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Samantha's European Summer 2006

hola amigos !
welcome to my online travel diary chronicling my massive European adventure.
bookmark this page to keep up to date with where i'm at with all of my travelling adventures !

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hi everyone !

Upon returning to you all here in Melbourne following my massive three & a half months cavorting around Europe I have found that you all want to know the answer to one coveted question : what was my most favourite place ??

Guys !! That's such a hard question to answer !!

I can only imagine that the way I feel about answering this question is similar to how a parent feels when they are asked which child is their favourite.

One of the beautiful things about exploring Europe is that each place is a unique entity in itself - the culture, food, language, accents, clothing, coffee - even the gelato (!) - is different depending on which city or town you happen to find yourself in.

Because everything is so incomparably different - sometimes after only an hour or so of travelling on the train (that still trips me out) - & each place is also uniquely beautiful, it makes it a near impossible task to select an outright favourite.

And so, in order to save myself from plunging into inner turmoil everytime someone asks me "so ... what was your favourite ??", I have created a "Best Of" list to reflect the many eclectic places I have been & to reminisce about the fantastic experiences I have had.

After spending countless hours scouring my travel diary & wistfully daydreaming about so many moments of my Euro-trip, I have finally narrowed down my finalists for my European Academy Awards night.

The panel at this prestigious Academy consists of well ... me ... & you should all recall that my qualifications for these categories are : Greece & the Greek Islands (Cyclades), Italy, France, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, London, Amsterdam, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland & Leichtenstein.

Without further ado, the winners are ...

* Best Night Life : Ios - Greek Islands. I have one word for that place : Madness.
* Best Food : A photo finish between tapas in Granada (southern Spain) & home made pastas in Northern Italy (Firenze & Cinque Terra)
* Craziest Drivers : definitely the mental taxi drivers in the Greek Islands - these guys would give Schumacher a run for his money
* Grumpiest Locals : Czech Republic. It fascinated me how they managed to get such a concentrate of angry angry people into such a relatively small space of land (although, just quietly ... I'd be feeling pretty pissed off if I'd lived the last 50 years of my life under forced communist rule too)
* Best Beer : need I say it ? ... Oktoberfest !
* Best Shopping : London (I believe I may have experienced pure nirvana on Oxford Street)
* Hardest to Navigate : Venice, Italy
* Most Beautiful : Switzerland is a real-life postcard - snow capped mountains, blue lakes & cows grazing in green grassy paddocks with bells tinkling around their necks - just stunning !
* Biggest Night : probably my infamous ejection from the Hofbrauhaus for drunk & disorderly behaviour at Oktoberfest
* Best History & Culture : pazzo Roma is just about unbeatable
* Best Art : Paris * * * sigh * * *
* The Dark Horse (city / town that I didn't expect to be much & ended up falling in love with) : I mistakenly expected to be able to casually stroll through Berlin over a couple of days & was stunned at how much I was able to take away from this dynamic city, which is still evolving from it's role as centrepiece to the biggest events of the 20th century. Berlin is truly incredible.
* Most Bizarre Experience : sky-diving in Interlaken (Switzerland) was pretty unreal !!
* Most Expensive City : London is nuts !! I didn't bother to convert back to the Aussie dollar in the end because it caused my heart too much pain
* Cheapest : anywhere in the Czech Republic (though don't expect your service with a smile)
* Place Most Likely to Live : If my life was a fairytale & I magically began to speak perfect French & was impossibly rich & gorgeous then I would love to live in my spiritual home - Paris. However, my French completely sucks arse, so earning the pound in London may be for me !
* Place I Never Want To See Again In My Life : Narbonne (please refer to the post early August where I was stranded in a random provincial French town)
* Worst Accommodation : Coral Rooms - Paros, Greek Islands. Do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES stay here !!!

& finally,

* if the world was ending in one day, I would spend it in ... maybe the secret archives of the Vatican ?? or shopping the Champs Elysees & wearing genuine Chanel for the first & last time ?? or maybe working on my tan & sipping absurdly priced cocktails on one of the private beaches on the Amalfi Coast ??

I can't decide !!

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hello everyone !

Just a quick post to let you all know that I touched down safe & sound - albeit a little queasy - at Tullamarine airport last Thursday.

