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(: kez and loo's travel page :)

Hello everyone, thank you for coming to see what we've been up to here in Oz. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please leave a message for us, we aould really love to hear from you all. Miss you!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Location: sydney, Australia

hey everyone, wow its been a while. well today is the most exciting day of our lives to date, chris fish and chris auretty are coming to sydney today yippy!!!!
on thursday we leave for our trip up the east coast, so excited to move to the warmer regions.. its so cold here at the moment.

school holidays comenced on friday so we have just been chilling and partying. all of the other GAP's that we have become like family with have all returned home, very sad yet we are still pretty excited to get some new friendly faces around. there is a guy from rondebosch coming....wonder who???

will update after our trip with some pics.
miss nad love u all lots

loo and kez

Monday, 15 May 2006

Location: sydney, Australia

Hello all sorry about our slack approach to updating this website. well, second term has started now and we are working our bums away as there are only two of us now doing the work of about four people.ah!
We are saving our money for our next expedition, so we have not been going as crazy as last term. The Chris' are coming over pretty soon and the four of us will be going on a bit of a road trip up the coast of Australia, should be FANTASHTIC!
Hope all the exams coming up go well, we'll be thinking of you all..rahahaha :)

Keep safe all love
Loo and Kez

Monday, 24 April 2006

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

Hey everyone. We just got back from the most amazing surf and camping trip up the east coast to Byron Bay.
Our trip started out on Monday morning at 7am where we met our tour group, we then took a 6 hour bus trip up to our first destination Plomers Point. We set up our mouldy tents as quick as we could and made the twenty metre trek with our long boards down to the beach for our first surf lesson. It was really awesome to have some one show us the ropes. We headed back from our first evening of surfing with a huge bump on Ruth’s head and cuts on her nose caused by a flying surfboard.
Our days included waking up at 6am heading down to the beach for an early morning surf and chilling on the beach until LUNCH TIME (our favourite time of the day)! On some days after lunch we would go on mini missions to explore the other beaches for good surfing spots.
most nights included sitting around the camp fire eating our yummy food cooked by the four surf instructors Sheep, Jack, Pat and Cat, and who ever else was around to help out. After supper was when the esky filled to the brim with beer and goon came out and the bonding sessions began.
After two nights at Plomers Point we headed off in 'Captain Good Vibes' aka the bus while being entertained by singing drunk Canadians (after making our regular liquor/grocery stop) and the movie 'Anchor man' until we reached our second destination, which was our favourite. This was a Nature Reserve which was situated on Pebbly Beach a long stretched white sand beach totally deserted by humans with crystal clear sparkling blue water. Here we camped in the forest where we where surrounded by loads of really odd animals including Kangaroos, Bandicoots, leguans and kookaburras.
On our second night here the rain decided to come pissing down on the night that we were given the tent without a zip. So we woke up swimming in a pool of water but all was good as kez sleeps in her bikini anyway and we were going for a dawny (morning surf) too :)
By this time we where all pretty crusty after not having any running water for five days. The ocean became our bath and our best friend. Byron Bay was our next and last destination. Here we were left by our guides and booked into the most amazing backpackers called 'The Arts Factory'. To try explain the feeling of Byron to you it felt to us like a mixture between Hermanous, Plett and Observatory, basically it was a chilled out hippie town. Our tour group all booked into dorms close together so the bonding was still tight. We experienced the awesome night life here for two nights. This included going to The Beach Road Hotel and the famous backpackers delight Cheeky Monkeys.
On our last night we where treated to a dinner by our tour Guides at the hostel restaurant Budda Bar. A DVD which Sheep had compiled of footage from our trip was presented to us and many photo's where taken of all the great new friends we had made over the week.
On Sunday morning we took the 12hour drive back to Sydney feeling really fulfilled after being told our tour group has been the best to date.
We both had the most amazing trip and we'll defiantly not forget the friendships and memories made whilst becoming hardcore surfers :) hahahaha
Miss you all lots love
Loo and Kez

