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To Bagram and Back

Hello my dear family and friends. While I am away I will try to keep you all up to date at once by using this diary. Post a message any time, but please realize that I may not always be able to reply right away. I miss you all and can't wait to get home, but until I am, this will hopefully help us stay connected. The following is a quote by Frederick Buechner:

"You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world, but a world lives in you."

Go to Bagram with me? Love Tracy

Diary Entries

Monday, 26 January 2009

Location: Bagram, Afghanistan

Hey, it's me! Really me this time! I found a computer that does not block access to this site! It's kind of far from where I live and work, but I should be able to make it over here now and then for the "status update".

I have not even checked yet to see how many messages I have - I'm sure it's a ton, so bear with me in taking some time to answer.

As Mom said, my new job is so great. Though very similar to my duties before, it is so much less stress because the people I work with are so nice. The whole shop came out to meet me at the flightline on the night I arrived. They helped carry all my gear (I brought a ton of clothes since I don't have to wear a uniform anymore). Everyone teases me that I brought eight pairs of shoes with me - but, you know how it is! I can finally wear "real" clothes again after 18 months, so I brought all my favorite sweaters and things. I still have the famous "army boots" though - but I haven't worn them yet since coming back.

I'm sure you have heard on the news about all the troops coming to Afghanistan. I am dealing with this first-hand as they are coming and using up all the hot water in the showers, buying all the supplies up at the PX and making the line at the Green Beans extra long! I had a bad cold for the past week and there is not a kleenex on the base! I've been blowing my now-red nose on those paper towels like you had in high school (the sand-paper type).

My room is like a little house this time. I have a refrigerator, microwave, toaster, in-wall ironing board, flannel sheets and duvet, down pillow. It's very comfortable. I can have cable TV and in-room computer access, but that is kind of expensive and I don't think I would use it that much. I have a little shelf at the bottom of my bed on which I've placed my laptop - so I can watch movies on that whenever I want to. So far I am watching the season 1 and 2 of Rome, and saw "7 pounds" (which was good but sad) and "Benjamin Buttons" (which I also liked).

Another different thing this time is that I work local time instead of Zulu time. That means that I am working during daylight and sleeping in the dark, like a regular person. But we are 9 1/2 hours ahead of you here - so it makes it hard to call home.

Well - I better get back to work.

Love, Tracy

Monday, 05 January 2009

Hi everyone! It's Linda speaking here for Tracy. Planet Ranger has been blocked from her place of work, so she asked me to fill you all in for her. We are going to try to keep this going, by her writing to me and me filling it all in. That should be interesting. She is doing very well, and realy loves her job. The shop where she works is filled with careing and wonderful people. She wants us to know that she is very happy with her job, and that she is pleased to be back there, doing what she does best. The hours that she works are so much less than before, and she also has one day a week off from work. That is a change from the 12 hour days 7 days a week. She is putting up her pretty blankets on the walls, and making her room compfy since she knows that she will be there for a year. She will never have to leave for any outstations, and have to worry about all her stuff. That's all for now until I hear from her again.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Location: home, USA

I'm home. Everyone has been asking when I'm going to write again. Today Mom signed me on and said "Write" so I'm writing. I have been thinking that I need to do some eloquant entry summing up my time over there. I just have not been able to put words together yet to do that - and I find I can't do that right now either.

But I'm home, I'm safe. Thanks for caring, and asking, and checking. I'll be fine eventually, but right now I'm still adjusting. I will write again. I just can't right now.

Love, Tracy

Tuesday, 07 October 2008

Location: Bagram, Afghanistan

I have not been able to get a call out today. Our phones are down. But today is Denny's and my 19th anniversary. I guess it's good I didn't miss the 20th one at least - huh? I think the present will be that I am home in a few weeks.

Somebody asked me what I was looking forward to doing when I got home. I really want to eat at Carrabba's. I have been craving it ever since they asked me! Denny, James and I used to eat there all the time because Denny got a discount there (plus we love it). I need a filet mignon and an Appletini!!! And maybe not in that order! haha

I have been letting my hair grow back. I have not cut it since I left for Elsewhere in August. Right now it is in the crappy middle stage of growing out and looks very puffy! I bought a hairdryer at the PX because it is too long now to just let it dry by itself like I had been letting it since I got here. I hope I don't look too crazy when I get off the plane!

