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Welcome to My Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 04 August 2007

Location: London, UK

Whew, Sorry for the huge gap in correspondance, it´s so hard to get hold of the net for any length of time and when we have its just to book future accomodation.
We flew into London late on Wednesday night after a 12 hour flight from Thailand. After an hour underground journey to the hostel we dumped our things and were pumped for a wander around the streets of London. We did a lap past some of Londons major touristy sites and Richo was like a Japanese tourist possesed and took more photos than is humanly possible.......I now call him Richosan. Still on Bangkok time we stayed up later than we should have but Clydey had no trouble keeping our new room mates awake all night.......snoring.
The next morning we arranged to meet Clydeys dad at 10am. We got up at 6am and rewalked all of the sites we had walked the night before before meeting up with him.
It felt like we we walked for ever and Clydeys dad felt it mid afternoon when, in typical English fashion, it started to rain and he hailed a cab......must be getting old. [Hope you read this] We wont bore you with the sites, we`ll just include some photos from the day but particular mention needs to go to Harrods. It is the single greatest retail experience ever. Anything you want from 10000 aussie dollar bottles of wine on the shelf to 150´000 dollar watches on display. Credit to the old man, he took us on a full guided tour of London and more, pointing out sites that you wont find in any guide book.
After walking for 13 hours, literally from one side of London to the other, we finally made it back to our hostel. Richo was all walked out so Clydey set out on a sober adventure at midnight to find out where Ministry of Sound night club was, as we were going there the next night. After getting himself lost, Clydey arrived back at the hostel at 2am discovering the club was closed.
So after going to the Hostel bar for a few beers Clydey hit the sack doing what he does best....Snores.
The next morning we woke around 6am and decieded to venture out and try a real English breakfast. With just a few stops on the way (Andrew and that dam camera), we arrived at a little English cafe and had the works for only 6pound. So with a fully stomic it was time to go and pick up our London Pass giving us access to all the sites and public transport for free. On the way there we somehow managed to find the largest toy store in the world but lucky for Clydey it was closed. After picking up our pass we spent the entire day racing from one site to the next it was amazing there where so many people everywhere but with the pass we managed to jump the line and walk into almost all touristy sites with little hassle. Around 7pm we decided it was time to head home to discover we had new room mates. We where lucky enough to have Harry Potter staying with us and some german girls who just made reference to how smelly Clydeys feet were (hours of walking will do that). After a shower it was time to be socal down at the local bar which turned out to be a major hang out as all other bars in London for some reason shut at 11pm. So with two pints of London Pride down the hatch it was time to challange everyone in the bar to a game of pool, god must have been with us as game after game we managed to win making us the most popular people in the bar...well until they decided to have a few rules of there own and in true Richo fasion he started giving them all a hard time about being poms. Lucky for us they thought it was pritty funny and that gots us talking about all the stars of OZ... Sick of talking about Croc Dundee and Chopper Reid it was time to hit Ministry of Sounds. With a que out the door and round the corner we pushed our way throu right to the front everything was going fine until we got stung with a 15pound entry fee only to realise that was all the money we had so after entry we just walked from room to room. After some David Clyde two step and Richo just shaking his thing it was time to leave not before a quick toilet stop where a guy not only showed u to your cupical but wased your hands for you...weird but we werent complainig.
The next morning waking up early again (time zones are the worst) we met a Japanese fella by the name of Ken. Clydey being the friendly guy that he is invited him to come out with us for the day little to his knowledge he would be going home later that night drunk. After another massive plate of baked beans and sauages it was time for another day of sites. We called it quits early going to the markets for lunch. It was time to try something new so after looking around for awhile we stumpled upon ostridge burgers. With little convincing Richo chomped into it, turns out they are really tasty. After luch Richo continued to walk around as it was time for Kenny to be shown the pub by Clydey. Kenny being a little wobblie and time running out it was time for us to leave London after 3 full days of site seeing, so with a few tears from Ken we where off for our 2 hour flight to Nice, France.

