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Redlands Rugby Tour to Canada 2008

Welcome to the Redlands Rugby Tour contact page. This is the first Rugby Tour Redlands has been involved in for 10 years. We are looking forward to a successful 16 day rugby tour in Canada.

Diary Entries

Monday, 23 June 2008

First XV vs Blue Mountains Lost 13-20

Another disrupted week of training with limited training time and another 2
injuries to key personnel meant we were going into this game without our 2
regular props, halfback, five-eigth, inside and outside centre. The theme of
the day was 150% effort and that's exactly what the boys gave. We knew Blue
Mountains were going to be on a high coming off a 1st ever win against
Central Coast, we also knew that they would try and muscle us up front.

The boys got off to a nice start, with ball support 'the best I had seen in
my 4 years of coaching'. In saying that, it was the little errors that were
letting us down. Jack Turnbull was having a huge impact on the game in the
unfamiliar position of inside centre.

10-6 at halftime and the boys really knew they were a chance of winning this
game against all odds.

Again we had our chances in the 2nd half and put ourselves in a position to
win the game only to see simple errors turn the ball over. My year 12 hitmen
of Turnbull, Easter and Captain Coates were phenomenal in a beaten pack.
Robbie even got a little souvenir of his trip to the Blue Mountains with one
of their players getting very friendly with his bicep.

I am hoping the boys took a lot out of the discussion in the sheds after the
game as this season is by no means over and we are starting to develop this
little bit of comraderie and mateship that no outside influence will be able
to penetrate.

And who knows with a full week of training on a rugby field, and a full
squad to pick from, WE WILL TURN THIS SEASON AROUND, starting at home
against Scots Bathurst this weekend.

See you all at Macquarie.

Andy Harvey

Friday, 20 June 2008

Redlands vs Scots Bathurst

13 Scots Bathurst 9.00am Macquarie University Playing Fields. Gwilliam Oval. Corner of Culloden and Talavera rd, Marsfield
14 No Game
15 Scots Bathurst 10.00am Macquarie University Playing Fields. Gwilliam Oval. Corner of Culloden and Talavera rd, Marsfield
16 Scots Bathurst 11.00am Macquarie University Playing Fields. Gwilliam Oval. Corner of Culloden and Talavera rd, Marsfield
1st XV Scots Bathurst 1st XV 12.00noon Macquarie University Playing Fields. Gwilliam Oval. Corner of Culloden and Talavera rd, Marsfield

UBD = 173

Monday, 16 June 2008

Match Report
Redlands 13's

Cold and windy conditions greeted the team when they arrived at Blue Mountains Grammar. The team lost narrowly 20 – 17 in a tough and torrid game. The fifteen Redlands players once again faced a team with seven reserves and although the team tried hard they were eventually worn down by an opposition that could constantly replace tired players with fresh ones. Nevertheless, Redlands did not share the defensive duties equally and this was the reason the team lost the game. Once again Nick Addison, Matt Harding and James Learoyd put in outstanding performances in both attack and defence. Sam Baburin, Will Crooks And Tim Robertson also strong games in the forwards. In the backs, Brad Kent, Ryan Stewart, Nic Quant and guest Year 6 player Angus Bankier can all be proud of their performances. Improved tackling is our objective this week at training. The team has a home game at Macquarie and we look forward to our encounter against Scots College.

