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Rob & Vik's Big Adventure

Welcome to Rob & Vik's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 22 April 2006

Location: Stansted, England

Rob still not feeling the best so we paid for a taxi to get closer to the airport and arrived at Stanstad, nice quiet day.

Saturday, 22 April 2006

Location: Stansted, England

Rob still feeling crap today, so we basically just got a taxi close to Stansted airport where we have a early flight on Sunday morning.

Friday, 21 April 2006

Location: London, England

Awake at 3am, not adjusted yet!! Another great breakie and we brought these great bus tickets that take you around the best sights and you can jump on and off. Double decker with the top not covered...just great. About half an hour into our tour and Rob gets sick, tummy saw and cramps. So we head back to hotel with not real sight seeing accomplished. It is however the Queens real birthday today and we saw the 21 gum salute on the Thames today.

Thursday, 20 April 2006

Location: London, England

Up early for our first free breakfast, Rob made a piggie of himself. After some washing and travel arranging we set of walking. Walked through Hyde Park to the Natural History Musem, cool cool cool, some of the fossils there were 200 million + years old. Walked along James Park to Harrods, where we DIDN'T buy anything and then to Buckingham Place. I paid to walk through the Queens Mews (stables), beautiful horses and saw here eight or so carriages including the one gifted by Australia to the Queen. On to the guards and got to pat both their horses, they are not allowed to speak to you but the horses certainly love the attention and put their heads around for pats. We walked on down to the Thames and across to check out the London Eye and Westminstor Abbey, which we were too late to enter. Long walk back....six hours of walking in total. Back to our little italian restaurant for tea.

Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Location: London, England

Very very long day. Checked out of our hotel and out to the airport - what a mission that backward. Then a five our wait at LA before our 10hr flight to London...another mission, smaller seat than our qantas flights and lots of kids, sick ones at that....*scream*. No sleep and we landed, negotiated the tube and found our hotel. Also a cute cheap authentic italian restaurant - very nice.

Monday, 17 April 2006

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Lee & Sherry left this morning, so we were left to explore on our own. We went to the stratosphere for lunch, very very high with revolving restaurant floor, so you get a great view that changes very slowly - took a bit of getting used to. Nanna nap and then checked out a couple more

Sunday, 16 April 2006

Nice little hang over. Decided to check out Hooters and the boys had high expectations, lets just say not sure why it is called Hooters. Good for a laugh though..... The highlight of the day would have to be for the others driving the Hummer on a track and at 60 degree angles up, down and sideways. Rob drove a auto convertable corvette, 406 h/p, 2006 model. He loved that. We went to a show at the Rio called Tony and Tina's wedding. What a blast, most of the cast members were sitting in the audience and it was set up like a proper wedding. You had a buffet (yummy) dinner and dessert was some of the wedding cake. It was about a ding family wedding....very funny!!

Saturday, 15 April 2006

Location: Las Vegas, USA

5am start (so much for holiday). Jude and Lawson also kindly dropped us at the airport. On arrival Lee & Sherry picked us up from airport and drive us down the strip for our first looksey. WOW. Checked into our hotel, had lunch at a yummy brewery and then drove out to Hoover Dam, also very amazing!! Did some window shopping, showered and waited for it get dark. Took the monorail to the bottom of the strip and started walking. Great that you can drink anywhere and buy cheaper alcohol from little shops but take them into the more expensive casinos. Where to start with the casinos..... just have to hope the photos do them justice because I can't really explain them!! Great night home late and drunk!!

Friday, 14 April 2006

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Up early for free pancakes (which Rob can't cook). Went to Seaworld, started as an excellent day but within half an hour of being there it started to rain. We gave up and raced back to the hostel just in time to catch our train to Los Angeles. Friends of Barb's (whom we met in Mexico) very kindly picked us up, feed us and gave us a bed for the night.

Thursday, 13 April 2006

Location: San Degio, USA

Up early as John had kindly offered us a ride to San Degio. Took two hours to get through the border but through with no problems. Found a hostel in San Degio, looked great from the outside but was hollow on the inside with rooms around the exterior and the world smallest bedroom and living spaces. The only saving grace was the very clean toilets and bathrooms (very refreshing after the clumps of pubic hair and other things found in the facilities at Venice Beach). Did a tour of the harbour, amazed by the amount of military, apparently they do a lot of training in the area, saw the navy seals jumping from helicopters and being pulled back up. Quiet night for us but rowdy night for everyone else, we thought we had the worlds smallest room to ourselves but ended up sharing with this fat pom. I woke up and dangled my legs over to find him shirtless and lying on top of his bed beneath me, snoring and farting at the same time (who said men can't do two things at once).

Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Location: Mexico

Same deal with the kids today....up early again. Rob had a swim in the surf, very very cold was his verdict. His feet were going numb but the body surf was good. Barbs birthday today so we headed to La Bufadora, which is this big blow hole on the pennisula. There a lots of markets there and it very full on. The mexicans really try hard to sell and harasse you in the lane. Drugs that you buy from the chemist are readily available and they try and sell you Viagra & Valium, just to name a couple. Was a great vibe there though and lots of fun. We found a four piece mexican band playing there and Chris (the only spanish speaking person) organised for them to come and play at Barbs party. We cruised back to the house and started getting organised for the party, the caterers where late but well worth it, the very authentic food was delicous!! The band were great and one of the carterers could sing and joined in the band, plenty of dancing and good times. We also got Barb a pinyarda (once again spelling), which was as much for the adults as the children.

Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Location: Mexico

Oh dear I know why parents don't drink. The kids were up very early this morning, Barb has four grandchildren and they were all going for it. Lunch time we got a lift into Ensenada with friends of Barb (who had rented the house next door) and Alex. They dropped us off and we walked into the real part of the town, there we came across Robert who showed us around town and the places to buy good stuff etc. We found some good bargains and Rob got his hair cut by a senorita that didn't speak any english for $5 (with the help of Robert). After a coulple of hours we give Robert some money for looking after us. Perhaps overpaid him, we gave him $12 and he said that most people have to work all day for that amount. The three of us got a taxi back for $30 with a MAD taxi driver, Rob's poor leg.Really enjoyable day.

Monday, 10 April 2006

Location: Ensenada, Mexico

We packed up and dropped off the rental car and got into Jimmy's big wagon for the drive south to Mexico. Crossed the border at Tijuana, two massive fences to keep the Mexicans out of America. Noticed straight away how poor they are and the amount of rubbish was amazing. There are no laws about dogs so it was commen to see dead dogs lying by the road as well. There was lots of building going on down the coast and that part was fairly americanised. It is cheaper for them to build down there even though they are not allowed to buy in Mexico they can lease the land for 99 years. We finally arrived at our destination which was near La Bufadora, slightly south of Ensanada, the house was amazing right on the beach. We all had a few drinks and sat around the fireplace outside.

Sunday, 09 April 2006

We got up early to make the journey to Carlsbad, close to San Degio where Barbs oldest son Jimmy and Chris (wife) and their three children live. Lunch at local mexican cafe and it seems the further south we go the better the mexican food. Jimmy and Chris put us up for the night in their beautiful home on 1 acre overlooking the valley of lifestyle properties and horse ranches.

Saturday, 08 April 2006

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Slept till 9.30am (for those who know me that is a miracle). Got up and found our way to the bus stop. We found out the hard way that bus drivers in America do not carry change. The bus took over an hour and we were the only white people on it. Then we took a train for 1/2 hour and we finally arrived at our destination Universal Studios. First up we did the Van Hellsink (spelling) which was very scary. They had people in costumes who would reach out and grab you from the shadows. There were a couple with a young daughter in front of us and we were close enough to see what was going on but that poor girl screamed and cried the whole way through. Next we did the Jurassic Park ride which was excellent, great stimulated dinasours and a massive drop from the darkness into water. We lined up for the Mummy, which took an hour, this is a rollercoaster and made me feel very ill. The first part is going forward but the last part is backward. One part was about bugs and there were bugs on this massive screen in front of us and then somehow they had something flicking us on the legs and we were all screaming......very clever! We did some other rides and lastly a tour of Universal Studios where a great many series and films had been filmed. The highlight was of course Wisteria Lane....... We left Universal a bit late and was on the train and bus in the dark which was scary and we were relieved to get back to our hostel about 9pm.

Friday, 07 April 2006

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Tina organised passes for us all to the Long Beach Toyota Grand Prix, was awesome. Saw Paul Newman and Martina (the tennis player and whose surname I won't attempt). The racing was just heats, so not too much action. We are sooo blown away by the number of fat people. After the races we had a beer on Venice Beach (famous for the weirdos and Muscle Beach) and then showered for dinner at Lawrey's Rib House, amazing traditional place. Currently a lawsuit because they will only employ female wait staff, which they dress in very old fashion clothing and have to wear hats etc. Great meal but quite pricey. Another solid nights sleep at our little smokey hostel.

Thursday, 06 April 2006

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Arrived in LA 6.30am. Picked up our rental car and feeling very tired, got no sleep on the two planes flights to get here. Barb driving us and only on one occassion did she try to drive on the left hand side, not for long though as we all started screaming!! Had our first american breakfast, the average food seems to have the word fried in it. Jane gave us a lesson on tipping. Drove to Venice Beach to check in and have a shower. After freshening up we had a wonder down Little Venice, we had seen little venice in a the film "Hollywood Homicide" with Harrison Ford, it was very cute.
A friend of Barbs, Tina have us a grand tour of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, where the stars are and past where Paris can often be seen hanging out. We saw where Clint Eastwood had his hand prints but was interested to know that he didn't have his own star, something I found hard to believe with his history. Tina was a wealth of information. At this point trying so hard not to fall asleep. Booked into a Mexican restaurant for our first Mexican meal - yum yum. Get these little Narcho chips (deep fried of course!!).

Wednesday, 05 April 2006

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Finally we are underway. Had dinner with our friends before we left and then Ang & Furry kindly dropped us at the airport. There we meet Neil, Barb and Jane. Was a rather turbulant flight from Perth to Sydney and strange leaving at midnight in Perth to arrive for Thursday morning in Sydney, then board another plane for LA to have Thursday morning again in LA.

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