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Rhianna's Round the World Adventure!

Instead of emailing everyone about the amazing, thrillsome experiences I'm blatantly going to be having when I'm away, I thought i'd follow Hannah's example of using this to let people know how I'm doing (although not everyone's going to care-Shane I'm talking to you!)

So every time you're bored and no-one's messaged you on facebook, come and check out my pictures!

Rhianna xxx

Diary Entries

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Location: Queenstown baby!, New Zealand

Phew! finally i'm onto New Zealand!
first night was ok, i arrived in auckland, met an irish girl who invited me down to the bar pretty much immediately and after that i was a lot more confident about meeting people! the next day i had to get a coach to the bay of islands-paihia. nearly missed it and had to hike up a hill with my ma-HUSIVE bag which was NOT a good start! when i got there, i stayed in the nearest base hostel and got chatting to a couple from USA, they were actually lovely, against all odds! and then another two guys from somewhere down south arrived. it was the first time EVER that i, as an english person, has been in the minority in a hostel room!
next day, i realised that my chanel sunglasses had gone AWOL and literally mourned all day, i was DEVESTATED! went for lots of long walks around paihia and visited the treaty ground, which was a little dull, i have to be honest-it was completely deserted and cos i was all alone, i had to do the really sad thing of putting a camera on a wall on a slef time to prove that i had been there!! funny times! and i actually sunbathed, it was that hot! unexpectedly. later i met a belgian guy who managed to cheer me up over my lost chanels!
the next day i got up early to get the coach to rotorua, got attacked by a duck who was after my bacon sandwich (it was very persistent and when i denied him a bite, he brought all his seagull mates to come and intimidate me-harsh times.) and also met an argentinian who i then bumped into again in queenstown, but thats another story. not a particularly exciting one. so that passed a good chunk of the nine hours! that night, couldnt be arsed to do anything so watched as good as it gets-jack nicholson and went to bed early! although it was just me and this old guy in the dorm room which freaked me out a bit but it was all good.
the next day, the first thing i had to do was buy some warm things!! it was so cold in rotorua and i was still in my flip flops (my converses were covered in beer and broken glass after a bottle broke in my backpack! and ive just had to throw them away cos they've gone mouldy! bad times) so i bought some furry boots and a massive stripy scarf and felt much more into the NZ spirit! went to the park and saw all the pools of boiling mud which was pretty cool! the place absolutely stank though, it was gross. tried to take some video of the mud but people kept wandering past and i was talking to myself, well to the video really but it was all a bit embarrassing so not sure how successful it was! then i went to a museum (so cultured) which was pretty interesting, i learnt how all the mud came to be there and how loads of people died in a massive volcano/earthquake years ago. it was very sad. also watched a film about it in a mini cinema, where i was the only person and all the seats started shaking and moving like in the natural history museum! it was very exciting! that night i watched zorro (you can tell that i didnt meet many people in rotorua!)
got the coach back to auckland, which is a nice city but very similar to every other city! i bought harry potter and read it by the next afternoon! saw indiana jones, which was good, but bit of a controversial ending! also bumped into matt and ruth, a couple i met on sunset waya in fiji, which was lovely. went to dinner with them although id already eaten and cos i didnt order, i nicked some of theres, second best lamb shank and the lamb chops literally melted in my mouth. it was fan-bloody-tastic. also had brandy snaps with lots of cream-random but yummy!
next day i went shopping (literally nothing else to do in auckland!!) and waited for my flight. which turned out to be cancelled. not cool at all. apparently it was the snow in christchurch! so they put us up in a really nice hotel for free! i had TWO double beds in my room! totally uneccessary-what situation could possibly demand two double beds?! but very nice. finalluy got to CC the next morning, and met david and deidra, an english lad and irish girl and chatted to them all night, we went and got pissed in the downstairs bar and ended up cracking a massive mirror in the toilets! it wasnt my fault, deidra was throwing wet tissues at me (dont ask why, i have NO idea!) the next morning, fighting my hangover (!) i persuaded the others to go bone carving with me-it was maga cool, i loved it! have made a beautiful necklace! also bumped into cavey and seb-the beachcomber boys!! exciting stuff! not really actually, chatted to them for a bit then went upstairs to do some washing! also met two lovely irish girls, who were SO good to gossip with, you have no idea how much ive missed doing that!

