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I've set up this site so we can all embark on a most excellent adventure

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Diary Entries

Tuesday, 04 November 2008

Location: Fremantle, Australia

guys im being very lazy with this at the mo, due to the fact apart from working, eating, drinking and going out with Sarah im not doing alot, going to a gatecrasher gig at the end of the month just to mainly lay in the sun and get completely pissed like i do all the time when i go out haha,

did itell you all i think im getting another speeding ticket thats the second in 5 months fecking stupid didnt even get that many back home and i drove every where, thats probably gonna cost me another 300 dollars i hate getting raped its so not funny.

well thats about it, told ya not alot happening at this end at the moment, mabe more will be in the next couple of weeks as summer is just around the corner

till then be good and stay safe

x x x

Thursday, 09 October 2008

Location: Fremantle, Australia

Life in Australia is fantastic the weather is great, the people are good the wages are sweet and the women have fecking hudge boobs, i see alot working with the public all day, and now the weather is getting better there will be even more flesh to perv over haha, the down side to this country is that my friends are not here and thats about the the only bad thing i can think of (and family of course).

So what has been happening in the amazing life of Salv not alot, i have been working my tits off trying to prove to one of the owners im worth sponsoring and i think its working (i bloody hope it is) i wouldn't mind spending a good while over here. last week i went to tbhe Perth Royal show with Sarah (my house mates sister) had a cracking day, she got me on a fair ground ride that spins round a lot i tried to warn her before we went on i'd probably be sick be she wouldn' t have any of it, any way the ride started and within 5 seconds of it going round i went into a cold sweat, became mega pale and sat with my hand infront of my mouth trying to stop my self being sick all over her. thankfully the ride stopped and i had survived with out throwing up, But that wasn't the end i thought i was fine then felt well bad and had to chuck up, i couldnt believe it, what a jessy i am haha.

have since been out a few times with Sarah so couldn't of put her off that much haha.

well other than that not done much elase just trying to save money as if i get the sponsor want to rent a place in Freo and it aint cheap there.

i'll try get on here more often i no i have been slack lately but will try harder

ciao a tutti

x x x x

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Location: Fremantlee, Australia

Well lets see life after people from home have gone, it's brilliant having so much fun, ive got my self another job in a place called Fremantle, so happy to be working over there as i love the place its so cool. working in an Italian coffee, pizza, gelato bar, im the pizza maker, the good thing is in the morning i make pizza and in the afternoon i get to hit the shop floor check out all the fit honeys and serve. i love my job,

Ive also moved out of Perth and have moved in with some friends that i met working in Norseman, its cheap and the house is brand new amd Ben is a chief by trade so even get fed well,

Been out a few times hit the casino one night and didnt win a penny, went over Zollie's (Ben's other half) dads one night and had a bbq met her fit sister, started back in the gym and its fair to say every muscle in body is soar, should be going out in Freo wednesday night with some of the guys from work, that will be a laugh. its fair to say that i love it here so much even with the weather being cold and rainy for the last 3 days.

Well other than that aint done much else aart from trying to save money

Thursday, 04 September 2008

Location: Perth, Australia

Wow time really does fly when your having fun, so let me fill you in on the activities of the last 2 weeks nearly,

so we did do the hump back whale watching in Exmouth and it was really good there were plenty to see but sadly they weren't game on actually coming out of the water so sadly the pics aren't th best but still we had a good time, are time in Exmouth was fun but we were on a time schedule so we left there and headed slightly south to Coral Bay which i must say was so much nicer than Exmouth, here we spent 2 days soaking up the sun rays and chillaxing on the beautiful beach we even had enough time to get a quad biking trip in, that was great fun riding up and down the sand dunes, on this trip we even got to go snorkeling where we got to see up close sea turtles, Amazing creatures. We had planned to leave in the evening but due to the weather being a bit on the shit side we decided to leave in the afternoon and head again south to Money Mia.

on the way down to Monkey Mia the weather was just getting worse and i had to actually put on the window wipers, couldn't believe it, and they say it never rains in W.A. we decided not to stay in the tent that night as we and the tent would of got soaked putting it up. We were both hoping for the weather to clear as the following day it was an early start to get up and see the dolphins that come right up the shore to get fed, we had no luck it was pissing it down the next day but it didn't stop us or the dolphins coming for there morning feed, after the feeding we got back in Bertha and head 600km to Kalbarri passing through, you'll never guess it but Northampton and yep it was a shit hole just like the town back home haha,

the drive to kalbarri was funny as we had a massive down poor of rain for 20 mins and although we were in the car we were still getting wet, Yep Bertha was leaking water all of Shell's feet (she was driving) all over my arm and when i looked at the back seats the water was pouring through both doors, not good haha. After that down poor the weather cleared up and the sun came out.

