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Adventures at Rockvale South

Diary Entries

Monday, 03 September 2007

We're getting very close now! George did the electricity on the weekend - so it's all lit up.
Plasterers finish the cornices in the kitchen, bathroom and spare room today or tomorrow.
Then it's just a matter of getting a couple more truckloads of fill, to build up around the envirocycle (so we can dig trenches to it), some plumbing and inside painting.

Monday, 05 February 2007

Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday - had a great weekend, including catching up with Slopes for a dip in the surf at Manly on Saturday.

As of Friday, the whole house has been clad on the outside. Windows should go in on the weekend, and after that it's just the inside to go.

The tank, a 100,000 concrete job, should be poured in about a fortnight, which will be good. No more carting two roundup drums of water up to give the agapanthus a drink every few days!

Monday, 08 January 2007

The footings were done in early December, followed by most of the frame in the week before Christmas.

Since then, it's been mainly finishing off the frame, major earthworks for the tank, and what will eventually be a shed.

And painting. All of the verandah posts, beams and rafters, so that it's all painted before the tin roof goes on (potentially next week??)

Pics t/c when I can get the film developed!

Thursday, 21 September 2006

Hi everyone,

Thanks to you UK adventurers for the inspiration to set this up - especially requests for photos from Kim, who finally said - "don't talk about it, do it!".

The title, for those who went huh?!, is spin-off from "Rockvale", mum and dad's property name at Delungra - not that we're really calling it that...

To update you on the progress so far;

After looking at various property options, in June Kevin and I decided to buy almost 10ha of bush at East Kurrajong, which is about 15 minutes north of Windsor (which for all you northern-ites, is about 70km north west of Sydney!)

After going through all the crap you have to with real estate agents, banks and solicitors etc, we settled in early August, and set about getting ready to build.

The plan, for a cute little two-bedroom with a verandah most of the way around, went in to Hawkesbury Council late last month.
After dotting i's and crossing t's re bushfire assessments and waste water systems, we're hoping it will be weeks rather than months before we can get cracking.

The block has been sub-divided from a grazing property, and is only a couple of kilometres as the crow flies, from the Hawekesbury River.

It's pretty much at the end of a sealed, no-through road, with a powerline running right past the front gate (trust me, when you have seen some of the solar-powered shacks along the Putty Road this becomes important!)

There is about five acres of relatively clear, flat ground at the top, and then a massive valley, with rocks, cliffs, caves and trees, going down to a little floodplain bit that I suspect will be quite swampy when we finally get some rain.

I'm obviously biased, but it's an amazingly beautiful place, and every time I go there I see a different plant flowering, so am thinking that a garden relying on rainwater will have a fair few of the natives in it!

Although we can't start building yet, we haven't been doing nothing!

We've cleared out a lot of the understorey scrub for about 60m around where we want to put the house.

After many a winters' day stick-picking the hard way at home, I can really appreciate how much easier it is with a bobcat (Kevins) and excavator (belongs to Leonard, Kevin's brother).

Kevin also managed to find an old chipper, run by a six cylinder diesel engine, which sounds like an aircraft landing, and turns branches into chips the size of a 50c piece.

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