Sunday, 02 April 2006

Location: sydney, Australia

Hello all.
Thanks so much for coming to read our news.
We both having such a great experience here down unda. We definitely bringing it in for the real thing:)
Our days are pretty hectic, we start at 8am opening car doors for the kiddy winkles of Kincoppal Rose Bay School of the Sacred Heart..hahaha
after that we move into the class rooms where we work with kindy, year 1 and year 2 kids for the rest of the day, after which we merrily stroll down the road to the local pub, 'THE SHEAF' where we happily indulge ourselves with the local beer VB (which is basically the equivalent to our Black Label) . Take a look at our photo's to get a glimpse of what we've been up to.
the holiday's are coming up in about two weeks so we look forward to sharing our news on that, as we will be going on a surfing safari!!!!!!
love and miss you all lots
loo and kez

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From Ezza
Greetings, you have offically disappeared off the face of the earth so this is my last resort for getting in contact with you guys!!! I hope all the travels are going well. Uni is seriously fun, where I am is just full of Americans and Canadians (there is even a guy who was at the same school as Graham but in the year below him) so it's pretty cool. I haven't encountered any safas though!! Anyhow give me a call or something when you get back to CT once it's all calmed down. Big kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: hello ez, we are doing so well!!! we leave bangkok tomorrow to go back home!!!!! sorry about the distance but its been so hard to keep in contact wen we always on the go!!! will definatly call soon... lots of love kezza and booth. p.s you must join bebo....
From Bee
Hi girls,
missing you so i thought that id leave a lil messsage..You guys are coming back in like 2 months, its exciting! how things going over there? love ya lots and lots
love bee
Response: hey bee,sorry man, we kind of abandened this page. everything is going very well , leaving for asia on sunday...uba excited. we'll be home on the 29 october. cant eait to see you. love loo
From alex
hay hay girlies
awesome pics!!! miss you stuck in argentina....cant get bak into chile cos border is closed!!!
love ya lots alex xxx
From Rabobs
hey loo my poo
how you big sis??? miss you man
hope you had a great trip.. work hard now so you can travel and come home soon,k!!
love you and miss you stax
From georgia b
hey kez and nutty!! looks like u guys are having so much fun!!! so jelous!where abouts in oz are u? hope u hvaing a lekker jol!! love george
Response: hey brimbolo...we are in sydney having a smashing time! going on a trip up the coast on thursday so excited. wat u up too? lots love
From kathryn
guys u gotta update this site and tell us about your fun adventures hey,i need something to distract me from studying haha
Response: hey k dawg! :) sorry man bebo has over taken our lives these days...we'll sort somthing lots
From rach
hey loozle
love you geog now so if mr bowen catches me ill be in kuk!! Love you lots...mwah
Response: rabobs..u naughty man. love u lots
From christopher dirk
hey ladies
just showing my cousins your site!!! im babysitting... less than three weeks now til i arrive... you better prepare yourselves to patry hard!!!