Did some last minute shopping at Macy's again (sorry Mom). They were having a sale! I couldn't help it! Plus I ordered a few things for a friend without a credit card and just got the cash from her. That should hold me until I get back now...

Mom - did you ask the post office to put in my military leave? Tell Marty I'll be back pretty soon - and I want to use that leave before I'm off orders and can't. It should be three weeks worth.

That's all for now. I'll keep trying to call! Love, Tracy

Sunday, 05 October 2008

Location: Bagram, Afghanistan

Hi, guys! I can't believe how fast the last couple weeks have gone! I am now what we call a "single digit midget" which means I am under ten days to leaving. I keep trying to call home - can never get to the phone when I'm not busy, you guys are awake, and there is nobody already on it. I guess the stars just won't align for me right now! Speaking of stars - did I write you about all the shooting stars I saw while in elsewhere?? Five in one night one time!! I miss it there.....

I have not started packing yet. Those who know me well know that I will probably not start until the day before I leave!! I hate packing! I really will try not to put this off too long this time though. I have SSOOO much stuff! Too much! I need to give a lot of things away before I leave.

Thanks for the Green Beans, card Mom! That should hold me til I fly out!

Denny - Please pick up all the junk in the house. I'm half afraid to come home and see the state of the place. Remember - JUST THROW IT AWAY! We really don't need all the old newspapers and advertisements! How bad can it be? Two guys living alone for 18 months? Hmmmm....could be pretty bad.....I won't think about that today. I'll think about that tomorrow!

Well - that's all for now. Sorry it's short. I'll write again soon, as my duties are all winding down, I should have more time.

Love and hugs, Tracy

Thursday, 02 October 2008

Location: Bagram, Afghanistan

I'm back at Bagram and back on the night shift. I guess I can put up with it as it is only for a few more weeks. I can't believe it is October already!

I still have not found my passport, but I must admit that I have not looked very hard. I really need to do that tonight. When I got back here my room was a mess - with everything thrown into boxes and shoved in the corner or stacked on the top bunk. What a pain! I have not gone through everything yet, as I had most anything I needed in by bag I brought back with me from Khowst, and have basically been living out of that.

I am hearing mixed answers as to how long it takes to get home once I leave here. Everything from 4 days to two weeks. I guess I will just have to find out as I go.

My duties here are winding down, and the 12 hour shift really drags by. I am hoping that they will just give me my last week off to pack and relax. We'll see. Chris is usually not that nice to me when I ask for such things. But others have had that priviledge, so it would only be fair I feel. The replacement analysts are doing fine - I could actually leave today and everything would just chug right along as if I were still here.

I have been mentally composing my "good-bye" speech. Everyone makes them on their last day. I hope I don't cry.....but I bet I will. Some things I am really going to miss - and some things I will be glad to leave behind. But either way, change is always difficult for me. I will probably even miss putting on this uniform every day! Maybe I'll wear the boots around just for the fun of it! I never did find my cover, and am still sad over that...

Gotta go pretend to work! Love and miss you!! Tracy

Friday, 19 September 2008

Location: Khowst, Afghanistan

Hi Gang! I found out today that I like soy milk! At the Green Beans they are all out of regular milk this week and have been making my lattes and smoothies out of soy! Honestly, I would not have known the difference if I hadn't noticed the carton today. The barista told me he has been making them with that all week! I guess when I get home I can switch - as I think soy milk is supposed to have some good health benefits over real milk....

This morning my first VTC (video tele-conference) was cancelled, so I did not have to be at work as early as usual and so I just lay in bed, kind of dozing. Then once I finally got up and went to the shower, all the hot water was gone!! Usually I am awake and in there well before all the soldier-boys. I guess I won't make that mistake again! Laziness never pays!

I saw an advertisement here that they are looking for postal workers in Afghanistan! How about it Tracy B? Want to come work in the war zone? I have no idea how much it would pay, but I bet it would be an adventure! Remember when I tried to talk you into joining the reserves with me? How cool would it have been if we could have come out here together?? (I picture you rolling your eyes and thinking "Not Cool At All!") haha

I think I might have Chris talked into bringing me back to Bagram next week. I hope so....I have so much to do to get ready to come home - not the least of which is locating my (possibly misplaced) passport! I think I can come home without it.....Inshallah! hehe

Today we had lobster tail at the chow hall....I think that will probably be my last lobster tail in Afghanistan as they usually only have that once a month or so. Everyone sure does love it when they serve it. We also had steak, but that is a weekly Friday occurance. The steak is always a toss-up on if it will be good or not - usually it is tough.