ok, its midnight so i'll stop but will finish NZ soon i promise! lots of love as always! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 08 June 2008

Location: New Zealand

ok, so we've left sunset and heading for bay of plenty...
when we first got there, i have to say, i was a little disappointed by the lack of beach but we were quickly whisked away to a coconut demonstration gien to us by lasco, the main man who basically did everything activities related!! he told us how the leaves are stripped down to make brooms for inside and the branches are used for outside sweeping (a woman's job apparently. dont worry, we put him right) and then he sliced off the top of a coconut and we all drank the juice inside, it was really nice and refreshing, very sweet! then he taught us how to shave off bits of the coconut using a pole thing. there are two ways of sitting on the pole, like a man, or like a woman. worryingly, i found the mans way far more comfortable, i think hannah may have pictures or even a video of me shaving a coconut, which i never want to see! then las put all the coconut into a gauze and squeezed all the milk from it into bowls of papaya-really sickly but nice to begin with. pretended i needed the loo so i didnt have to finish it :s

later that night, we played more of the flick game although i think the fijians were VERY keen to show us their skill, so i dont think that i got to play much, when we were partnering up!! then me and han chilled in a hammock and i dozed while han and las talked about rugby. and rugby. and rugby. and oh yeah!! rugby.

then master duncan took over and we did a short question and answer sesh about each of us in turn-and even though it felt a bit like an AA meeting (Hello my name is Rhianna and i dont like mosquitoes) it was really touching that they were even bothered! next up, we learnt fijian!! this was the best bit! yandra means good morning, bula means hello and lako tani means go away!! we used that a lot on Joe and Lasco over the next few days!

the next was VERY action packed as we got joes water taxi (!) to the blue lagoon, where they filmed the brooke shields film. its beautiful but tiny. anyway, so we're lying there on the sand, having a little snooze, when we hear these shouts. so we look up but all me can see is this old guy with his wife swimming alongside him. these shouts soon turn into coughs but his wife is pretty much ignoring him. i called out after a while to see if he was ok but he didnt reply, then after a while, me and han suddenly heard him say "je ne peux pas respirer". me and han being amazing french AS level students (yeah right) looked at each other and said-HE CANT BREATHE!! so we legged it into the water, still clothed i might add! and dragged him back to shore, although more people had come to help by this time (jumping on the bandwagon!) and he was vomiting all over the shop, it was pretty gross! we had to translate between him and the guy who was trying to help (han was particularly good at this!!) eventually i think he had to get airlifted to hospital! hopefully he's ok, he swallowed some water while snorkling, but fingers crossed!

anyway, i would love to finish off fiji but i REALLY want to get on to NZ so maybe i'll update this another time, but i had the best two weeks of my life. nuff said!!

Thursday, 05 June 2008

Location: FIJI!!, New Zealand


long time no speak, really sorry, have been ultra busy and i guess a bit lazy :s

fiji was AMAZING!! the most incredible experience yet, i think. when we arrived, first thing i did on the mainland was have a curry, (i know my priorities) which was a major disappointment and we also had to wait for about an hour for it. we would soon discover that this is because everyone is working on "fiji time", my new fave expression (mum-a bit like GMT-greek maaaaabeh time!!)
the next morning, i had set my alarm from hannah's watch for 6.30 because we had to book our boat so managed, just, to get up and wake han. we left our 36 person dorm (!) and it was then i realised that it wasn't yet 6am. hannah's watch had LIED to us and we had got up unnecessarily early especially considering that we had had NO sleep the night before because our flight was SO DAMN EARLY!!! so not a good start to our first day in fiji...and it gets worse...we got a catamaran (my heart sank when i saw it) all the way to the top island of the yasawaras. i was right to be nervous as i was SO seasick it was unreal, eventually had to sit outside with the crew who got me a sick bag and some napkins (bless). thank god i didnt actually need them but i had tears rolling down my face and couldnt really chat to the group of guys from essex who we met on he boat, who are not particularly relevent until later in my story...the plot thickens!

anyway, we were supposed to be meeting some guys who had been on our oz experience from the very beginning but who we didnt actually manage to properly chat to until maggy island. so we had arranged to meet them on long beach but seeing as there is no internet on the islands, we were going to be hard pushed to find them...!

