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Rebecca's Travel Page - Lady Muck Adventures

Welcome to the adventures of Lady Muck. Hope you enjoy my shotgun tour of Ireland, Cultural and Social Experiences in London and the other adventures that are bound to happen when you least expect them.
Love to all!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 13 October 2005

Location: Canberra, Australia

Hi ya everyone...well I'm back at home again now. It's a little sad to be back but I have loads of good memories. I'm sorry that I haven't written for a while. It was so hard trying to get on the internet and I wrote a entry in paris and it didn't work. Anyway my highlights from my trip. My Top Ten Memories are:
1. Doing England with Tiff as my tour guide.
2. Frolicking around a little Green Isle for 5 days and 4 fun-filled nights - Ireland with Kev, Niamh and John as the entertainment committee.
3. Tallinn - I'll never forget my first taste of being in a fairytale
4. Riga - Drinking, throwing up and cat bums stories.
5. Warsaw - the birthday experience, my first icecream b'day cake for quite some time
6. Krakow - beautiful memories of blue eyes, salt mines and sitting back and enjoying the serenity
7. Prague - the views, the paintings, the photos - all awesome.
8. Cesty Kromlov - like visiting my own little hostel family. friends that revisited and added so many more happy memories
9. Salsburg - sound of music - where the stars aligned - loads of laughing, singing and fun to be had
10. Paris- what an awesome city...we fell in love. What a fabulous time we had with Narelle and Jean Luc. The Narelle Workship on seizing the day will live on in my memory for quite some time.
Thank you for reading my travel page. I'll add more photos soon. Love to all. Please leave me a message. I love messages. I do respond.

Monday, 26 September 2005

Location: Vienna, Austria

Hi everyone,
Well our feet have barely hit the ground. We left Krawcow biding a sad goodbye... and arrived in sunny Budapest.
Budapest was an interesting place. We arrived on the night train among rumours of gassing and robbing etc. But all was good. However we got shafted the moment we got into the country. A woman on the train insisted that there was no other accommodation except for the Marco Polo Hostel. The place was clean, tidy and had very pleasant surroundings. But if service was what your after you have come to the wrong place...they were rude, unhelpful and very unpleasant. Don't ever stay there.
When we arrived we went to the Budapest Thermal Baths...well our eyes were opened wide. It seemed all nice at first everyone was friendly then there were some women (and i can assure you they were women) that should leave their clothes on. Then floaties in the water. We are very lucky we didn't get sick.
The next day Kell and I had a rest day. We went sounenir shopping and generally just swanned about. It was time for a rest. It did mean we missed out on sight seeing in Budapest and a lot of people have said it was a beautiful place but everyone has to have a break sometime. It has been go gadget go.
Now we are in beautiful Vienna. On Saturday night we took a horse and carriage ride around the city and it was beautiful. We were in wonderment and awe most of the ride. We walked around on foot yesterday and I dearly wanted to see Gustav Klimt's 'The Kiss' but it all got too hard.
We had our piss off Adam night and helped him celebrate his last night by cooking pasta and singing songs we didn't know the words to and play musical instruments. Some people showed us up and so we decided to give it a rest. Anyway off for another adventure. Love to all.

Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Location: Kracow, Poland

Hi everyone...we're in Poland. It's much more exciting than I thought. We got to Lith. and that was gorgeous. It was pouring with rain when we arrived but the hostel looming in the distance was a welcome relief. The hostel we stayed in was quite good. It was split level and I stayed just underneath in a bat likecave place ...very unusual.
We enjoyed Lith because the place was beautiful but beware the worst toilet in in eastern Europe is located in a park near the wishing tile. But the churches are awesome. The Janine and Adam found the wishing tile and we all made wishes. we also went to the Klemlin jail with the info about Russia occupation of Lith. Now you'll think we are are making a pilgramage to uncover all of the German and Russian're probably right
After that we went to Warsaw. That was so much prettier than I was a little like the other cities we saw with an old city and new city. We read about the Ghetto, the poor Jews were locked up in.
Now we are in Krawcow...the city is up there with one of the best places we have visitied. The Wawel Castle is to die for and the catheral was absolutely fabulous and I loved every minute.
Today we did Auswitz...there isn't words to describe that place it was cold and windy and certainly haunted. I felt sick to the stomach. The German officers took everything. How anyone survived that concentration camp? It's just a miracle. We went to the other camp that was only 3km away and that has miles of buildings that housed the Jews, Poles and anyone else the Germans didn't particularly like. Again like Auswitz, this concentration camp was horrific. The Gate was called the Death Camp. You might have seen it in Schindler's List. Very moving and emotional day.
Tomorrow we're going to the Salt Mines. There about 30 mins away and then a bit of a souvenir shop. Yeah!!! Love to you all. I love reading your messages and I do try to respond.