I think Denny and James left (with Denny's parents) for Ocean City today. They are going for Lexi's baptism. James is going to be her Godfather, as is so happy about it! I wish I was there too! I remember James' was not that long ago!! Remember, Gram - you and Gramps came and brought James that wagon? He loved that wagon his whole childhood. We still have it!

That's all for now I guess - talk to you soon my little fam! Love, Tracy

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Location: Khowst, Afghanistan

OH MY GOODNESS IS LILY ADORABLE!! And Lisa - is that your dining room? I love the paint color! Thanks for posting the pics, Mom.

Bad news.....I lost my cover. (Cover is what we Navy-types call our hat). I have another one back at Bagram, but I have only ever worn the one I lost out here...It was sentimental...I'm soooo bummed out about it, and have looked everywhere. Also, this means that I am forced to where my "booney cover" until I get back to Bagram and dig out my second one. The booney cover is ridiculous. It looks like Gilligan's hat. A brim all around and a slip-string to keep it on. It is designed to keep the sun off you. I think it is also designed to make the enemy laugh so hard at you that they lose their aim. How did I lose my cover after 17 freakin' months of wearing it every day???? I have no idea....

Also - they have once again had someone pack up the stuff in my room back at Bagram - remember they did this to me once before when I was "elsewhere"? This time though they packed it all up - but left it in my room.....why? Because they are idiots....I am trying hard not to let the thought of some stranger going through all the personal property in my room bother me. Whatever....I can't wait to leave....these army-types are driving me nuts lately.

I hear the "coming home" process only takes about 10 days or so once I am out of here. That's not as long as I had originally thought. That means I'll definately be home in time to see Emily's Halloween costume!

I have decided to run 2 miles every day until I come home. I had stopped running once I lost my ipod, but I want to stay skinny for my trip home. Also, it has been raining alot, so I might not be tan. Hopefully my youthful glow will make up for it - haha.

See you soon! Love, Tracy

Monday, 15 September 2008

Location: Khowst, Afghanistan

Hello! Our computers were down for a few days there. Sorry to get all the messages posted so late! Pshew! I got them all done!

9/11 came and went here. It was a sad one....

They had a "holiday-type" meal for us in the chow hall for 9/11. I thought that was a bit inappropriate. I would rather we ate bread and water on 9/11 and thought about the nation's loss that day, rather than pigging out on turkey and ham and cakes with picures of the twin towers in the frosting....I'm sure they meant well.....but I didn't like it.

I have been very busy again this past week or so. Time is passing quickly as it tends to do out here anyway. I was asked to stay for another year......I said no......(time doesn't pass THAT quickly - haha).

Everyone please help my son remember to go to his orthodontist appointments! I paid for those darn braces in advance and they were not cheap! If I come home and his teeth are a mess, I am going to be pretty P.O. (and that does not stand for post office - haha)

Emily!! What are you going to be for trick-or-treat, baby girl? A princess again? Or maybe something scary this year? Like a witch or a little ghost? I can't wait to see!!

Love and hugs to you all - Tracy

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Location: Khowst, Afghanistan

IT WAS GRAM!!!! Congratulations, Gram. You are hit 20,000! it is only fair as I think you are my main "page checker".

I manifested myself onto my return flight home today. (That means they reserved my seat on the flight). It was kind of sad to think about leaving, but I've been too busy lately to dwell on it. The weeks go by so fast here and I am down to something like 4 now. I guess I'll be packing all my "stuff" sooner than I think.

Nothing else new or exciting. Just more of the same. I'll write more later - as I have a lot of messages to post at this time (thanks to our little contest - haha).

Love, Tracy

Monday, 08 September 2008

Location: Khowst, Afghanistan

Guess what? Right now we are at hit number 19,989 for the page! Eleven more hits until 20,000! Can you believe that? The next eleven people to read this please post a message and say Hi, so I can let you know who is lucky number 20,000.

Everything else is just the same as yesterday. I just called the contract company about my future employment and was told they had a meeting this morning about me. They are going to send me an email with their decision and positions I qualify keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully I can keep doing what I m doing now, and in the same place - only for shorter periods of time and for A LOT more money.....

My boy stayed home from school today - but is not answering his cell phone....typical! I hope he is having a good Senior year! I remember mine passed very quickly....

