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Welcome to SamBlake's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. We would love for you to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them! I am sure we will be adding photo's as we go.

Diary Entries

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Location: Canberra, Australia

Our trip is over. More photos have been uploaded if you want to look.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Location: Thailand

Well our overseas trip is almost at an end. Luckily for us we still have a few days up in QLD to recover from the trip home.

Some things that we have forgot to mention in our writing are:

At our first market encounter I enquired to the shop attendent in my best Thai accent "Tou Rai" (How much much) and she proceeded to speak fluent Thai back to me. Both Sam and I stood there dumbfounded until she finally brought over a calculator and typed in the amount she wanted. I am sure the look on our face was priceless.

On our honeymoon it was natural that there was sex in the pool.....the only problem was that it was when Sam and I checked in and went exploring the hotel. When we hit the pool we came across another couple who OBVIOUSLY thought they had the pool to themselves that night. While I saw them and quickly moved away, Sam got so close before she realised that she could have leaned in and given him a pat on the back for good luck :)

In Bangkok we came so close to having an accident with our Thai driver. Luckily for us he was a very good driver as a mo-ped came out of no where and he had to lock up the breaks. By the time he stopped the front bumper was pushing up against the persons leg.

At a restaurant in Phuket I was really looking forward to having roast duck. At the entrance we were looking at the menu and we couldn't find it, so I asked the hostess if they had "roast duck" to which she replied in a confusing voice "rows tuck", after trying to repeat it about 4-5 times I was ready to give up when same looked at her and said "BumbleBeeTuna"? (For the Ace Ventura fans) Well I lost it and couldn't stop laughing!

Hope this gave you a laugh and we will see you soon xxx

Monday, 10 December 2007

Location: Phuket, Thailand


We are enjoying our time in Phuket immensely. The weather the last 2 days has been a bit stormy but it's still so warm that it doesn't matter and the drenching is often refreshing.

Yesterday we went on a tour of the islands surround Phuket. We did sea caving in/under Payak Island and it a unique experience to say the least. When you are on a canoe, in complete darkness, except for your trusty flashlight and there is an inch between your face and the cave roof .... well lets just say it gets a bit freaky. The amazing part is that when you get to the centre of the island it is just you and a few other canoes enjoying a piece of tranquility. We that twice throughout the day and it was just awesome. We also ventured to Hong Island and James Bond Island which were both beautiful. We hit a massive rain storm on the way home but luckily for us we had done all the adventuring we had to.

We have loved every minute of Phuket and we will soon be returning to Bangkok for a day or so before heading up to QLD to finish off the rest of our trip.

Hope everyone is enjoying work....he hee he.

love to all
Blake and Sam

Thursday, 06 December 2007

Location: Phuket - Patong, Thailand

Hello again!

It has been a little while since our last diary entry but all is good and well. Leaving Bangkok behind was a bit sad as we had a great time there and throughly enjoyed our experiences. The flight over to Phuket was a pleasant one and our personal driver was a bit mad and seemed to enjoy sitting only 1 feet (at the most) behind cyclists and other cars. Something I forgot to mention earlier was that every time we have come home by taxi or personal driver they check the boot and under the car for bombs. It is a scary world we live in these days.

The resort is beautiful at Karon Beach and apart from a fight with the reception staff as they charged us over 27,000 Baht for a security deposit, we have been enjoying ourselves. The pool here is excellent and for the first two days Sam and I have pretty much gone to the gym/running, eating a hearty breakfast, to the pool - swimming and lazing around, a nap, off for a shop and back for another swim. Not so exciting but very relaxing and naturally we are still averaging a massage a day :)

Today we hit Patong and the shopping here was good. No shortage of people trying to pull you into there store for the biggest bargain of the year. It is so funny to see there tricks - they either do you the cheapest price becasue you are there first customer, last customer, 34th customer. If you say you are "just looking" they say "just looking inside!". As my Sister would know they are very good at the "Same Same" for something that is a different style and colour. They also love Aussies over here and some of them have better Australian accents than Sam and I do :) At one stage Sam and I got attacked by about 15 people within 2-3 shops at first I thought about drawing weapons to see how many I could take out before we were overrun but Sam was off and gone before I could blink, I am sure I could hear her laughing.

Another great shirt we found at the markets was " No I don't want a F**king Tuk Tuk ride (taxi), a massage, or any other stuff you sell" - I guess you would have to know what the constant hassle is like to appreciate that. Plus the amount you have to barter when you actually want something is crazy. I decided to have some fun and this guy offered me a watch I didn't want - his starting price was $1450 Baht - I countered with 200 Baht. Eventually he was going to sell it to me for that price.........pity I didn't want it :)

In the next couple of days we will probably head over to an Island for a bit of exploring, maybe some caving, jet ski, and just continue to enjoy ourselves.

