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Welcome one and all!

Welcome to my page. I am going to be keeping this up to date and hopefully putting up a bunch of pictures and stuff.

Enjoy :-)

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Location: Canada

I am going to start out saying SORRY LEIGH.... And everyone else, this is another mamoth post!! I was on the bus and doing alot of driving so I tend to crap on a bit!!

Funny story from Easter:
Ok, Easter Sunday I was hanging out with my Uncle Geoff’s family in law. It was a typical Easter Sunday, lots of good food and a lot of little kids running around on too much chocolate.

There was one little girl there called Kadence and she lives in Quebec with her parents. She is only 2 years old as well. Now, living in Quebec they all speak French. All of them speak French. I was carrying around this 2 year old and she starts talking to me in French. I say “what?” and she said it again. Then someone told her to say it in English so I could understand and she did!

I was feeling really dumb, just had a 2 year old talking 2 different languages to me and she got asked to translate it so I could understand and she did. Stoopid little kid :(

Hey all,

I am still on the bus but this time as are stopped at North Bay. It is now 3:30 and I have about another 2 hours to go. That was brilliant, I was stealing internet from the people that didn’t have electricity!

Anyway, this bus sucks balls. It is fair hot on here and most of the air con isn’t working!! The bus was full but we caught up with another bus and half of them jumped off so I now have 2 seats next to each other by myself. At least I can stretch out a bit now!! It also makes it a lot easer to read the paper.

Anyway, nothing interesting happened since I was last on here typing… I fell asleep for a bit and read the paper but that just about sums it up. I think Buzz is going to get out on the next leg and have his photo taken on the bus but that is all I have planned at this stage!

I am trying to think of what I have done since last time I wrote something up on the internet. I went out and had Putin (or however you spell it…). Apparently, a very Canadian dish that I HAD to try. It is chips, gravy and cheese. It wasn’t all that special but I was also hoping for more cheese on it!!

That is another thing, Canadian have fubar cheese!! It is all cheddar and it is very plastic. I was at the supermarket and I wanted to buy a block of cheese and the biggest block I could get was 600g. Also, this block was more like the shape of a kilo of cadbuy’s chocolate so it makes it hard to have cheese on toast. You need about 82 slices of cheese!!

Ok I spoke too soon, more ppl got on the bus so now I don’t have a spare seat next to me! He isn’t a small bloke and I hope he isn’t reading what I’m typing…

I’m going to put this thing away and read the paper, later dudes!!

Ok, I am now driving with my Aunty and Uncle and we have just crossed the border so we are now in America. YAY! The second time I have beer here this trip, although the first doesn’t count because I was bouncing through the airport in Hawaii.

I don’t think this trip will really count either because I am only going to stay on a farm for a couple of days and hang out. It is going to be a tough couple of days… I have been traveling for 12 and a half hours already and we still have another couple of hours to go. On a normal traveling trip this long I would be looking forward to a nice cold beer and a warm bed to crash in. The warm bed I will get, the beer I won’t!

None of these people drink. Ever. The fact I’m out on a farm also means it is VERY unlikely there will be a pub near by! Oh well, I suppose my liver could use the break before I get home… I think that is going to hurt.

Anyway, later dudes. I hope I have internet access on this farm…

Morning everybody!

I am now out on the farm and I do have internet access but not on my laptop. The computer is in the barn. Yes, in the barn. There are 50, 3 day old chicks in a box just behind the computer.

I am staying with my cousin Katie, her husband Matt and their 2 young kids. They own 4 jet skis and I went out on one yesterday!!

IT IS BRILLIANT!! I have never been out on a jet ski before so Buzz and I started out fairly tentatively. Before I go on I was told that the one I was riding was fairly powerful and to be careful. Now, I am sure you all know how careful I am when it comes to my own personal safety…

I started out slowly and then just floored it. I was flying along the open water and I though to myself “how sharply can this thing turn at this pace…” That was fun! I didn’t fall off but I had the thing sliding sideways on the water and everything. Skipped out heaps!

Then I though “I wonder what happens if you are turning as sharp as you can at a stand still and then floor it…” Well, you turn around real quick and pop out of the water a bit as well!! hehehe

I was flying round heaps and got a couple photos but I was too far away to get any good ones. Buzz came along and was strapped to the front of my life jacket! We got soaking wet and it was about 12 degrees out…

Anyway, I have an early morning tomorrow and I have to get my beauty sleep! I will put this up on the internet when I get a chance but I’m not going to promise anything!!
Goodbye beautiful people!!