And Hello!! to Denny! He says I never talk about him in my journal and so he feels not very important. Yikes! I usually don't talk about anyone but myself in here - I guess I'm kinda selfish - huh?? I pointed out that he has only written me about three times in here during the whole 17 months I've been gone - that didn't go over too well. So, officially I am talking about my dear sweet husband today, and how hard he is working to keep everything nice for James and his family while I have been away. Of course, he is very important!

Let's see if he is hit number 20,000!

Love, Tracy

Sunday, 07 September 2008

Location: Khowst, Afghanistan

Another Sunday. That week sure went fast! I hope you all had a fun one, with Labor Day Weekend and all. We did not do anything to mark Labor Day here.

The other day somebody told me how many days I have left before I leave. I had not counted them out and was shocked. I am afraid to leave in a way....Is that weird? It sounds weird, but it's true. I'm not sure why. I just hate it when things change. I remember how afraid I was to come here. Now it feels like home to me. I guess 18 months straight 14-18 hours a day, every day, is enough to get you attached to something....youthink?? I am definately attached to Afghanistan. I wonder if when I come home everyone will think I've changed. I feel very different in some ways, and just the same in others. One thing is for sure - the days will seem short when I'm home!

Still no news on a possible job, so it looks like I will be delivering mail again, at least for awhile. I hope I remember how! haha

Gotta go. It's my turn in the shower. Love and a hug, Tracy

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Recent Messages

From Sheri
Hi Tracy,
You must be a teeny tiny single digit midget by now - are you PACKED YET!!!!! (try to eliminate that last minute stress)
You are soon to be home!!! - mixed emotions I am sure are running through you - and it all feels a little stressful (or maybe a lot).
We here at home need to remember as much as we want you home and want you to be jumping for joy because you are soon to be here IT IS REALLY HARD to "flip a switch" and change your day to day life that easily.
But the plus side is that you are coming back to the familiar .... but with new experiences that have added to you who you are.

Hopefully, what I just typed reads how I wanted it to.
Take care,
See you soon! Sheri

Response: It reads just perfect - thanks Sher
From GRAM..
Well, I sent my hex over, I hope it didn't get lost. Do hope he realizes what he will lose when you get to come home.(I can't spell, what you do). I guess were like that old saying, stick your finger in a bucket of water and pull it out, as fast as it covers over that how long were missed.You left a big mark.. Right?? But Honey, You did more then enough. "We Love You Lots"..Hurry home safe..Gram
Response: Thanks Gram. I can't wait to see you. Love, Tracy
From Norma Eckroate
Hi Tracy,
I've been thinking about you and wondering if you're going to be coming through southern California on your way home???
It would be great to welcome you back!
Love and blessings,

Response: Hi Norma! I think I may come through San Diego, but I'm not sure yet. Everything always changes with the military. As soon as I know for sure I'll let you guys know. Thanks! Tracy
From Mom
Happy Anniversary a day late!
I called Marty and he said the fiscal year started Oct 1 and I told him to put you in for all he could. He said he's putting you in for it on Fri. (10-10) and the first two weeks should come on the 17th. You will probably not be home for the next time card day, which is the 24th, so the 3rd week can go on that one. He also told me you are entitled to 3 months off from the PO, and he figured you'd take it.
I'm counting the days!!!
Response: yea!! Thanks, Mom!
From Denny
Hi Honey,
Happy anniversary, See you soon try to call me.
love you,
Response: I tried to call - our phones have been down all day! Happy Anniversary! I'll call you from North Carolina!! Love, Tracy
From Sheri
Hi Tracy,
Wow - "single digit midget" that must feel good!
Get packed girl you're comin' home SOON......

