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The world according to Adrian & Maree!!!

Welcome to the website of Adrian, Maree and the newest addition to the family, Barda (the dog!!) From this site you will be able to follow us in our adventures in Robinson River and beyond. We would love you to leave us a message anytime you visit. Hope you are all well!

Diary Entries

Monday, 30 March 2009

Jemimah Conroy was born on Monday 23rd, 10 days after her predicted bday - she weighed in at 4kg, but only took 1.5 hours to come out! She is absolutely awesome and so far seems to take after her mum - she loves to eat and sleep....Thank-you for all your well wishes - we will update soon!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Location: Australia

Hey guys,

Hope you all had a merry christmas etc and are well into swing for the year. AJ had a great time OS bobbing in the dead sea and other such adventures! DC and i enjoyed hanging out with family and friends and Barda-dog enjoyed her time with Tomroy (maybe a little too much.....hehehehe!)

The school year has begun very smoothly - two new teachers aboard, Kirsten who takes the senior kids and Jemma who's taking AL full time for the term.

Weather has been awesome - lots of rain and some wacker thunderstorms - one that shook the house!

We head out of here very shortly to have the next addition to the family in Darwin...we're thinking its going to be another large one based on the width of the belly!

There are some new pics to check out if you have time - thanks for visiting and drop us a line - we love to hear what everyone is up to.

Luv always, us xoxoxoxxoxoxxoxoxoxooxoxxoxoxooxooxxoxoxooxxo

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Location: Australia

Hello out there in the world of iced coffees and restaurants,

Sorry to those people who check our site - we have been completely slack on the diary/photo front, but have hopefully made up for it now!

AJ will update you on his jaunt to Melbourne with the kids. DC and i had a great time catching up briefly with the relo's. We were back for a night then flew to Cairns and spent a week in Port Douglas which was awesome. Spent a day on the reef and had a snorkel and dive and ate yummy food and saw lots of pretty places.....very relaxing.

So....onto some bigger news.....we are having another little rudigar! It is due to enter the world around the 12th of March next year! Had a scan the other week and all is looking good.

A little note on DC - she started walking last week - she is slowly getting more confidant - and still resorts to crawling when the distance looks too far, but she's getting there! She is saying a few words like Daisy and Daddy and 'this' and she does a lot of grunting and growling and pointing at things - not exactly a dainty little princess!! She waves goodbye to people with bother her hand and her head - which looks quite amusing, and has decided that she doesn't really like the word 'no'.

But all is well for us Conroys and im looking forward to catching up with people over christmas! Hope everyone is happy and healthy and would love to hear from you!


Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Location: Australia

didbethinking it was time that you heard from the almighty powerful leader of the conroy clan. Adventure have been mininal of late however a discovering a new reasturant every week to dine in on fresh fish with lovely sea breezes and a glittering sun set is not that easy to take.

as always the children are an interesting bunch of individuals with some very dynamic personalities, ensuring that there is never a dull moment.

The grass is browning off the soil is red and coarse the sky is blue and clear and the dogs are barking barking always barking!!!!

Just ponder it?

Wednesday, 07 May 2008

Location: Australia

Hola Signor/itas,

New photos under April 08.

Wonderful to hear from peoples! Just had two long weekends in a row...gotta luv the NT. AJ insists the second long weekend was in celebration of his 30th, and has confused some of the locals with this info. The little fellow jaunted his way across to Darwin this morning for a 'cluster meeting'....sounds a little suss to me!

Not much to report - sighted a croc the other day, about 3.5 metres, apparantly it is a long-term local. As we were discussing whether it was a net or a tree, it slid into the water and cruised about two hundred metres out. AJ's 'be alert, not alarmed' philosophy came into play (only thing he learnt from Johnnie boy) and we now walk a little further away from the water on our bayside walks!

Congratulations to Mill and Kathleen on the birth of their baby boy today - unsure of a name yet. And thank-you for the invite to your bday Kate, but will have to take a rain-check!!