we arrived at long beach about 5 hours later, a small island, with basic food but nice, lots of carbs and a slice of paw paw with each meal for desert. me and han were supposed to go and get cake at 4 but were so exhausted from our strenuous journey that we fell asleep for hours! when we finally made an appearance at dinner, we met an older couple, carol and tony, who became our NBFs (new best friends) for basically the rest of fiji! but the boys we were supposed to be meeting were nowehere to be seen. hmmmm. by now it had started raining. yep raining. in fiji. BAD TIMES! so we played a LOT of cards, not only that evening but all the next morning too. i am now an expert at shit-head (hey, i didnt make up the name!)

our first night on long beach was also the first time wewere introduced to...CAVA!!! and no, i dont mean the rather nice, sparkling wine which you alcoholics are so accustomed to! its a drink made for the roots of a pepper tree and tastes uncannily like mud. bears a striking resemblence to it too. its a "natural narcotic" and is supposed to relax you and make you sleep. well, my card playing became noticeably worse ("whats trumps again?" "what are we playing...?") but i couldnt sleep for hours so i'm not sure that the fijians werent lying and feeding us pond water and laughing behind our backs!

the next afternoon, the sun finally decided to show its face and taking full advantage, i went for my first fijian swim (alone-han was practising her new favourite hobby-lying in a hammock!) and tried to pretend that it hadnt started raining again. then, in the distance, i saw a boat!! with people in!! so i ran in, told han, which was enough to dislodge her, and sure enough the boys were striding towards us!! cavey, seb, dan and mole #2 (seriously, who meets TWO different people on their travels called MOLE?!)

we all went swimming again, until we really couldnt ignore the fact that we were nearly drowning from the water coming from ABOVE and our flip flops nearly got washed away, only just saved by cavey, my hero. that night, we were taught the flick game by the boys who played it on whichever island they had been on. its a fijian game, a mixture of pool and air hockey except you have to flick the puck at little pieces and get them in one of the four holes (see pictures). was being coached by dan who even managed to turn my negative shots (like potting the puck) into positive comments (its really hard to do that actually, well done!) the flick game became a big part of our lives from that day forward (i'm going to make one when i get home-it'll be a great uni game!)

next day, we got shipped to beachcomber, mainly because..THE BIG MATCH WAS ON!!! the boys were going to watch it and we only got booked in at the very last minute-tense times! we also got upgraded to twin rooms with an ensuite instead of the 90+ dorm that was being done up!! thank GOD! the boys taught us the BULA dance! which is the fijian version of the macarena-soooooo funny, we all got up and did it on the dance floor, nearly wet myself laughing at cavey rolling his hands in the air, head flung back as far as it could go! there's a video but you kind of had to be there! couldnt afford any alcohol (lots of you will be pleased to hear) but bought lots of drinks from dans fake bar-fake tequila is much nicer and has less of a kick that the real deal! found a couple of bed bugs later-not nice!

6 am-get woken up by seb poking my knee-time for MAN U vs chelsea. i wont bore you with the results (YES MAN UNITED WINNING ON PENALTIES!! NO JOHN TERRY MISSING HIS AND CRYING FOR AN HOUR!!!) but i dont think ive ever been so tense! we all celebrated (cavey and seb also man u fans) by playing kkkkrrrrrazy golf, which i didnt suck at as much as i thought! found a blue star fish on our attemt to swim in the 10cm deep sea. finished the day with a crab race-we (the boys) entered an auction to buy a crab and got bula-the fijian crab. we didnt win which was a suprise, we thought they'd have pumped bula with steroids or something!

the next day, we were very sad to say goodbye to the boys for good but soon cheered up when we randomly bumped into...NICKI and CHLOE!! very exciting and we arranged to meet on long beach as they were going to be there for a week. on the little boat to sunset waya, our next destination, we got chatting to another group of 3 boys-oli, tom and fred and found out that they were from brighton too!! and later (and this IS weird) i found out that oli knows jade from the saltdean tavern!! we all went to another village on another island which connects to sunset when the tide is out and watched an inter-village rugby match, which wasnt that thrilling i have to admit. beforehand though, we wandered past some kiddies playing rugby with a water bottle, the passion, excitement and VIOLENCE was astounding! kids as young as 4 were lpaying with 12 year olds, jumping on top of each other and were fine! if only english children were so robust!
later that night, we played cards and watched tom do an impossible trick, which he promised he'd show us if we ever bumped into each other in brighton!! also threatened oli with a machete because he kept screwing me over in shit-head. i know how to earn respect!!