Jon Yunchan

Monday, 02 June 2008

Redlands 15's
Match Report

Saturday, June 31 heralded the being of the rugby season. This was going to be a trying and difficult time for the Redlands 15's team. The team has only been together for a few weeks and is made up of varying levels of experience, to no experience at all. The bus trip down was slower than expected, leaving just 25 min to prepare for our game. Throughout the trial matches the 15s displayed an uncompromising approach to their rugby and where only let down by their lack of skill and knowledge. On Saturday they put all that they have learnt from those games, and they're training together. They began the game with confidence aggression and speed.
The constant pressure soon paid dividends and before long through great defense good structure and attack the score was 12 points to nil.
The team managed to retain control of the remainder of the half. The second half began like the first, but retaining control was a little harder and it was a dogged battle. The opposition turned up the pace and the boys new that they
Had a battle on there hands? The rest of the second half was a true test of grit, as nerve racking as it was the defense, whether rock hard,
Or scampering it rarely faltered. The teams ability to retain possession was a vast improvement, as was almost every aspect of their game. The coaching staff would like to congratulate the team on there success and at the same time remind them that things will only get harder. Thank you to the parents that where able to make the trip to Bowral, your support is greatly appreciated by all the players and coaching staff of Redlands.

Mr Ian McCarthy

Monday, 02 June 2008

Redlands 13's Vs Oxley College
Won 37 – 10
Try scorers James Mason 4, Matt Harding 2, Nick Addison 1. James Mason 1 Conversion.

This was perhaps our best win this Season. This game was our second encounter with the boys from Oxley College as we had played them in our first match of the season. This first game went our way 29 -17 but we were expecting a much tougher game on the their home turf.
The first half saw a very tough and bruising encounter with nothing between the two teams. The boys from Oxley gave our team a very warm reception and we were lucky to lead 12 – 10 at half time. We were all expecting an equally torrid second half but the rampaging Redlands forwards found their true form and systematically demolished anything Oxley could launch at them. Our forwards provided plenty of ball for the backs and they responded by scoring try after try. Jamie Mason played a blinder to score four great tries, but it was the unsung heroes in the forward pack that won the day. It was a huge improvement from the week before and the team showed what a good attitude and commitment at training could provide. The team now looks forward to visiting Blue Mountains Grammar on the 14th of June.

Coaches James Knight and Jon Yuncken

Monday, 02 June 2008

Match Report: 1st XV vs Oxley

A beautiful day for rugby greeted us on our trip to Bowral. Finally after
some varying trial form, the real part of the season was underway. Oxley
looked to have a fairly sizeable pack but we thought if we could run them
around, they would soon tire. It took us a while to get into the game and we
were really missing the leadership of our skipper Robbie Coates, who was
nursing a leg injury. We did stick with it though and opened up the scoring
through a superb individual effort from Harry McKibbin. After 20 minutes
Robbie assured me he was good to go and it was nice to bring on someone of
his calibre. Our set piece was really working well against a much bigger
pack. This culminated in a great team try - with a working a lovely lineout
and drive, Coatesy getting the chocolates.

16-10 at halftime and could have been 21-10 if not for a dubious sideline
official ruling Ryan Noakes had put a foot into touch before grounding the
ball. The halftime message was pretty simple, more of the same please boys!

Unfortunately it wasn't to be. We turned over possession too easily and
really struggled to get out of half. Another turning point came when we
actually did work out of own half only for the play to come back through an
indiscretion by Sammy Griffiths.

Oxley continued to pour on the pressure and their shear weight was taking
it's toll on our guys. An old set moved saw them secure a try to take the
lead 22-16. once last opportunity for our boys with a lineout 10m out,
however another turnover and a kick down field and our chance was blown.

Really impressed with the effort however our execution is something we need
to work. Outstanding performances in the pack by Jack Turnbull, Justin
Easter and Luke Delamont, with Lukey continuing to play above his weight.

Oxley will be one of the better teams so there are definitely some positives
to draw from, back to another hard week of training (and a game of AFL for
some of our lucky boys) before we enjoy the weekend off ahead of our Round 2
fixture against Blue Mountains.

