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Monday, 19 December 2005

hey everyone, i have filled the photos content on this page so go to to check out some more!
love to all,merry xmas and a happy new years!!

Monday, 28 November 2005

Location: UK

hey all, just thought id drop a quick message. ireland was great very interesting, but freezing! enjoying having janice with me and tonight we managed to be at a film premier and got to see patrick swayze, rown atkinson, kristen scott thomas and jamie oliver!!
Patrick actually yelled out "nobody puts sally in a corner" hehe just kiddsing, i wish!!

hehe how cool... ( just thought id brag about that! ) today i showed janice buckingham palace, westminster etc and tommorw night we are going to see billy elliot at the theatre, shopping at harrods and see the changing of the guards at buckingham palace. should be good.. spending too much money but having a good time! and only 4 days and my little sis will be here who is not looking so little anymore!! stop growing up mandy! your formal photos loked beautiful!!


Friday, 11 November 2005

Location: UK

hey all... hope you enjoy this latest installment of photos.. it will be the last for this page cos my quota is full but when i have more to upload ill make another address.. no problem!!

gave work my notice yesterday so only got a week left then its off to irealnd for a week wit janice!! cant wait and then some one else from home is coming ova but i cant seem to remember who that is!!... hmm oh shit thats right my little sis!! and she's going to be 18 and all grown up!! hehe let the fun begin!!

have a great birthday mandy.. im so sorry i cant be there, you know i want to be... but we will more than make up for it when you get over here! stop stressing mum ill take care of her!!
anyhow have a great times celebrating... do it well.. i know you wouldnt want to dissapoint me hehe
cheers mandy!! to the many crazy times to follow!! :)

love you all and will keep in contact over the next couple of months of travel!!

but just incase.. merry xmas and have a happy new year!!

many hugs and kisses

Tuesday, 13 September 2005

Location: Spain

7 months today!! my how time flys!!

guys write me some messages on here! :)
love, hugs and kisses!!

Friday, 09 September 2005

Location: Spain

sorry for giving you grey hairs mum but doesnt every girl in valencia have to swim in the fountain at 4 in the morning??!!!! ¨= p

take a look and levae a message! xoxo

Monday, 05 September 2005

Location: Spain

hey all these r the photos from lauren and my water proof camera from la tomatina.. mad mad fun!!

Sunday, 04 September 2005

Location: Spain

heya is everything? i have been in spain now a week today and i am soaking up the sun! la tomatina was mad fun..

the festival starts with locals of bunol having to climb a greasy pole to release the ham from the top.. un suprisingly this took a good hour or 2 ! after this a huge tshirt war erupts where tshirts are ripped off and thrown all over the place.. lauren and i had our shirts ripped off but we had heard this happened so came prepared in crop tops and not bikinis!! i didnt mind having my shirt ripped off but when they went after my shorts we got the hell out of there! after all this truck loads and truck loads of tomatoes are brought into the street and starts the beginning of the worlds biggest food fight!! ive never seen so many tomatoes in my life.. i could not see my feet through all the slush and i have never had so many tomatoes shoved down my pants before!! great fun but soo mad! lauren and i must have been right in the frey of it all as lots of girls got to keep their tshirts intact. we went behind one of the trucks at one stage and it turns out this isnt a good idea.. there were no girls there and we just had piles and piles of tomatoes dished out at us! we had no defense! when the fight is finally over after an hr of madness everyoner heads down to the showers or to the locals with hoses to try and rinse every last bit of tomato of there body.. which proved to be a hard task.! it was over so quickly.. madest thing i have ever done..bring on next yr with bonnie and kate for the ride!! didnt end up with many injurys for the day only a tiny bruise on my shoulder,.. i actually have lots more to tell you all but am not feeling the greatest at the mo.. think maybe i have a little sun stroke so im going to come back when i am more with it.. missing u all xoxo