Kalbarri has got to my most favorite place i have traveled to in W.A. we stayed 3 days and did some thing on all 3 days starting with abseiling down the Z-bend gorge and down the highest wall of 35 meters, yep its fair to say i was a bit scared but as we said no balls no glory so the show went on, the second day was fecking great, we did sand boarding and i would highly recommend it to every body. i was doing pretty good on it and even managed to stand and get to the bottom a few times, some of the dunes were high and fast and lying on your stomach on the board make you fell like a rocket is up your arse as you go so fast. and then on the third day we went canoing, what a nice way to end the journey as after the canoing trip we were back in the car and did are final drive back to Perth.

back in Perth and the trip ain't finished yet we got in touch with some people we new from home and went to visit them as they have just emigrated, spent a hole evening with them and had a great laugh, then on the last day Shell was here we went to Whitemans park, it was a kind of zoo it was great spent all day there, that evening we went to Rockingham as the friends i met in Norseman lived there and they invited us round for dinner, it was great catching up with them guys they even offered me a room to rent which i took them up on as i start my new job in Fremantle tomorrow.

I have had the best 3 weeks with Shell being here but as they say all good things come to an end as yesterday she got her flight home.

Hay guys i've just spent the last 3 hours loading up some pics so please check them out

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Location: Exmouth, Australia

Wow been back on the road a week and its been great, missed not moving about and living in different hostels, i've even spent a few nights in the car and in camp sites with Dora the exploring tent she's a great tent haha.

Well i left Perth like i said i was gonna do and did a 16hr drive (1600km) all the way up to a place called Karajini National Park, where we spent a few days checking out all the gorges and the water falls, my god there are some really beautiful places in the world and im some lucky to be able to say that i've seen them, swimming in the water holes tho was bloody cold and it hurt me bollocks as it was so called haha, while i was in the park finally got my first bbq in Oz and it was good, the nights up there tho are bloody cold tho.

After spending 3 days in the park we left and headed to Exmouth on the coast were i have been for the last few days, yesterday we checked out some gorgous beaches were the water was so clear and proper quiet, we even saw some hump backs making a splash, tonight we are off to do some whale watching so hopefully be able to get some good pics

yep pics will follow on the next entry, ah bertha the bus we are having good times in her but when i see wild animals in the road it takes her 20 mins to come to a stop by which time the animals have gone, Dam It!!!!!!!!

well time to say good by but will catch ya all on the flip side

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Location: Perth, Australia

Well guys and girls just a quick update after my first week back in Perth is over,

been out a few times in the town got to drunk which after the time i spent in Norsenan was great, loved every second of been smashed and dancing like a fool haha, i have done some constructive stuff as well brought a car looks more like a small house and i called her Big Birtha coz shes massive but i love her,

I've just had my uncle here for the last 3 days and we went out did some sights around Perth and surrounding areas which was pretty cool there are some nice towns around the city and deffinately some nice beaches, the weather is a nice 21 degrees at the mo, booty full!!!

sadly he has left me and the good meal ticket left with him so back to the travelling deit of pasta and anything cheap.

i have another friend here with me at the mo she is from home, you all no who it is as news always travells along the grape, we are gonna do a road trip for the rest of the time she is out here starting tomorrow we leave for the north of W.A. looking forward to that some travelling and some sun, as the weather is alot hotter up there,

well thats about all till i get on the road where i hope the stories will start to flow again till then remember stay safe and be good and never think life is a chore, life is a journey and the biggest one you'll ever travel, so enjoy it


