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5 January 2015
I've added an item on the diary page saying that I've now finished uploading 2014 photos so I'm now up to date.

December 2014
It's now 20th December and we go to Rachel's in Birmingham on 22nd. I've discovered more pages to upload for 2013 before getting to 2014, so it will be after Christmas before I'm up to date.

December 2011
You will see in my Diary entry that I've uploaded picures taken in 2011, so I hope you will enjoy the occasional browse through them.

January/February 2011
So I missed uploading in December 2010! Thirteen pages have now been added covering last year. Hope you enjoy them. If not, it's still a selective record for the family.

December 2009
With good intentions of keeping the pages up to date, you will see that I added some photos. back in February this year. These intentions quickly faded away, so as usual I'm frantically trying to find time to display some more from the remainder of the year. Apologies if you have returned to find the same old stuff. As the BT lady says if you don't dial immediately after lifting the handset, "Please try later".

I intend completing the exercise over the weekend (19/20 Dec.) and hopefully by Christmas Eve. The date on the diary pages will tell you how successful, or otherwise, I've been.

I also apologise for being so self indulgent, as in the end I suppose all I've produced is a family photo. album which Valerie says will be of no interest to anyone else. Maybe she's right - but I can keep a copy on disc for future family reference. There are several websites offering a service to produce albums, and whilst Planet Ranger is essentially designed for posting news of world travellers so that folks back home can keep in touch, it seems to offer a convenient way of communicating annually as well, in addition to fulfilling the album feature.

So it's up to you - the pages have had nearly 510 'hits' so far, not all of them mine, so some people have a look!

December 2008
As you may already have read when I started this "Page" (there are now many photo. pages!) I thought it might be useful to maintain it as a means of communicating one or two family events. Thus it is that I'm adding to it again this year. The previous pages have been left available for any new readers, but returning friends need only start with the top page and give up when you have had enough. They are in reverse chronological order. Incidentally, at the time of typing there have been 401 visits to the page since it started - and no, they are not all mine - see next paragraph.

My apologies in advance if you leave a message and don't receive a reply - I forget to visit my own page to check! Better to use the email address I gave on the slip with your Christmas card.

Best Wishes to everyone, and thanks for visiting.

December 2006
I've kept the reason for opening this page in the text below which was written in November (or December?) 2005. Thought it might be useful to add a few more photos. of the family. No doubt you will immediately sign out if you're not interested!

Nov/Dec 2005
I've been pestered by a long standing friend from Scouting in our University days, Geoff Cutts in Australia, to open up this page. Having visited him in November 2005 I owe it to him to obey. I can also share some of the photos. I took then, as well as show off the family in the UK. So here's to boring the socks off everyone. By the way, have a look at Geoff's page at

Diary Entries

Friday, 28 December 2018

Location: York, England

You have read my excuses before. This is no different. Hope to add some photos soon! Happy New Year to anyone who bothers to access my diary.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Location: York, England

Just a quick note to say that I thought I had made an entry in the diary last Christmas, 2016, but it doesn't appear in the list. This entry is on 15 December 2017 with an admission that I haven't uploaded photos for ages! Previous promises have obviously come to nothing, but I will try and do better in 2017, although I don't seem to have taken may photos in the last year, so there's not a lot to show. Anyway, Happy Christmas everyone!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Location: Withernsea, UK

If you have received notification of our imminent move to York, you will know that I haven't uploaded any photographs recently. So nothing's new, I hear you say. We expect to move around 13 or 14 January. Ruth & Rachel suggested some time ago that we consider moving, notionally to our benefit to be nearer family but more likely to theirs so that if we require attention (more frequent visits!) in the future, they wouldn't have to travel so far - meaning in reduced time. Ruth will be 20 minutes down the road by bicycle and Rachel 2 hours away by train, Birmingham to York compared with nearly 4 hours by road to Withernsea. So a new era awaits. I shall be returning to the City where I started work in 1957 with British Railways, leaving there in 1960.

There may be another change, all to do with the technical means of accessing this Planet Ranger page. PR don't make provision to change one's email address. As you know, you use the suffix 'richwatson' to access the page, this being the first part of my current email address which is served by Supanet. Once we are in York I expect to select another server (probably BT). In anticipation I have opened an email account with Microsoft's Outlook and I shall use this in future. Please note that it is It may be that you will still be able to access Planet Ranger by the usual method, but if not I may have to create a NEW page using my new Outlook email address. If that be the case, use 'richwatson2' as the suffix to reach the new page - which won't be created until we are well and truly established in York.

Mean while, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all from us both.

Monday, 05 January 2015

Location: Withernsea, England

Well, at last I've finished up to the end of 2014. I hope it won't be as long to upload 2015 photos when they are ready. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!

Sunday, 04 January 2015

Location: Withernsea, England

Not quite finished - another 7 pages to go! Please come back in a few days time.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

As stated on my Travel Page we 'travel' to Birmingham to stay with Rachel & family for Christmas, so it will be after we return on 27th December when there will be an opportunity to finish up-loading more photographs. I've found some extra ones for 2013 as well as having 2014 to deal with - so better wait until the New Year before coming back. (Yes, I know you have read that before!)