Friday, 12 August 2005

Location: UK

so sunday signalled the start of my last 3 weeks left here at killiecrankie and it was also the time for me to sample my first foam party!! yes thats right! and thankyou to kate for taking me there! and a happy birthday!!

now for those of you who dont know whhat a foam party consists off.. basically your all dancing on a normal dance floor.. grooving away.. then they pretty much just poor soapy foam onto you all.. you get totally soaked and cant see half the time but its mad fun!!

soap sud fights erupt ( only play fights) and when the dj asks for some nakded wrestling the boys who love themsleves take thier tops off..( some good eye candy) while the girls keep their clothes and dignity intact! haha

the olny thing i must say is if your planning on going to a foam party take some extra clothes for the next day.. you see kate and i had not planned this as we were heading to inverness for a quiet sunday movie night and wat do you no it we end up bar hopping for a little bit and before we know it running around doing the craziest dance moves at a foam party! and by crazy i mean/.. the irrigator.. shearing sheep, ahh the leg in the air!! we looked stupid but aslong as we know that its all good!! anyhow we ended up having to put on wet jeans the next day, wearing flip flops and going bra less as everything was still soaking wet!anyhow a fun trip!

and get this i was sober the whole time!! mum you will be proud i have checked myself in for detox for a liittle bit!! the body was telling me to stop hey!! but not for long spains around the corner.. and and all night party session with lauren at ibiza Is on the cards!! but dont worry mum i will be careful!! hehe

then its along to la tomatina festival where in our full state of hangoverness we will be pelted with ripe tomatoes in a crowd of 30 thousand or more!! oh to good times!

well when ive seen all and lived the life in spain, soaked up the sun and got a bit more colour back into this scotland skin i will be sure to post some more photos and tell of all the happenings! until then. take care everyone.. miss u xoxo

Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Location: UK

hey everyone, ive added some more photos of me and my crazy mates at killiecrankie so take a look and leave me a msg... :) miss you all!

Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Location: UK

hey everyone this is my new site where i hope to beable to post some pictures of my travels so u all get to see my lovely face again!! hehe i am back in pitlochry again now working at killiecrankie for another 2 months. italy was awesome. i loved it.. my favourite place was the trevi fountain but everything was pretty beautiful.. i finally got to see wat the sun looked like again and soaked up the rays but im not sure how long it will last here, my first night back we had a thunderstorm,. but its nice today so i might be lucky!! but if not ill just have to wait until the end of aug to work on my tan in spain! cant wait! la tomatina here we come!

had lots of fun in italy.. got to spend time with family in trieste which was cool and we sunbaked on the pavement as they dont have any beaches, it was hilarious.. sampled plenty of pizza, pasta, gelato and wine. went on a pub crawl, met cool ppl from over the world and had a few flirty italian boys say the few choice words they no to me! lol was a lot of fun and cant wait to go back! only down point was when i had to use a european toilet in the pub... not very nice!!anyhow hope everyone is well, here are a few photos. miss everyone!

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Recent Messages

From Alli
Hey Sal, you sound like things are really good :) Hope your having an awesome time. So sorry I haven't written for a while, things are pretty crazy, studying for four exams at the moment. Hows the little challenge going? Oh, and I got my lip pierced it looks really cool :) Love you lots, will email you as soon as exams are done xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Love always Alli
Response: hey hey, good to hear from you! i know how it is im so slack with writing too.. im in ireland at the moment enjoying my travels with janice. miss u heaps too!! love lots xoxoxoxo
From Mez
Hey Sally choice photos lovey hope you are all good!!! Where are you now? The macs is all good everyone asking how you are going!! Hope you liked the photos of Chanelle she a cutie hey!! Well have fun chix xxoo
Response: hey, loved the photos, she is gorgeous!! im going well.. in london still but only for another week.. gave notice to work yesterday.. then its ireland for wk, then travelling wit sis to rome, venice, paris etc cant wait!! missing everyone and will try send another postcard soon! send my love. xoxo
From Mum
Hi Sal! It's started getting warm here. It was 27 today. Suppose to rain tomorrow though. Oh well! That's Mt Gambier for you! alk to you soon. Luv Mum xoxo
Response: do not talk about warm weather!! its cold and rainy here!! lol oxoxo
From Teresa
Hi Sally,

