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España, asi es la vida

Diary Entries

Saturday, 18 February 2006

Location: Valencia, Spain

Apparently Qinging's mum is knitting baby clothes... scary.

Q assures me that it's completely normal for Chinese mums to do this.

Road rage in Spain; there have been a lot of crashes outside our apartment recently. The other day Q saw two within a couple of hours. Yesterday, I popped onto the balcony (to put the washing out; ahh, my exciting life) only to see one guy punching another guys car passenger window in (a la "Terminator"). A lot of shouting in Spanish from him and his girlfriend, then he got back in his car and they drove off. In general people are pretty relaxed in Spain (I've never seen a fight after a year of living here) but when they get behind the wheel of a car things change...

Wednesday, 11 January 2006

Location: Valencia, Spain

Happy New Year! 2006 - Year of the dog

Good luck to everyone for the new year. The biggest news for me is that I asked Qingqing to marry me on Christmas Eve (in an extremely romantic moment) ;-) She said yes, despite the fact that I'm really not very good at romantic stuff like proposing and predictably messed the whole thing up... Qingqing and I are planning to come to England for the summer and then travel to China later in the year (probably around September).

Christmas and New Year celebrations are finally over now; here in Spain it goes on for a very long time. Day of the Kings was just last Friday - finally the christmas muzac has stopped! This year will hopefully be a very lucky one for me and all fellow dogs. Apparently some Chinese companies only employ dogs: -

My new year's resolution is to learn Mandarin, or failing that, to study the language. I hope to suprise everyone (including myself) by studying hard and regularly. I know what you're all thinking...

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