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Rockcliff Adventure

The experiences of the du Toits at Rockcliff

Diary Entries

Monday, 16 May 2005

Location: Sidbury, South Africa

Yes, at last we have started with the lodge. We call it Idwala Lodge which in Zulu means Rock. The opening date is 1 September 2005 and we already are getting visitors. We are now starting the infrastructure and plan to start with the building operations in June.

Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Location: Zimbabwe

A quick weekend vist to Zimbabwe and Zambia. We visited Vic Falls and Livingstone to look at lodges, buy decorations for the lodges and in general get to know each other better. Ernst and Alida du Toit, Rick and Sue van Zijl, Mark and Natalie Rippon, Tim Fenner and Daphne and Vernon Davies.

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Recent Messages

From Claudine
Looks amazing! good luck with the arrangements!
Missing Africa
Response: Hope to see at or after the opening. Warick, Bruce and C-ann visiting today. Changed the layout of the chalets thanks to the ads on this webpage. Visit the Vic Falls Zambia lodge site at the top and see.