Thursday, 15 September 2005

Location: Riga, Latvia

We arrived in Riga about 2 days ago. It's much bigger than Tallinn. We had some much trouble trying to leave Tallinn. We were walking up and down the street with our heavy packs on our backs. We nicknamed it Hotel Calfornia.
Riga is not like Tallinn at all. Some of the traditional houses in the old town are like Tallinn but that about it. There's this funny story that Riga is famous for. Back in the 17th Century there was this Brotherhood of the Blackheads Guild. This Guild is for unmarried merchants and this bloke wasn't worthy enough and they wouldn't let him join. Well he built these cats on his roof and he pointed their bums towards their building. The Blackheads weren't too impressed and persuaded him to move them and then he could join the Guild. The cats are still there -very cute!
There's this other sweet story that links Tallinn and Riga. In Tallinn they have these three houses called the three sisters. Theres a big, middle size and a small one right next to each other. In Riga there's three houses called the three brothers. We got this awesome picture of the three brothers.
We went to the museum of Soviet Union occupation of Latvia. That was so sad. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were all forceably taken over by the Soviet Union. The poor things had just established themselves independent and the Soviets took over just before WW2. Very sad.
Last night we hit the town and silly me had a bit too good of time and was a bit sick. We went to this cool bar that overlooked the whole of Riga. It was awesome.
We went hiking through Sigulda about an hour out of Riga. We travelled on a skycart to a castle ruins. After that we walked down a massive amount of stairs and went and saw some terrific caves. Evidently this beautiful woman was in love with the gardener at the castle but this other bloke liked her and persuaded her to visit her at this cave. He planned to kill and rape her. She said that she would give him her magic scarf if he didn't hurt her but no he took the scarf and killed her anyway. The other bloke got the blame but that all worked out in the end.
We saw an otter and a mole- very cute! Off to Lithuania, Vilnius.

Monday, 12 September 2005

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is gorgeous. It's like walking into a storybook the whole place is beautiful. The streets are all cobble stone and at every turn there's another simply beautiful view. Our hostel is great -very friendly and welcoming. We are heading to Riga tomorrow. Adam and Matt have joined us for this leg of the journey, so there,s lots of laughs. Haven't got much time. Everyone should visit- I feel like I'm in beauty and the beast.

Friday, 09 September 2005

Location: London, UK

Hi ya everyone...went to Madame Tussauds yesterday. Wow the rich and famous got to have their photos taken with us. How wonderful. The chamber of horrors was quite scary but we got over it.
Caught up with Kris and had a lovely coffee in a park just near Victoria Station. After that Tiff and I shopped, went to Waggamamas for tea and then had a drink a the Nell of the Drury!
Off to Germany, Berlin...

Wednesday, 07 September 2005

Location: London, England

Wow, today was amazing. We went to Althorp House - Princess Diana's final resting place. The grounds of the house were beautiful and it was a very peaceful place indeed.
As you walk through the gates you can see some buildings that look like old stables. This is where the Diana exhibition begins. As we walked in, you could see her beautiful wedding dress - well Tiff and I lost it right from the beginning. The dress was lovely and her tiara was to die for. As you walk around this room you can smell the scent of roses. Well we walked into the next room and there were all these dried flowers from all the bunches of flowers people left when she died. Evidently, the flowers were so tall -mid-thigh of an average person and the flowers went for ever!!!
We stopped for lunch and Valerie in the Cafe was so friendly and so were the girls in the gift shop. And as it so happens, there was going to be a book signing by Earl Charles Spencer in the afternoon.
What luck! So after a few practises of what we were going to say, we walked up to Charles and was lost for words and could barely squeeze out a 'My name is Rebecca...I'm from Canberra.'
But I pulled myself together and said that we were having a lovely day and he responded with 'Thanks for coming!'
Hey it was it's the least I could do. I was happy to fit him into my schedule.
So I have been mixing with the rich and famous just like Lady Muck. All that was missing was the champers...
We walked around Althorp House and went inside for a little look see. Then we walked through the grounds, to the lake, where she was buried. Along the way,we saw bumble bees and hummingbirds. It was devine!
Then the tears came as we saw her memorial was a really moving experience!! Really worth a visit. Love to all. xxx