DC is grand - manages to bum shuffle around - can get on her belly and comando crawl backwards, which is rather amusing for us and frustrating for her.

A few people have been asking for our address, so here it is:
Milyakburra School
pmb 5 Bickerton Island
Via Alyangula
NT 0885

Cheers to you all and hope the capsicums are crispy xoxoxoxoxo

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Location: Australia

Hi guys - how goes it in the wide world of real milk, radio and more than two t.v stations???!

Well, its been an interesting start to our time at Bickerton - school is finally taking on some semblance of routine. Had a few crazy events at the start of term , but all seems to have settled down.

It is a very different community to Robinson but we have received great support and are slowly learning who's related to who (seemingly everyone is someone's uncle's brother's sisters mother!!) The people here speak Anindilyakwa (un-dilli-ak-waa) and i can't imagine we'll ever be able to understand more than a few words, as it seems to be a very complex language. So far, we have managed to pick up a few of the semi-english words, 'nara' = no, 'fan-wall' = airconditioner and 'boonana' = banana. So we are on our way....!

Have traipsed across to the main community on Groote Eylandt - Alyangula- a few times (its a 10 minute flight in a single-engine) - it is pretty much a white fella's mining community with an IGA, coffe shop mmmmmm milkshakes...., newpaper shop and!!! There is a resort over there just been built and prices start from $450 a night....can pretty much guarantee we won't be frequenting it!!! - Groote has two other communities, Umbakumba and Anuragu - cool names huh?!

Anywho - Daisy is absolutely thriving (as you can see in the pictures). She is very vocal and likes blowing random raspberries. She has decided not to crawl but loves sitting up. I think she is perhaps the most popular person in the community - wherever we go people are yelling out 'daaaaaaayyyyysy' or putting their heads in her stroller - she takes it all in her stride! Adrian is not doing too badly in the popular stakes too - im just cursing that the kids here say my name the same as the Robinson mob, which is 'Moori'......hoping to change that one!

Well - i would be going to the shop after this, but someone cursed it earlier this afternoon, so it is closed till tomorrow!!

Luv to you all and your families - leave us a message if you get a chance xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Saturday, 05 January 2008

Okay - so we are back by popular demand...hehehe!! Have put some new photos up.

Well it was a very eventful year just passed - we finished our time at Robinson river, moved to Rye with manda and squash, had a baby and got married! Daisy is nearly 5 months old and thriving - very much a tubba bubba!! Her latest trick is sucking on her big toe, which i assume was encouraged by her father.

We had a luvly, small, wedding ceremony near Sorrento front beach and the weather held out, which was awesome. Daisy showed her overwhelming happiness at this event by crying the whole way through it! The reception was held at a restaurant in Rye that Squash works at called Bamboo - it was a great venue overlooking the beach. Good food, fine was cool!

Then it was time to say farewell to our Rye family (manda, squash and bung), which was very sad and pack to move to Bickerton Island. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention, Adrian got a job in the NT on an island called Bickerton. He is teaching principal. We are also lucky enough to have scored Matt as a teacher (Matt was teaching principal at a community called Kiana, near Robinson River) So he, his wife and his 6month old boy Elijah will be travelling to Bickerton to begin the new school year with us!

It has been awesome catching up with all our friends and family - but time to move on to our next adventure.

So, bye for now - speak soon, and leave a message if u get time xoxoxo the conroy clan

Monday, 30 July 2007

Hola peoples,
Well, it has been a rather crazy month! We do have new photos to put on, but are having a few technical difficulties! Today is d-day but no sign of the little tike just yet.

Have spent some quality time in Rye - are back in the burbs though for a few days to get our check up (and hopefully have this bubba!!)

Will provide more details soon. Hope all is well out there and hope to bring some good news verrrrrrryyyyyy soooooooon!!!

Luv Ramee and Adreene xo

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Location: Australia

Hello people,

Well, suffice to say we have become ridiculouslly slack at upkeeping the diary side of things which is mostly because there is not a lot of news to report!

