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Saturday, 03 February 2007

Location: Wien, Austria

See I told you I was vague. The whole point of my last entry was to say something profound, and my last entry from Europe ra ra ra. But I forgot.
All I really want to do, is commerate this occasion, as the last entry of this diary from Europe.
It has truly been an incredible adventure. Have learnt so much, been inspired to bursting point and been challenged alot too. I think my current vagueness is a sign of all that I've taken in. I just really can't take in any more. I really am full.
But thats grand. And even grander that at this time I am then coming home. Feeling really good about the flight, and smiling outrgaeously when I think of all of you at home, gum trees and my Beadie.
Send me thoughts when I'm flying please. I get home wednesday morning, so anytime in the 26 hrs (argh) before that is good :)
love and hugs and thanks for being with me in a reading this diary fashion on my journey xxxxxx

Saturday, 03 February 2007

Location: Wien, Austria

OK, Know I have now become a mighty slack diary keeper.
No reason to state here apart from my incredible vagueness. I have never been so vague in my entire life. I am just full. I am coping and all good, but random and wandering and vague.
Shall catch up with this diary in a few days....when I am home!!!!
Ready to come home. In a very good place about it. Will be ready to come back here one day too. All good.
Saw Bryn tonight. God. Sat next to a singing teacher in Wien, who wants to teach me for free. the world looks out for me sometimes. Magic. So when we're back in wien parents, you'll be doing some sight seeing of your own ;) He's also been a stage director. Sweet.
Unbelievably tired. Eaten a feast of biccies mushrooms and fetta, and now time for bed.
Huge quantities of love to everyone xoxo

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Location: Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

It is finally snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Was so looking forward to falling asleep, and when I wake up, for it to be snowing. What do you know, that happened to me twice yesterday!!! Well once yesterday after a sickness induced (tiredness induced sickness, *%/&$ Deutsche Bahn induced tiredness) nap, and then once this morning when I woke up after a normal sleep. Grand. Take every chliche of ridiculously cute german villages with snow and thats what it is. Madness.

So yes, made it back on Monday after a very annoying train trip...a 5 minute delay one one train makes the whole trip change and meant I got back 1 hr and half later than I should have. Wasn't in the mood, but was suprisingly calm despite DB deserving all my wrath.
Tuesday class again. We have a very very good teacher, although my head is starting to spin with the ludicrousness of german grammar. Was feeling all a bit sick and tired, so had a great soup cooking and fruit salad making evening with 2 lovely Yanks. We decided it needed a blender...which wasn't available, so we mashed the soup with a meat tenderiser and ladle. Was damn fine and resulted in one tasty soup.
Today, class again, more mad german, then walked to the big bank building here where Thomas works to meet Thomas for lunch. Was lovely and very interesting to see inside this big building (employs 1 in 10 ppl in schwäbisch hall...i think thats right).
Soon I am off on a Brewery tour with Goethe people. Hurruh.
Snow makes Winter much better. Or maybe, snow jsut makes winter. and before was some crazy, not real season.
Merriment all, despite the glories of snow, still looking forward to coming home and seeing you all xxx

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Location: Bremen, Germany

Well, hello hello all.

I remember in the early days of this diary I was writing a veritable feast of words, and many a cynic pointed out that it would not continue. How annoying to have proved them right. But, it hasn't stopped all together...just, quite a bit.
So let me clear this up for you all then. This is not because I have fallen off the face of the planet, or that I love you all any less. The real answer is, well, hey, I just didn't feel like it :) hehe

I think the last entry I wrote was the 30th december, so, heres the mighty quick catch up...

31st December- Of course, a very important day---My birthday! I was treated to a mighty fine birthday, with Swedish and German happy birthday songs, and delicious birthday cake and fireworks, one of which fell over, went under the house and almost killed the rabbit, which has lived to tell the story, although possibly never to hear anything again.