Well, I’m on the road again. We are now driving form Michigan back to Barrie, which is just north of Toronto. My Aunty Anne and Uncle Don live in Barry. We are stopping about an hour short of their place for dinner with the “Beards,” some friends of my aunty and uncle.

We left about an hour after we had planned and as we were saying goodbye Tim, the 2 year old, said he wanted to come with us. His mum said “Don’t you want to stay with mum and dad?” so Time said “I’ll come back!” Ok, I thought it was funny and I guess you just had to be there.

I am driving through country America and there are a whole lot of American flags flying around. It is similar in Canada, only they have Canadian flags, flying as well. Here there would be a flag in every 4th of 5th house. I don’t think there are quite that many in Canada but I could be wrong.

It is just starting to get warm here so all the grass is green and a bunch of the trees are starting to leaf. I have photos but they are a bit dodgy as I am sitting in the car and just happy snapping. Yay for me!! oh, oh, back water town!!

Anyway, I’m bored of this so I will crap on a bit more on the other side of the border.

Morning all,

Today is my last day in Canada! I fly out tomorrow, I guess you could argue that tomorrow is my last day but shuddup your face! I am staying with my Aunty and Uncle outside a town called Barrie. I am living out on a farm and for those of you that remember this is where I stayed when I landed in Canada!

I am about to head to downtown Barrie (Kinda like going to Downtown Yass…) and stop in Starbucks because there is still a free pound of coffee that I can get! Hopefully I will be able to get on the internet and put this up.

I have about 1.2 gig of photos and stuff to show everyone! Of course, they will have to be censored based upon who is looking at them… hehehe, now when I show you all my photos you won’t know if they have been censored of if you have seen all of them!! Don’t worry, I won’t censor them for you…

I think I am about to head off down town, later dudes!! See you Friday night for drinkies… If that is happening… Who is up for a beer Friday night??

See you all soon!!

Friday, 21 April 2006

Good Morning everybody!

I have just got on the bus to go from Ottawa to Sudbury. I’m not actually on the internet but I am on my laptop and I will post this when I get a chance. I have a couple pool stories to tell. I’m sorry for the length but I am sitting on a bus and bored so I am going to type a bit 

Locals last week!

Ok, last week Chubbs and I head out to locals for something different. We rock up and there is this 50ish dude (Roger) playing these 2 80ish dudes (the old couple in the story below). We were having a good night and then Roger and his wife lost the table to the old couple. Me and Chubbs then played the old couple and won the table. We had played a few games at this stage.

At this stage Roger comes back in from his smoke and starts having a go saying that it is his table and he gave it up to go out for a smoke!! I’m like “when did you go out for a smoke” and he starts getting up in my face “Didn’t you see me just leave!” sort of thing.

At this stage the next 2 up were Bob and Monika. We had played these 2 the week before and they are both pretty cool. Monika is pretty cute [yes I have a photo] and they are both good pool players. Anyway, they say to Roger “Ok, you have this game, we are up next.” Again, just trying to get the older guy to shut up. He was fair picked at this stage as well!

Chubbs and I are going to play Roger and his wife. Or so you would think! Roger then starts having a go saying he is going to play me in singles. I’m like “Nah, we are playing doubles” but he kept having a go! I ended up playing him in singles but he was an ass. Mike was also here this week (also in the next story) and he thought he was an ass as well  Anyway, that was last week!

Last night I went out for a couple of quiet drinks Chubbs, Heather, Kate, Connor and Lindsey [Lindsey only came with Conner]. Chubbs and I were playing pool against the old couple from last week and there were another couple of young guys there and we were playing a round robin. Winner stays on sort of thing. This was all working and we were all having fun.

This old couple were there last week when we were playing as well and they were pretty cool. A couple old dudes out at the pub having a good night and playing pool. They could hold their own on the table also so it was a good night… Last week anyway!! This old woman thought the world of me as well “Such a sweet young man you are…” sort of crap.

Anyway, another dude rocked up [Mike from last week] and he decided he wanted a game so he put his money up on the table. We lost against the old dudes, Chubbs sunk the que ball while we were on the black *death stare at Chubbs* So the young guys were playing the old dudes and they won. This other dude that rocked (Mike) up then played against the young dudes. The young dudes beat him and one of my mates as well, he didn’t have a partner.