next day we wove our own bracelets, which i was very proud of and i also did an anklet! i'm clearly a natural for threading pineapple leaves together! they guys built a hut and we had a bonfire in the evening, which a couple of fijian guys doing fire dancing (badly-they dropped the fire sticks SO many times!). the next day, despite an offer from a random guy that i could stay on sunset if i swept the beach for 1 hour then give him a massage, we headed to bay of plenty. best thing i have EVER done. will finish this soon cos am knackered now but hope ive given an insight into fiji!!

lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Recent Messages

From Dad
Hi Meethi

It was great to hear from you the other day. Bula Bula! You sound just like John Orrells! I told you Fiji would be Great!!
I'm glad, sleep is now included as part of your adventures - in addition to drinking mud. Also pleased that your taste buds have matured - you like paw paw. Needless to say I'm sure they were not as nice as African ones. It must have been great to swim in the rain & that's what undid John Terry. Did I tell you that Ronaldo is seriously thinking of joining Madrid. We got cut off the other day as I was about to tell you that Portugal won their first game against Turkey in the European Championship. They played really well. As did Holland yesterday against the reigning champions Italy: 3-0.

I'm looking forward to seeing your arty-farty jewellery. I'm sure it'll be great.

The Chattri Service went very well on Sunday - The Vice Lord Leiutenent, The High Sheriff of E.Sussex & the Mayor were all there.

I saw Dan P the other day at school & he also mentioned about the snow in NZ - something about men's unmentionables being particularly vulnerable. I hope you're coping with the weather but glad to hear you're carrying on with the trip regardless - don't forget, us Dhillons are from hardy stock (when it suit).

Just heard that you're going to a place where you can watch Wales. Sounds great. Have you swum with the dolphins yet?

Mum's very lucky & I'm very jealous - she's going to see you soon & I'm not.

Hope you're shoulder/back gets better soon.

All for now. Keep up The Continuing Adventures of Rhianna Dhillon.

Miss you loads & love you the most.

Response: Bula indeed! why john orrells..? tastebud have defo improved, i tried curried goat remember!
ronaldo IS NOT thinking of joining madrid!!! apparently he's playing a star part in all the matches so far! just seen the rugby-totally atrocious, am ashamed of the england team!! although topsy ojo (what a name) was great.

glad to hear about the chattri, watched the video from the link! i welled up, it was lovely seeing you, if only briefly! i forgot you dont have a beard!!!