I've spent the past couple of days busily de-backpacker-fying myself & delighting in the small luxuries of home - notably the hairdresser & super long hot showers.

It feels slightly bizarre to be home after all this time travelling - Europe feels like a bit of a dream at the moment - but I'm sure reality will check in once I open my credit card statements !!!

I hope everyone is well - both my travelling friends (keep in touch !!) & my home town friends (can't wait to catch up with you guys !!).

It's great to be back in Melbourne !!!

xoxo s xoxo

P.S : I've managed to load a few more photos of my travels for you all to check out & stay tuned for my European Oscars Night - a review of my "Best Ofs" for my trip.

Sunday, 24 September 2006

Location: Prague, Czech Republic


OI ! OI ! OI !"

I'm writing to you all from a Net Cafe in Prague (Czech Republic) - where I'm taking a well-deserved respite from one litre steins, bizarre German songs, liederhausen & crazy Aussie hooligans.

I'm trying to think of a way to succinctly describe Oktoberfest to you all, but truth be told, my memory is a little hazy (it turns out that a one litre stein is a lot of beer for a little Sammie).

I arrived in Munich bright & early for the opening day of the Oktoberfest festival & the tapping of the first keg of beer, after spending the previous 2 days yodelling my way through picturesque little Salzburg (home to the Sound of Music).

My time in Munich was spent doing a combination of partying down & sightseeing with Johan - my first non-home based travelling friend for my trip.

Together we managed to hit the Oktoberfest tents 3 times (Hofbrau & Lowenbrau - & were rejected from the Hippodrum (this is where B grade celebrities like Paris Hilton like to party down)), spent an extremely sobering afternoon at Dachau (the first Nazi concentration camp), & we also managed to head out on a tour to Neuschwenstein (a massive castle in the Alps which was reputedly the inspiration for the castle in Fantasy Land in Disneyland) with our most excellent friend Mike.

We managed to find plenty of mischief to get ourselves into with extracurricular activities such as; the time when I (somewhat illegally) tryed on expensive dirndle in a department stores & took photos so I didn't have to buy it, getting ejected from the Hofbrau (ok, that was just me on the first day), eating Weiner sausages, getting stranded in a remote town in the Alps on probably the ONLY train to break down in the history of German locomotives, riding rollercoasters, crashing the PC in the Kodak shop & then doing a runner, & living on the edge by riding just about everywhere without a train ticket (Bavarian people are BIG & SCARY units, so trust me, this was really was living on the edge).

Unlike my travelling partner Johs, Oktoberfest was not the pinnacle of my journeys, & even though I heard more "G'day mate"s than "Gutentag Fraulein Samantha"s, it was all so much fun !!

& now I'm sitting in beautiful sunny Prague where my liver is not at all happy with these recent events.

I've spent the past two days here exploring the majestic hotch potch of architecture that Prague holds - with everything from classical to baroque to gothic to renaissance styles (sometimes within the same building !!!).

Having spent the previous three weeks in tourist friendly Germany (due to just about everyone being able to speak English, everything being clean & safe, the people being friendly & helpful, & the hostels generally being of an excellent standard etc), I experienced quite the culture shock stumbling into the Czech Republic (which is still recovering from it's 1992 emancipation from Soviet rule).

Even after the many countries I have visited, I still find it remarkable that you can experience culture shock even after only a 6 hour train ride.

Prague is very different to how I imagined it would be - it oscillates between the spectacular scenery of the old town & the seedy streets of the new town - & was actually one of my "Must Not See Before I Come Home" cities, along with Rome, Paris, London, & Barcelona.

So, I'm in Prague for 5 days, & then I head on to Cesky Krumlov (also in the Czech Republic), to Vienna (where I plan to see some of the world famous opera) & then to Interlakken in the Swiss Alps.

After Interlakken, I have to force myself to leave all this unbelievable culture, architecture, food, art & history behind & jump on a plane back to the most beautiful city in the world - Melbourne !

Hope you are all being good & taking care !
xoxo s xoxo

p.s. I almost forgot my MASSIVE news !! Remember how I mentioned that I checked out the Vines in London & my two friends & I had our photo taken with Courteney Love ?? Well ... it was published in the TNT (London magazine for Aussies, Kiwis & South Africans) this week !!!
p.p.s I would do a "Kirst" & email you all the article, however it is currently in the process of being mailed home, so you'll have to wait until I'm safe & sound back on home territory before you start queuing for autographs.
xo s xo

Saturday, 02 September 2006

Location: Paris, France


Will call you from Amsterdam to say hello !