My coin was up next so I put it in the table and started racking up the balls. The old guy comes up to me and says “what are you doing?” so I says “My coin was up next, it’s my game.” This old guy then has a GO! He said “Fine, I’m going home then. f--k ya”

Now this dude looks like he is at least 80 years old. I couldn’t believe that is what he had actually said so I figured I had mis-heard what he said. I later worked out that I hadn’t!! Anyway, this dude and his wife are having a hissy fit while I am waiting for the young dudes to come in from their smoke with the balls racked up.

The old woman comes up to me and says “Where are the other people. We are going to play this game!” and she was fully getting up in my face!! This woman would be as old as the other guy and was hobbling around with a walking stick. I said “They have just gone out for a smoke, they will be back in second for this game.”

She then starts getting up me and saying shit like “we have been here all night, it was all working fine before. I am just here to have, I’m not very good at the game but I enjoy playing. It was all working before that other guy [Mike] rocked up and wrecked it all.

I explained to her the idea of putting up a coin on the table to hold you spot and she said something like I know how it works but we have been here all night and I am just here to have a bit of fun. She was WASTED sort of style so I stopped trying to use logic.

From there I just hit her. Man, she fell DOWN!! Ok, I am lying but they were getting me pissed off. One of the dudes we were there with, Connor, was getting really fired up at them as well.

Anyway, the other 2 guys came in from their smoke and said the old dudes could have their game. I went over to them and was just saying thanks sort of thing and the old woman comes up to me and is all up in my face and saying “What are you talking to him for we are the ones playing you! I said “I was just saying thanks for letting you guys have the table” and she started getting up me for that as well!! I couldn’t believe it!!

She was also having a go and saying things like “What the f--k are you on about. I mean what the f are you on about…” and she did that like a million times that night. Almost like “I’m a sweet old lady… I don’t swear…”

We are starting the game and she starts bitching to me about Mike. “It was all fine until he rocked up. He is such an asshole [or whatever she said]” and I kinda just fobbed her off to have my shot and she was getting really annoying. She then had a go at me for that as well!!

We beat them and because they were already pissed I went to shake hands and say good game. The woman was smiling and I got told that as soon as I turned my back she was swearing at me!

We gave the table to the young dudes that were playing earlier and on the way out I was having a chat with one of them. I was telling him about the old dues and stuff and then the old guy sneaks up behind me so he could hear what I was saying. I saw him coming out of the corner of my eye and one of the girls subtly kicked my foot as well!

We got outside and had a good laugh at these old dudes and Connor was actually fired up! I don’t usually care if we win or lose but when something like that happens you have to win so made sure we did!!

I’m going to put my puter away for now but if I think of any other cool stories I want to put I will type them up and then post them later!

There should be more as I haven’t put anything up for a while…

Ok, I am about 2 and half hours into the trip and we have stopped in a small town. I think the name on the sign was actually “Hicksville” but I could be wrong. I don’t think I am but I could be… I plugged my laptop into a power point here but I don’t think they electricity out here yet because it isn’t charging the battery at all!! Bloody hicks…

I am sitting next to a dude that looks Indian and I said hi and he didn’t want to talk to me. When it comes down to it I am bored out of my mind!!! I am sitting listening to music and just chilling. There was some dodgy movie on earlier but that is over now and I’m not sure if we get another one or not. I hope we do… Isn’t it great when I am hoping for a dodgy movie…

Anyway, I’m going to go and get the Hicksville special… Whatever that is… It is probably deep fried “whatever they shot last night”

Signing off, bored out of my mind!


I finished writting that stuff and thought I will have a look :-) I love it, I am leeching internet from dudes that probably don't know they have it!! Anyway, gotta run!

Tuesday, 04 April 2006

Location: Canada


Ok, I have realised that there isn't the story of Buzz up here!

I was leaving Canberra on Thursday and Joey was up at my place. We were talking about how I should take a stuffed toy of Pollard's or Brady's and take photos of it everywhere.

Joey said to me "I bet you have something of mine and are just being a smart @rse aren't you?" I didn't at that stage but it gave me a brilliant idea! Joey's house was a lot close to my place than Pollard's and Leigh's place so it was more out of convience than anything.

