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Rich Family Album

Hello to April, Betsy and all our special invited guests,

This was primarily set up to show April a few photos every now and then. Because her Planet Ranger site is just such a great idea I thought it could work both ways!

I might just add a photo or two occasionally as something worth sharing 'pops up' (like snakes!) or we have a little adventure of our own to share. Keeping in touch like this is just so easy! Hope you enjoy your visits.

Love you all, Love you April.

Photos - Click Below


16 Dec, Misc page 2

random acts of senseless visuality


Meet Paris and Penny

Meet your new neighbours!


3 Dumb Ducks

Remember the visitors we had on Father's Day? The Duck family? Well, they're back. It's a family of 3 now. And they're just as dumb as ever!



1 December, summer of 2005/2006


Coast Road, Lennox Head

Here are some photos I have on file from the air of the house and the beach across the street. I'll add some more to this soon for you.


Buffy does Belgium (chocolate)

Don't worry, we did 'em first! And thanks a lot too!!


Sunday's Summer Storm

We had a short, intense cloudburst this arvo. It rained about 15mm in 15 minutes. Just as I went to take a photo it stopped! Figures.


Leapin' Lizards!

While you were in Italy I was in the backyard paddock removing lantana. Look what/who I saw...


Narooma Coastal Conference, p1

I hadn't been to the South Coast since the 1980's but was fortunate enough to attend the annual Coastal Conference in Narooma from 8-11 November.


Narooma, page 2

More photos taken from the Narooma NSW Coastal Conference


21 Nov., Misc Photos page

Bits and pieces, pieces and bits. Flowers and fauna and family and beaches


What's new?

All the news you you can eat!


Mudgee (wine?) Conference 2005

The latest from the Local Government Conference at Mudgee (without any boring photos of the conference itself, of course). Don't get the wrong impression. These were taken the day before it started. Of course.


Ev & Robyn do O'Reilly's

A quick trip to O'Reilly's.


Taking Off, literally!

Brisbane Airport, Tuesday 20 September, 2005. A day that will live in History. April goes to Europe.

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