Carey visit went well, baby is growing lots - entering report writing time (oh the joy!!) We're beginning to think about packing our things.....but then again, we have plenty of time left for that.....!

Adrian's contemplating a midnight fishing jaunt at Bing Bong on he weekend - i have wished him the best of luck on his travels!!

And we added a few photos under 'new photos May'.

Hope everyone is well - luv hearing news updates!

Luv Maree and Adrian xo

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Location: Australia

How goes it all?

We had a great relaxing holiday for easter - visited a place called Lawn Hill National Park about 500ks from Robinson.

Have updated pics - check 'the bubba' and 'Easter hols April'.

All is well, only 9weeks to go - woo-hoo!

Luv to you all

Luv us xo

Friday, 30 March 2007

Location: Australia

Hi guys - hope everything is well for you all!

Just to let you know we added pictures of our bubba at its 23 week scan and one of my fat belly! You need to click on 'the bubba' title then wait for the photos to upload - you will also need to scroll down to see the new pictures as the old ones always appear at the top.

We'll put other photos on after our easter holiday - only 12 weeks till we're out of here!

Congratualtions to Elisha and Matt on the birth of Noah!

Speak to you soon

Tuesday, 06 March 2007

Location: Australia


Tuesday, 06 March 2007

Location: Australia

Just leting you know that there are many new photos being placed on the site for your viewing pleasure. All is good. Keep up the worship

Signing off

Friday, 09 February 2007

Location: Australia

Howdy people,

Thanks to everyone who reminded us we haven't written in a while!! We have, once again, been really busy (aprat from holidaying!!) The last two weeks have been full of school stuff and getting back into it all.

Holidays were fantastic - it was luvly to see everyone in Melbourne, although then i miss u all too much! Tasi was really pretty - Vron and Clibe were extremely hospitable - particularly when they let Adrian win their family's poker jackpot!!

So, most of you would know by now that we are pregnant (although Adrian claims he's done his part, so it's 'me', not 'we')!! - we are very excited (although a little wary of who the little critter will be more like....!) And no, i am not showing yet!! We are 3.5 months and due in early early August. As soon as i pop out there will be pictures!!

School has been surprisingly easy to slip back into - the kids are working really well and seem happy. We have had a bit of rain - the roads are closed and the rivers are up, but mostly its been lotsa sunshine!

Thanks to thoseo f you who keep checking for updates - we promise to have new photos by next weekend!

Luv to everyone - hope u r having a wonderful 2007

Maree and Adrian xo

Saturday, 02 December 2006

Location: Australia

Howdy all - we hope this finds everyone filling up with christmas cheer!

Cyclone Hetty blew into town last Friday and is now probably known by more people than me!! She took charge of Bob's yr1s, 2s and 3s for the week and did a fabulous job. They painted and sang and learnt the christmas story and sang and learnt some addition and......sang!! The kids loved her enthusiasm and seemed to enjoy having her around. We loved having her around - particularly when she took the whole school for singing lessons and taught them the words to '6 white boomers'! It was great having a friendly positive face around and i'll be sad when she leaves Monday. She may return with a few extra bods - i saw her trying to recruit a few of my little ones - she was particularly taken by Cane Toad!!

Only two weeks till the end of term - we're all rushing to get our christmas acts sorted (i could hear Adrian through the wall the other day singing about Christmas in a rusty Holden ute - what a voice!!) I'm sick to death of 'Christmas where the gum trees grow' but the kids just become more enthusiastic with each practise!

We are reeeeeallllllly ready for a break - its been a fantastic but challenging five months - time to chill out and relax! We're heading to Tasi after Christmas to visit Clibe and Beronica (the nurse and his wife) and see some pretty sites. Hope to catch up with some of you luvly people (and some not so luvly ones..!!)

Thanks for keeping us updates with your lives - we really appreciate the messages!!

Luv to you all

Adrian and Maree xo

Monday, 06 November 2006

Location: Australia

THE RAINS ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 20 October 2006

Location: Australia

My apologies to all for the atrocious grammatics of our fearless leader. He has been rather busy of late what with bull cathcing, fishing, bushwalking, soccer games!