We have lost track of what day it is - and no we don't want to know :)

Unfortunately I am having trouble uploading photos and time could run out before I can post any. At worst I will get some up tomorrow when I have more time. I also think I have been rambling as I am filling in time while Sam is enjoying a boby scrub at a massage parlour.

Hope you are all well.

Lots of love
Sam and Blake

Sunday, 02 December 2007

Location: Tiger Temple, Thailand

Holy Crap! What an adventure. Come one come all - You just gotta do this!!

We started the day early and our personal driver picked us up at 7:30am and off we went. 90 minutes into the trip and we were at the floating markets - This is how they used to live in Thailand many years ago - buy trading goods and services (no money involved/barter) - in fact Thailand was very much like Venice in its early days (Siam). These days Thailand has been 90% filled in and it is more a tourist attraction to see the canals and buy and sell goods on water. Our guide only took us to certain floating stores as he obviously has either family connections or friendships with them. Most of the stuff was junk but still very enjoyable.

Back to our personal driver (I love saying that) and we headed off for another 90 minutes until we arrived at the Burma/Siam railway cemetary (I won't go into the historic nature but it was slice of reality of how things have been in Thailand).

We then headed off to the Tiger temple after grabbing a quick bite for lunch.

The Tiger Temple was amazing and words will not be able to describe the feeling of patting these amazing creatures. From one of the cubs biting Sam (I didn't rush to her rescue, I just had to take a photo) to lying beside the BIG cats and praying that they didn't think you smelt like meat! We will add photo's soon that will just amaze you all. It was 90 minutes of pure heaven.

From there (as if that wasn't enough), we headed to an Elephant camp and tracked through some rugged country from atop our Elephant (Somsi) and his young rider. Behind us we had a baby elephant that was looking up at us and wondering what the hell was going on! We stopped in this beautiful river where we got this amazing photo. Just when we were as far away from reality as humanly possible we were brought back to earth by a guy helping Sam off the elephant saying "mmmm beautiful chick-eeeeee-ta". I almost fell off the elephant laughing because of the way he said it right in front of me!

On the way home we visted the River Kwai and the railroad that so many of the Thai people and POWs died to build.

By this time we were exhausted and the 3 hour drive home was long and boring! We were very tired. So on arrival home we quickly showered and changed to hit the night time markets for more Thai food (Sams food was the best of the trip so far - Spicey Prawn Soup - like a Laksa), shopping and massages.

We slept well that night :)

Sam and I hope you are all doing well and that you are all healthy. Love to you all and we wish you were all here with us (not really).


On the way home we stopped

Sunday, 02 December 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Hi....Us again!

Well we have been here for only 24 hrs but it feels like much longer...we are loving it.

Again this morning we kicked off with a run/gym and a yummy breakfast. The pool was freezing and we almost felt like top athletes jumping into "drop pools".

We headed off to the Chatuchak markets which are the biggest markets in Bangkok (8632 stalls). The markets for us were a bit disappointing and I guess it just depends on where you go. I had been told there would be snakes but I couldn't find them anywhere. We did fit in a massage (air conditioned) and found a funky bar that had great character where we sat enjoyed a nice cold drink and felt like we were part of a movie set as we watch the bustling markets go by. We also had the drama of not being able to get a taxi when we tried to leave. 5-6 taxi's would not accept us when they found out where we wanted to go. We finally found the sky train and jumped on that (got lost) but eventually found our way home. Luckily for us it took us right to a mall where we could do some more shopping and Sam got her hair done in preperation for our much anticipated dinner at the Vertigo Restaurant (61 floors up and on the top of our hotel (OUTSIDE)).

The restaurant was amazing and while initially we felt hesitation being up that high and outside we settled in for some lovely food and an amazing view. Funnily enough as the night wore on, both Sam and I got more and more nervous. We kept getting visions of how the Thai people build buildings (you know the photo's from the internet) and then our view showed us the bar almost hanging over the edge of the building (well so it looked like it!!!). Needless to say we decided to get the hell out of there and retire to the comfort of our room.

Tomorrow is our Tiger tour and Elephant ride and we are looking forward to another adventure.

Saturday, 01 December 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Well we have hit central Bangkok and the city is a buzz. The amount of traffic and people are surprising even though we expected it.

The Banyan Tree Hotel is awesome. We received a beautiful reception and free gifts. The staff all knew it was our honeymoon and we received a very nice bottle of wine (for those of you who don't know wines are very expensive in Bangkok). On arrival we immediately set off to see the sights and our first taxi driver was crazy, though that is a good thing as if he was sane we probably would have had about 20 crashes. Our first vist was to the Grand Palace (residence of the King), like England the King has little to no power but is worshiped by Thai people. So much so that Thai people wear yellow every Monday in honour of the day he was born. It is hard to describe the Grand Palace but it is very gold, gold, silver, silver, chain, chain, sale, sale!!!! :)

We then ventured to Wat Po where the largest reclining Buddha. To see a statue over 100 metres long was quite a spectacle. At this location was the Wat Po massage school so naturally we had to see how they were learning.....mmmmmmmm Massage!!!!!