Try not to work too hard - all us backpackers reckon it's over-rated :)

Love ya heeps !

Saturday, 02 September 2006

Location: Paris, France

Cheerio chaps !

I am writing to you all from a net cafe in Paris, after having forcibly removed myself from London town, which has been my home away from home for the past 7 nights (2 extra nights than originally planned).

There's no other way to describe London other than it's bloody brilliant ! (Although if I was from Ireland I would probably say it was class - weird !!)

I'm not sure if you've all heard the news or maybe seen the pictures published in Who Weekly or maybe NW in Melbourne yet (the subject is probably too cool for the likes of Woman's Day & New Idea - I mean it is London after all dahlinks), but whilst you've all been doing that W word thing (I can't even bring myself to utter the word), I have been hanging out with superstars.

Hollywood superstars.

So, I'm expecting the headlines to read something along the lines of : "Samantha & Courteney - Exclusive Backstage Photos of Backpacking Extraordinaire Meeting Rock Star & Mother of Kurt Cobain's Child at Kick-Arse Vines Concert, Forum Theatre, London".

Yes, you read correctly chumps - I HUNG OUT WITH COURTENEY LOVE AT THE VINES CONCERT IN LONDON !!!! (Disclaimer : "hung out" in this instance has been embellished from "pestered for a photo" to make for a better story).

It was just that kind of week for me in the hip & happening city of London town, which I adored from the second I stepped off my ferry onto the drizzly overcast & grey shores of Dover & began whinging about the crappy weather - only 20 degrees (& it's SUMMER, mind you).

If not for the fact that I could suddenly read menus, order food, ask questions about anything I bloody well liked, sing along to songs & do all those other things that you can suddenly do again when the world around you decides to speak English for the FIRST TIME IN TWO MONTHS; I loved London because of the brilliant night life, for Top Shop (seriously ... how have I lived my life without this store), & for the Tube which simultaneously drove me absolutely mental & enchanted me with it's cute "Mind The Gap" every two minutes.

It's actually a little bit sad that it felt so bloody good to say "can you tell me if I'm on the right train?" instead of waiting in anticipation to see if the next stop was the one that I actually wanted.

I arrived in London after spending five spectacular days in Paris, which is the most beautiful city I've visited, to date. Elegant & bohemian & artistic & grand - I've decided that Paris & I are soul mates.

I spent 2 solid days absorbing the most prolific art collection in the world in the Louvre (thanks to Rob & Kellie's awesome birthday present !!! THANKS GUYS !!!), & climbed the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, visited Sacre Couer, Notre Dame & strolled the Champs Elysee - which I think I have longed to do since I was practically a foetus.

Leaving Paris, I journeyed to East Putney in London, where my crazy party animal mates from the Greek Islands - Karen & Tim - offered to put me up in their gorgeous little gaff. How delightful to wake up in a room that doesn't have 10 other people sleeping in it ! How wondrous to take a shower not in my Havaianas ! Simply marvellous to make myself a cup of coffee & sit around in my pyjamas (I did this three times !!).

Tim & Karen, & their equally cool housemates Brendan & Rae, pretty much gave me run of the place & I was treated like a princess (of course) for five days !

We checked out Camden Markets (vintage shopping heaven), partied down at the Notting Hill Carnival (the biggest outdoor festival in Europe) & hit the pubs (surprise surprise) for my first Snakebite, as well as checking out the Vines & hanging out with COURTENEY LOVE at the Forum theatre.

* * * Special Note to Tim, Karen, Rae & Brendan : THANK-YOU so much for letting me crash with you guys - I had the most brilliant time ! ps. Melbourne rules * * *

I left Tim & Karen after 4 nights of craziness, where we caught up for dinner & drinks with another Greek Islander - Pia - in Soho. Afterwards, whilst strolling the backstreets of the West End & peering in the cute little boutique windows in Soho I impulsively decided that I wasn't going to get on the Busabout bus the next day because I didn't feel like I could leave my London town just yet !

Pretty crazy but London was definitely worth it !

An absolute highlight of my time in London was managing to score tickets to see Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre - what an amazing experience !!