Andrew Harvey
Head Coach

Monday, 02 June 2008

Location: Sydney

16’s Rugby 2008 Match Reports
Redlands 13 v Oxley 0

From start to finish the match was played at great intensity. Oxley started strongly with intense work at the breakdown. Redlands was equal in defence denying Oxley any opportunity to cross our line. We took advantage of an Oxley infringement and Adam Spencer kicked a penalty goal. At the break the score was only 3-0. Redlands started the second half with great urgency. For our first try, Dan Riley had great vision to take the ball from the back of a ruck and charge to the line. Andy List scored Redlands second try. This is Andy’s first year playing Rugby. For the entire second half our defence was excellent and the team did everything to deny Oxley any points. A great start to our ISA campaign.

Mr Stuart Lee

Monday, 26 May 2008

Location: Sydney

Redlands Rugby Noteday

Important Information
• Please check training times below. A bus will now be provided for the year 7’s to get to and from training. The other students will walk to Primrose Park and may get picked up from training. On Tuesdays from now on the Year 7’s will train at the Cremorne Campus and the Year 8’s will get the Mini Bus to and from training.
• Training Times: Tuesday 3.40 – 5.00pm
Thursday 2.40 – 5.20pm
• Players have to have their jersey, rugby shorts, rugby socks, boots, sandshoes, mouth guards, protective gear (headgear and shoulder pads) if they wear it, and their own water bottle.
• Redlands Headgear are available. The headgears are $65 which would be usually be $120 in the shops. They come in a range of sizes from M – XL.

Results –
Redlands Vs Sydney Boys High
13’s Vs Sydney Boys High 13’s – WON – 29 – 25
14’s Vs Sydney Boys High 14’s – WON – 39 – 15
15’s Vs Sydney Boys High 15’s - LOST – 7 – 33
16’s Vs Sydney Boys High 16’s – DRAW – 5 – 5
1st XV Vs Sydney Boys High 1st XV – WON – 20 – 7

The best updates for the senior rugby please go to our Redlands rugby blog site:-

Last week Redlands came up against Sydney Boys High School for the yearly trial fixture. Both schools had been preparing for this as they knew it is always a close battle. We where lucky to have each of our games back to back so each of the teams could support the next team. A special mention needs to be made to the parents that gave so much of their time working in the canteen keeping that running. Some of which even missed their sons game so the canteen would have helpers. I ask that if any parents could lend a hand in the canteen only on our home fixture days. This will hopefully be when you son needs to be there early to warm up or when the 1st XV might be playing. With enough help no one will miss their son’s game.
The 13’s didn’t have the confidence that they did the week before. When spotting the enormous High boys the 13’s took a while before that belief in themselves really came out. Through some determined strong, straight running the boys found holes and where able to come through with a good win. The 14’s showed continuing brilliance as they dazzled the high boys with some tough tackling and never stepped back. It was great to see the 14’s get straight into a game then taking their time to get into it. The 15’s had a hard battle of strong rugby players from High. The High boys played with good structure which made it hard to stop them. The 15’s look forward to a hard week of training as they prepare for the first round of the ISA Season. Both the Redlands 15’s and the 16’s played against High’s A teams, which have never done before. The Redlands 16’s came up against strongest team in their rugby program the High 16A’s and it was proving to be a very tough game. The boys found it hard to keep composed playing against an extremely verbal team. With the lack of composure the structure of the game soon fell apart. The Redlands 16’s showing flair in small section only came up with the draw. The 1st XV saw another mix of players make up the composition of the Redlands 1st XV. Bring the total to 29 that have worn the Redlands Gold Jersey this season. This is a great sign of depth in the senior program which many players coming back from injury. The Redlands 1st XV had a much better set piece game and having the chance to let the flow of the game go. The Redlands team showed that they might be a fairly young 1st XV but they have plenty of determination and skill. We wish all team the best of luck in the ISA Season. We hope that you can bring some friends along and show your support to the Redlands Rugby players and community.


