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My year away from Mundane life.

Welcome to Rico's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 03 November 2002

Location: Moscow, Russia

Ok it is not the 3rd of November but at last i found a place in Thailand that will develop my photos and put them onto CD for me. Only problem is that they did not do it in order. Once they are up i will try and order them best to my knowledge. But till then please just enjoy them. Also let me know what you think.

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Recent Messages

From kirsty
hi binoi,
hope you're ok. when do we get some more photos?! where are you now?
i finish with ABB on wed (30th july), then having a week away in turkey (olu deniz). can't wait! if only my holiday was a year long....
Response: In kenya at the mo and was thinking ofupdating here but internet is soo bad! Of to UAE on the 1st of August so will try and update then. Have a great time in Turkey :)
From kirsty
hi binoi!
finally found your photos. they're brilliant. you look like you're enjoying yourself. who wouldn't be, you lucky thing!
take care, love kirsty
Response: Well i am having a great time. In Kenya at the mo and of to the foothills of Mt. Kenya on the weekend (12-13th of July). Glad the wedding went well. I wish i was there. Have fun.
From dina
missing you and thinking of you.
Hope you are well and hurry up, get tired and come back. Hope to see you in July in Nairobi or will it be earlier?
Over this weekend, Naish and the gang is going for Rhinocharge. Hope they do well.Did Sajni write to you that we lost our darling Hiru!
Hope to hear from you soon
Response: Yes i heard about Heera, it was sad. I wish i could be there ofr the Rhino charge but maybe next year. Oh, one can never get tired of travelling. If i had it my way i'd be travelling for the rest of my life!!!
From Bee
Hey mate...
how are you getting on.... it seems that you have dropped off the end of the world. hope not. has the SARS virus got in your way...
be good Bee
Response: SARS hasn't hit me yet. It looks like they have handled it well here excepth China. Good for me as the lack of Tourists really made Angkor that much more special. Oh and Bee i'm always 'good' like you are...???
From Saj
Hey Beans, pls be careful with all these pneumonia-like diseases flying around. We love u. Take care, Saj x
Response: Ya i'll be careful. I guess Laos and Cambodia are not too badly hit so i am fine at the mo. Going to Singapore will be interesting though.
From Doriti
Great photos! I'm glad that your'e enjoying. take care
love ya
Response: Nice to hear from you as well. I'm in Laos at the mo and it is great. Got another 2 weeks before i have to be in Cambodia. Keep in touch.
From Chandfua
Hi Binoy.....I am right now on a business trip to Geneva and it was a nice break to see your pictures. Niroofoi and I have been to all these places but ofcourse in a more luxurious way.We are glad that you took the courage togo on such a wii be a once in a life time experience.Best of luck.
Response: Chandfua, it is good to hear from you. At the moment i am in Laos. Just spent an amazing 2 weeks in the northern areas, now planning the southern part. I'll try and update the site soon so keep checking back.
From Mihir

Excellent pictures. A fantastic way to let us know what is going. And almost in real time. Looks like you are having a great time.

Response: Mihir, i am having a great time. At the moment i am in Laos and it is an amazing country. Next on the list is Cambodia :)
From Beerboy
Hey Binoi

How come the name Rico? Great photo's, I suppose you perfect the art with all this travelling.
All the best
Response: Rico is my nickname. I'm sure i told you about that. The photos look great because the places i am visiting are soo good...
From Sitanand
Miss you. Photos only a foretaste of the presentation you will give us. You are really enjoying yourself. Get drunk more and keep the cards rolling in (very nice of you uncle)!
Sita, Anand
Response: What presentation??? Next time we are to meet let me know and i'll sort something out. I'll try the drinking thing for you and no worries about the postcards. There's one from Laos on the way... Ohhh big news i saw Ravi yesterday on TV. It is the first match i watched. But i did not see him bat :(
From Seema
Absolutely stunning babes! The scenery I meant!

Love ya
Response: Seema, what else would i expect from you??? In Laos at the mo and it is great. I also watched my first cricket match yesterday. Semi final of Kenya and India. Got to see Ravi field...
From Samuel
Hi Binoi !
I'm Nath's brother, and Ermias' brother in law.
What a nice travel you've being doing there ! I saw your pictures, especially Thailand and Vietnam ones... and I remember some of the places where I've been with my sister (in Pai, I think I recognize the guest house !)

Take care and hve fun !
Response: Thanks Samuel. Ermias has mentioned you and your ability to drink. It is always good to hear when people talk about the good times they had and recognize places they have been to.
From nathalie
waooh, amazing pictures... You can't believe how I felt to see the Trekking ones, I went there too, I loved Pai, and the villages we went through.
What's next?

Aren't you going to tell us about any of your Binoisms??

take care,

Response: What Binoisms??? I think for those you will have to wait. Next is Laos for me. The trekking was great and i really wish i had taken the 7 day one. But time is short as i am trying to be on the Islands for the Water Festival which i have been assured is a real good time :) I'm just wondering if there will be any wet t-shirt comps....
From Ermias
Hi binoi,
how is everything? There are some really greatphotos that you have up there, especially the ones of Halong Bay. By now you must be in Laos so have fun and keep the photos coming.

Response: Actually i missed all the boats today for Laos. I could have crossed the border but the last 8 hour truck (actually a pickup) ride to Luang Nam Tha was at noon. The place is only 200km away but will find out why it takes soo long tomorrow.
From Imraan
Hello Binoi,
Glad to know that you're still going strong! The photographs are fantastic. It's truly amazing how you're seeing all these different places. Good luck with the remainder of your trip and take care of yourself.
Best wishes,
Response: Thanks Imraan. Nice to hear from you after all this time. Keep checking back as i will try and keep the pics updated.
From Kunj
Hey Rico, how are you? Everyone here says hi and hope you're enjoying yourself. I'm thinking of quiting my job soon, v.bored with it. Let me know as and when you're in Australia as a good uni friend is travelling out there and a good friend of mine lives in Sydney. I think I'll be out there for 2 weeks at some point this year.
Take care,
Response: Nice to see that you're up and running again. I should be in Aussie land in about 2 months more or less. Closer to the time i'll let you know if i haven't been side tracked.
From Dom

Glad to see the love handles haven't diminished in stature even if the hairdo has!!!!

I'm impressed by the pictures - almost up to the standard of those of us who use our cameras on modes other than automatic.......Nikons excepted as there's not much else you can do with them!!!!

Safari njema!!!

Response: Asante sana boss. Even i was impressed with what photos i have taken. Next is Laos and Cambodia. I hope those are even better.
From nish
Response: Hey what you up to???
From Charlie
Very cool photos, hon!!

lova ya

Response: Thanks just put some more up have look at those.
From Neel
Binoi - Im glad to be the first person to post you a message!! Hope your enjoying your travelling and not getting up to too many Binoisms.....

Take care and email us with all your stories from the road!

All the best,

Ps: Please reserve the computer geek comments until you get back!
Response: Neel it is always a pleasure to hear from you. I guess being the first person to post a message to me could be your claim to fame. Keep checking the site as i'll be adding more when time allows.
From Alpa
The fotos are amazing - I still can't get over all the stuf you're doing!
Take care
Response: Alpa good to hear from you. Even i can believe that i am doing all that i am doing. Tomorrow (Friday 7th) i will leave for Laos and then try to enter Cambodia from Southern Loas. That should be interesting...