Sweden- Stayed in Sweden till the 6th. Was lovely to meet and stay with one of the relative families. Highlights were a day trip to Norway, and of course talking to the mooses! They are the same as Elks they tell me, but Elk sounds so regal, I much prefer the word moose. Suits them. The boat trip in both directions was a big highlight. Loved it. Tragically however, no snow. The weather is mad!

Goethe. Back to the lovely Schwäbisch Hall with the Grafs, and my 2nd german course started. Some lovely people in my class, and the teaching there really is top quality.
There was also a bit of a monumental decision that happened in this week. I have had a grand time on this adventure, and I continue to, however now I have had enough. There are still many things I want to do here, but now is not the time. It is time to go home. Problem with this is of course the planned familiy visit of march. The phenomenal soloution, helped along by my phenomenal parents...simply pretend its not a problem, go home anyways, then come back. So the slighty mad but nevertheless right thing for me to do home of the 5th of february (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), then come back for a 4 week hol on the 15th march. So, I know its mad, but hey, its what I'm doing :) I feel really good to be going home. I jsut miss everything and everyone too much now, and the weather here is bloody awful. I never thought the day would come where I'd be hankering for the Aussie heat. So, there we go, shall be back in the country on the 7th of Feb!

The Dresden Weekend. Went for a packed weekend visit to Dresden. Funkiest damn hostel. Decorated in the room really girlaly (word?) but it made it feel just like a home. Awesome. Saw 3 shows at the Semper oper. Seraglio, Flute and a recital from Vesselina kasarova, that mezzo I ranted on ad nauseum about who was in the Salzburg clemenza. I stand by by belief that she is just simply unbelievable. Theres a thing here called mitfahrgelegenheit, which is basically organised hitch hiking, so at 4 am int he morning, I was, very tiredly, on my way back to schwäbisch hall. MIraculously I made it into the class room 2 mins before the teacher (8.13). Was proud of this effort.

Goethe 2. Second week a the goethe institute. Also grand. Good getting to know all the class people better, and of course sending my head mad with the ridiculous complicated world of german grammar. Moved into the student wohnheim to get a feel of schwäbish hall from another side. Still visiting the Grafs alot which is grand, and I am even accompanying Ines (me piano she violin) in a concert for her music school next friday!

This weekend. So, as I am now going home sooner than expected, there are some things that have to happen. One is of course the Bremen visit. So on saturday, I went, through heidelberg, and very fine little place, then onto Bremen. Hurruh. Will miss a day of goethe tommorrow, as I'll catch a train back tomoz arvo.
Rather annoyingly I am feeling pretty sick right now. Head cold, plus something that feels alot like asthma, despite nt having that after the age of 4. annoying. So, a bit tired and sick. But hey.

So back to Hall tommorrow, rest of the week there, then off to salzburg (mozarts bday!) munich, and then bryn tyrfel in wien! Hurruh. What a great beginning and end to my trip. at one end, gerald finley as don g in wien, at the other, bryn. Then on the 5th, although it will be for all you aussies early morning of the 6th, out I fly.
Can't wait to see all of you! Enjoy your next two weeks, and after that, I can tell you in person :)
Merriment, love rose xxx