Along with spending an goddamn fortune in British pounds (the cost of living here is seriously ridiculous - & also the reason for my forced removal) I managed to sneak in a few of the tourist attractions too; Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, the Dali Universe, Buckingham Palace (worst £12.50 I've ever spent in my life), London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Harrods, TOP SHOP, Piccadilly Circus, & Oxford Street just to name a few.

Did I mention that I popped in to Top Shop ? Yowch - it's going to hurt when I get the bill on that one.

After all of these whirlwhind adventures, & many MANY many others that I just don't have time to elaborate on, I find myself in Paris for one last time - I'm leaving for a wild couple of days in Amsterdam tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately, although I have been trying to avoid thinking about it, September means that I am beginning my last month here in Europe. Although on the bright side, September does mean that I get to party down with Johan (hi Johs ! can't wait to see ya !) & I'm also set to hang out with the lovely Anna in Hildesheim for a couple of days too.

& so, after much deliberation & careful consideration; here is my new & improved itinerary for September :

London (Eng) : 26 - 27 - 28 - 29 - 30 - 31st August & 1st September
Paris : 2nd September
Amsterdam (Neth) : 3 - 4 - 5th September
Berlin (Germany) : 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 & 10th September
Hildesheim (Germany) with ANNA : 11 - 12 & 13th September
Salzburg (Austria) : 14 - 15th Setember
Munich (Germany) with JOHAN for OKTOBERFEST (!!!!) : 16 - 22nd September
Prague (Czech Rep) : 23 - 24 - 25th September
Cesky Krumlov (Czech Rep) : 26 - 27th September
Vienna (Austria) : 28 - 29th September
Interlakken / Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland) : 30th September - 1 & 2nd October
Munich (Germany) : 3rd October
Flight home from Munich (Vienna & Singapore) : 4th October
Arrive Melbourne : 5th of October

Hope you are all carrying on bravely without me !
I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone - especially MAYA - very shortly :)
In the meantime - take care everyone !
Tally-ho from Sam

Friday, 18 August 2006

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Hola !

Just wanted to post a quick note to let you all know that my scooter episode was so much fun & that I've come away from the whole experience relatively unscathed !

The day ended up being more "BMX Bandits" than "Roman Holiday" (wait for the photos - I had to wear a slab of plastic as my helmet & ended up looking like a LEGO toy) & my scooter sounded more like my dad's lawnmower than a finely tuned engine, but it was still a kick-arse day nonetheless.

I did take the obligatory spill - largely due to my complete lack of co-ordination & aforementioned lack of driving abilities - in front of some bemused locals right beside the town's main cafe restaurant area (of course) - but it bruised my ego more than it bruised my knee. I copped a bit of a graze, but being the trooper that I am, I only whinged about it for a few hours.

I'm back at Lisboa train station at the moment & am due for more torture (aka overnight train) all the way to San Sebastian in a matter of hours. This my last opportunity for tapa, sangria & paella & also my very last European beach for the whole trip (SOB!).

From San Sebastian, it's on to Paris & London - so exciting !

Thanks again to everyone for all of your messages :)
xoxo s xoxo

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Recent Messages

From Karen and Tim
Hi Sam,
Great to hear you had a fantastic time staying with us. It was so good to catch up and show you around.
Ps Sydney rules!!!!
Response: I suppose I should have come to expect such blasphemy from you uncouth Sydney-siders !! * * sigh * *
Thanks for having me ! Looking forward to catching up with you all in London or Aus - whichever comes first !!
From kimmo
Hey Sammie!
We are finally get some sun here... and the only reason why I am telling you that is to make me feel better cos I am just so damn jealous of you!! Loving hearing the stories of your travels. I miss you, and I will see you soonish.
Love kimmo
From Mellie
Hey gorgeous! And I do mean that - look at your tan! Sooo glad your having a blast, and sooo jealous =). Everything's pretty much the same here (except for more people leaving! =P). I think I should post myself over to you though - between your iPod probs and getting on a scooter (WHO let you do that?!?!) you obviously need my help! =P
Love n hugs from us all,

From Rob
Hi Samstar,
Glad to hear all is going good and even the things that dont go well, end up going great...gotta love that "travel karma".

Bummer about your photos, although I hear that IT tech support guy is super cool and gives worldwide 24/7 tech support.