Take care,
Love, Sheri
Response: haha - I STILL have not packed! I'm so terrible about that kind of thing. Maybe tomorrow! Love, Tracy
From Gram
Hi. The news sound good and your still NO.1.. how about that.How's Chris treating you? Tell him Your Gram will put a hex on him.Do hope things are going fast and you'll be on your way before we know. Sending "LOTS OF BLESSINGS FOR ALL OF YOU"
I Love You..Gram
Response: I don't see much of Chris since I'm on night shift and he's on day shift - and that's actually good because I can't take too much crap from him lately. He's been getting on my nerves! Go ahead and put the hex on him Gram! haha
From Carolyn
Hi Tracy! I can't wait to see you! Call if you are layed over in San Diego, I'll make the drive down to be the first welcoming party! If not, I will see you at Hallowthanksmas!
Response: I'll call you as soon as I know when I will be in San Diego. Can't wait too! Love, T
From Denny
Hi Honey,
You probably won't beleive this but, the house is not to bad. I just swept it today and James mowed the lawn. I've been keeping it pretty clean the last few months. Can't wait to see you, I too have lost some weight. James has been gaining and he's in need of some training which he and Eric from Cheeseburger in Paridise are going to work out together and play soccer together. James wrecked another car this time it was the caprice, he hit a lady from behind. the caprice is not worth fixing this time. I just wish he'd have wrecked it before I put all the money into fixing it. Oh well, just my luck. Call me as soon as possible.
Response: Dang! Another wreck, huh? I take it nobody was hurt - so that's good. Sounds like he gets his driving skills from your side of the family - haha. Love ya! T
From Mom
New pics of Lily on her photo page! See you soon!!!

Response: thanks Mom!
From AJ
Hi Tracy, Well a party is in the works. It is planned for sat. Nov. 1st at 6:00 at Uncle Earl and my home. Aunt Joan will still be here so hopefully we can get as many as we can here. It will be fun to visit and talk with all. If we bring finger food to share we willhave a feast. Love and hugs
Response: Sounds like alot of fun! I can't wait to see you all! Love, T
From Gram
Good Morning..So happy to hear from you.Boy is it cold today only 51..We all are excited about Joan coming home then you and Carolyn too.. Your Mom will have all her chicks in one basket, and me too.What more blessings could we ask for in Oct. Time is passing soooooooo slow..Sending Lots Of Blessings For "ALL Of You..(and Chris too, even if he put you on nights)..I Love You..Gram
Response: It's going FFFAAAASSSSTTTT now for me!!! Love, Tracy
From #3 M--re Girl
Sorry to tell you that Emily only has two games left so you won't be able to attend one until the spring. She wants to continue playing "for four years" she says so I'm sure you'll be able to see one sometime. At the very least, I'm sure she will be happy to dress up for you and kick the ball around the yard.
I find it so funny that you hate change. It's one of the things I love. The challenge of learning and experiencing new things I think is wonderful. It's a brand new day with no mistakes in it yet. Remember that, Pollyanna? The best is yet to come.
Keep your chin up and your head down!
Response: I hate ironing too - and taking hot stuff out of the stove - (as you know). Our differences are what makes us unique. So I will continue to hate change - but will continue to deal with it (as we all must anyway). Nobody says I have to like it - right??? Look at that guy who invented pants - his best friend "fears change" and will continue to wear the caveman clothes - haha
From LT Scahill
I am on my way home. I just left Bagram 2 days ago. Right now I am at the airbase in Kuwait waiting to be transported to the WTP. My WTP starts Monday and I fly out a couple of days later. You should have already gooten your itinerary from the LNO at Bagram, if not contact them right away!!! Sean
Response: Thanks LT - see you in Detroit! Tracy
From Gram..
OH WHERE--OH WHERE..Did my Pirate Gal Go?? Did someone high jack you?? Sure have missed your little notes to us. It's getting a lot cooler around here. And I'm not ready for for it. When that happens, the leaves start falling and "OH" I have so many trees around here.I hope your absence means you've moved know what???
Do hope it wont be long till your on your way home..Sending lots of "LOVE" and "BLESSING" for you "ALL".
Love you Lot's...Gram
Response: I'm still here, Gram! On my way in a few more weeks! Love, Tracy
From Samantha
Funny story to share--I was talking to Dray last night and he asked me if I was still looking for a house to buy in Magnolia. I said yes, I am, and he said, "The house beside us is for sale, you should buy that one." Lol! Daryl would love that, huh? Actually, who knows? Judge may decide that I get the house. That would be nice!
Love, Sam
Response: I hope he does decide that! Then you can stick Daryl's clothes in a bag in the driveway! lol
From the salehis
Hello, sorry it took us this long to write to you, but Kedric was kind enough to let us know abou tthis cite. we hope that you are well and look forward to your safe return. we can't wait to share your memories of this experience. hope to see you soon.
~your caring neighbors~
Response: thank you for writing! I am really missing the neighborhood and can't wait to be back! I am also looking forward to talking with you about Afghanistan (now that I know a bit about what I'm talking about!) See you soon - Tracy
From Mom
I put Em's Soccer pics on her Emily's Smile picture page for you to see. Can you tell her little cleat shoes are trimmed in pink? She looks so cute. She love playing it too. Kelly says she runs the WHOLE time. We haven't been able to go to see her play yet (The boat calls us every weekend for a date, and she plays on Sat.), but maybe one of these days ---
Love and Miss you (but not for long) (the miss you part I mean)