Saturday, 30 December 2006

Location: Bengtsfords (Spelling???), Sweden

Hello all and a very big sorry for the lateness of this post!!!! Havent had a computer for a while, and will here jsut give a quick update of whats been going on.
Sooo...I left bremen on the 21st. I was going down south to spend XMas with Janelle (friend of mums who is now in germany staying with german firends of hers) and her niece. A train ticket cost no more if i went through Berlin. This is typical madness of the Deutsche bahn....look on a map, this makes no sense. Anyways, on this special Katies Bday day, I went to see a magic flute in berlin. I wanted to see this as the stage design was based o9n a very famous production (Schinkel). So I went to berlin jsut to see it. It was sold out. Argh. So rose tried her hand at the new experice of deling with a scalper. Wow. Felt like an opera rebel. (hehe...wher are the mozart stockings...) Opera was bit disappointing, the grand scene didnt work, the pamina was activaly horrible, but the tamino was icnredible. Any singer who can actually make you give a damn about a role like tamino gets a hats off from me.
22nd to munich, met up with janelle and ashley. to the werners (lovely german fam) where I will now stay until the 27th.
Magic Bavarian xmas, complete with tiny tiny viallge visit to old old church to hear a story read in bayerisch. crazy accent of which no one who doesnt live live can understand. Xmas was however overshadowed by a fairly ferlocious bout of homesickness. Xmas jsut seemed a bit far from home and brough with the also a distinct lakc of snow. On track now though. Me that is,m not the snow, which even in sweden is staying resolutely away!
27th went to Nuremberg with janelle and ashley to visit the son of that family, Joshi. Had a grand old time, which included a damn heavy but good nazi museum, and of course the the nazi rally grounds them selves. you know when you see picture of hitler adresses thousands....that place. Huge.
28th spent most day in NUeremberg, and moments before I left it started snowing!!! Traing to Schwabisch hall, and we left for sweden the next day. Drove to keil, and got on a overnight boat to göteberg.
THE BOAT. HOw damn fantastic is was. Despite the cold I spent about 3 hours of the 14 hr trip outside (in 1 hr stints) the most magic was at about 9 alone at the back of the ship. Huge white wake streaming behind, lit by the moon so you could see a white path to the horizon. Soooooooo beautiful. Made me one happy camper.
Which brings us to today. Arriving in the morning, a magic lunch with friends of the grafs. MArgareta and Gunner, who made an incredible meal and were sol lovely...they gave us a competition to see who could could all the santas i nthe house (decorations and stautes and so on) there were over 200!!! And then we all got given one!´So lovely. Beautiful beatiful location there too, right on water. Then drove to bengstfords...pls forgive all my spelling...really should figure this out. The grafs holiday house here is lovely. Very cute and cosy! Then thomas wallin appeared to bring me round here (I am writing from their house) for dinner, and, obviously, offer some internet time. Hurruh.
I apologise for my rubbish typing. I figure that theres so much to say that you can all jsut get over the millions of typos :)

MERRRRRRRYYYYY XMAS ALL!!!! Sorry tis a little belated

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Sorry Its a bit early

But most importantly......HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!!!!!!!!!!! While its still too early for me to say that here, its right on time for you at home :)

love to all xxx

Monday, 18 December 2006

Location: Bremen, Germany

Well, has been a few days since that last entry hey. Here I am once again in Bremen, one of my lovely German home towns.
Sooo. since the 10th.
I was in Schwäbisch Hall (You gotta think to spell that one) till the 11th, where after some hilarious attempts at printing train tickets with Thomas, I finally jumped on the train on the 2nd last valid day of my temporary bahn cards validity. Had a lovely time with the Grafs in SHall (hehe...much quicker). Thanks all :)
Caught the train to a little town on the Rhein called Bacharach, the pulling card being the fact that the youth hostel is a 1000yr old castle. It looms over the very quaint medieval city. A quality of looming is often height, which means hill, which means at some point you are at the bottom with a heavy back, and at another point you must be at the top. Wasn't bad though. Bit muddy, but spectacular views and worth it. The castle itself is very impressive on the outside, though inside not so, and also quite deserted. Wanted something to eat, which meant going down the hill again, which meant I had to do it before dark. Walked down the hill. Realised I had forgotten my purse. Put a little curse on the Gods of Checking Everything Is In Your Back Before Walking Down Big Hill. Not enough time to go up down eat and up again, so wandered around, then back up the hill. Was hungry, but dinner there was overpriced and looked yucky. No one in my dorm. Cute little medieval windows, which I stuck my head out and pretended I was a 11th Century princess. My Wimple fell off into the blackberry scrub under my window. Decided it would be very boring to be an 11th century princess. Went for a walk around castle, but werent so many places you could go. Was a conference group there, who had obviouslly jsut had a break. Could tell this as there was still some cake sitting outside. With logic that it was much better to want than waste, I pocketed a few pieces and scuttled guiltily back to my room to gobble up my loot. To be honest, this place freaked me out and I had an awful nights sleep.
Next day the plan was to go to bremen via bonn to visit goethe pals and pick up some stuff I had left there. Well, when I got to Bonn, it was just so nice, and Martin informed me there was another concert on I stayed :) Stayed in Köln. Made some music, saw some opera and a movie (in which I easliy followed everything...hurruh). As its getting up to Xmas, I finding myself in a little homesick moment. Xmas here doesnt feel right. Tis not nearly as jolly. With that in mind, tis very nice to be in Bremen, where I arrived on Saturday, and helped Christiane decorate the tree. Hurruh!
My Bremen mode consists mostly of wearing daggy clothes all day, eating chocolate and reading terry pratchett. hehe. Tis nice to have little hits of time like this. Maybe I will go to Berlin between here and janelle Bavaria Xmas, or maybe I shall simply stay here. We Shall See.
Lots of love to Everyone, and a very merry merry xmas xxxxxxxxxxooooooooooo