Friday, 19 December 2014

Location: Withernsea, England

I'm trying to keep my promise to get up to date. Have got as far as the end of 2013, so just 2014 to go. Hope to come back to it before Christmas (famous last words!)

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Location: Withernsea, England

Can't understand why photos uploaded in 2013 have not appeared on Travel Page (not that we've actually travelled anywhere special!). Will try again and continue with some from 2014 - not all at the same time though. Will come back to the task in a couple of days time.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Location: Withernsea, England

I don't understand why the last entry was in 2011. I thought I had added stuff last year (2012). A window has appeared that syas that my internet browser can block information but that I can disable that function which I thought I had. Maybe the 2012 entries never made it. I'll now check whether this entry is on the travel page before thinking about catching up with 2012.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Location: Withernsea, England

Well, that's it folks. I have finished uploading the 2011 pictures, although if I take any at Christmas it's a matter of conjecture as to whether I'll put those up before the year is out - but I wouldn't bet on it. Mind you, I'll have a bit of time after Boxing Day as Ruth, Rachel and families will be leaving having spent Christmas here, so after the inevitable tidying up(!) I might get round to it.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE - and if the Bankers and Politicians sort themselves out - A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Location: Withernsea, England

Hello again (if you have been here before!). Much to my surprise. and probably to yours, I'm about to start uploading photos taken in 2011. I'll let you know when I've finished, so kep coming back until that message is displayed. Meanwhile, we hope you will have a Peacefull and Happy Christmas. As for the New Year, I would guess that all we want is a Prosperous New Year - but there seems little hope of that at present, thanks to Bankers and Politicians!

Wednesday, 02 February 2011

Well, I said I would go into February to finish uploading. There are 13 pages alltogether, the last two being out of date order, but I don't think that matters. It would be a good New Year Resolution to add pages throughout the year, but as I'm unlikely to keep it I won't make it. Still, I'll try my best.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Location: Withernsea

Well, I said I would add some photos towards the end of January, but I didn't expect to do so on the very last day! And I don't think I'll get a whole year's uploaded at one visit, so I'm bound to go into February, as we shall be away tomorrow. In the interests of being brief, and because there's nothing I can think of that you may not already be aware of (excuse the grammar - prepositions and all that) I'll stop this entry now.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Location: UK

I thought I had finished, but have added another page which I'm sure will be the last this year - so Happy New Year to everyone.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

I've finished posting more photographs, except for a couple of the boys taken at their respective schools. I hope to deal with these at the beginning of next week, 21st onwards.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Location: Withernsea, UK

Two pages added today. Only six more to go!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Location: Withernsea, England

Just about to start adding photographs again, but may not get round to it until Friday or the weekend (18, 20, 21 December) so apologies if you have received our card (posted 16th) and logged on in anticipation. Hope to have it sorted before Christmas Day, but no guarantees. Since Christmas 2005 there have been 509 'hits' on the website so it will be intersting to see how many by the end of January - but I'll probably forget to look!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Location: UK

Here are three pages of photographs selected from many that Mark brought back from Austria when he delivered Ethan & Cormac back to the UK after their half term holiday, February 2009, in Vienna with skiing in Lackenhof.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Location: Withernsea, UK

In a few days' time I hope to add some photos. of Ethan & Cormac on their first skiing adventure with their father in Austria over the recent half term holiday.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Location: Withernsea, UK

Well, I've finally got round to posting this year's entry. Not that much has changed since last year, so you could scan through that as a reminder of who we are and what we do. Ruth still teaches 3 days a week in York, raising Ethan (now 9) & Cormac (7) at the same time. Ethan continues to play the trumpet in a brass ensemble, one of several musical groups in an arts section run by York City Education Dept. (See photo. pages for pictures in York Minster.) He has moved up to Cubs and Cormac has started Beavers. All three of them spent some time in Vienna at the beginning of the summer holidays when the boys stayed with their father, Mark. He also came over to England for their birthdays and will be in York at Christmas.

Rachel, Alex and James were in Lanzarotte in November and you will note from the photo. pages, that we all got together in mid-August in Norfolk, along with Alex's mother, Audrey, and Ruth & the boys. Whilst Rachel & James were with us for a weekend in early August, Alex participated in the 'Ramshackle' Car Rally from Calais to Krakow via Strasbourg and Bratislava (just 'Google' for details). James will start school next September and with that in mind, Rachel has secured a change in her contract at Birmingham City University from full time employment to term time only, 10.00 am to 2.30 pm, which will enable her to take and meet James to/from school. Meanwhile Alex remains concerned about the state of the construction industry and hopes to continue securing further contracts. He still has his boat which he moved to Cardiff Marina where he & Rachel are now members of the club there. We've not yet had an opportunity to join them on board, whereas when he berthed the boat at Evesham it was not so far to travel from their home.

