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Find a way to Vichy and more ....

Hello everyone. Thanks for visiting our page. Our meaning me (Renata)and friends Maria "Majka", Janka and Matus. Have a look and enjoy it with us....

Diary Entries

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Location: Geneve, Switzerland

For today, as it is the last day of the "77e Salon international de l' auto" or simple of car show, we decided to go there. The ticket is rather cheap (14 CHF) compared to what you can see.
There are just too many beautifull cars here, many of them in the world premiere, all polished and shining... better to check out the pics :) than to talk about them.
Afternoon was unfortunatelly cloudy and windy and we spent it in the botanical garden, walked to United Nations and took tram to mediteranien like district of Geneve called Carrouge. On the way back the rain got us unprepared and wet and tired we enjoyed hot coffee.
Minus on Sundays in Geneve -> almost all shops closed, almost all restaurants closed (though if you like pizzerias or kebab places, these are open) and every 15 minutes there is a Mc Donald's but you need navigation system to find a "Tea room".
Plus -> as shops are closed, it's day to enjoy outddors, parks, architecture, shop windows,...

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Location: Geneve, Switzerland

After working a lot last week, now we have a day just to enjoy...
Though it is only three of us -> Masha (Ukraine), Marco (Phillipines) and me (Slovakia), we are sure it will be a good one.
We started with the shopping as here in Geneve the shopes are open only Saturdays (Sundays closed) and during the weekdays they close quite early... so this day was for us good opportunity to buy something small to remind us of this place - so we got some t-shirts and Lindt chocolates.... then we took taxi to Versoix, where one time in a year they have "Chocolate Fest" and as we're lucky it was today... and it was yummy yummy... first we went to the big tent, where was chcolate market, we tasted a lots of stuff -> chocolate pralines, chocolate mustard, liquid chocolate flowing in the chocolate fountain and also chunks of chocolate....then we went to the "chocolatier" Faverger (or in english the chocolate producer Faverger) founded in 1826. There we went through the whole process of making chocolate and the excursion ended with shopping of Faverger chocolates :) ... the overall best was fruits chocolate fondue :) Walking from the chocolate heaven through downtown Masha had a wonderfull idea to go back to Geneve on the boat... boat was on the schedule at 3.09 pm and what was veeeeeeeeeery weird, it did not come in time :) The boat trip was just lovely.
Though we vere full of chocolate, the stomach was asking for real food - we went to place Les Brasseurs and got specialty, something like pizza but it's not pizza and it was soooo goood...
rest of the evenig we walked here and there and by surprise we visited childrens concert in the conservatory.

Friday, 16 March 2007

Location: Geneve, Switzerland


hlasim sa z businees trip-u zo Genevy.... zatial aspon fotecky z hotela :)

Monday, 01 May 2006

Location: Munich, Germany

In the morning we got a surprise - egg on our car front window and cleaning it was kind of disgusting.... we're simply "lucky" here.
But we enjoyed few hours spent here and headed back to Bratislava...
For all going to France, small watchout, if you buy any of the tasty french cheese, do not put it in the small travel fridge. :)
Viva la France and CHEERS.....

Sunday, 30 April 2006

Location: Munich, Germany

Short before lunch we sat in the car, said "bye" to Vichy and went to Munich, Germany....during the day we did only few stops to rest, eat and do all the necessary. In the evening we were in Munich.

Saturday, 29 April 2006

Location: Puy De Dome, Clermont-Ferrand, France

In the morning we have found again another different side of France - volcano region in the south-central part called Massif Central. One of the youngest volcanoes in the chain is Puy De Dome. In pre-Christian Europe the top of the volcano served for spiritual ceremonies, you can find here the ruins of Gallo-Roman temple dedicated to God Mercury. Next to it there is the transmitter for FM and TV. The summit offers great views on whole volcano chain as well as on the city called Clermont-Ferrand, where we spent the afternoon. It's one of the oldest cities of France and characteristic for black stone used to build it. I assume all will know the name of Blais Pascal (most known figure of the city) and company called Michelin that kept headquarters here.
In the evening we packed... all cheeses, wines, Vichy water and it's the last night in Vichy

Friday, 28 April 2006

Location: Lyon, Beaujeu, France

Today we drove to Lyon, the second largest french city. Lyon's geography is dominated by the Rhône and Saône rivers which converge to the south of the historic city centre forming a sort of peninsula; two large hills, one to the west and one to the north of the historic city centre; and a large plain.
We started on the square called Place Bellecour, which is the largest clear square (no trees or any other kind of green plants..) in Europe. We visited two main churches, cathedral of Saint-Jean-Baptist de Lyon (inside you can find great astronomical clock from 14th century) and basilica Notre-Dame de Fourviere. We have seen the amphitheatres...all the walking and admiring made us ... hmmm thirsty and we headed to the famous wine region Beaujeu. It is quite obvious what we did there :)

Thursday, 27 April 2006

Location: Vichy, France

After few days on the road and sleeping in hostels, last evening we reached Vichy...
Today we have a relaxing day:
walking around the town - along the river Alliers to the downtown, visiting SPA complex and tasting all Vichy springs that make people stay fit or return the health, nice skin, beauty... we visited the university and tried typical student lunch. Surprisingly it was tasty.... whole afternoon we spent checking the local shops to get at least a hint of what is called french fashion.

Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Location: Avignon, France

This was the most difficult day for us... we planned to see a lot and time is as always limited. :(
We started in Avignon, where at this time of year we have not found many tourists so we got all monuments only for us. Speaking about monuments, there are many here. The town is old, occupied already in prehistory and every epoche put marks still visible on architecture. The most important period for Avignon came with popes and it became the capital of the Christian Europe. In the contrast to the many stones used to build the downtown, there are many green parks. Follow us to Avignon looking at our pics.
From Avignon we headed north to Vichy with two main highlights we simply had to see: Pont Du Gard and Viaduct at Millau. Well, maybe it is not fair to say, but comparing these interesting monuments, we can say: the Romans got it right and french architects did quite some progress in 2000 years.
We reached the goal and in the evening we had great great dinner in Vichy at our friend's place. She was cooking french crepes. :)

Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Location: Geneve, Switzerland

We woke up to the cloudy morning in Geneve, Switzerland and tried to find breakfast that would satisfy our cravings. That is quite a difficult thing if you do not speak french - Thanks God we have Majka and her french knowledge, which turned out to be perfect. During whole our stay in french speaking regions her mouth and tongue was a MUST :)
Strolling around the lake, throughout the city, to the "United Nations" building ... our legs got tired, but when we appeared to be in botanical garden, all the pain and tiredness were over, even the cloudy morning changed to sunny day.
From Geneve we went to check out small but for sure unique (in a good way) town Annecy, France. It has very special atmosphere and if you're passing by, stop at least for one hour. It's worthy to do so. Here we tried also the french fast food chain and have to admit "I'm loving it" is still the best choice even in France :) Ivo, we send our greetings as you are the one saying "If you're abroad, always eat in Mc Donalds" :)
For the night we headed to Avignon, where we booked the hostel and this time it was really a great place... would be nice to come here again for summer.

Monday, 24 April 2006

Location: Munich, Germany

After hearty breakfast we continued and from Munich we decided to take "Romantic road" down to the Neuschwanstein castle surrounded by Alps. The castle served as an inspiration for Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland but with all the tourists around she could hardly sleep these days. The walk to castle is somehow challenging even if not wearing high heels but we do expect castle to be on the hill so...
We did short stop in Vaduz, capital of Liechtenstein... just to eat and we headed to Geneve, Switzerland.

Sunday, 23 April 2006

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Leaving from Bratislava...

Who are we?
Majka, Jana, Renata - roommates and good friends from university times and Matus, the only one and of course then also the successfull one MAN in the group and friend of us.
Where are we?
Bratislava, Slovakia
Where are we going?
Vichy, France... known as SPA town but we're on the way to visit another friend of us Alenka, who should be studying there. We will find out if she's really doing it. :)

All of us, trippers, are normal employed guys so in order to save as many days as possible for the next trips, we left Bratislava on Sunday in the morning. The plan is to reach Munich, Germany and we go via magnificent Salzburg. Though it's still not the main summer season, Salzburg was great -> charming, with specific atmosphere, marching band playing traditional music, spring flowers, markets... as being it Mozart's town, we did stop to buy Mozart balls (not real ones :) but famous chocolate sweets called that name).
Then there was Munich - let me not talk too much about that city as here we got small car accident. And then there was hostel, our room and night.

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