Just a quick one to say everything is going well - am a little nervy about getting my kids to perform at our christmas do but its all ok, cause mums sending me the 'Seekers sing Christmas special', so im sure i'll be a hit!

Have put a bunch of photos on from the end of last term and a few of our holiday through Katherine. Hope all is well with everyone - sending big hugs and kisses - mwaaa!

Personal Assistant
Snot cleaneruperer

Thursday, 19 October 2006

Location: Australia

Hello out there to all our faithful followers.
Sorry that there hasnt been an up date for a while but things have been fairly flat out ina cruisy sort of way in Robinson River!!
We have a number of new photos to add of our recent trip around the Katherine area and Troy Dann like adventure of mustering bull on the salt plains of the Gulf of Carpanteria. Farmers such as Mat Drum reckon they work hard well well well you havent seen bull catchers work is what i have to say to them. Also if you are a fan of the Balldale farmer and the regions most eligable batchelor then watch this place very closely!!!!!

The build up to the wet has well and truley started with temperatures consistantly hitting 40 degrees or very close to the mark, with a nice drop of humdity in the air. The clouds have been rolling in at about 3pm each afternoon but have delivered nothing.

I have been doing a bit of good bush walking lately (Maree is scared of the snakes and Clive) Clive is the local nurse who also enjoys walking. We nearly killed poor old Bob the other day 10km over rough terrain was nearly to much forn the vertran West Virginian Hunter to handle. Plus the fact the he averaged 1 dart per km on the walk. There is some cool country side up here with ruggard escarpements and lush valleys with running water paperbark trees and pandanus palms, not to mention the lovely Noogoorah Bur ( Scorne of the top end)

Preparations have began for the RRS christmas extraviganza, this promises to be one hell of an evening with childrens performances awards carols and if everyone in the community has been good we might be lucky enough to get a visit from Santa Clas (however we are having a few difficulties attracking volunteers to fill this position so if you are keen please contact Maree Helm on 08 89759828 after business hours.

That is all for now there will be more when we down load the rest of the photos.

Sunday, 10 September 2006

Location: Australia

The fearless leader has returned to his post. After learning that Maree hadnt managed to cook herself a single meal while i was gone, i set about sitting on the couch and having her cook me a feed!! What a lovely lady!!
The trip to Melbourne was very interesting. It was great to see the kids faces when they saw things for the first time. A couple of them would have sore necks from continuosly staring up at the buildings. While others burnt much of their spare energy chasing pidgens.
All of the mob loved the MCG and travelling on the trains and Trams, but all of the kids got most excited about going on the esculators and lifts in the shopping centres.
It was great to catch up with Mum and Dad (who Doreen has a crush on) Seanaid and family as well as Rich,Poidy Manannananda and Squash.
Since arriving back in RR many of the kids havent stopped talking about the trip and they ae still taking it all in.
It would be the same if any of you people out there came to visit us in Robinson.
Thats all time to go

Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Location: Australia

To get an idea where Robinson River is Look at the recent message from Charlie and follow the link if you find Borroloola it is 150 km to the south west.

Saturday, 26 August 2006

Location: Australia

Howdy all,

Well, Bob and i have survived three days without our fearless leader. As far as i can tell, the school is still standing and the students are still attending (well, some anyway!) Cheers again for your messages - love hearing what everyone's up to!

Everythings cruising along nicely - apparantly some dude is coming during the week to figure out where to put my classroom....thats right, im actually getting a classroom!! Yay!! (apparantly i shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch - it may be 6 weeks or 6 months away!!)

Ive decided our dog is loco. She is a kleptomaniac (at the present time i am missing two right thongs and a left sock) and she has an acquired taste for eating horse or goat poo (either seem to do). She also collects horse poo to display proudly on our front porch. How lucky are we?!

Hope all is well out there in the real world.