Redlands 13 Oxley 13’s 10.00am Oxley College No. 2
Railway Parade, Burradoo, Bowral. 2576
Redlands 14 Oxley 14’s 11.00am Oxley College No. 2
Railway Parade, Burradoo, Bowral. 2576
Redlands 15 Oxley 15’s 10.00am Oxley College No. 1
Railway Parade, Burradoo, Bowral. 2576
Redlands 16 Oxley 16’s 11.00am Oxley College No. 1
Railway Parade, Burradoo, Bowral. 2576
Redlands 1st XV Oxley 1st XV 12 noon Oxley College No. 1
Railway Parade, Burradoo, Bowral. 2576

The wet weather and information line number is 99689899 – please check on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning for any late changes to the weekend’s proceedings.

Mr Phill Rogers
0418 487 513

Monday, 19 May 2008

Dear all,

Saturday 24th May

The senior games of Rugby for this weekend at Macquarie University Playing Fields.
Corner of Culloden and Talavera Rd, Marsfield

It is a three way trial against Sydney boys High School and Hurlstone

Jim Campbell Oval
10am - Redlands 15's Vs High 15A's
11am - Redlands 16's Vs High 16A's
12 noon - Redlands 1st XV Vs High 1st XV

Ross Gwilliam Oval
8am - Redlands 13's Vs High 13B's
9am - Redlands 14's Vs High 14B's
10am - High 2nd XV Vs Hurlstone 1st XV
11am - High 14A's Vs Hurlstone 14's
12noon - High 16B's Vs Hurlstone 16's

Redlands Players are expected to be at the field at least 45 mins before the game time so they are prepared for their game.

Any Problems please call Mr Rogers on 0418 487 513

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


St. Aloysius 16 B 10 am ST. ALOYSIUS PRIMROSE 1 REDLANDS 16A
St. Aloysius 15 B 10 am ST. ANDREW’S (Syd.Uni) REDLANDS 15A
St. Aloysius 14 B 10 am ST.JOHN’S (Syd.Uni) REDLANDS 14A


St Aloysius’ College Oval, Tyneside Oval, North Willoughby
College Oval is located on Tyneside Ave, just off Eastern Valley Way. Main access to the oval, via main gates, is on Tyneside Ave. Parking on Tyneside Ave can become congested. Parking may be found in nearby streets surrounding the Oval.Please consider our neighbours and keep parking within boundaries and do not park across driveways.

Primrose Park, Cnr Young & Grafton Streets, Cremorne
St. Aloysius will provide medical response staff during the day, to deal with any unforeseen medical issues.
A BBQ will be running throughout the morning and food and drink vouchers will be able to be utilised by your coaches.

St Andrew’s Oval, Within Sydney University, Western Avenue, Camperdown

St John’s Oval, Sydney University, Parramatta Road, Enter opposite Larkin Street

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Location: Sydney, Australia

Article in the May edition of "Tiger Talk" - North Steyne Surf Club Newsletter

Redlands Rugby Tour - Canada (April 08)
A lively bunch of Redlands boys has just returned from a 2 week tour to British
Columbia playing 4 games of rugby against schools in Vancouver and on Vancouver
Island. These guys are the core of the Redlands First XV, and featured no less than
8 North Steyne members who have done their Bronze through the school program in
the past 3 years.
Robbie Coates (Patrol No. 5) is this year's Captain of Rugby, and led the tour, along
with Cam Mason (Patrol No. 5), Ed Morrow (Patrol No. 5), Brad Isaac (Patrol No 1),
Create PDF with GO2PDF for free, if you wish to remove this line, click here to buy Virtual PDF Printer
Luke Delamont (Patrol No. 5), Doug Gough (Patrol No. 14), Louis Harding (Patrol No. 2) and Doug Stratton,
and all of them had a fantastic experience in Vancouver, playing two schools in the Fraser Valley, and
finding a day to visit the Boeing factory in Seattle in between. They then moved on to enjoy the festivities of
the season-ending weekend in Whistler before heading to Vancouver Island and games in Port Alberni and
Nanaimo. The Tour then moved on to Victoria for the final Dinner at a local rugby club, and some
sightseeing before the long trip home.
Results : Aldergrove Secondary School Won 69 -0
Rick Hansen Secondary Won 29 - 5
Alberni Armada Secondary Won 19 - 10
Dover Bay High School Won 28 - 0 (35 – 0 in the local paper!)
All of the boys set a great example as
ambassadors for their school, and the
surf club can be proud of them too. The
foundation of a future North Steyne
rugby team perhaps! Blue and Gold is
not so far from the club colours either!

