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round 2

hey guys, filled up my other page so here are some more photos. enjoy

Photos - Click Below


Terasas 21st Party -April 15th

Here are a few photos from terasas night of nights.. anyone who has some from that night can u send them to me or put them on a web page also. ta


Ireland, Italy & a few randoms

a small insight into my photos of ireland and some of italy.

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Recent Messages

From Francis
Hey, congrats on making it a whole year! I can't wait till I can do it too. Nice pics, I didn't have any on you two. Have fun and have a safe trip home.
Response: cheers, made it home safe and sound.. feels weird to be here but great to see everyone. :)
From Justin From Canberra
Hello, G'day, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that stuff,
How's my cousins going on the European tour of a life time, i've seen the photo's they look awsome!. I've got some news (what is it?) we'll I'm coming to your area in april. Starting on april 7th flying to Dublin for 17 days, Vienna for about 5 days, Dubai for about 3 days and bangkok for 4 days, So that makes about 4 and a half weeks is that cool or give me an idea where you will be and i will visit during my stay in Dublin everything being so close and all. So anyway now i know your web page i will attempt to send more messages and keep in touch, Happy new year and i will talk to you guys soon
Love Justin
From Nona
dear sally and mandy,
we miss you. hope you coming back quick. hope youre having fun. nona loves you so much.

love nona
Response: oh nona! we love you too!! we are having fun and mandy will be home in about 2 weeks! xoxo
From brunoski
Hello girls
Looks like you are havin a tough timeso If you buy me a ticket I will come over & help.
Gee my spellun is as bad as Sally's.

Love Uncle Brunoski
Response: lol we will try and fundraise some money for your ticket... but we might end up spending it on booze! hehe
From Teresa
Hey Sisters,

How you going now in Scotland - is it cold? Well we have had about 33 degree weather here but i bet by tomorrow it'll be cold again.

Had my mole off yesterday and although i was heaps scared it went alright and i haven't really had any pain - yet.

Love you and miss you both heaps and heaps - I don't like being an only child :-(

Talk to you xmas day

Love Tess
Response: miss u too. not too cold here yet but no need to brag about the hot weather there! :) glad the mole removal went ok.
From mum
Luv the photos. I couldn't tell if it was sally or mandy in front of san marco.
Take care both of you.
Luv you and miss you both. xoxoxoxo
From amanda
hello....havin fun??
Response: hello. thankyou for leaving a messgae! hehe