Tuesday, 06 September 2005

Location: London, UK

Well I've lived the dream! Ireland was amazing beautiful beyond measure!! I'll talk more soon. Going to have an English Ale! Love ya. x x x

Saturday, 03 September 2005

Location: Dublin, Ireland

I'm in the emerald isle and it's fantastic!!! Kev and Niamh picked me up from the airport and thanks to Kev's superb driving, we made it home. On the way home I saw the Molly Mollone Statue and scared the life out of Kev. That statue was one of the things I wanted to see before I died. After 45 mins we arrived in Sunny Sandycove. Last night we went into the heart of Dublin and saw the nightlife on Temple Bar. Well everyone was up for the craic and a drink!! I was a bit tired but it seemed like a good spot. We met John who will also be coming on the shot gun tour of Ireland.
Today was magic. We did the Viking Tour of Dublin and it was a laugh. Kev, Niamh and I laughed so hard. The tour guide told us all about Dublin and we saw all the main sights.
After that we saw Molly. I took a moment. I dreamt of being there and my God it was magnificent. Not long after, we walked to Trinity College. Well there isn't words to describe how beautiful it is. If you live your life to the fullest you will need to include a visit. It is the most ornate book with some much colour and history. Again I was taking a moment!!
Now to top an awesome day...and if it could be any better we did it. Yes we visited the Guinness Factory. They really take this seriously. The Irish just don't enjoy Guinness...they just don't like Guinness ...its' a religion, with many followers and all of which are very loyal followers indeed. I had a Guinness on top of Dublin with an awesome view. What a craic!!!
Now we are heading to Cork!! the next adventure begins...

Friday, 02 September 2005

Location: London, UK

On Thursday, Tiff and I went sight seeing. We travelled around London seeing all the sights and delights. We went to Covent Gardens and looked at where Audrey stood when she was doing her My Fair Lady thing. Just de-lovely!!!
The night before Tiff and I watched Bridget Jones Diary. So I wanted to do the Brid thing and walk across the bridge she walked across and all the other things that Olde' London Town is reknown for. We went to Leicester Square, Trafalglar Square, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and finished the day with the London Eye at sunset. It was magic. The Eye was huge. We got on and being a little freaked out by the size I couldn't walk around the pod but as the ride went on and Tiff distracting me so I began to relax.
Wow!! What a view!! We could see the whole city and we're we had walked and it had to be a least 5-6kms. So might not come back with the backside the size of a house with any luck. It took about half hour and at the end they took a photo. So we have this photo of us posing in the wrong direction...which is so me. Getting everything back to front. I have been getting all the travel details wrong. I woke Tiff up this morning with the news that I was travelling to Dublin on Ryanair and not Easyjet and leaving from Stansted not Luton. So really anything could happen. Well off for another adventure... to Ireland now. Hope you're well. Love to All, Bec x

Friday, 02 September 2005

Location: London, UK

The trip from Sydney to Seoul was good... but when we arrived in Seoul, our ship really did come in. We stayed at the Hyatt! Well hello. Janine and I were really Lady Mucks. We swanned about in white slippers and robes. It was all too much. Korean people were very friendly and helpful. We loved it!
Our flight was awesome! We catched the sun and I reckon we had daylight for 24 hours. That was weird and quite surreal and
in true Rebecca-Love Style, I stuffed up the dates and arrived on Wednesday and not Thursday like I told Tiff. So brave little Rebecca-love found the tube station and jumped onto the train. Poor Tiff scared her out of her witts but all was fine and in an hour or so I was with Tiffy in her flat.

Monday, 29 August 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

Well, we have made it to Sunny Sydney!!! Janine and I travelled on the bus to Sydney. We stopped at the airport and decided to do a spot of shopping. We made friends with a lot of the helpful people working at the airport today. Well... did I have fun! Everyone at the downtown duty free was so friendly. Jan was so helpful and informative with sunglasses and watches. Most people who know me, know it takes hours for me to make a decision but that didn't phase Jan in the least. I tried on every set of sunglasses and then proceeded to the watch counter. Finally got a pair of sunnies.
Then it was to the health food shop and I got my iris read. I've got liver and womens problems. I shouldn't have too much fatty food, alcohol and I need to drink loads of water. I need to take the fish oil tablets which make me feel too hot or too cold. Well there goes all my fun. Will try to follow that advice when I return.
Anyway the big flight is tomorrow and Janine and I are heading out to Coogee for a meal and a wine before we leave Australia. Love to all, Bec