Maree xo

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From Seaniad
I think you mean march 09
Response: oops!
From Bill and Pat
Hi Maree, Adrian and that sister of mine, Hetty, if you are still there. Wandering and been waiting for THE news and hoping of course that everything is allright. Everything going along here. Aunty Pat settled back in to the dreary side of life after a cruise, I just joined a Choir, German. so don't understand haf the things I am singing about. But having fun. Wel let us know how thihs are going. All the best . And how about "ANNA". Bye
Response: Hopefully this time tomorrow, we'll have a new doesn't want to come out!!! (i think mum is just having too much fun, so keeps praying for it to stay in!) Let you know when it arrives
From Chrissy
Strange but true, you live next door, but I gotta see the piccys on my computer. Miss you all. Come back soon with the new bambino. xx Chrissy
From Kristy
Hi Helm, Adrian and DC! I only just checked my gmail - thanks for sending me the link have just been looking at all the pictures....absolutely LOVE DC's hair! The little miss is just so darn cute (obviously just like her Mama and Papa) Wow you must be just about to pop by now....wishing you all the best with that (yikes) can't wait to hear if DC has a little baby bro or sis. Who will this one be named after...? Duffy has a very nice ring to it wink wink! I'll check this site for future photos. Thinking of the three of you and the one to come. It was great to see you looking so beautiful and healthy when yo uwere in Melbs. Big hugs, Kristylee & Rossco xoxoxoxxoxoox P.S I AM SO CLUCKY!!!
Response: Duffy Conroy has a luvly ring to it.....but we'll see!! Still no news, maybe tomorrow!
From Mel
Good luck in Darwin!!
Jess had a little boy last week and his mane is Digby. I'm going to visit tomorrow.
From Kathy D
Hi Guys Think of you often. Happy 30th Birthday Maree. Not long now!!! I definately WONT be the first to hold this baby!!! Loved the pics of Adrians holiday. Good luck with everything Maree. I am going into hospital myself to have a knee replacement on the 2nd.March. So I"ll be home for a long time so I can write more often. Bye Love Kathy & John xxxxx
Response: Heard you had a very nice physio.....wonder if they have them in Darwin.......
From Elisha
Hi Kids,
Daisy is just beautiful.... strawberry blonde Maree? :) Can't wait for her to meet Noah. Miss you xx
From Dad
Thanks Maree, Adrian, Daisy and camp dog.
From JB
Hey MM & family, extended to be i see! Good to see you guys are well. Us Brownies left Broome, just done a year in the Alice and now in Karratha. All is good. Heaps of rain!! I'm trying to dry the washing!, never thought i would have so much trouble here in the northwest.
Response: Great to hear from u JB - you guys sure get around!
From JWE
Hope books arrived safe as did the electrical equipment. You featured in our house liturgy and hopefully in the local newspaper ... names and all! I think the corny title was Loading up for Literacy. Hope all good. Give DC a hug,