Thursday, 02 August 2007

Location: London, UK

After 3 hours sleep after our big night out on arrival day, the all you can eat buffet was a great hangover cure. Clearly noone informed the hotel that David Clyde and Andrew Richards would be attending breakfast as they had trouble keeping up with the food.
After brekky, we went for a wander around the back streets and alleys of Bangkok......(during daylight hours). It was amazing to see the life that the Thai people live. The conditions are squallid and life appears tough, however, the people are always happy and friendly. Watching the people at work, preparing food, washing and other day to day chores is a real eye opener. The smells are a nostrel opener too!
We left the hotel for a day trip around Bangkok with Mr Tom, he was the taxi driver assigned to us for the whole day, to take us wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted. We did the touristy things and saw as many temples and buddas as is bearable. Firstly we took a ride on a longboat that went for an hour around the back water canals around Bangkok. Again this was amazing and also an eye opener, (and the nostlels again) The funniest thing we saw was a floating sevice station, where our longboat pulled up to refuel. The cigarette hanging out of the attendants mouth as he splashed petrol all over the engine that was still running was definately an OH&S issue.
After completing the boat tour, we landed at the Grand Palace. We walked around there for a couple of hours, again, amazing........this is my word to describe most of Thailand! We spent the rest of the day visiting temples and buddas and got back to the hotel late in the afternoon.
We arranged two VIP tickets to go and see the Thai Boxing at night, at Lumpinee Stadium. The tickets enabled us ringside seats with beer service. The atmosphere in there was electric as we watched 45kg kids knock the shit out of each other. There were thousands of locals, all yelling out there bets between rounds and the coaches in the corners screaming instructions to the fighters. It was like a scene from a movie.
We went for dinner at the food markets and the food is so good and so cheap. We headed back to Khoesan again and wandered around with longnecks again. Because it was our last night we had to venture back to Phat Pong Road in case we missed anything the first time. We found a great bar with about 10 schoolgirls dancing around poles on a stage. It was good because no one came up to us hassling us for money. After a few more beers and a few more bars, we decided to call it a night. We were just walking past a bar when Richo noticed a particularly well endowed young lady serving beers.
After a brief chat (and some beers) it was decided that she was a he. After chatting some more it was also evident that if Clydey happened to have 1000 baht ($39)on him he was a good chance of recieving the "full sevice" in a hotel room across the road. It was at this stage Richo hopped into a Tuk Tuk and Clydey continued to
swagger from bar to bar until apparently 5am, (still unconfirmed)
Rising 3 hours later for the 12 hour flight to London was a bit of an issue....Thats 6 hours sleep since leaving oz.....