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Location: Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

Hello all,
Well, now I am here by the lovely Graf family in Schwäbisch Hall. It is so beautiful now, althougth I am hanging out for snow...they say there'll be no white xmas...I will go on singing xmas carols about snow in order to make it happen in time for xmas :)
I have now finally uploaded all my photos onto the computer here, but when I tried to post them yesterday, everything went kaput. Hmmmm, shall try again and hopefully I have soon some photos up here. Shall try emailing some too maybe.

My 2nd Salzburg visit was at the beginning totally rubbish, was s bit tired and homesick, but it picked up in truly spectacular form and now and I am very inspired and practicing and fantasising over all the fantasitic opera there is yet to see. I think theres a Mozart quote somewhere about how a day without opera is a wasted day. There are many fantastic things going on, but a little part of me can't help but agree! Don't know how I shall survive with only Aussie opera!

My plan was next to go to bonn (to picl up some things I left there) via Bingen (hurruh for Hildegard) then on to Paris. However, there is here in Germany an evil corporation called the 'deutsche bahn' This is citylink/countrylink. Think its private though. Anyways, I have bought a bahn card which makes all my trips half price, but it took them ages to post it, and now I mu7st chase it over germany. It is now in Bremen. Its a bit valuable to me to trust to german beuracracy, and I want to go to berlin again, as there is that controversial Idomeneo (the only possible terror threat opera....dont worry, i'll get a standing seat so I can run away quickly) and a Flute production which is replica of that really famous one from the 60s (i think) you know in amadeus how the queen on the night sings her aria? that production. So I figure I shall go north again. Tommorrow night I am staying in a hostel that is a castle on a mountain! Sweet. Shall visit Tony in Hamburg for xmas again methink, although he doesnt know this yet, then stay in Berlin again for a bit. before flying down to munich to spend xmas with Janelle and whoever she is with :)

Hurruh. Lots of love to everyone, hopefully you'll see some photos soon, and at the very least, I'll make it work in January!

Wednesday, 06 December 2006

Location: Salzburg, Austria

My god, my day jsut got better and better! I can't sleep. I got a requiem ticket. it was amazing. I stayed behind cos I wanted to meet gerald finley. I did! We spoke for about half and hour, and in the end he offered to take me email address and maybe help me sus out some unpaid internships in some agencies! OMG. I walked home with the most ridiculous grin on my face. Now I'M too happy to sleep. Had to tell you all......
so who is gerald finely you may ask....well, any one who is an opera person will know. Quite well known. He was the one in the Don G i saw first in vienna.
argh! Rose is exhilarated. love to all xxx