Love JWE xxx
Response: Hey JWE - awesome work! Stereo has been a welcome replacement to the principals not so toneic voice! Kids luv the books!!!
From Ruth
Daisy looks beautiful. The NT certainly agrees with her. I hope they are not dreadlocks Adrian!!!!!
From Gail
A very Happy Birthday to the most beautiful Daisy 1 year and survived your parents. Just kidding. Hope the event is memorable for all. A very big congratulations on the up and coming event, looking forward to the new the mean time lots of love from Greatgrandad and you know who..........
From Tony Scally
Busy at school, thought i=I would check your site to see whats happening. Few locals at the Darwin Cup yesterday. Myself, Patrick, Courtney, Sandy Alan and Frank Clune off to Melbourne 22 /23 August for a footy weekend, Tigers play Dockers at the G. ate at uni Perth, Emm doing year 12, Jess year10 and Sam yr.9.
Jess played b'ball for wa at national champs in the holidays palyed in Kalamunda. Railways look mgood chance to play in grand final. better go nearly lunch time have to go home and feed the horses. Tony
Response: Good to see that all is good you training any winners at present. I can only imagine the amount of crap that will be spun on such a week end. Pity you will have the whole g to yourself with a block buster game like that one!!!!
From Beau
I keep losing your number - please email it to me so I can share my sexy voice with you.
Love kissses and man hugs bobo
Response: Sometimes you scare us little bobo....
From The Hon. Mayor of Ba
Greetings barda! How is things on the island? Hope all is well say hello to mr and mrs conroy for me and daisy. Also remember that you only get out of bouncing what you put in!
Response: this would be mot yornoc ya
From Tony Scally
Obviously very busy at school, about time you put some more news on. All well here actually raining, farmers smiling. Tigers to win this week??????????? 6 weeks till holidays. seeya Tony
Response: If the tigers beating the sad old bombers is a highlight in the year there is not going to be mucch to cheer about!
Arethe Keefe lads still farmers or are they totally out of the business. Hope all the kids and family are going well, and Sam is winning football games. 3 weeks til 4 weeks of holidays!!!!! Kimberlys here we come.
Take it easy
From Ruth
Daisy is certainly a Conroy!
Hope all is well with the three of you.
Response: All is great! Are you referring to the large head?? Luv to you both xo
From Bloody Rumba
Will swap sunshine for snow! No wonder interbreeding and sisterly/uncle love is rife in Tumba, cos ya cant leave the house for fear of frostbite! Hope the fish are still jumping into your boat. Mailing address? Please be sure to pat/scratch/pet/cuddle all babies and pets for me
From Bloody Rumba
Hows stuff? Hope youre enjoying the sunshine up there, the first snow has just hit here! Could be looking for somewhere warm with good fishing during next hols (hint hint). Have discovered Tumbas school has shite loads of ESL kids too, thanks to a committed inbreeding program. Are we able to post stuff to Bickerton without stuffing around? Toodle-pip and may your bells always chime
Response: Spears to the left of me, tommohawks to the right, here i am, stuck on the island with ramee - and she's tired and hungry, i mean fungry and the next door neighbours sisters his wife.......but thats the norm so dont get ure knickers in a tangle. Given up dem dumbookwa??
From JWE
How's the pedagogical classroom gogogoing?
Happy Easter. Thinking of you three heaps. Love JWE xxx
Response: We implement great classroom pedagogy here on Bickerton Island - we prefer the humanistic approaches and aim to cater to the whole child......whadya think?? hehehehe
From Seaniad
Adrian! you are going to give Daisy a life long complex about the size of her head!!!!!!Looking at your photos I would say that she has grown into it nicely. Love Seaniad xxxxx
P.s Thanks for the photos and letter.
From Mrs Bob-Thommo
Hope Bickerton is treating you well. Heard about the tribal violence whilst the elders were out of town,. Whilst the cats away............
Daisy has grown into that head of hers and is looking like a gorgeous conroy just like the rest of them. These bubbas grow up quick. We have 2 tooths and commando crawling like a demon. Stay safe!! xoxo
Response: Good to hear allswell - looking forward to kicking butt on the fotty tipping!
From Elisha
Hi kids
Miss ya. Think you should come play again. Whats your home number? Do you have a phone? God
Response: No princess, we use mental telepathy when we wish to communicate with u mainlanders......
From JWE
Wonderful to hear from you guys. Glad you made it and am interested to hear about your hot initiation rite way up north.

I have just bought a red (don't they go faster??)Suzuki Swift and drove it all around today in 40 degree Brisvegas heat. Am sure that is a cool day for you. Thanks for photos and give Daisy a cuddle for me. Will write soon!
Response: Red most certainly goes faster! Wanna do my study for me...Pedogogy in the globalised language classroom??? hehehe...
From CLIBE Veron
And what about us. Bit slack guys, we are really sad now.
Anyway we are having a bloody good time,we will have a few drinks for ya.
Response: Sorry know what a busy social schedule we have though - spent last night at Casino Conroy - Ramee was hot-2-trot with Thorax destructor!