I have relinquished the Secretary's post for Retired Members of the Institution of Civil Engineers in the Yorkshire & Humber Region and am now the Vice Chairman, due possibly to become Chairman next February. I've been involved with the Region in one way or another for over 40 years, so the Institution decided to award me a commemorative medal (it's an annual award for service to a Region) which was presented last October in London - along with many other Awards at the Institution's annual ceremony. I also continue to offer voluntary conciliation services to the three local NHS Primary Care Trusts in disputes that arise between patient and professional provider. At least I learn a little about the state of National Health provision! Fortunately there are not many complaints, which is a good sign.

I think the rest of our limited news is encompassed by the photograph pages. We don't have photos. electronically to hand of Ruth's various camping excursions and visits to Filey, nor of Rachel & family in Lanzarotte. But you are probably pleased to hear that - there are too many holiday type snaps, I hear you say, such that you don't want to be bored any more.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and ALL THE BEST FOR 2009 from Valerie and from me.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Location: UK

Apologies to those of you who have already visited this site this year. I have added a couple more pages of photos so you will have missed them. There's not a lot to say as the photo captions give some idea of the year's activities ("activity" said with tongue in cheek!). Mark & Ruth's divorce was finalised in the summer and as you will gather from the photos. Mark comes over from Vienna where he teaches at the American International School for the boys' birthdays etc. He took them to USA to visit his family for two weeks last July/August and they will be in Vienna for the New Year. Ethan & Cormac will have been the only 'jet-setters' this year.

Rachel is still working (full time) at what used to be the University of Central England in Birmingham. I always thought it was an awkward title but can't calaim that they listened to me when it was changed to "Birmingham City University" a couple of months back. There is a very good nursery on campus where James enjoys himself. I have to say that I'm one of those who thinks that children can benefit from this experience, despite missing more parental (well, mother really as father would be at work if mother and child are at home). So it's a busy time! Alex is also busy with his construction company working out of Worcester and travelling mainly between London, the Manchester area and down to Bristol. They still find some time to sail (well it's motorised sailing) on his boat out of a boatyard at Evesham - but that's when the water level is OK! Fortunately the summer floods didn't drag the boat from its moorings or cause it to upend and sink as many others did. Sailing was (and maybe still is) cutailed whilst locks were (are?) still full of debris.

Ruth took the boys camping a few times to Robin Hood's Bay and on one occasion we joined them for the day. Brought back scouting memories for me (incidentally, this has been the centenary year of founding the scout movement) but Valerie never fancied camping.

During term time we have visited Ruth in York for a day on a weekly basis. She teaches 3 days a week. Ethan goes to Cubs on Mondays and Cormac to Beavers on Wednesdays. On Saturdays the boys go swimming and later to junior football, with matches often on a Sunday morning. So it's a busy time in York as well as in Birmingham!

Some essential work at home in Withernsea (well, a new bathroom really) has dictated that holidays were spent (literally) here, apart from a get-together at Easter in the Derbyshire Peak District where we hired a cottage for a week. As many in the country were, we were blessed with excellent weather. Rachel, Alex and James could only stay for a few days but Ruth, Ethan & Cormac stayed the week.

Then there was a two-day trip to Legoland nr. Windsor. I drove Ruth and boys from and back to York and and we stayed overnight using one of the package deals. Again we had good weather - I can imagine it to be a disappointing visit if it rains, but otherwise I quite enjoyed it. One observation - better to be 5 years old and upwards. Younger children were becoming a handful for some parents by the end of the day!

I've been busy as Secretary of Yorkshire & Humber Retired Members of the Institution of Civil Engineers for the last 6 years but will be handing over to someone else next month. Keeps me in touch with what's going on in God's own County. I still offer vountary conciliation services to NHS Primary Care Trusts when patients make a complaint about GP and dental services that cannot be initially resolved between the parties. It's interesting to learn what might go wrong or how one might be treated. Nearly all complaints arise out of poor communication.

Well, I'm rabbitting on about nothing really, so better call it a day for now. I wonder whether I might add items during 2008 and not just at end of the year? Time will tell.

Merry Christmas for 2007 and a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Location: Withernsea

So as you can see, there's been quite a gap. I suppose that if we had been travelling round the world there would have been a lot to say before today, but the world ends in Yorkshire at present.

No particular reason, other than keeping in touch with the families and helping Ruth out on a weekly basis, now that she and Mark are separated - with an amicable understanding.

Mark has taken up a post with the Vienna International School and after Christmas will be coming over to take Ethan (7yrs) and Cormac (5 yrs) back for a week.

Ruth is still teaching part time at Fulford School in York and Rachel is back at work at University of Central England in Birmingham where, fortunately, there is a Nursery where James (now one and a half) spends the day, along with children of students and other staff. Very Handy!

We expect to have both families in Withernsea for Christmas.

We wish all our readers and viewers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ten new pages have been added, all at the top, so you don't have to trawl through last year's.

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