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From Mikey Mike
Harrow My Rosa!
Missing you so much! Cant wait for your return for our kayaking adventures! Wazoo! So good to hear from you! Have much enjoyed your detailed recounts and colourful language! I hope your Christmas, Birthday and New years were in credible! Wazoo! Enjoy your next 2.5 weeks! Hope you read this soon!
Love mikey
Response: harrow rovery mike :) I heartily second that Wazoo to kayaking! I think we should fall in the river this time too (well...again) as I thoroughly miss swimming. I repeat the crapness of weather here. Miss you heaps too and looking mighty forward to seeing you! Wazoo to you and a Zipedidoo xx
From Julie
I'm getting in early for the New Year acoming. Have a happy one! I heard farfar mention something like you are in Sweden now!? Well yes that's right, I haven't been keeping up with all your reports. Pretty tricky for me.
I will see if I can glimpse some photos now. Kat's just home with her mates from the seeing a movie we saw the other night, and I cant remember what we saw!? Get your 2007 diary working Julie!
Response: And you recieve apologises for lateness to dear Autie julie. Entschuldigung! Hope your new year was a very emrry one. I have lots of photos in the real world, just havent reconciled them with the virtual one, but we can have a good lookg through when I am back. Merriment xxx
From Farmor
I see you are longing for a sunny bright Xmas Rosy Posy! Funny to hear you are doing the opposite to the northern hemishperes who long for a dark miserable and cold Xmas when they are down here. Idiots. Anyway do your best to lay down more memories to recall during your next Aussie Festive Season. Farfar and I have had Xmases in France and Sweden..different.
The family are due here tonight after they have a surprise dinner for Kate aranged by Jonno. Mum and Dad will stay the night and will be back here on 24th to celerate Ricks birthday and prize giving session.
Have a good one.Big Xmas kiss
Response: I apologise here too for ridiculous lateness of my reply. Alas, all the weather scheming was useless...Still no snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think its coming next week...finally! Hope you enjoyed the festive season, and see you soon! xx
From Heath
Merry Christmas Rose and Happy New Year! Have a wonderful time and I hope it snows bucket-loads especially for you! Keep on typing & a special request from me - could you please post some more photos on this here diary? What can I say? I'm a hopeless photo junkie!
Oh, nearly forgot! The production of Idomeneo I told you about last time was excellent. Not set in ancient Crete but somehow still worked. The singing was great, especially Fiona Campbell, who sang Idamante. Quando avran fine omai l'aspre sventure mie? la la la.
Response: I apologise for by dispicable lateness Heath! Belated xmas and new years to you too. ta :) Hope yours were grand. Yeh, sorry about the pathetic photo world. You can all just wait till I'm home now!! Good to hear about a good mozart show in sydney. I am interested to see how I'll find opera in Oz on my return. I would quote some idomeneo back at you.. but I only know 'andro.......something......solo', and thats not very profound :) See you soon :)
From Sam
I want to see the stockings! Great photos...but where are you?...maybe these are someone else's photos?????
Response: hehe, they are indeed phenomenally fantastic stockings! You did a bit of back reading there to get to them! Right now in Bonn again visiting Goethe chums, and no idea what happens next! they were a friends photos, but of the same things as me. have my photos of cd now, but had trouble loading them. maybe you all just need to wait for a photo day! xx
From Heath
Hey Rose,
Thought you might be interested in this news - following on from my last e-mail. I found out from Chris at my lesson this week that the Wolfgang Mozart who is auditioning for the con is for real, after some checking was done. Chris said everyone who knows about him wants to meet this guy!
I noticed that in your reply to my last post that you completely avoided any acknowledgement of my info re: budgie smugglers. Not that I blame you - it's probably best not to go there!
Five of us from Chamber Choir are going down to Sydney on Saturday night to see Idomeneo, which is being put on by Pinchgut Opera at the City Recital Hall. I'm really looking forward to it - Idomeneo is one of my favourite operas. Two out of our group of five have backed out of our opera trip, so we're crazily trying to find another two people to use the tickets. Do you want to fly back to Oz for the weekend to see another opera - hehehe?
Glad to hear that you're feeling better.
I'll be in touch again before Xmas. Bye!
Response: Wow, Im inrigued by this genuine Mozart man...I wonder how that name came about, whether its him or the parents who are mozart mad....hmmm. how was pinchgut idomeneo?? Merry Xmas to you, cheers for keeping me i nteh crazy con goings on loop! :)
From Thomas Wallin
Dear Rose!
It is so interesting to read your "diary", and i see you are very active in Europe. I have never been in the baltic states as you, and my first visit in Prague will be in March next year. So we have much things to interview you about if you follow fam. Graf to Sweden. Nice to see you plan a visit to them. S-Hall is lovely. I hope they are not to busy with all their guests (is it OK Thomas&Monika?)....
Here, in Sweden it is raining more than ever. A contrast to Australia. I hope it will be cold and winter to the new year...