What's up? This past week i've been busy studying for an in-class exam for one my subjects. SO, not FUN!!! Went to Kate's place on Saturday night for a girls nite in to raise money for women's cancers. Kate did our nails, had a foot spa, we read cleo magazines, ate lollies, chips and pancakes with coffee and hot chocolate then watched one of the classic chick flicks of all time - Dirty Dancing. Only 11 & 1/2 days till i'm all finished. YAY!!!

Miss you.

Hope 2 hear from u soon.

Love Tess xoxo
Response: ounds like fun!!! bring on the pancakes and hot chocolate! ... dirty dancing was on telly here a few eeks ago.."nobody puts baby in a corner"
From Belinda
Hey Sal just looked at your pictures there great! Nothing happening here in the mount you know what its like. Thanks for the present i love it. Miss you heaps talk soon.
(Aaron says Hi)

Response: cheers man! say hi back!! miss u loads too!! maybe i should climb in janices suitcase on her way back lol xoxo
From Teresa
Happy, happy birthday Sally. Wow, 20 years old - can you believe it??? I hope you're having a fantastic day and enjoy going out to celebrate your birthday next weekend with Lauren.

Love Teresa xoxo
Response: cheers big ears! thanx hehe xoxo
From Teresa
Hey Sally,

Whats up? Well, i'm back at uni now :-( But, only 5 weeks to go - my god - can't believe it!!!! Gonna go for a walk soon then do some uni work. Trying to get assignments done before mum and mandy come up for the weekend.

Talk later

Miss You

Love u xoxo
Response: hey hey... there is a coment lol.. i know only 5 weeks! thats mad!! tell mandy not to spend too much!! hehe miss u!
From Amanda
Hey Sally!!!

2 months or 8 weeks or 56 days. thats how long it is till i see you again!!! yay so excited. london here i come!!! :o) ahhhhhhh cant wait to see you and everything else and meet the family!!! yay seeya in 56 days or 8 weeks or 2 months!!! :o)
Response: whoa someone is excited!!! lol dont worry so am i !!! cant wait!! woohooo..... look forwrad to the snake bite mandy and the walkabout!! hehe
From @Li
hey sally!

sounds like ur havin an amazing time still! keep writin stuff i'm really enjoying hearin about ur endeavours!!...soooooooooooooooo freakin jealous!!!hehe

bye bye!
Response: all i can say is come join me!! hehe
From Alli
Hello shotgun coming back to Spain with youi next year! We'll make it a weekend trip :) Love you, glad you're enjoying yourself but can't wait to see you again! xoxo mwa!
Response: ok yeah, a weekend in spain sounds great.. cant wait! hehe miss you loads too! xoxo
From Lauren
Take one million steps backwards around the magical tree and you will find yourself in... JELLYBEAN LAND!
Response: and dont forget to leave with your one hundred million jelly beans!!
From Mum & Dad
I Sally,
hows London? Weather was starting to warm up here but has gone cold again. Nothing new. Take care. Talk to you soon. Luv u & miss u lots.
Response: london good.. colder here than spain!! my tan is starting to leave already :( lol miss you too
From Teresa
Hi Sally,

Well, here's a message so u have something to read. mmmm, nothing to write tho. Told u everything the other nite! ;-). Suppose to be doing assign now. Got 2 more days of uni work, work, work then i get to go home for holidays........ and do more uni work :-( Ahh, well. Nearly over!