Friday, 08 August 2008

Location: Perth, Australia

Hay everyone im back, i've been to hell where saitun didnt even want me,

well now that im finally back in Perth let me tell you a little bit about the last 2 months i've had spent in the bush,

now when i was told the job was in Norseman i saw it on the map and thought sweet its in bold letters it must be a fairly big place, how wrong could i be it was small 1000 popualtion if that, there was no food outlets, no taxis, no cinema and the 1 pub shut so early that i was still at work when it closed haha,

working at the servo was an experience, i cut my thumb so bad i had to have stiches, i burnt my other hand so bad that im still waiting for my finger and thumb to heal i've been cut so many times its not even funny but i had a lot of good fun in there too and the boss was cool he liked to swear alot which made me laugh, but i must inform you that truckies over here have got to be the most miserable people i've come across and there so rude and if i have to listen to another person moan that the cost of fuel is $1.70 (85pence) i was gonna ram the fecking fuel pip up his arse,

i had a few nights on the town (in the 1 pub) while i was there it was strange, small town mentality is wierd, the servo is a massive hike to the town so id ramdomly go back to a house party and fall asleep there then get a lift off someone in the morning.

the question i ask my self is would i do it again and i always come back to the same conclusion, my life for 2 months consisted of waking up at 4am getting to work at 5am finishing at 13.30 go back to my own room (which i loved) sleeping again till 5pm getting up going work at 6pm till 9pm chillaxin till midnight then doing it all over again the next day so wuold i do it again??? hell YES for $24 an hour course i would, but next time i would have to have a car. so thats what ive been up to for the last 2 months but now im back in Perth on the hunt for a car that way i can start my travells around this vast country

Tuesday, 08 July 2008

Location: Norseman, Australia


well a quick update, not a lot has happened, been doing 60hr+ weeks to get the money, work is ok doing cooking in the day then serve in the restaurant that is owned by the road house as well in the evening,

found 4 crates of out of date beer a week ago in the restaurant, so me and an Ozy couple that have just left have spent the last week getting smashed,

ahh had a realy bad day at work last thursday, first i burt the soup i made, then i was sharpening my knife and missed the sharpening tool and cut my thumb, that took ages to stop bleeding then an hour later i was cutting up onions and lookd away for a split second and sliced into the same thumb i had cut earlier, only problem was this time it didnt stop bleeding so had to go to hospital in the end and got 3 stiches put into it, what an idiot haha.

well other then that eventful day not much has happend

sorry guys but this is Norseman im living in temporarely

Friday, 20 June 2008

Location: Norseman, Australia

Good day guys, well just to let you all no that the new boss was understanding and i got the job, im currently working in a road house in Norseman as a short order cook, the money is good and i get free food and cheap accomodation, the only down side is that im in the sticks im 200km away from any thing and the town near me reminds me of a model town the U.S. goverment build to do there nuclear testing with,

i'll be here for about 2 months to get some cash then i'll start the travel again, there wont be much to right about sadly as there aint nothing at all here,

well at least you all no im safe and that im back behind the fryers and griddle, did i ever leave home haha

if im not writing as often please dont stop checking this sight but you no why im not posting as often

love all you guys that still follow me and i will keep you up to date on my none action filled work

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Location: Perth, Australia

Well let me tell you all a story,

One day there was a boy that arrived in Ausralia, within the first 3 days he had spent a weeks budget, he didnt realise this country was so expensive, for the rest of the week he didnt do much, and just ate enough to survive, he didnt touch a drop of goon.

finally the week was up and he was over the moon to get some money again, he had met a good crowd at the hostel and they decided to get some goon in and start some crazy drinking games (ring of fire) before the boy could realise how much he had drunk it was to late he was fecked, the crowd all decide to go and carry on drinking out in the bars, the boy went along as well but need some money so went to a cash machine inside a petrol station where he dropped his card and it slid under the machine, the stupid machines are bolted to the ground and that was the last he saw of his card, he went back to the hostel and spent an hour phoning the bank to get it cancelled and another one issued.

waking up the next day the boy couldnt belive what had happened the night before but just laughed as thats all he could really do, he had 2 quite nights after and was thinking about the job he was starting monday. In the hostel the great crowd he had met were leaving monday as well so alot of goon was brought, the boy didnt want to drink as he had to get up monday at 6am, but his arm was easily twisted, and the night was excellent, the boy was smashed.

the following morning the boy didnt get up at 6am and missed his train, he woke up at 8am, dam the goon, now he's had to stay in Perth for another 2 days and he prays his new boss is gonna be understanding as the trains only run every other day to the middle of no where