Anyway, I called Joeys mum, told her the plan and she said to stop in on my way out of town. When I did she gave me little Buzz.

On a side note, Joey always uses the nick name "Buzz Light Year" in computer games and that sort of thing which is why he had a toy Buzz.

Anyway, that is my little note for today!! Apart from that nothing interesting happening.

Sunday, 02 April 2006

Location: Canada

Well, another day and another night out!!

Last night Buzz and I headed downtown to Zaphods again. We didn’t get as many pictures but we did get a bunch of people that I was actually sitting and chatting with! I would put them up to show you but I have run out of space so I will just show everyone when I get home!

I left my camera with Matt and Sarai after I left (I caught a bus home a bit earlier than they did, I’m getting old you know) and I got them both back safe and sound. Of course, with a couple more pictures on them!! There are some random photos of police cars and Matt said there was a fight at Maccas and 5 cop cars rocked up! (I called McDonalds Maccas and they had no idea what I meant!)

I have just finished a 4 hour shift at work but it was a killer. Can anyone guess who was a little under the weather after last night??

Not much else happening here. I’m not going to go to Montreal this w/end, I am going on something that is called a sugar trail, or something like that. I think it involves me heading out on a sled and getting some maple syrup or something like that. Should be good fun and Montreal will be happening the following w/end!!

I’m going to go to bed, later dudes

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From Leigh
Tsk tsk Rob - Always pickin' fights arent you! and classy too - pickin dudes (and chicks - a new low) 4 times your age... good tactic... means you know in a fight you wont end up second best ; )

I hope you have better fun elsewhere without old drongo's, bogans, chavs, or neds to spoil your fun. (see me? ima gettin multi-lingual!)
Response: Love your work!!

And they soooo started it!!
From Braids
WTF!!! I can't beleive you chastised ME for putting long posts! If MINE was a novel... yours is like a freaking 18 volume Encyclopedia!

ps. im reading it at work in a really tiny window so they cant see that im on the net... so you've made it REALLY hard for me to get away with reading it at work!

pps. glad you're havin fun... bring us back sum sugga from your sugar trail! (you have to go home via the UK to give me some okies!)
Response: Sorry Leigh, you are going to need another small window again... Oopsy...
From Sheilagh
Great site, especially that huge story.. post more pics soon ok? We already miss you at Starbucks - and so does your fan club. Poor girls.. anyway, see you in uh, 2 years?!

Response: I can't post any more pics... I already have too many up!!

WHich fan club is missing me??
Did those young girls come in again??

1 year young lady!! You can come out with Chubbs :-)
From Richard
Hi Robert,

Hope you are well and enjoying Ottawa. Work is more hectic than before but we are making some progress. Starting to cool down but nothing compared to what you have seen since arriving Canada.
All the best,

Response: It is starting to warm up here as well!! Just when I am leaving... D'oh
From T
Thanks for finally telling me that this site existed Rob...... right before you are about to come home :-)
Looks like you've had a great time and I look forward to seeing you soon
Response: Hey, I told everyone in a bulk email I sent out!!

Who hasn'tbeen reading my bulk emails???
From Leigh
Hey Dude!!!

Hope you're having a good time... pity you have to go home to stinky stinky Oz!! hehe just kidding... only some of it smells : )

and about those credit cards... i dunno... we asked about applying for a credit card here and they said that its no problem for them to access our Auzzie credit ratings... heheh SUCKER... you'll have like 4 credit cards sent to your place... all with billions of weekly account keeping charges i'm sure!!

Miss ya!
Response: Nah, I didn't give them my SIN (TFN) number or anything. I also have REALLY messy hand writting!!
From Napalm Enema
More details please Rob. How are the chicks?
Response: Very nice... Photos are on the way!!

BTW. Buzz is a little wh0re..
Who is this??
From David
Hey mate, just dropping a note to say G'Day!
From Nic
So when are the chocolate Turtles and Moosi arriving? Now that oyu have a job and all!
Response: Ummmm... I posted them already, didn't you get them yet??
From Jas
Hi Rob,

Great to hear all is going well. Hope the coffee is better in Starbucks Ottawa than Starbucks Canberra!

Response: It isn't all bad. Most places here don't do Espresso!! Most of the time when you are out and order a coffee you get drip coffee!! Tim Hourtons is a big coffee/donut place and all they do is drip! it is crazy!!