Response: I always thought Em would like to play soccer. I bet James would like to go see her play. I hope the season is still going when I get home. Love, Tracy
From AJ
Good Mornong, It has been a beautiful Ohio week. Sun and in the 70's. Aunt Joan is coming home for three weeks from 10/14 through 11/5. We are going to plan a party so you and her can see everyone. We are all excited to see you, I had a "power port" but in my chest to make it easier to get injections. I'm glad it is over and by next week it should be completely healed. You shouldn't be able to see it but you can feel it. It was best for my viens to get the port. Have to do what I have to do. I' making Lisa a "chicken" quilt. Hopefully she likes it!! Love and hugs always. It is hard to have a day do by that you are not in my thoughts.
Response: A power port - huh? Sounds like something one of the superheroes would have! Hope you are all mended up already! Love, Tracy
From Samantha
Today is Dayna's 18th birthday! I'm picking up Darren, Dray, and Davis and they are all spending the night with me! Dean wanted to, but he wanted to go to the Homecoming Football game more, so I said ok. He has a date for the dance and his dad bought him some new clothes. I hope they remembered to order her a flower! I reminded him last weekend but, that doesn't mean they will remember! Anyway, things are looking up a little.
Love, Sam
Response: WOW - 18 years! It sounds like things are going better too. By the time I get home, you will probably be all settled! Love, Tracy
From Aimee
I just wanted to tell you something you already know. Your son is one amazing guy! It made us so happy to have him stand for Lexi at her Baptism but then he gave her some beautiful gifts (that he picked out himself). Wonderful keepsakes from James, he is such a great "kid".

I just wanted to share....he just keeps amazing me with how grown up he is at only 17 (I'll stop gushing now).

I hope all is well with you & you find all your stuff (especially your passport)!!

Love, Aimee

Response: Thank you Aimee. I did already know that he is one great kid - but I never tire of hearing it!! Love, Tracy
From Samantha
Well, just got home from the big court date, didn't go as well as I had hoped, but no more restrictions on if/when I can see or talk to my children. Just have to work it out with Daryl until someone is granted temporary custody. Magistrate suggested that I not go back to that house, since it is a "hot spot." I said, "No problem." I have no desire to be anywhere near him, I will just pull in the driveway and the boys can come out. I am going to call when they get home from school and see if they want to go get some ice cream with me. I need to know all about school and their teachers and stuff, I know nothing! I will let you know how it goes, or if Mr. Wonderful even lets me see them. I can hear it now... "Uh, they have homework and then we have plans to watch TV, so today is not good." He just continues to have the upper hand.
Oh well, the rough part is over. Ask mom for further details.
I love you and miss you!
Love, Sam
Response: Got all the details - it will get better, I'm sure. I miss you so much and can't wait to hug you. Love, Tracy
From Gram..
hi Granddaughter..We have a beautiful day for your mom and dad, spending there last (?) weekend there.But maybe not, with our weather you never know. Hope your trip "Back" is a safe one..Hopr your having a good day.My prayers are with Sam and Carolyn's Doc. toooo, as always..And for you toooo.
Love ..Gram
Response: Thanks, Gram. It's only a few weeks to go now. I can't wait to see you all. Love, Tracy
From Samantha
Had our mediation yesterday (Friday), it was a complete waste of time. Thought maybe we could work some things out, but no deal. I should have known. Anyway, the next big date is Monday, when I face the big charges. Wish me luck. Hopefully I will be able to drive right to the house and pick up the boys. Can't wait to see you! It seems unreal that it is really soon!
Response: Good luck Sam!! I hope you have the boys Monday night!
From Gram
Hi No.1 Gal..Soy milk is the best..If you don't believe it ask your Aunt Joan.When she comes home we always buy it. Your Aunt Jo Ann likes the Choc. she don't like milk but she likes that kind. I think there is 3 different kinds..
Your mom and dad will have a long weekend, no school on Monday.I think she was pretty happy about that, she said this was there last one..
Love Gram
Response: I bet the chocolate would be good. I'll have to see if I can find it back home. Love, Tracy