they remind good past experiences.
Thank you!
From tamara
happy new year and shana tova.
Response: Tami?
I'm so happy to hear from u!
How is maya? Anything new? write me a mail with all the latest details...
Shana tova and sukot sameah!
Dear R
Its really great that you alwaya keep your memories to share with people you know and without going any place we r knowing the attactive places on earth. I'm amazed seeing The valley of flower.

Do you remember me its Azim, Anams friend.
Response: Well, I'm sorry I forgot your name. I'm happy to see you're keeping on touch. Hope to meet you again in Delhi, in the beginning of November.
From Allyson
The picture titled "View from Manang onto the glacial lake below the Gangapurna icefall" is absolutely amazing!! This is worthy of being shown over and over again in publications! So...when you write "(the end)", what exactly does that mean? Surely not...the end, like the end of your journey?! Even if you go back to Israel, this is not "the end", it is only the beginning! Big hugs to you!
Response: Allyson,
The end meant the end of the trekking pictures from page 8...
I still have a few more countries to visit (according to the current plan), so you'll see many more pictures until I’ll finish this journey!
From Dvir
Well well, at least somebody is having fun... I didn't know you were planning such a long trip. Lovely photos by the way, and if I may add, the other holy thing in India besides cows is probably garbage, it looks like they're worshiping it since it's everywhere. Anyway, have a lovely trip and don't forget to come back (a friend of mine went kuku in India and now he's "enlightened").
Kisses and hugs,
your cousin
From moran
hi, why arent there new pictures on the website?