Your fathers cousin Thomas

Response: Hello Thomas! Lovely to hear from you! Yes I am looking forward to both my swäbisch hall visit and of course my winter sweden visit! I plan to come back in spring too :) Shall be glad to spill details of all my europe adventures! Hopefully it will switch off the rain and instead bring perfect white snow for you all soon! hehe, and of course, for me too while I'm there ;) Looking forward to meeting you, love rose :)
From dad
NATO summit - yes, when we saw you were heading to Riga on that particular day we thought that maybe you picked it on purpose - you know - to be part of the protests!
Love, Dad
Response: hehe...careful, asio may come over and arrest me at any minute now :) xxx
From Paul
Hi Rose
Berlin hey? Very interesting city with so much complex history. I'm pleased to see you are not standing still over there! I sang with Cantillation and the SSO at Opera House Concert Hall last week which was great (some Rachmaninov in Russian with Vladimir Ashkenazy). I was happy with my final recital last week too. Keeping busy here but not as much as you. I will keep watching this space. Where are you spending Christmas?
Response: hi lovely pauly boy! Good damn work with all your canitillation things, very exciting!! hey, that means your finished?? no more music degree for you? what did you sing? got a recording I hope. Congrats! Xmas shall be spent with my mums friend (From oz) who is over here for xmas. Shall be with a family in bavaria she is friends with. hurruh xxx
From Farmor
Oh! I used to go out with a fellow from Estonia in a previous life! I will tell you a funny story one day when you not doing anything better which sounds as though that will be a long time off. When you come home you will have a lot of memories to sort through and live with for the rest of your life. Like Sybil in Faulty Towers... I know, yesss
I know. How are the autumn colours Rose? Heard the news of the family trip next March..WOW!Now that will be really grand!! Rots a ruv
Farmor 000XXX
Response: hello, autumn was beatiful....I always whinge about leaf blowers but appreciate they actually have a point here! yeah will be awesome to see the fam in march, hurruh. lots of love xxx
From Heath
Well, it's been a little while since I've contacted Rose, so thought I had better pull my finger out & actually do something - hehe!
I'm glad that you're in the Batics during winter & won't be subjected to having to look at people walking around in G-string bikinis & budgie smugglers, which seems to be a trend over there at the moment for summer, according to one of those travel shows. It ain't a good look - hehe!
Chamber Choir is still rolling along. We are singing at the Xmas at the Con concert on Saturday, & then we are going to be on Paul Bevan's breakfast programme on ABC Classic on the 15th. I am busily working on memorising the 12 Days of Xmas for Saturday's concert!
Now time for some random news! A guy who's name is Wolfgang Mozart is auditioning for our illustrious con next week - in piano & composition. Somehow I find this quite disturbing - verging on creepy, hehe! Is this the Wolfgang you know? If W Mozart reads this - I'm only joking!
Keep on having fun - & be good! Looking forward to reading the next episode of Rose's travel news.