That night we went to the Suan Lee Night Bizzaar markets and Sam and I had an absolute ball. We shopped, we ate, we got massaged (AGAIN!!!!) and pretty much didn't want to leave. Massages for an hour seem to cost about $25...bargain.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


Our flight from Sydney to Bangkok proved quite pleasant. Our seats were quite good but next to us we had "George and Mildred" (from those who remember the ABC TV show). They had an early fight with a person sitting in front of them over storage and then generally bickered all the way. The selection of movies was fantastic and we could quite happily have stayed on the plane for another few hours to fit a couple of more movies in :)

We checked into the Novotel at the airport and it was great. We will be posting photos when we get the chance. We slept like logs as it was about 4am Australian time when we finally got to bed.

We hit the gym in the morning and ate a hearty breakfast and we are now heading into Bangkok

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Location: Sydney Airport, Australia

Hello again (yes already)...

We are now in the Sydney international terminal (Qantas club - thank god). Already it has been a funny flight.

Our plane was delayed from Canberra for 2 hours, one of these was spent in the Qantas club, the other was on a Qantaslink plane in the second back row with a new born baby behind us screaming for 45 of the 60 minutes.

We got through Customs quite quickly but then had to get directions from about 10 different Qantas staff to find the business lounge as they are renovating and "Gate 23" has apparantly disappeared.

OH well..... It can only get better from here.

Blake and Sam x

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Location: Canberra Airport, Australia

Welcome avid readers,

We are currently sitting in the qantas club waiting for our plane to take off. Our first flight has been delayed by 1 hour so we are off to a promising start. Another anouncement was just put over the PA and we have now been delayed further. We will even make it to Thailand???? :)

In saying this not 3 metres away is Guy Sebastian and his Australian Idol........don't fret we gave him a smack in the chops for his single "Elevator Love"..... ha ha ha. He went down like a sack of spuds!!!


Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Location: Canberra, Australia

24 hrs and counting!!!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Location: Canberra, Australia

It is like two days before we travel. We are so frickin excited!!!!

Tuesday, 09 October 2007

Location: Canberra, Australia

Just a test to see how this works (lets call it preperation)

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From Michelle Ainsworth
Hi Sammy you beautiful chick-eeeeee-ta! Your adventure so far sounds great! and the resort looks amazing! live it and love it!
Luv Michelle
Response: Thanks Babe! Thailand was amazing, loved it heaps. Blake and I have really enjoyed everything, sorry we couldn't upload any more pics. Can't wait to show them to you.
From Rachael
Hi Guys
Sounds like you are having an amazing time during your trip. Can't wait for your return to see more piccies and to catch up for a Christmas girlie dinner/lunch.
Take care
Response: Looking forward to seeing you soon, we have had a fantastic time, would highly recommend for a honeymoon :)
From Angela
Hi guys,
You're adventures sound amazing and so much fun!! good job at making me feel very jealous ;o) keep enjoying your trip and filling us in with all the awesome details. I can't wait to see the photos!!
Take care - Ange (Papa) xox
Response: Had a look of your pics from Hawaii on facebook. Hope you had as good a time as we had in Thailand. xox
From Susan
Hi guys sounds like you are having a wonderful time I cant wait to see photos. tigers and elephants hailey faviouret animals.
Makes boring old work seem much more boring
love you both xoxoxox
Response: Hi Sweetie, big hugs from both of us. Can't wait to show you more pics soon. xxxxxxxxxxxx
From Mandy
I didn't want 2 spoil the surprise & tell you about the tee-shirts, I laughed myself silly at them - you have to be there to appreciate!! Loving your updates, hope the fun continues xox
Response: T-Shirts were as funny as!! We leave soon for QLD which should also be nice to catch up with the folks! :) xxx
From Dad and Ildi
Hi Sam, hi Blake,
We love your commentary; it all sounds so exciting! We're glad it's everything you imagined and more. Take care and let the good times roll. Much LOVE, Dad and Ildi oxoxo
I mean why would they not be enjoing it ,tigers elephant rides a beautiful chickeeee-ta plenty of massages really what else could he want.Looking forward to seeing some photo's great to see your updates keep them coming.
From Mandy
Wow, you're off to an eventful start - it's always the way!! At least nobody sat on you on the flight over.... I hope, ha ha! xox
Response: No we are having a great time now!
From Annie
This is a great idea! Looking forward to 'tracking' your adventure :-)
Have an awesome time guys!!!
Response: Fanks Annie. Hopefully we will get some internet time to update :)
From Blake And Sam
Mum and I hope you both have a wonderful time.
Response: Cheers. Hopefully we will be able to provide good and funny updates!!