Thursday, 05 June 2008

Location: Perth, Australia

I have made it, been living the last week in Perth and i've loved it, the first day i arrived i set up a hole new life, new bank account and tax number, been on the hunt for a job, getting there slowly, need work as it aint cheap here and the funds are being drained rather fast, had a misshap last week spent a weeks budget in 3 days then had to live on beens on toast for the rest of the week, but i still had money to sample the delights of goone, and once you get past the first glass it goes down alright.

enough of talking about the hard times and let me tell you what i've been up to, its hard to find free things when your skint but i did, a free bus to take me to a free park (Kings Park), what a great place it had a tree top walk and you could see all of Perth from the park, and as the weather was fantastic i didnt rush round it, been over to Fremantle and that place is even nicer than Perth, while i was there took a trip to the old prison, market and town hall, Fremantle its more chilled out and relaxed than Perth, took a trip to Cottesol and that has a nice beach but a small town.

I've done plenty of walking as well as it dont cost any thing and done plenty of job hunting, i've finally got a mobile sort as well, should of had it last week but i brought a sim and top up and stupidly through the top up away and couldnt afford to get another one till now.

well thats it for the time being, trying to get a job in a field planting trees that way can get a visa extension so better say good bye and get down the job center,

ah my mobile number is +61450400062

make sure you save this one as it wont be changing for a while

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Recent Messages

From Mum
hi there salv, hope your looking after yourself, sorry havent been able to write computer playing up. well anyway hope your doing fine and working hard, i guess your playing as well ha ha! miss you lots keep in touch. love mum,dad and vito xxxx
Response: hay mum sorry i aint been onm here for such a long time being very lazy with the hole thing, im good and loving it here, including the ladies haha

x x x
From Uncle M.
Ciao Salv,
Glad to read that its going well. Even though we miss u here, its good to hear that you may be getting sponsorship. Means I have another excuse to visit as soon as I have the cash. Do they need any more people where you work? Life here is always the same. Catch you soon. Take care and say hi to the ladies for me.
Response: Zio, still working on the sponsorship but as they say Rome wasn't built in a day, as soon as i here anything i will let every one no and then my door will be open for anyone who wants to come over, just need a house haha,
From Dave
STAVROS!!! Where have ou been hiding my friend? How is everything going? Will you post something so that I know you are safe!!! How's everything going pal? Did you hear the Skinners have had their baby?

Love you x x
Response: Hello i dont here nothing down under any more i think some one has been eating the grape vine the bastards haha. im doing very well loving every second of being out here, hope tricks bak there are good with you.

love you x x
From mrs b
Hi Glad to see some pics at last. We had a couple of days of summer this week! I'm on my travels again, off to Cyprus to get some sun. Going to see big dave saturday, early birthday trip. You'll be bringing back aus ideas to the wimpey!! If you return to vegas! Take care mr b
Response: wow mrs b you do more travelling than im doing you crazy cat haha, ah the weather here is great each week its just getting warmer and warmer im loving it, Vegas and England im sad to say are not on the top of the list of things to do at the mo, but we'll see what happens, catch ya soon
From Gitsy
Salv-o-tore, I bet you feel right at home on the cappuccino strip?

What cafe is it? I'll know it as I use to supply all of Freo's cakes!
Little Creatures & The Norfolk were my fave hangouts. Hold out til the 40 degree summer for a Sunday sesh down The Cott.
Awww good times, mwah!
Response: Ay my man i love it in Freo and im working in a place called Amano and yep i do feel right at home, i love little creatures been a few times already, the weather is strating to get there not long now and roll on the heat. let the good times roll on