Response: hello hello Mr heath! Glad all is grand, and that chamber choir continues to do so well. As for the mozart story...really?? There was a guy a few years ago...forgotten his name, but basically he didnt exist, but was enrolled in concert practice, even sat an aural exam and was blamed for everything that went wrong...maybe its one of these people...hehe. or maybe mozart decided to go to newcastle con. crazy man! hehe. mad world, keep me posted on the mozart maddness! :) Cheers und viel spass (have fun)
From rick
It's a while since I checked in Rosie. Visited Kingsford two weeks ago and Mum reminded me, but I've been busy since then - been in hospital to have my stomach reduced to the size of a golf ball! You won't see as much of me when you get back.
Sounds like you've been having a great time - lot's of operas and getting you German working well. You should just about perfect it by the time you leave!
Response: hello hello :) glad to hear your are all back on track after your hospital visit. Looking forward to seeing todays new uncle rick on my return! x
From ceara
hey traveller!
I am catching up on the last fortnight of adventures! it is good to hear your stories!
guess what!?! I am moving to Tokyo in July for a year! so you had better come home before then so i can see your face!
I have made you a present but i need an address to send it to........
Response: oh craziness, although very unfair that when I come back from after a year you're dashing off for a year. Didn't plan that very well now did we?? you leaving 1st thing in july or later?? nevertheless, hurruh that you are off for a japan adventure! hope end of uni went smashingly! hurruh, an exciting pressie!!! will send an email with an address soon. lots of love xx
From ceara
hey traveller!
I am catching up on the last fortnight of adventures! it is good to hear your stories!
guess what!?! I am moving to Tokyo in July for a year! so you had better come home before then so i can see your face!
I have made you a present but i need an address to send it to........
Response: hehe, you sent the msg twice you silly duffer you, so I thought I'd honour that by replying twice too. Merriment x
From dad

funny you should say that 3 degress is like a fridge. our old fridge finally died, and the new one has a temperature display on it. guess what temperature it is in our fridge !

yep, it's 3 degrees !
Response: sad that I shall never more see the old fridge. It was a good fridge, noisy but long living. Hop in the new fridge and pretend you're in Prague!
Actually, its warmed up a little the last few days, and replaced snow with miserable rain xx
From Farmmor
Substitute pottery for opera and you will know that I have shared your feelings as you travel along! I had to leave the Athens museum as I could not take any was then I learned the true meaning of 'sated'! Wonderful to hear of all your new and wonderous days. Very happy for you.
Big hugs from Farmor
Response: hurruh for such glorious things as pottery and opera x
From dad
> "but hey...snow!!!!!! very cool."

rosie, somehow i suspect your opinion of snow might change before winter is over !