Monday, 22 August 2005

Location: Canberra, Australia

Hi everyone,
Well my adventure is about to begin. Janine and I head to Sydney on the Murrary's bus next Monday. We will be staying just near the airport.
This diary is going to be about Lady Muck's adventures through England, Ireland, Germany, Estonia, Lavia and many more. Hopefully there will be loads of fun and laughter along the way with tonnes of shopping and adventures.
All my love to you.
Bec x

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Not long now and you and Kel will be kicking up your heels in Paree!!!! I will find a couple of garcons for you both...keep having fun!!
Response: Thanks looking forward to see you in Paris ohh laa laa xxx
Hi there
I just wanted to say I hope that you had the best birthday ever (being where you are, seeing what you are seeing I am sure you are!) It will probably be so hard for you to get back into the swing of things. Everything is going great guns back here but can't wait to have you back. Talk soon. Jen
From Taryn
Hey bec, your travels are sounding very exciting indeed. I hope your having a blast getting through your hectic schedule. Don't know who sent you that last one claiming to be me, probably one of the kids. At least their checking up on you and your adventures. Julia made me watch sound of music with her the other day and I thought of you. I can picture you singing your little heart out on that tour. Take care.
Response: Thanks Darl
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hey bec, thought i'd send you some long distance birthday wishes...hope you celebrated it in good (or at least good at it),
Response: Thanks for your b'day message...I did have a lovely b'day...not much style but it was unique
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What is gooding mean?
Response: Spelling mistake I only have 15 minutes to write on the computer
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Hi Bec. Happy Birthday. I love reading about your adventures. Keep on living it up.

Love Michelle.

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From mum,dad,damian.
Finally accessed your site, very informative sounds like you wont want come back to the real world. Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow this will be hard to top. love & take care Lady Muck.
Response: Thank you for your message. Haven't been able to access the computer for a few days. Love ya Rebecca
From Vicky
Sounds like you're having a blast! Good for you. Keep on mucking!

Vicky xox
Response: Thanks Babe! Hope youre well. Adam had loads of fun with you. Look after yourself.
From Taryn
Just chaking up on you agian.
Your kids are going realy well.
How are you ?

Lots Of Love Taryn xxxooo
Response: Having a great time. Glad things are gooding well.
From jeanette
Dear Bec
So pleased to hear you are havung such a good time. Dont worry about the mix ups its the part that ends up the most fun. Love hearingall the details its like being with you.
Love Jeanette
Response: Thanks Jeanette - say hi to everyone for me! Bec
From Kris
Great to catch up with you the other day Bec. Isn't Wagamamas great?! I hope you and Janine enjoy the rest of your trip, I'm sure you'll have a great time!
Response: Lovely to see you too. Take care! Good luck with your house -it sounds lovely.
From Taryn
Hey Bec, sounds like you're having an awesome time and I'm loving these updates and piccies of all the wonderful places you've been. Not much happening here, your class is doing really well so you don't need to worry about them,(as if you were!!). I'm getting some of the kids who come out with me for LA or ESL to write to you regularly and they are anxiously awaiting your reply. They are loving your photos and hearing about your adventures. Enjoy the next part of your travels and I'll check in on you soon.
Glad to hear everything is going well. Take Care x x x
From Janine
Hi Bec,
Glad to hear you're having a great time! Sorry to hear about the stuff up - I felt terrible leaving you at the airport! I can't call your mobile for some reason - don't know what the problem is! Enjoy Ireland!
Hi ya Janine. We are going to Althorpe House tomorrow. Will ring you on the landline. Hope everything is good.
From Lib
Love ya!
Happy teacher's day!
Thanks Darl!!!
From Narelle
See you and Kel in Paris Bec!! Have a plan laid out for you both when you arrive. Enjoy your trip in the meantime xx
Response: Thanks Darling - Can't wait!!! See ya
From Christine Lucas
Hey bec, I am delighted to be on your travel diary! Thank you for the invitattion. Hope all your travelling is going well so far. I have given you my new home e.mail address as I start my leave in 2 months and will hopefully be away from work for 14 months- woo hoo! Have a wonderful time, lots of love, Christine
From Tamara Button
Hey Bec! If you feel like swinging by Canada on your way by ----let me know! Youre more than welcome! TTYL Tamara
Response: Thanks Babe. Would love too.
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Have a great time you guys! As if you won't!!! Kisses and hugs go with you. Can't wait to visit this site again and hear about your adventures!
Response: Love to you too darlin'. See you soon. x x x
From Vicky

You go girl! Have a ball!