Don't be so hard on your travel agent about not being able to change those flights either. Everything else he as organised for you so far seems to have gone off without a hitch...he must be really cool (and goodlooking). <haha>

Also I really think you should listen to your friend Hansel...he's a cool guy. Woops, I mean listen to Nathan and GO TO SWITZERLAND! It is easily one of the most amazing places to see.

From Rob
(aka 24/7 global iPod counsellor)
(aka Travel Agent Extraordinaire)

Response: Pencilling in Switzerland right this moment - Hansel & just about everyone else I have met over here raves about Interlakken & Lauterbrunnen - so I'm thinking you all might be onto something & will add it to the agenda :)
From Kellie
Kew Traffic School!!!!!
OMG! I friggin love that place! My sisters and I would beg Dad every weekend to go back- hey, who am i kidding- we still do!

I'm glad to hear you had a great time hooning round on the scooters...and that you graised your knee- can you ask Michelle to poke it for me? :P lol!

I hope you finally got to sleep on that train carriage the size of my bathroom. Gum trees in Spain? huh? Do they have Koalas too?

Take note of Nath's message- I remember those boys going on bout Switzerland and those places for ages!

Love ya! miss ya!
Response: Kell ! The gum trees were in PORTUGAL !! Massive plantations to help with the deforestation. The smell was so good that I rode most of the train ride with my head stuck out the window !
From Lauren
Heloooo Sammy!!!
Wats been going on??? How exciting is your lilfe??? the most wexciting thing for me right now is when I manage to leve work 15mins early!! My bday was fantabulous!! Went out to Bond Bar and rocked it!! Bought a fanatastic dress which cost me $250...I thougut it was justifiable..Wow! the whole scooter thing sounds interesting, just be very careful....oooo! the other exciting thing in my life is the two very good looking tradies at my work who happen to love talking to me and i don't necessarily like talking, just looking! hahaha Marissa off the OC is officially dead.. :( Other than that your not missing out on much. The beaches sound perfecto and a lil slice of heaven! My opinion is do wateva you want just don't come back married!!! That's my forte!! Neways spaek soon and love ya a million chocolate cakes!! Love Lauren
From The Aunt
Dear Sam,
Be careful out there especially on the damn scooters.
Look after yourself and keep safe
Lee x
From michele
Hiya sammie how is portugal the weather still as hot we have had 19 degrees here so it is finally improving all is well lauren had a great birthday and we went out to dinner on the monday chinese of course everything is fine here except guess who lost a pair of shoes to guess who. Work is busy but I am going to be on holidays shortly hopefully in late sept or oct roll on Nan Catherine Auntie Fran send their best. As always take care miss you xxxxx
From Nath
Yo Samo,

Sounds like you’re rocking around the continent just super! Good work.

I didn't see Switzerland on your itinerary, which I think is grounds for you kicking yourself in the bum when you get home. I would definitely recommend a few days in Interlaken - make sure you stay at the famous 'Funny Farm' hostel - you wont regret it.

I would also trade in a day in Vienna for some special ‘Sound of Music’ moments in nearby Salzburg.

How are the funds looking? Did you get the allusive party singlet from Mykonos?