love dad :-)
Response: I'd say so, but I'll be i nthe south of germany and sweden for a lot of wintertime, and that may be quite idyllic....we'll see. meant to snow tommorrow too. :) xxx
From michael and marilyn
hi rose
1st november
just found your diary
now i must read it all!
i suppose you are enjoying it
will read and find out for sure
love from uncle michael and marilyn XXOO
Response: hi guys! awesome to hear from you :) hope all is going well with you both. hehe, its a lot of opera rants to take in if you read it all at once! hehe lots of love xx
well if you want to find out the name of that person, you'll just have to come to spain with us as the guggenheim is there....
if you dont want to go to spain, where then? i really wanted to go to extreme easten europe, but i dont think anyone else is keen on that. but spain would be awesome, spainled even.... even morrocco.
you said you wanted to go to france? ii dont have any drive to go there, but mum and dad and you can go at either end of when me and jono come... i dont know...
i reckon spain would be great around april because of all the festivals. becuase they are all such strong cathlics, theyd have amazing easter marches and stuff...
anyway, where else would you want to go? hit me back and let me know...
Response: hehe..touche...except it was typo as i meant to say the guggenheim exhibition in the bonn museum. yeh hey I"m feeling happier about the spain idea this morning. think your right about the festivals. i renig previous stuff, just needed to voice them. i surrender those 2 weeks utterly into your planning hands :) could we avoid the north though please as have already been round there, and will be once more before i go home. :) merriment, hope all is well. do you have a job yet??? hopefully selling balloons teehee xxx
From farmor
So you will soon be off again to visit new and wonderous places or retrace your footprints. You will probably need to wear your warm gloves if you are doing more bike riding. It has been snowing in Tassy the last couple of days would you believe? Crazy.All is well in the big smoke. We've just enjoyed watching final performance of "OZOPERATUNITY" AND IT WAS GREAT. A girl from New. Uni. was an entrant but she missed out. I am sure your mummy will tell you about her....we did not like her!!!
Take it easy and learn nterestng tings as you go. By the way I listen to a cd of 100 best of Mozart... pretty good!!
Love and kisses from the old folk per Farmor.
Response: yay for the 100 best mozart!!!! what came number one????? i voted for the act 2 finale of figaro, is that on there??? hehe, i did get out to gloves for riding. that is mad that its raining in tassie!!! hasnt really even been cold here yet. last night was the first time i wore the super coat.
hope all is well, lots of love to all xxxx
From Lenore
Hi Rose!
I've finally gotten around to checking out your space - You sound like you're having an awesome time! I love the photos, by the way. Did you really stay with Gordon Hamilton? Or have I gotten the wrong Gordon?
Where else are you planning on travelling to? Have you done any of the farm work that you once told me about? I'm sorry we didn't get to catch up before you left - life has a way of taking over, doesnt it? As for me, I'm still at uni, and yes, still wenching it up! Medieval stuff is good - take some photos of traditional outfits for me!
Take care and have a great time!
Lenore xo
Response: lenore!!!!! awesome to hear from you! hurruh for the wenching :) I've seen some incredible medieval stuff here I'm sure youd love!! yes it was gordon hamilton. mad world hey? as for all the plans....havent done the farm one yet, but who knows what will happen!?!? certainly not me! hope all is grand, keep in touch, love rose x
From Joey
Hi Rose
Long time no see. Just found out about your site from your folks and thought I would drop in and say hi. Sounds like you are having fun traveling. I am now about to finish my final year of uni, and am planing on heading back over early next year myself. If you are still around I may have to drop over to Germany to vist you. Drop me an e-mail if you have time.
Bye for now
Response: Hey hey!! How you going miss?? lovely to hear from you! Hurruh for finishing on uni, more than I have managed right now ;) Shall be around till Juli here, so definately make sure you drop me a line if you're over here!!! xx
From ermm..
i cant tell if mats joking...
Response: hehe, I know, no one can. To be honest, I can't either, but I have decided to think it was all just a ploy to make me smile after I had complained, as I know the satisfaction it will be giving him to know so many people are grieving over his leg. If you really have lost a leg matt, well then you know I can always demand my past callousness be forgiven on the 'boy who cried wolf' logic. I would ask him to clear it up for us all, but I'm sure he won't :) Good luck with the balloon job!!
From Julie
Hello Rose,
Just catching up on your postings! Kats just finished another term of yr 11 and gone with two friends to Town Hall where apparentlly theres some big Japan thing happening. I know there's something at the SOH Sydney Opera House this week end also. Part of the Japan - Australia Cultural Exchange "thingy" year. Remember the times when you girls used to put on puppet shows! I have a photo or two to prove! Keep enjoying your fantastic journey! Aunty Julie
Response: Hey :) Sounds like there are exciting things happening there! I had forgotten about those puppet shows! Would love to see some photots if you know where they are when I get back! Lots of love, to kathryn too xx
From Dad
Rosie, must be "interesting" if you have to move from town to town just to find a bed ! I guess it'a all part of the "experience". My uncle Frank used to say that "even a boil on the back of the neck is an 'experience'" - by which i think he meant that you learn and you grow and you become the sum of all your experience. but then again, he's a Queenslander, so maybe he didn't mean anything in particular by it ! I guess soon enough you'll be at the Goethe Institute, and then au-pairing, and then off to Sweden, so at least there'll be a bit of certainty of where you'll be sleeping ! I hope the retail therapy has helped, but don't overdose on it! we don't want you running out of money before we come to visit you :-) Keep strong, much Love, Dad
Response: thanks dad :) feeling a lot better, but running out of internet time, so this is not a proper response. have fun in melbourne! hugs x