much love!!! XXX
Response: hello baby... only 17 days to go!!!!! o my gosh.
i love you
From Belouw
Hey girls, missing you lots all the way herre in Cape Town. Been looking at some of your photos and they really nice.It looks so so awesome there! JUst a lil messagae to say hi! love ya two lots.
Love bee
Response: hello belouw!!! WE MISS YOU TOO!!! hope all is going well with exams and mr kyle!!!! lots of love
From Davezzz
Hey girls, was just checkin ur site so I thought id say howdy. Keep on having a great time you lucky beach bums.......
Keep it real
Response: hey u lovely dude,nice to here from so bloody cold today:( peace
From stuey/ziggy
no really, lucky fishes.
super stoked you two finally got down to surfing.
great great great.
one big hug and lots of good things,
Response: u are fantastic stu. keep it real, we'll all go for a jolly surf back in the mother stad :) xxx
From stuey
Lucky fishes
Response: ><_PR_html_ent
From Ev and rach
hi girlies
how you guys doing?....just thought we'd say howdy
miss you two
lots love
Response: hello rach and ev, how you two doing. just got back from a lekker shop...hmmm. speak soon love us xxx
From Roarus
Too pretty kez and crazy loo.. missing you both A LOT. I could have told you who's room was who's without you having to tell us. HA DEE HA.
luv ya guys
Response: i love you daddy!!!!
From kathryn
hey guys, good to see you finally updated this site
sounds like everything is goin well and ure having an awesome time il email you soon
Response: hey kath, do you have skype, by any chance? if you do please email us your name and then we can chat!!!! we miss you SO much!!!!
love kez and loo xxx
From ash
hay kez
yea we do have skype ill email the number or addy whatever it is to u, when my dad gets home. it would be really cool if you could come with us to the snow, its something not to forget! it looks like your havin a great time. dont party to hard. jj :) speck to us soon love me xoxox
Response: hey not sure if it will be possible but if it works out ill be so excited!!! hope everything is going well at home and school! miss you lots love kez
From mark
hey kez
was just looking at your hotos..
you girls must be havin a blast.
will speak more some time.
miss u lots
love marki
Response: hey marki...good to see you checking up on us. missing you too.
see you in october for a lekker jol!!! ha ha
love kez
From The Aunt YOU love th
Hi Kez,
Will let you know when the snow is THICK!!!We will probably take a long week-end to avoid the masses of Auzzie tourists :) That does not include you! How does it work for you? Can you take a long weekend off in August/ September???? :)
Speak to you soon
Love Me
Response: hey des, i would so love to come with you but there is no way i can take off work!!! ill check if there is a long weekend already, also money is a bit of a problem cos ill be saving for thailand!!! speak soon love kez
p.s do you have skype on your computer
From Moms and pops
Hey bandicoots
When you gonna up date us on this site..............Needing some more visuals of you two. Nice to have chatted today loo love mom
Response: hey mama..going to update now just for you. love u
From chris and dean
hey girlies. just showing dean the site. yous nat people are so wet (coloured words of wisdom) missing you both a big amount, bigger than a gubbullion. you guys are flippen BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Response: Jeepers guys..the use of language! i think we've been away too long to understand this gumness!!! but thanks for the message...ha ha you make us laugh!!! love kez and loo
From The best Aunt in the
Hey Kez,WHat are you doing across the ditch!!!! Haven't they told you yet about the place they would all LOVE to live in??? Looks like you are doing a fab job showing those lazy roos how to party!!!! :) :)
Hey we are thinking of going skiing this winter- do you want to join us? It will be a blast! XOXOXOX
Response: hi des, things here are very good! im working harder than ever before cos there's just two gap students now instead of 3!!! skiing sounds amazing but is that in the june/july school holidays??? love kez
From ash
hay kez its your cuz, it looks like your having so much fun! hope to see you soon! lots of love me xox
Response: hey ash... how things going?? did you see our surfing pics.. so awsome!!! missing you all love cuz, kez
From sammy lewis
hey kezz,dad tol me bout site so i thought id check it out!looks like ur having 1 helluva tym!
jealous jealous jealous!2 think im sitting here studying 4 semsters and ur partying up wif all the aussie hotti's!no words 2 describe the unfairness of the situation!
neway njoy it & remember ur 20000miles away,ur dad cant touch u!
lol sammy
Response: hey sammy, its nice to hear from you...o' my goodness this place is crazy!!!! i love it!!! good luck for the rest of the year at'll be fine!!! spk soon love kez
p.s hope you had the best birthday ever!!!!
From gary
hi kerry,went thru the site with yuor dad ,when u come home really ewant to hear about the real surfing trip not the published one .
watching from a distance
uncle fatgary
Response: o.k ill tell you all about it!!! it was AMAZING!!!!! speak soon love kez
From han
oh my god!
you guys look like you are having the most amazing time of your lives!!!AAAHHH! like plett but fo real and fo long! there is no doubt that you guys are bringing it in for the...real thang! kez- - -true griller style! (if you remember that!) keep it up man!
love you guys! han
Response: hey han, we are, both having an awsome time...but work is getting hectic now!!! im definatly grilling it all the way!!!! ha ha. we miss you love kez and loo