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Recent Messages

From pip gordon
Thank you to the Canadian families and hosts for all you provided. Thank you to the Australian families for giving us hours of entertainment on this website. Thank you to the various photographers for their contribution. Thank you to the coaches who provided a safe but hugely fun time and thank you to Phil. You created an experience that these fellows will remember all their lives. We have all been extremely lucky to be part of it. pip
From Waterhouse
Way to go boys!! Congrats on a fantastic tour and showing those crazy Canucks a thing or two on the rugby pitch!!

We are all very proud of you boys!!
From Rogers Family
To Phill, coaches and team,

Congratulations on your successful tour of Canada. We have been following with interest and are so proud of all the effort and hardwork that you have put into the tour. Phill we know how physically and mentally you have strived to make this tour the best it can be. Rugby has been a major influence in your school and professional life and I'm sure this tour will have a life long impact on the boys.
PS: What have you done to your hair??
Much love from all your family.
Response: Second that from the Roving Photographer....Phill has been a tower of strength throughout! PC
From Maureen Gravell
Well done redlands! Enjoy your day in Victoria, look out for all the English type Tea Rooms, quaint and so English!
Its a beauttiful city, The Grand Empress Hotel, Wharf, etc. Have a great trip home. Hope you managed to see Shawnigan School, and cousins for Brad. Go well, Maureen S.A. Gran and supporter.
From Gayle Mason
Hi Everyone,

Wish Dave and Lochie a speedy recovery!!
I was looking at the recent photos and like most of you trying to spot my son. I think I have just seen a close up of Cam's hair and like many of you will be rushing to the hairdresser before the beginning of term!! Thankfully he doesn't appear to have the speed stripes that he came home with after a club tour to Canberra.....they take much longer to grow out!!!!
Looking forward to seeing you all at the airport on Sunday.
PS I have enjoyed reading everyone's messages.
From the Hardings
Well done lads; what a fabulous result! 4 from 4, we couldn't have asked for more... and some sharp haircuts to boot... cannot wait to see them! very sorry to see David picking up another injury though. Hope it heals fast. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday. Enjoy the last leg (no pun intended Dave!) of the trip.
From Kay Coates
Sorry to hear about your injury Dave :( Robbie will miss you in the front row. Shame the only way they could try to stop Spatchy was by trying to knock him out! One tough little guy!

Look forwards to seeing you all Sunday morning - hopefully the sun might come out for your return!

Once again, well done boys.

From Penny Turnbull
HI Jack! I have just arrived back from Diamond Beach to hear about your final win.What a great effort from the Redlands squad!!!The photos show some very interesting haircuts!We all look forward to seeing you at the airport on Sunday morning.Enjoy the flight home,love Mum
From Heather Gough
WHAT A BRILLIANT TEAM Congratulations to everyone involved especially Phill and Peter for their hard work over many months. Thankyou.
At least Dave will get a good seat home but what a shame. Time to do a study on Canadian health versus Australian maybe!
Have a good time with R and R and a safe trip home See you Sunday am
Heather Jack and Rob -Doug Gough's fan club
From Jeremy
Can someone please remind Pigeon not to forget the Musgo!

And, commiserations to David and Lachy. Hope you guys recover soon.


From Dawn Hassett
Congratulations to the Redlands team - well done, quite something.
Great photos and enjoy the end of your tour. Alex has been following your tour keenly Robbie.