i'm sorry. WHAT exactly are you talking about when you say men's unmentionables...? do i want to know? there's no snow anyway, all the skiers are incredibly pissed off right now! i'll see you really soon anyway-TEN DAYS!! cant wait! hope you've taken the whole day off to celebrate! LOVE YOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Mum
Hi Angel
Brilliant to catch up with all the details - Fiji sounds so wondeful. Shame you've gone from that to snow!! The pictures are great (except for the creature you are nearly squashing!) and so colourful. Hopefully we'll be drinking a different kind of Cava when you get home! Glad you opted out of the massage! Looking forward to the Bula dance.
Have fun swimming with dolphins in the freezing temperatures; I expect you'll catch up with some sun in LA! Only 9 days to go.
Love you and cant wait to see you for a Cosmopolitan in Manhattan!!!
Response: cava sounds great! have been teaching the bula even here in NZ (no, really!) cant wait for sunny LA, and the pina coladas are on you!! love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Diana
Hi, Rhianna, So good to hear from you. Fiji sounds brilliant. Cava is obviously an acquired taste! Your games' skills must be phenominal by now. You will be in great demand when you get to Reading. We can't wait to hear the full story when you get back. We are really looking forward to the exploits in NZ.
With much love from Richard and Diana
Response: it's so nice to hear from you too, sorry i was out of contact for so long! exploits in NZ are fairly minimal at the mo, although hopefully thia will change as i'm now in the south island!!
i hope nick and flick are doing well in oz!! lots of love xxxx
From Mrs Las
How weird! Was his name Matt then?? I never found out!
So what can I have from NZ? Anything you'd recommend?? You decided what you're going to get on your hoody yet? I actually can't wait! Please get almost...almost..! There we are, well done! With a guy with top and tails ;) You're so weird..!
So what have you been up to in NZ then??
Miss you, love you xxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: yeah it was, but i thought he was called rich all night!! very embarassing!!
havent decided yet!! answers on a postcard please! i'll do a plea for help on facebook! you must be in thailand now! wow!! how was the rest of singapore? didnt meet the guys in the end-flight got cancelled til the next day! love u lots xxxxxxxx
From Mrs Las
Oh my god I actually love your entry! I just read it and it made me miss you and Fiji so much!
Au Domani Rhianna indeed!!!
Love the photos too, especially THE TREE!
BULA! Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: the tree was immense-to use poppy's word! i miss fiji and you too :( guess what-bumped into ruth and matt from sunset!! weird! love u babe xxx
From The real banana #1!
Oi! Don't blame my watch for telling us the wrong time, it was that guy in the coach! I asked him and he gave us the wrong time. Dam him, I still can't believe we were up so early, considering we hadn't slept properly in SO LONG!
Hope you're having a blast in NZ! Can't wait to see you back in England, Love yoooooooou xxxxxx
P.S. Say hi to the Byron guys from me! :) x
Response: i do blame you, everyday, for everyTHING!! ;)
am having a pretty good time, and dont worry, i will pass on the message!!
have a wicked time in thailand! if you get a chance, could u or pops get me those havaianas? will ovvers pay you back, there are about $50+ here, which is about 25 squid! anything u want from NZ? xxx
From Mrs Bill (Las!)
Hey honey, how are you?? How was your flight to NZ?? I hope all is good and you're not missing me too much! I keep thinking of things that I should tell you but you're not here :( I took a photo of "YES optus" for you and took photos of lots of birds at Melbourne Zoo! (Yes there are now a million more photos of kangaroos and koalas on my camera!)
Just off to bed now so let me know what you're up to soon,
Love you tons and see you sooooon! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: hey mrs las!!
flight was ok, how was urs? i'm missing you loads, woke up on my first morning in NZ and thought, better wake han so we can have some brekkie!! thanks for the yes optus piccy, u know i love it! how was the zoo, did u see everything u thought? was it nice to meet with norm and norma? you must be off today, have a fab time in singapore! love you lots,
mrs joe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ps. there we are...WELL DONE!!!
From West Ham Raj
Hi Rhianna Boo Boo...!
Now everyone knows..!
I have managed to get on and have a quick look at your adventures....Not really jealous.
Life seams to be a "beach", a drink or dozen and having fun..! KEEP IT UP..
On the cockroach event, I bet the cockroach was more frightened of you....Who needs a nuclear war...when Rhianna is about..!
Are you going to be watching the footie final today, tonight, in the morning?..not sure what time it is over there at the moment.
Keep up the hard
Response: oh my GOD of course i watched it, i managed to find the only island in the whole of fiji that was showing it!!! it was AMAZING!!! WE WON!!!! yeah life is really hard out here, so stressful, you know how it is!!! in NZ at the mo, exciting times!!

hope all is good your end, when are you next away??

lots of love, Rhianna...(boo boo) xxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Chacha
hi Rhiancha
Wow - what a party you're having and in the sun- beats blighty anyday.I've been reading your adventures full of all the ingredients of a thrill; of scary drives and wild life ( spiders i mean) but no spills -what! after all the boozing you all seem to have done AND you got hammered -you see i'm not the only one!!!
i'm really looking forward to seeing the pics when we meet. All the stunnning beaches, coral, multicoloured fish and the lake sound fantastic. So which part of your anatomy was exactly branded- you didn't say!
Had any roo meat yet or any other ethnic wildlife? and what bout aussi culture- love to hear your observations. anyway i'm now on the red and need some more before the night is out and me. kesi and Andrea says hello and send their love. K wants to know when will you come see her. keep us posted. love you mithii.
Response: hey cha cha,

yeah i'm having an awesome time! seen loads of wildlife, which has been the best bit. it was only my arm not my arse, dont worry! haven't had kangaroo yet :( shame and i wanted to try shark too. the culture is mainly to be as sleazy and innappropriate as possible (men) and to be honest, i dont think the women are too friendly either, although you get the odd few. we were talking to a security guard the other day, trying to find our bus stop and after a while, he said that people hated them (as an institution) because they thought they were racist. and when i asked him why people thought they were racist, he said it was because they hate blacks. well mainly aboriginals because they're scum, smell, dont work, etc. i was so horrified, i was nearly in tears, and walked away as quickly as possible. as mum said, it was nasty but not really a surprise.

and to be fair, i think i've been getting the least hammered of everyone, including my alcoholic cha cha by the sounds of it! tell keshi that i will see her as soon as i can and think of her lots, especially now its her birthday coming up! can't believe she's growing up so fast, poppy thought she was still 2 years old! love to andrea too, hope they enjoy their trip down to brighton, shame i'm not there to see them!

miss you and love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From dad
Hi Meethi
Your adventures seem non stop & fantastic . I'm quite jelous. At least now you're doing more than just drinking! Photos are brilliant. Keep them coming.