Love u, xoxo
From bonnie
aww u 2 look like u had just so much fun wishen i was there love yu both love bon!
Response: nexy yr man nexy yr!!! an ill be a seasoned pro!! haha almost miss u xoxo
From Eszter
Hi Sally,

I've just seen your photos and loved them (especially the gardener shot). I'm back to Hungary, 've gone to Croatia for a holiday and 'm travelling there in the near future. Miss U all, Killiecrankie 4ever.
Response: yeah man killiecrankie forever!! im in spain now.. finished up at killiecrankie a week ago and it feels so good to not be there any more! went to the la tomatina festival and it was mad!! so much fun though!! hopefully ill make it hungary soon!! love sally
From Teresa
Hi Sally,

Sounds like you had a ball at that Foam Party. Fun way to spend the night! Pity about the wet clothes the next day -but i bet it was worth all the fun. Will try and find the time to write an email to you soon. If you're lucky, i might even get around to it this afternoon. :-)

Love you and miss you. xoxo
Response: yeah it was wicked fun! but hey dont stress too much about not writing an email i stilll havnt replied to your last! im sorry im so lazy!! lol but i do enjoy reading them!! miss you xoxo
From bonnie
awww i just love mich!!!!
thuuuuu simmmpsonnns!!!!
miss you my girl!!
killiecrankie 4eva!!!!
love yu love bon!!
Response: miss you toooooooooooooooooo and now i wont see u till jan!! enjoy home tho and heres to the best time next yr!!
From Teresa
Hey Sally,

How you doing? Did you get my email? I'm suppose to be doing uni work now - gotta an assign due Monday but i'm stalling. ;-)

Nothing much happenin here -uni, uni, uni as per usual - oh well. Only 3 months to go. WOW!!!

Missing you heaps. xoxo
Response: yeah i think i did, sorry im so slack with replying..thats crazy you've only got 3 months left!!only 2 weeks left for me at work" wohoo
miss u too. talk soon xoxo
From Chris @ Macs
Hey Sally!!!
Looks like you are havin' a ball... keep up the good work. The Front Bar is just not the same without you!!

Response: hey hey....great to hear from you.! im having a great time! only 3 more weeks left of work and im off to spain for a month cant wait!! sun, sea and sangria! of course its not the same without me.. cos im just way too f--ken cool! haha
From Meegs
hey babe i finally got around to sending u a letter so u should get it soon. today is thursday and the start of my weekend! gotta love uni.
Response: yay i cant wait to get it! i never get weekends off here! :( oh well only 3 weeks left now. wohoo!!
From Danielle
Sal, its "leaving on a jet plane..." not I'm going on a jet plane =P hehe you made me laugh!!!
Response: yeah i thought it didnt sound right when i wrote it but couldnt pick y.. lol thanx for the tip i will have to change it hehe
From Amanda
hey sally!!
Cant believe im actually going to be able to see some of these places when i come over!!! cant wait :-) hmm let me count... 131 DAYS!!! omg. cant believe i am actually doing it!!! k.. well enjoy your time whereever your going next!!
luv amanda miss you xoxo
From Teresa
Hey Sally,

Was on the net and just thought i would drop you a line. Going back to Adelaide on Sunday but will probably talk to you before then. Haven't been doing much these holidays so, nothing much to say....:-)

Back to the real world...enjoy your last days at killiecrankie for now, before jetting off to slovenia etc. etc. etc. FUN FUN FUN

Love Tess
Response: yeah dont thnk im heading there just yet tho.. one day!its spain for end of aug! xo
From Lauren
Luverly photos of Italy. Wish I was there.. ha ha I was! Looking forward to Spain.. tomato IN YOUR FACE! Luv Lauren
Response: tomato in your face bitch!! hehe yeah spain is going to go off... like arson as bonnie would say xoxo
From mum & dad
Thankyou for the new photos they look great. hope that was coke in the bottle Hehe Ha Ha.--thanks for the phone call for my birthday and our anniversary.keep having lots of fun, miss you heaps-lots of love xoxoxoxo
Response: no worries! miss you too!!