Auntie Dawn
Response: Thanks Dawn, Dec & Alex. It has been alot of fun. Robbie
From stuart mckibbin
Phill and the Team,
Well done on a great tour - many thanks to all the coaches for a great effort - really disappointed to here of David and Lcchy injuries - here's to a quick recovery - have a fun time to finish up the Tout
Best Wishes
Stuart McK
From Bec
Well Done Phill and the team!!!
CONGRATS on being undefeated for the tour hopefully the season will be as successful. Phill the last 3 months of 12 hour days has finally paid off. The success of the tour is a clear indication of the amount of time, hard work and dedication that has gone into the tour preparation. Im so proud of you. Looking forward to having you home. X
Response: Thanks babe, I'm looking forward to getting home to you. See you soon.
From Jeremy
I hope I got the maths right, but looks like you guys have romped through this tour 145-15!

Congratulations! Statues in your honour are now being erected on Military Road.

Pigeon, we're looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.


From Colin Isaac
ns guys!...and well done coaches. Great result. Time to celebrate before heading home. Brad, big hugs for your cousins!!. Cheers! Colin
From A Don
Why am I reminded of the old saying ... 'There is only one week between a good haircut and a bad one' ?
Hey Jus need some more poses man. The Big Kahuna was here and hung out with Rupie, Scragg and Wattsy
From Granny Coates
Congratulations to all the Redland players. 4/4 is fantastic and seems to me that you have benefitted from some very special coaches. Congratultions and thanks to them. I have so enjoyed following the Tour through my computer. So sorry about the injuries but hope to hear better news of them soon. Robbie looks as if he's only held together with sticky tape but I'm sure Kay and Amelia will provide the necessary TLC. Keep fit for your next events.Safe journey home and enjoy the memories of this wonderful experience.
From Robbies Mum
Well done boys!!! 4/4 :)

A big thank you to Phill and all the coaches, and a HUGE thank you to all the Canadian families who welcomed our boys into their homes and helped them to have such an enjoyable time.

Kay Coates
From Robbies Sister
Well done boys for 4/4
Looking forwards to seeing you all bright and early Sunday morning.
Enjoy your last couple of days.

From Greg Creecy
Well done boys - another win! Special thanks to all coaches, support staff, supporters and the host families for looking after the team. Looking forward to the home coming on Sunday. Look after yourselves and each other.
From The Dickos
Many thanks to the photographer and roving reporters.. we feel like we have been there with you.
Well done Ben on another win
From Carolyn(Nick's Mum)
And a very big THANK YOU to the staff and the host families for making this an amazing boys own adventure.
X Carolyn/Mum
From Gayle Mason
Hi Cam and everyone, I just heard you had your 4th and final win.....Fab!! The wins wil be the icing on the cake for this fabulous tour. Make sure you give your coaches and support staff a big thankyou for the trip and especially Peter Coates as he put so much effort into making it happen for you all!!
Cam just another trip down memory lane. Do you remember we stayed a couple of days at Cameron lake when we visited Canada. Its the place you burnt your hand on a marshmallow!!
Really looking forward to seeing you Cam. Sadly the weather at Smiths Lake has been dreadful...we ll have to do another trip...this time with you...when the weather is better. Lots of love Mum xxx
Ps any chance of some personal communication. You have gone quieter as the tour has progressed!!xxxxxxx
From Morrows
Undefeated! Well done to the team, coaches and to Peter for keeping us all up to date with the scores and the trip.

Looking forwrad to your safe return after what seems to have been a brilliant trip.

Enjoy your last few days.

Trevr, Liz, Sarah & Hannah Morrow
From The Godfather ( Cam'
Big Hi from all of us in Edinburgh Cam - top results and obviously a fantastic tour. Pix are great - good to see another number 10 in the family after Struan's move to 12!
Good luck to all the team for the rest of the tour - we'll keep up with the rest of it.