I've just a couple of very useful survival techniques for you & your friends- cribbed from the Guardian. If you're attacked by an:
Alligator: If you're on land, run for it as fast as you can in a straight line. The chances are that it would not want to to give chase for any distance away from water. If you're in water, attack it's eyes and or snout. Failing that pray that it just want's your ear!
Shark: Poke its eye hard.
Mountain lions, pumas & cougars: Never turn your back or run away. Stand your ground, look the cat in the eye, make yourself look big e.g standing on a rock, opening your coat etc. Bare your teeth & make make menacing noises i.e. act like an animal. Be preapred to fight with a stick or by throwing rocks if the cat is unimpressed by your demeanor. Remember you've got to be the more aggressive predator. If this fails, pray a that a mini typhoon wisks you or the cat away or a Massai warrior happens by!
Bears: Stay away. It will only attack if it feels you are treathening it or her babies. A bear can run as fast as a horse and climb up trees. Standing your ground won't do much good. Some suggest that you play dead - this will require a quantum leap in faith. As a bad Sikh, this won't do you much good!
Bees: Run away but don't swat at them - it only pisses them off. If you can't get indoors to shut them out, then run through bushes or undergrowth to slow them down. Don't jump into a pool -apparently they just wait for you to resurface (I don't believe this bit).
Wild turkeys ( yes, you read this right): especially in Boston, USA - fight them off with a broom or an open umbrella, umberalla Rhianna!
Drunk Aussies: Before doing anything, remind yourself you are superior to them, even if you're not (assuming you're not drunk yourself). If you remind them of this, they may get even more aggressive (apparently they have an inbuilt inferiority complex). Think of the most cutting remark you can think of which alludes to their manhood & deliver it with an air of assertive indifference (apparently the men have a macho complex as well). See their eyes glaze over and leave immediatly.

I hope you don't have to confront these vicious predators.
Keep amusing us with your experiences.
Trevor sends his love.
Love you lots and missing you most.

Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Response: wow dad, loving the long long message, even if most of it was nicked from the guardian (which i surprisingly miss. well the weekend mag anyway). shame you give me all that advice the day before i leave australia! and dont worry about the drunk aussies, i have been EXTREMELY cutting with my remarks, they all seem to have enormous chips on their shoulders when it comes to us being from england, because apparently WE should take responsibilty for sending criminals over there in the first place. i think they are lacking in the brain cell area. to be honest, the scariest thing we've faced so far is probably a weird welshman called wes who's working at our hostel. bad times. did you know that there arent any snakes in new zealand OR ireland. how random! hope evryone at school is ok, say hi to trevor. flying to fiji early sunday morning-anything to worry about there? apparently we can carve bracelets out of coconuts! meeting up (maybe) with a couple of guys from the oz experience then when i fly to NZ may meet up with the original boys from byron and then again with them in LA. will try and ring tonight as unlikely there will be many opportunities in fiji!