You’ve still got so many awesome experiences coming up, I’m pumped for ya. I’m sure you’re keeping the old Emu and Kangaroo on your passport proud…
From leslie
Hi Sammie good to hear from u on the site again,I suppose if everything went to plan it be pretty boring eh?You sure have been luck with the people you have met so far and the places you are seeing sound just great.The weather is starting to tease with 19 deg yeaterday(tue ) and 16 and rain today .hope to read more and see the photos soon the places you are going are really interesting , but I suppose going around is the major thing and ther will be plenty of time to see them later miss you heaps love dad
From kimmo
hey gorgeous...
well, you really are having a journey aren't you! But I am proud of you for being so smart and making light of a potentially tragic situation (regarding the french bus system) hasn't our sammie come a long long way!!! haha
thanks also for the p.c. - brightened up a really crappy day!!!
take care, and look forward to seeing more of those photos
love kimmo
From keti
Hey Hun!
Thanks for the birthday postcard... It was beautiful! Had a great night out... you were missed! FYI - I had my wisdom teeth taken out on Thursday...hurt like crazy! But... made myself feel better by going skiing all weekend... awesome! Went up to Hotham this time... hotties galore! Well, i'll be seeing you soon. xoxoxoxo
P.S You look great in the photos. Can't wait to see all your new clothes... and show you mine ;-) Keep up the shopping
From Kristen
Hey Sammie,
Love the photos, although I can't see you in any of them. Instead there is this cute little Aboriginal girl. You may want to consider tracking her down and giving her photos back and maybe retrieve yours in the process...
Live it large babe (as if you're not).
Love Kris.
From Auntie Lee
Dear Sam,
You look like you are having a wonderful time, keep having it.So glad you enjoyed Venice although not so sure about the 'little' house on Ios. Isn't Greece the best!!
Keep having a good time and keep safe
Lots of Love Lee XX
From kimmo
Hey sammie... I read what you said about the Italian pizzas... (grrrr)
life is about the same here, work, study, work and the occasional social outing thrown in. It's so cold in the morning that I have ice all over my car, I swear its only moments away from snowing! But the days have been better... I can't comment on the petrol situation cos I close my eyes at the petrol station and pretend it only costs 50c a litre... and by the way, the game for the wooden spoon (aka blues vs bombers) was a draw... so my beloved blue buys may avoid another wooden spoon!
love you sammie,
love kimmo
From Maya
hiya sammie!

just read your post! sounds like a fantasy out of a book or something. so super jealous!!
hope that it just keeps getting better and better.
Big hugs from me matt and harley.

From ma
hiya sammie, have just read your email it sounds like you are enjoying yourself and all those history lessons are paying off. Everyone is wel even the dogs no shoes eaten yet.
Nan is well and Auntie Lee has your web site. Work is still the same and petrol is now $.142c a litre.Hope you are taken good care of yourself and at least I know you are eating Gelati. Missing you as always lots of love Ma
From Cindy
Hey hey Sam! My goodness, you should work in promotions for Europe! Like everyone one else Im incredibly jealous! Im glad to hear your having an unreal time. Cant wait to see your photos when you return!
From Donna
Dearest Sam,
I'm glad you are having fun and safe. So happy to hear from you. I miss you too. Till next time, have fun and enjoy the rest of your trip. Be safe!
From Neats
Hey Sam,

I lost the link to your site and found it just the other day so to me it feels like you've done all this exciting stuff in like 6 days or so.
Hope your getting time to take it all in.
Melbourne was 6 degrees this morning, no cloud at all and freezing. I'd so much rather be sweaty at the moment. (lol)

Love heaps, Neats
From Claire
Hi Sam, Well I'm sitting here its 5 oC bloody freezing, Thank you for your lovely email you sent I'm sorry I didnt get to say goodbye but I was so sick. Sounds like you are having a fab time. Just keep having a wonderful time and remember Ciao Bello for all the gorgeous guys in Italy
From leslie
Dammm what a great email enjoyed it all .Well things here are just the same going to work and freesing with 3deg /10deg weather .I hope you are eating enough not just i/cream .Are the pizzas any good ? I understand that the real ones are only tomatoe paste and pita bread ? Anyhows keep up the wonderful news and lots of love Dad
Response: Yes Dad ! I'm eating lots & lots - don't worry ! Don't tell the Italians but I actually had better pizza in the Greek islands ! The cornetti (they're sort of chocolate pastry / croissant things) are delicious & the home made pastas are to die for. I mean, they don't compare to Mum's scrumptious chicken wings of course, especially the ones where there is a little bit of chicken fluff left baked on the skin, but they're still good :)
From Kirst
Sam! Sounds like you are having an absolute blast, I'm so jealous just reading about it all! Great to hear from you, the pics are awesome so keep posting!
PS. You picked a GREAT time to leave.. Collingwood are heading back down the ladder after Richmond thrashed them last week :D Ciao! xx
From Rob
You are on a ferry to Venice as I sit here in chilly Melbourne, counting down the hours until the next working day...sooooo jealous!

Glad you are having a great time and WOAH you have at least 2 hairs out of place in one of those pics. Who would've thought our Sam-o roughing it!?

P.S Don't hurry back because the Pies are no chance of surviving far into September (Haha)
From Kimmo
That's all I can say.
Insanely Jealous!!

And I miss you...
Keep me updated, I am living my life through you at the moment (haha)

Love Kimmo