ciao bello
From Uncle M
Hi Salv,
Wish I was in Freo with you. Went to Sicily. Had fun. The old folk were asking about you. Showed them the photos I took. Take care. Catch you soon.
Response: ah your missing out being back home, i love it so much out here, hope the old foke are doing well and it was a shame i couldnt be there with you guys, till we meet again stay safe and enjoy life
From jojo
hey salvie how you doing???
the photos look great really adventures! and to think when we were young we all use to hate looking at things like that!!! as you know were off weds to see nonna shame you cant come but ill eat for you :) take care cous love from us all jojo xxxxx
Response: hat there hope you guys had a good one over in Sicily, i felt like i was there as im working with a load of Italians. yeah trying to keep the photos coming, been doing loads of stuff, well catch ya soon be good x x x x
From Mum
Hay, good day, how are you?
good to hear from you on your travel experiences, been a while? Great to see all those lovely photos they make us wish we were there with you. Good to see you had a good time with your travelling companions for a short time. Anyway good to hear you have a job again, keep replenishing the dosh, and keep in touch. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Luv Mum, Dad and Vito xxxx
Response: good to here from you guys, glad you like the photo's there are a few more that i need to put o but ran out of time, im glad i've got this job its in a well nice place, and yeah do need the money, ell hope you guys are well catch ya soon LUV salv xxxx
From Uncle M
Hi Salv, Got back home a few hours ago. Its good to be back but didnt want to leave Oz. Thanks for the good times in Perth. Love the place. It was great seeing you. Wish I had spent more time with you. Hopefully we can do it again some day, I just to save more cash. Have fun and play safe. Catch you soon. PS. Anyone thinking of going out to Oz, Do it. Its amazing.
Response: I love it over here. good to here you got back safe and yeah i can imagine you didnt want to leave, no worries it was good to see you out here and yeah feel when your ready let me no when your gonna come out again, may not be ion oz but i'll be somewhere

see ya soon
From mum
Hi salv, good to see your on the move, having a great time again. I.m sure your keeping the cold out with the company. Take care where you swim and what you step on. Drive safely, if you know how? Keep safe, love mum, dad and Vito xxxx
Response: Ah yeah its been a good 3 weeks on the road but lord the dollar dont go very far haha!!! never mind ay. i'll have you no that i drive very safe bertha is like a bus so i drive her like one. FAST!!!!!! i was chased by a whale a week ago but then it saw the anger in my face and swam for its life haha (It was Shell really) well better go more things to do before the comany goes,
see you all on the flip side

From mrs b
Hi Now you are back on the road, maybe we will see some photso of Aus!! Also big bertha! We back home at mo and going away again next week, up north! Back to my roots
Stay safe
Mrs B
Response: There will be pics to follow this message, and its so nice to be back on the road, way you are getting around, ah i meet so many notherners here, enjoy your trip to the north
From Hayley
Hey Salv, glad to see you've finished working, surely thats not what travellings about?! Saw your Facebook status, who's this company you're enjoying? Thanks to other ppls fb status i think i know who you're with! Not missing much in good old rush vegas, james has got himself a new job though so he's a very happy boy! Hope your having a great time and getting an amazing tan! x
Response: Ahh good day to you,

travelling def is not about work, thats why i did hard time and am now back on the road so there willl hope fully be planty to right about again haha, yeah you no who the comany is, ay the old boy has got another job, tell him not to work to hard thats not what life is about haha, just about to start working on ther tan and xcant wait! x
From armo
alrite you big gay how it going well think it shows how long you not been working for then doesnt it with all those injuries you have picked up haha, at least mine have been done by other people haha ask shave bout that,
so you back on the road now then buddy? all ready for your next visitor coming out this week is it? you got much planned for the few weeks?
i am still looking to plan some kind of trip towards end of the year but all depends on cash flow as at the mo in is very very minus haha
well hope all is well mate and take care x x
Response: Alright homo, things going well started smiling again now that i dont have to get up at stupid o'clock i hate work dont think im designed for it haha, yep got a few things planned for when people come over and visit me, still waiting for the message to say your finally coming out for a year haha, cash flow problems!!!! GAY!!!! well i think i would of fully emigrated by the time you come haha, stay safe buddy miss you and love you x x
From Max
Enjoy your company. Keep your mind focused and don't get side tracked. Leila and Matthew have dear little baby boy and all is well. Hope you still remember the little old lady who lived in the shoe. love and best wishes.
Response: Hahaha my mind is only on 1 thing and thats the big wide world NOT England tho, ah congratulations you a grandma again, congratulate the new mum for me, i hope she is doing well and the baby too, how could i ever forget the little old lady that lived in the shoe, see you soon
From mrs b
Hi anyone there, or dead thro work??
dave been here this weekend, so seen a few of the gang. Been round Shav's and me and Mrs Shave mentioned your sight!!
How is the winter weather going? We are off to Germany Thursday for a few days. No doubt it will rain, as it seems to be following us this year
Take care
Mrs B
Response: Im alive and kicking and back with normal people in Perth, winter weater is a steady 19 degrees so not gonna moan, sweet Germany nice change of scenery
From G
Alright big man sorry i have been so very very very poor in keeping in touch. I have only just introduced my penthouse into the modern world by getting a laptop and broadband. Hope the adventure is going well. Miss you and i'll keep in contact far more often from now on. Big love.
Response: Good day mate the journey is going great, good to here your coming into the 21st century with the introduction of a laptop and braodband. hope things on that side of the world are going well
From Mum
Just to let you know still reading your page, well wont be long and youll be moving on. Look after yourself and try not to wound yourself anymore. Hear from you soon love mum and dad and vito.xxxx
Everyone here says Hi, take care.xxxx

Response: i no we have spoken since this but thought id finally reply now that i can,

see you all soon

From Uncle M
Hi Salv,
One month to go and Im in Oz. Arrive in Melbourne on 10th. Seems ages away. Will call you in 2 weeks time. Hows the thumb? Take care. Ciao for now.
Response: you arrive tomorrow i hope you got the long johns as its a bit cold where your going
From Gitsy
What are you doing there?! Get to Kalgoorlie for a fight & a hooker!
Surely there's a few backpackers that pass through looking for a drink? Are you one of those scummy servo's that charges $10 for a chicko roll?
Although it'll be boring you to tears, it'll be something you remember for the rest of your life.
My life resembles somewhat of routine now so I'm eager to stop that. Not sure where next but it'll definitely be somewhere! If only you could backpack forever! xx
Response: i have just finshed at yes the scummy servo that charges $11 for a nasty chiko roll, oh god i wont ever forget my time there i've got scares to remind me haha, routine thats gotta suck i did it for 2 months and that reminded me just how much i love the road, aahhh to back pack x x
From jojo
hey salvie
hope your ok
bet your liking oz?
everyone sends there love
take care cous
Response: Oh yep loving the weather here, aint really seen nothing yet as im in the middle of the bush, but as soon as i do i'll be writing on this more often, say hello to all see you soon

From Dave
STAVROS!!!!! How are you mate? Sorry about not writing in ages but have been getting loads of bits a pieces done, holiday, looking for new job etc. Speaking of which how's your new job going? How much is an Ozzie bender in a bun?

Love you x x
Response: DAVE!!!!!!

im good buddy, how you doing?? find your self a new job.

my new job is almost exactly the same as what i was doing back home and i can tell you there version of the bender in a bun is no where near as good as the Wimpy

and it cost a MEGA 899 cents that is extourion

Love you x x
From Bald
G'day mate! good to see you've decided to bless Australia with your culinary skills! What are you planning on doing in your free time then for the next couple of months? Whereabouts have you got planned after Oz?love you!
Response: G'day,

they have been blessed with my talents behind the hot plate and they love it haha,

i dont get much time off i try and work 60hrs+ a week, earn the dollar then start the road trip,

Uummm after Oz im goona go were ever the wind takes me, not really sure plenty of time to decide

Love and miss you
From mrs b
hello hope you started your job today! no more pop! had day at races on sat and big dave came. he carried on drinking in camden and lost his phone! daniel's girlfriend also lost hers that night. had a meet with someone from perth last week and they say it is good that side, warmer as well. what line of work are you going to do? are you planting trees or in the mining?
take care
mrs b
Response: Wow im sorry its taken me a while to reply i took a job in a road house in the middle of no where, upside its good to save money as there is no night life here, although when i finally leave here i will def never come back, Norseman is even worse than Rushvegas, so backwards haha,

the weather is good on this side a steady 20 degrees every day, not bad for winter
From Nickyboy
Well let the good goon times roll! Yeah don't rush over here to the East..not all it's cracked up to be. Well it seems It'll be a long while before I see you again dude, heading over to New Zealand in a week. See you in Veags
Response: Ah mate the goon, its deadly!!!, i couldnt rush over there even if i tried the funds are low, start work wednesday should of been monday but missed the train, it will be sooner than you think that we meet again, till that day tho enjoy journey, see ya in the hoode
From Uncle M
Hi Salv,
Hope you are ok. How is Oz? Cant wiat to be there too. Take care and enjoy.
Response: Hay there Perth is great, plenty to do and great weather, its all about the weather, but it aint cheap here beauty comes at a price haha!!! with a combination like that it hard not to feel great, yeah you'll love it when you come over, see you soon