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Well, here we are in Thailand. Suprisingly we made it after some of Clydey famous directions in Sydney airport. We ended up in the wrong departure lounge going through customs at the wrong end of the airport.
Pretty smooth flight, the food was awesome for airoplane food and Richo was in heaven because we sat next to a friendly old lady who kept giving him all the stuff she didn't like.
We landed in Bangkok airport to a swealtering 36 degrees with 1000 percent humidity. After fighting off a thousand Thai locals who all wanted to drive us into Bangkok, we finally got to our hotel. It's a pretty sweet place, 5 star and buffet breakfast will be hard to give up for the next 3 months. An hour after arriving, we were ready to hit the streets. First stop Phat Pong Road........We wandered up and down for a bit "window shopping" Then a young Thai bloke dragged us into a bar with the promise of "No Ladyboys". After seeing these chicks i would have almost preferred to look at ladyboys, they were terrible! We were the only two people in the entire club and as soon as we walked in the girls stopped performing and came over to maul us and insist on us buying them drinks. When we went to leave, all hell broke loose and the girls got upset, the ower tried to sting us for the "free" beers and admission and the bouncer come over to see what the problem was. He copped a mouthfull from Richo, so did most of the bar and we hurried on our way.
Second stop Koesang Road. We hopped into our first Tuk Tuk and sped madly down the road. Those things are out of control! Koesang was awesome, very relaxed, backpackers everywhere. The beer was pretty cheap, about $1.50 for a longneck and the best part is you can buy a beer and just wander around with it. We bought the best food off a street vendor who had the wok blasting and cooked us some Pad Thai, It was the best, and it was also cheap .50.
We spent most of the evening wandering from bar to bar sampling the local beer and arguing about the price. We then found a bar that made Clydey feel right at home......a gay bar tender who was quick to tell Richo that Clydey was the better looking of the two. Richo took offence and spent the rest of the night trying to convince him otherwise. The service we recieved was great including a free massage. It was time to go when he followed us to the bathroom and banged on the door, "just wanting a look". We fled into a Tuk Tuk and somehow ended up in a poorly lit back alley that the driver had recommended was "a good time". Yes.........It was ping pong time! The Tuk Tuk driver cut us a pretty good deal at the door and from then on we were treated like kings! We were sat front row centre, When Clydeys first drink arrived........It was a pepsi, that disappeared into one of the young ladies unopened and reappeared very much open. It was then pressed firmly onto Clydeys lips and he was ordered to "Drink!" The crowd went crazy as he gulped it down finishing the whole bottle. Then it was apparent that after this brief initiation into the seedy underworld of Bangkok he was ready for ping pong. Because he was such a good sport with pepsi he was selected to catch the ping pong being shot wildly around the bar. Crouched like Adam Gilcrist, he caught all balls shot at alarming speed and once they were all in hand the crowd went wild again as he gave the balls a victory sniff! It was at this point the evening turned a little sour as the girl shooting the balls asked for money from Clydey..........after opening a very empty wallet the owner of the club came over to have a chat. With the promise of more money from the ATM Clydey went with the club owner and bouncer (firearm in tow) to the nearest ATM. Again we figured it was time to go and grabbed the nearest Tuk Tuk and headed for the hotel.......4am. Thats just day 1.

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Response: We have thousands of photos its hard to keep a diary we never have time. We are in Vienna about to go to Brataslava then Salzberg then Munich times getting away thou.
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Great to see you are having an awesom time! There are some great photo's but it would be even better if you would give us a written update soon! Take care you lookin forward to seeing you when you get back
Woodsie, Adrian and family xx
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From kali
hi,guys i hope you having lots of fun and everything is going on ok.we all fine and havent heard from nana since two a month,i've been band from it.
Response: Well Zoo over here is like a porno magazine so if i could read Spanish im sure it would be funny, i find myself just looking at the pictures. Stand ur ground Kali Naughty Nana rocks
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Run like the wind boys never come back, or just pop back to build some ends on a Sunday. Your choice. I'm pretty jealous I have to say.
Response: We are running and not looking back. You should know Clydey cant build ends MR Store Manager...Please. Just quit and run with us meet u in Munich for a few steins
From cotto
Hi boys it looks like your having lot's of fun. I'm upset there is no ping pong photo's. everyone here is good.look forward to reading more.
Response: Ping Pong was nothing we are searching Spain for a donkey show... HA HA
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It is time you added to you travel blog mum looks every few days, hope you are all having a great time. Tell dave the shop lost 176000 Woden lost over 200000
Response: The internet is very expensive but well get there. Spain is so hoootttt.
From Coopers
How is Barcelona - have you climbed Sagrada Familia yet - awesome place - recommend a visit to Guell park also - we loved Barcelona - great sangria and you must try the Spanish hot chocolate! Enjoy..
Response: Barcelona was awesome and yes we climbed the Familia im not one to miss out on any sites. That sangria has got us into all sorts of trouble.
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hello just wanted to be the first to use this be good or we will be there to get you love from us
Response: Hey everyone where in spain.... guess what you where the first on our site how excitin