love you lots and lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ps i never saw 27 dresses but did see made of honour which was pretty good! they both involve weddings anyway (doesnt evey romcom) i cried a lot! as ususal! xxxx
From Diana
Lovely to hear about your exploits in Cairns, especially the cattle prods etc. You are obviously having the time of your life. It is such fun to read about your latest adventures. We look forward to the next episode.
With much love,
Richard and Diana
Response: Aw, thatnk you. the cattle rods were certainly a highlight of some kind...! am about to update, sorry its taking so long! xxx
From Mum
The photos have blown me away, they are amazing, just such beautiful places. Loved the kangaroo and the ocean and the beach and the.....
Wish I was there!
Hope you're having great fun in PD. LOVE YOU MORE
Response: glad you like them, there's plenty more to show you when i come back!!! wish you were here too, miss you LOADS!
From Mum
I so want that Koala - he's so cuddly. (Not so sure about the croc tho!) It all sounds so fantastic - so glad you're all having such an amazing time. Enjoy the rest of Cairns & look forward to finding out about Port Douglas. Love to all. Mum
Response: He was cuddly but he pooed on me-bad times. Cairns was ok...will explain in detail later but right now am doing more photos-good times! in PD at the mo-its fantastic! love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Diana
Your adventures on the island sound awesome. Lake McKenzie sounds amazing. It is great to keep in touch with you and to hear all your news.
Much love, Richard and Diana
From Sue
Hi Rhianna, sorry for the scatty mislpaced message detailing my thrilling exploits. As you can imagine I was on a search for any info during the week you were all out of touch and, clearly, I'm very easily confused. Anyway i'll spare you any more updates of my daily activities but i feel its important to say that I hope you are having a terrific time too, take care & enjoy the rest of your adventure, love Sue
Response: Hi sue, don't worry about it!! we were all off radar for a bit, its understandable! we're having an amazing time here, me and han are starting to plan fiji too!
hope everything is ok in brighton! x
From Nick & Felicity
Hi Rhianna - sounds like you're having a great time. We're heading to Melbourne on Thursday, and looking forward to exploring Oz ourselves. Hope the weather has improved by the time we get there! Continue to enjoy yourself.
Nick and Felicity
Response: Hi! I can't believe your moving for such a long time! I'm sure you'll have an incredible time though-good luck with the new jobs! Oz is fantastic-i'm having the best time!
Lots of love xxx
From Mum
Hi Hannah,
It's quite strange not to hear from you for so long, but i'm sure that's because you having lots of fun and new adventures. Have you mastered surfing yet? How was the ranch? Ceri & ryan left us yesterday to go to her nan, but they should be back in Brighton in their new flat in a couple of weeks. The festival starts in Brighton today - we nearly went to Simon's band at 'the udderbelly' last night but it was a bit over budget so met some friends at joogleberrys which was very nice. Going to Judith's open house tonight & lot's more booked so it should keep us busy! Dad cycling in New Forest with Simon C today. Anyway, hope you are still having fun and looking after eachother better than ever!! Lots of love Mumxxxxx
From Diana
Rainbow Beach sounds brilliant! It's great to chill out for a while. Fraser Island will be brilliant. I remember our three really enjoying their time there. Have fun!
Much love,
Response: Fraser island was fantastic as were the whitsundays! hope everything is good at home. lots of love xxx
From Mum
Hope you all have a fantastic time on Fraser Island and on Poppie's birthday. Dont forget to wish Rach a 'belated' happy birthday too.The islands sound amazing - Im sure you'll have a wonderful time. Hope the colds are all better and you're still enjoying sunshine. Hope the camp is ok and you dont get freaked by spiders! Glad to hear you're eating veg! Looking forward to the photos. Love you and miss you loads........ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hey,
fraser was fab, cold is not much better though!
could you tell chel that i deleted her message accidently! i'm so sorry! so this is my reply....

hey chel, glad to hear about your birthday, sounds like you had a fantastic time! glad you liked the bag too, i saw it and immediately thought of you!!

the underground ride at alton towers sounds amazing-you're so brave, don't think i could have done that!!

speak to you soon, lots of love!!
From Diana
I have just read your recent blog from Noosa and seen your photo collection. Amazing! It is brilliant to have such a fantastic record of your trip.
Yesterday here was warm and sunny but today is wet with the promise of brighter weather later.
Continue to have a great adventure.
Lots of love,
Response: Thanks very much-Noosa really was amazing! I hope the sun stays out for you!
Lots of Love xxxx
From Mum
Just had to let you know that we've had sunshine today!! It was actually quite warm (well 19 degrees); had to go and have lemom sorbet of course! Hope some of it has reached you by now - the sun not the sorbet! All sounds wonderful except for the rain. Hope trip to Brisbane goes well. The pictures are fab; looking forward to next installment, particularly that second when you were standing on the surfboard! Have lots of fun & less alcohol!!
Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: thats so funny cos its so hot here and i just had a coffee and lime ice-cream (they didnt have lemon) for you!! took a pic t make you jealous but you probs got yours from morroccos so i'm the jealous one!

have literally had some of the best few days of the trip so far!!

