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LOUS Travel page - No.2!!!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 17 June 2006

Location: Australia

Hey !
Hope you like the new photographs :) To fill you in - I am staying at NEGS for another term! and then should be on my way home... may do some travelling on the way back too.
Anyways, goodluck with the studying and hope all the exams are going well for everyone who's writing and that you have awesome holidays planned ahead!!
Lots of love,
Lou xxx

Thursday, 25 May 2006

Location: Australia

Hello all you lovely people!
How are you all?
Missing you (xxx)
So.. as you can see I now have a SECOND travel page - It'll be just as cool as the first.
Well I am sure I've mentioned working with the kiddies in Transition(pre school) which I absolutely love and this morning we went on an excursion to the ...fairy shop!!! It was quite an experience and I had to wear a magic fairy cape - and had to 'flutter my wings' (maybe abit too much info there) but I had a great time and there are some pics for you to see.
Love Louisiana

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Recent Messages

From Philly
Lou Lou!

when are you heading home..or are you home already? Cant wait to see you all in December! keep an eye on Linny ok;)

love Philly
Response: hey Philly! I am home! Its great to be back and see everyone again. No worries- I'll keep an eye out for LInnie;) Love , lou
From craig
im realy dissapointed lou
Its been two months since youv updated this page.
how are we supposed to know what your doing in life or if your still alive?
Or does you not updating it mean that your back in SA now?

Armidale isnt the same. We all miss you loads and hope that everythings going good.
Response: Craigie!! Im sorry i havent updated you - im at a little internet cafe now - im missing you guys heaps. How are all the new gappies? I hope life there is ok! Im working at a sushi bar here.. give my love to everyone. love me xx
From alex
hay lou (heloo)
how ya doin? pics look great!! im stuck in argentina as the border into chile is closed (too much snow) and work started a week ago...oopsie! hope i get outa here soon!!
lotsa love alex xx
Response: alex!! its sounds liek not much has changed since you've been away - still getting in trouble! lots of love me
From Bee
I hope you have an AWESOME day.
Thinking of you loads,
Lots of love,
Response: thanks bee!! Had a great great day :)
From georgia brimble
hey lou
found your site so randomly!! seems like u having such a great time, i miss seeing you around when we half drunk!! see u when u get back! have fun love george
Response: Hey george!! So cool to hear from you!! Miss seeing you around too - send me an email:
thx 4 the message!! luvlou **
From Bee
Maybe if you e-mail me, I will be able to write back - I dunno, but I would love to hear from you. Man, I'm missing random things from school e.g. english lessons with Cally!!! Have you moved jobs yet?
Hope you well,
Love Bee
Response: Hey Bee!!
Me too - missing all those little things - will be good to see you again!! I'll send you and email and fill you in soon.
Love me xx
From Bee
Hey Loulou-Belle,
SO glad to hear from you at last - my e-mails have been bouncing back :( Oh well, I have taken a leaf out of your book, and I have started a travel page (search: beestravels). I'm having an awesome time here - working very hard, but having a jol. Keep well sweetie, missing you lots and lots, love Bee
Response: Bee!!! Oh my gosh - was wondering what had happened to my buddy :) So good to hear from you! Missing you lots and lots too - is there a way for me to email you without urs bouncing back? Take care, Love Lou xox
From Philly from Chile
Lou you little legend.
cuuuute pics. thanks to Al`s birthday I am very very tired and grumpy today. birthday was a blast and have some good 21st material...hee hee
love you
bye bye
Response: hey miss Philly!
Thanks for the msg - glad to hear you guys had a great time! I can just imagine how crazy it must have been:)
Love ya xx