love you xxx
From Diana
It was great to get all your news and to hear your impressions of all these amazing places. What a brilliant experience for you. Now we have your blog address we can follow your progress. NZ will be brilliant, I'm sure.
Take care and continue to have a wonderful time.
Much love,
Richard & Diana
Response: Thanks very much, it's great to hear from you! Tell Amanda congratulations on her fantastic run. Still having a wonderful time here, we're heading to brisbane later today.
Hope all is good down your end!
Lots of love xxx
From Mum
Sydney sounds fantastic - its so good to catch up with all your news, I'm so envious of the beach tours - was the sea warm? Are you planning to go inside the Opera House? We're looking forward to seeing all the piccies. I'm loving the fact you seem to get free beer and meals. Cant be bad. Are you only drinking Fosters now? Where is the Surf Camp? Good luck with the whole surfing thing - hope you can stay on!! The whole Oz experience sounds great, glad to hear Nikki had such a good time. It must be fun yet weird to all be together on the other side of the world. Keep up with the blog; dont forget Grandpa's expecting you to publish your book! It was the BEST thing to talk to you for so long this morning - you seemed so close, it was like you were here! Hope you've managed to replace your flipflops! I'll e mail you.
LOVE YOU SSSSSOOOOOOO MUCH. Take care and keep away from the 'random' men!!
Response: the sea was pretty cold! didnt go inside the opera house, we did our own version outside-there was no need!
drinking lots of VB (Victoria Bitter) and goon (which is really cheap wine-main ingredients being egg and fish...) bought myself some havaianas, which are REALLY nice flip flops here-they're white with fluoro pink on the "thongs". LOVE YOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From dad
Hi Meethi
Good to read about your "adventures". Miss you lots. Have spent the whole day (my first day of holiday) trying to buy a car. I've sort of decided on a Ford - boring cos it's very much like the Scenic but it is a greener car. I haven't bought it yet. Glad you met up with Claire & did you understand the rules of Aussie footy? Is their rugby season over - try to get to a game either in AUS or NZ - it should be fun as it's their national sport. Have you tried Kangaroo liver yet? It's mindblowing apparently. I suspect you haven't! I also hear curried grubs are the in thing - it's a new trend which has not caught on yet. It's like eating prawns without the fishy/salt water taste. Yum yum. When you get to Sydney, look up the Kalers in the phone book. They may be related - Great great uncle was last seen around 1909 leaving for AUS from India. Hope it's warmer in Sydney & hope you get down to some serious culture by going to the opera (perhaps not but at least set foot in the famous building) & get invited to some barbies (not dolls). Are you going to see/contact Wendy? Oh there's a new film out that I thought you might have gone to if you had been here called 27 Dresses. According to Heat (I read it all the time in the toilet - it's rightful place), it's a "formuliac chick-flick at heart.......& above the average romcom" 4 stars worth! Clearly a must see, intellectually inspiring, discussion thumping & expensive-for-parents (who's going to pay for the dresses?) film. Most of the snow has melted here & the Olympic Torch made it's tortuous journey through London yesterday as it got buffeted between protesters & the Chinese bodyguards. It's in France now. The interest rates can see I've run out of imagination now so I'll stop & reiterate thast I love you & miss you. Reply soon. Bundles of love. Love to the girls too. Dad.

Response: Woah dad, du wanna write my blog for me?! loving the major comment! dont tell me ur gonna get a black car? again?
did sort of get the rules except it seemed that they could be as dirty as poss and not get sent off! ashley cole would be in heaven!
curried grubs are NEVER gonna be the in thing dad, however hard you try to get them in! was craving ur crab dish earlier tho!
read my blog to see the "amazing" thing i dragged everyone to, just for you!!

Love that you have admitted to the world that you read heat. on the loo. so many issues...!
cheers for the extra info, i'll bear it in mind...!

missing you loads, espesh after this message, forgot how H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S you can be!!

LOVE YOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Mum
Brilliant to talk to you today; great you managed to get to the beach; how was it? From our slightly Spring weather last week we are now having Arctic conditions - quite funny. Poor Dad's got 2 weeks off now!! Hope you're having lots of fun and looking forward to Sydney. I'm so jealous!! Have a wonderful time and dont look for Mango's or Zara! Lots of love to Pops (thanks for the photos on her blog!) Han and Rach. Love you and miss you loads........... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: am well looking forward to sydney!! ha ha dad will have to be snowed in, perhaps he could do some cleaning or something...?
beach was nice but SOOOOOOO windy!
going for pizza and cocktails tonight for oue last night in melbourne!
love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx