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Big adventures of a little Samgrl....

Welcome to Sam's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 01 May 2008

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hhmmm.... seems I forgot all about my planet ranger site!!

If any one out there is checking this - you are probably someone who knows that after a surprise arrival back home in December (that I booked way back in August hehe - i'm so sneaky!), I stayed at home for a couple of months before moving to Melbourne mid-Feb to be with my boyfriend Adam.

And it's all going really bloody well over here so far!!
I'm currently temping, living in a cool flat with a nice chick, seeing loads and loads and loads of live music, and learning to play the banjo!

Yes. The banjo. Tres cool!

Anywho - when there's something exciting going on I'll be back on to update the postings here...

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Location: Cork, Ireland

Heeelllooooo :-)

oh boy.... what a busy few weeks since my last update!!
Though in saying that, there's not really an awful lot to report I guess.... just been plodding away with the day to day stuff.

Works been getting pretty busy - its obvious that the festive season is upon us and the lads out there are getting stuck into the celebrations in preparation! Keeps the counsellors here on their toes anyway hehe

I've been going to pilates once a week with Sarah - but its not normal pilates... nooo... we have a teacher who doesnt really instruct you so much as bark instructions in your general direction, and we dont tend to focus much on the breathing and technique... hhhhmmmm.
anyway - its something to do on a tuesday night and my tummy muscles hurt the next day so cant be all bad hey!? haha

Sarah and I jetted off to Amsterdam a couple of weekends ago. Very relaxed weekend. I feel I need say no more.
It was lovely there though - great weather, not a cloud in the sky -but pretty bloody cold!!! Have had to bust out the winter gear up this end of the world in the past few weeks! BBbbbrrrrr!!

Will get round to putting up some new pics this weekend...
Have girls night tonight so will try to remember to get a couple new ones for ya!
And yes, girls night is still going strong!! YAY!! There has been about 6 of us attending the past few weeks, though Lauren has just gone back to Aussie (byyyee, safe travels!!!) so we're back to 5. Good number though, and we always have a blast! Oh that reminds me... must pick up the food on the way home haha

So for those who dont know... I'll be home soooooooooon!!!
I have a ticket to the Big Day Out (Jan 18th), so keep an eye out for me as I'll obviously be hitting the friendly shores of home before then ;-)

Really reeeaalllly looking forward to heading homewards, definately ready to head back down under (for now at least anyway - I still have places to go.......) and I'm missing all my peeps - so start stocking up on the wine!!

Righty, better get back to the madness that is work.....
Love and hugs to all xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 02 November 2007


Okay... well i have1/10th of my photo's (hahaha - that's 60 pics) from my Mid East trip loaded onto my Facebook page.... so here's a link if you'd like to have a nosey :-)

I will post a few up on this website over the weekend - but you'll get to see heaps more by clicking below

Happy weekend all xx

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Location: Cork, Ireland

Boooo - back to reality!!!

WOW - all I can say is that was some trip!!!!
A truely fabulous experience that I would highly recommend!

Jordan lived up to expectations (actually, that would be fairly easy as I didnt really have any haha).

We had a great morning at the Dead Sea, bobbing round in the salt water and putting mud all over yourself - for the skin healing properties lol
Then up to the pool at the resort to spend a couple of hours playing on the waterslide and just keeping cool from the harsh heat of the day.

Petra was amazing - quite mindblowing when you stopped to think about how old everything is and how the people used to live in the mountains in the desert the way they did. There's a kiwi lady named Marguerite something-or-other (I have it written down) who in the late 70's went to Petra with a friend of hers and ended up staying there and marrying a bedouin! She's still there now, though I didnt get to meet her, I'd be quite interested to read her book.

The night out in the bedouin camp was fab!! I slept out under the stars... who knew the desert was so bloody noisy at night haha!!
Not the best night's sleep I've ever had, but it wasn't so bad waking up and having sooo many stars twinkling down at you. And in the morning when I woke up it was just gorgeous blue sky.... really lovely.

That morning we went on a camel ride... followed by a 4WD jeep excursion.... AND THEN on to Aqaba where a few of us went snorkelling!! That was an action packed day hehe

It was a really brilliant time though - one of the best trips I've been on!!

Unfortunately back to reality again..... lucky works nice and quiet.... and I have a weekend in Amsterdam to look forward to in a few weeks time.....

No rest for the wicked ;-)

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Location: Amman, Jordan

Well, here I am in Jordan - about to start leg 2 of my big middle east adventure!

The first week of the tour has been spent in Syria - WOW!
I'm having such a good time!! The cultural differences are really interesting and we are all being careful to dress a little more conservatively than you would travelling in a western society. I've seen some really amazing sights so far! We have been to Aleppo (the 2nd biggest city in Syria), Craic De Chevalier (a massive old castle - built around the 12th century), Damascus (the capital), Palmyra (my favourite spot on the trip so far), I've been shopping in the souks (markets) and got some fab deals and been into a few mousks (you have to borrow a gown to cover yourself up like the muslim women hehe).

Really fascinating part of the world to visit - we have had some amazing local guides as well! I didnt know an awful lot about Syria before coming here, but our guides local history and knowledge has been invaluable!

So this week we have Jordan - many exciting things to look forward to there - sitting in the dead sea, going to see petra.....

many many maaannnyy photo's to come haha :-)
righty, time to head off and get ready for dinner....

Hope everyone's well back home - or wherever you may be xx

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Hey everyone!!!!!!!

Just a really quick message to say that there some pics up from Jo's farewell girls weekend just over there ---------->

We had a blast - so much fun punting down the river, having a few wines (i know - you're stunned WINE?!?!!?), dancing the night away, and just having a really neat girls weekend away.

I'm just in the middle of trying to sort out some work stuff, then I'm outta here - off on the bus up to Dublin.... sleeping in the airport (woohoo)... and then to Syria & Jordan for 2 weeks!!!

This is the link for the tour Imogen & I are going on - it looks really amazing and i cant wait!!! (just copy and paste into the web browser)

so we start day 1 on Saturday 13th October.... I'll try to check in while I'm away.....

Have to dash - love to you all xxxxxxx

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Location: cork, Ireland

Dum de doooo....
still not much happening i'm afraid folks - that's all gonna change in about 2 weeks though... this is merely the calm before the storm LOL

I've just been attempting to save my pennies -only 2 and a bit weeks until i get to hang out with Jo (and about 7 other girls!) for her farewell weekend in Cambridge!! whoop whoop!!
Really looking forward to catching up again and hearing all about her past few weeks travelling!!

Then a few days after that I'm off on my Mid East adventure with Imogen!! Will hopefully be able to access the internet easily enough and be able to keep you posted on whats happening when I'm there - otherwise it'll be a big old update when i get back! Sooo excited - this is really gonna be the trip of a lifetime!!

Gaynor left just over a week ago to travel with her sister Bernie... Which has left the flat a very quiet place without her and I chattering away incessently haha
They've got another 4 ish weeks of travelling to go before and we'll get to hang out for a day or two once I'm back from my trip and before she heads back to NZ! In lieu of Gaynor, we have another new flatmate - a girl named Mairead - who seems lovely :-)
James left today for a 6 week tour round South America - damit he's getting to go up Macchu Picchu before meeeee! haha it looks like an amazing trip though - through Brazil and Rio as well - have fuuuunnn Jimmy!!!

A lot of travelling coming out of Rathmaher on Wilton Lawn just now hahaha

Sarah & I are still going to torture classes twice a week... we're so good! and of course still holding up the girls night tradition :-D

Anywho... so yeah... not much from me at the moment really.....

Hope everyone's well - love to all x

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Location: Cork, Ireland

Just in case you were wondering what's been happening since Disneyland.....

Well, not a whole lot to be honest! The last 3 weeks have been pretty low key... though anything is pretty low key in comparison of the madness that is Disneyland haha

Just been taking it easy and chilling out... saving my pennies for the next big adventure (only 6 weeks to go!). Had friends birthday drinks on Friday night... an engagement party on Saturday night... Been to the movies a couple of times...

But yeah - that's about it! Oh - and of couse keeping the Tesco winemakers association in business ;-p
Hate to let the wine gods down...

And we got a new flatmate. He seems pretty sound so far - moved in on Saturday....

Birthday shout outs to aaallll the August babies:
Mum, Grandad, Katie, Luke, Ang, Laka, Imogen, James & Emily... Sorry if I've forgotten anyone - man, August is nearly as busy as May in the birthday department haha

Anywho - just checking in... hope all is well wherever you are and whatever you are doing :-)

Love to all x

Friday, 10 August 2007

Location: Europe

Waaahhooooo!!!!! Disneyland was so much fun!!!!!!

Wow... where to start..... maybe the beginning!
Sooo Jo and I met up at our hotel in Paris (we opted against staying at any of the Disney resorts due to funds - or lack there of) on the Friday night, had a couple of bottles of wine (I had almost forgot how darn cheap wine is - picked up 3 bottles for €6.02. Normally I'd pay about €5 for 1 bottle!!) and had a good catch up.

Saturday - Day one of Disney fun....
Up at 7.15am *choke*.... ensured the strategy was packed into the bag, the camera's had extra batteries and the sunblock was on hand, then off we went on our merry - and frightfully excited - little ways. We caught the train out to Disneyland, which is only about 35 mins from where we were staying in Paris. Very convenient and easy!

Then before we knew it, there we were - standing in front of the magical Disneyland... The weather was amazing... not a cloud in the sky and about 28 degrees!!
now, to give you an idea of the task before us - there are actually 2 parks and a village. But we had a plan... I had managed to find online this a website that has been compiled by a family who have been about a billion times and actually have this whole strategic approach to the parks and they give you hints and tips on how to make the most of your Disney experience and not having to spend hoouurrss in queues... "crazy people" was my initial reaction to the website... "bloody geniuses" was how we felt afterwards!!

We took on board the advice and then adjusted it... we figured that most of the families etc who were there on a weekend trip like us, would probably go to the main park first and then work their way to the Walt Disney Studios on the Sunday. So we opted to do the opposite.... into Walt Disney Studios we went and eargerly awaited the main gates to be opened....

The theory was, straight to the most popular rides before the park got toooo busy... So we raced around in a frenzy, playing on rides, going to shows (the best show was the car stunt show & the best ride was probably the Rocky Roller Coaster - sooo fun!!!) and doing various other stuff - we even learnt how to draw Donald Duck hehe.

We totally nailed Walt Disney Studios by about 6pm. I know, we were definately champions of Disney!!

Then we figured that since the rides dont stop until about 10pm that we should make a start on the main Disney park.... The main Disney park is HUGE!! About 4 times bigger than the Studios park. Deciding on a game plan, we decided to hit Fantasyland and see if we could get a whole land covered so that on Sunday we might not have to wait in too many queues.
Fantasyland all done and dusted by about 9.30pm thank you very much!

It was then that we stumbled into another land and right in front of us was the Pirates of the Carribean ride.... OMG THERE WAS NO QUEUE - we were so elated! We raced straight in and it was a great ride! As we were heading to 'main street' for the fireworks we happened to walk past Big Thunder Mountain - one of the most popular rides in the park.... it was still open (10.30pm at this stage)... there was only a 20 min line.... the fireworks weren't due to start for about 45 mins... fate.

Fan-freaking-tastic!!! When we were up on the high points of the ride you could see out over Disneyland, all lit up at night. It was really pretty.

So we had already given ourselves a headstart on Sunday by getting some of the most popular rides done and dusted on Saturday night. We watched the fireworks and headed back to Paris, completely exhausted.

14 hours in a theme park will do that to ya I guess!!! haha

Up again the next morning at 7.15am *big sigh* and back to the magic! After racing straight to Space Mountain (I think that was my favourite ride of the whole weekend) we proceeded to have a pretty cruisey day on the Sunday.... and going on the rides the night before totally paid off - when we walked past them, some of the wait times were up to 90 mins!!! nooo thank you!!

3 lands... soooo many rides.... fantastic shows.... more brilliant weather.... Another successful day at Disneyland.
We finished it all off with a nice cool bottle of wine at a put at Disney Village and then headed back to Pareeee where we went out for a meal and stayed up for a while chatting and reflecting on our fantastic trip.

Sooooo..... there ya go! Disneyland was so much fun - I'd highly reccommend it to everyone, no matter what age you are! In fact I think it was more fun for us than for half of the kids who were there bahaha.

Jo - thanks for being such a fabulous Disney cousin... I really had the bestest time and would totally go on a theme park holiday with you again (-:D8

That's "all" folks.....

PS. Yes, we wore Minnie Mouse ears the ENTIRE time we were in the parks.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Location: Cork, Ireland

This is slightly better form... a fortnightly update instead of monthly ;-)

Sooo what have I been up to in the past couple of weeks?
Well, as briefly mentioned previously, I've embarked on a get fit phase... this entails walking as much as possible (ie, weather permitting - that's not going so well) and going to 2 torture classes a week (one is step aerobics and the other is a toning class) with Sarah.
So far so good... it's been 2 weeks attending classes now and I think I'm actually starting to feel slightly more co-ordinated! Aside from those occassional moments where I think I'm totally on fire and imitating the instructor flawlessly, only to discover I am somehow facing the opposite direction to the rest of the class...
Good things take time I guess eh!? haha

Went out to the Jameson Whisky Factory a couple of weekends ago with Gaynor & Sarah. What a great day!
We had initially formulated great plans of going to this gorgeous looking seaside town... however the amount of people with the same idea as us - turns out it was the end of an arts festval week and every man, woman and child from Cork appeared to be waiting for the bus - 2 were filled and we were gonna have to wait another hour or so. Luckily we had a back up plan.... and almost giggled with glee at our luck as the rain graced us with it's presence....

So while all those suckers were at the beach in the rain, we were wandering round on a tour finding out how they make Irish Whisky :-)
Of course included in the tour costs was a nice glass of Jameson's at the end. A few souvenirs and photo's later... then it was off to a local pub for a couple of cheeky pints before heading back to Cork for the evening. Very pleasant indeed!

Didn't get up to much last weekend - watched a few movies on tv and Sam's Cinema... good chillout weekend really :-)

Not a whole lot else going on.... Work's still grand, they are trying to plot ways of how to keep me in the country... haha
Flat's still going well, life is still peachy and there's only 10 sleeps till Disneyland Paris.....

Hope all's well with you lovely people out there... dont be afraid to send me an email to let me know how you're doing.....

Love & hugs to all xx

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Recent Messages

From Jillian Kirkman
Hi!!!!! Just checking through old emails and stubbled accross this link!!!! I cant believe you are still travelling! Sounds like you have had a wicked time. im in Fiji at the mo, due back to Edinburgh on 17th Dec. Ill read more of your travels when i get home. Keep livin it up luv J
Response: wow hi!!!!
I just got back to NZ on 8th Dec so looks like i would've just missed you down this end of the world!!! Hope you've been enjoying your travels as well - Say hi to Edinburgh for me... still one of my favourite places in the world!!!! Take care & chat soon xxx
From Jo
hey hey!!
how are things chicky??
d'oh! i can't get onto facebook to check out your pics! Will have to wait until you come home :-)
Things here are peachy keen jellybean, not much to report unfortuantly. 5 weeks till Santa hehe, we've got 2 weeks off - can't wait!

Keep having fun, Stay Peachy!

Take care chick, love and miss you heaps,
Jo, Glenn & Bradly
Response: hey chick!!
Aawww boo you cant check out facebook - i'll put up some pics in the meantime... 5 weeks till christmas!! yikes, that means not long till i get back!!!!!
Miss ya heaps, love to you all xxxxx
From Aunty Carol
Thanks for the chocolates the thought was awesome. Jo is home safe and sound. Looks like your weekend was a blast. Hope your trip is all you want it to be. Lots of love. Aunty Carol
Response: Hehe - no problem :-)
Hope you have a fabulous birthday!! Trip's going fabulously so far - truely amazing place to visit :-)
Big hugs xx
From Jo
Hey Chicky! how you be?!
I be fabulous!! I'm guessing your on your Mid East trip? Hope your having fun and stuff!!
Things here are brilliant - hope they are with you too :-)

Take Care Chick, Talk soon

Love you and miss you heaps!!
Jo, Glenn & Bradly
From Linda
I am very jealous - sounds like you have had a great time since you left Scotland - I can't believe it is that long since you left us at the Funding Council. So what is the next bid adventure?
When are you coming back to visit us in Scotland? A big hug from me!
Response: Hiiii!!
Yeah I've been having a great time alright - though nothing feels as close to home as Edinburgh did! Will pop an email through today xx
From JoGrl
hey hey!! thought i'd have a looksie at your webpage as it's been farrr too long since i've been on here!!
Hope you are having a peachy time chicky :-)
Life is great, Bradly is a little angel (thank god!!), can't wait for you to meet him :-)
Have fun. keep smiling!!

Luv, Jo Glenn & Bradly :-)
Response: Hey chick!!!
I totally cant wait to meet Bradly as well - he's sooo cute from the pics you've sent me & I'm glad he's being an angel :-)
Still having a ball... Love and miss ya heaps xx
From Phill
man, it sounds like you are having an absolute ball!!! There are times I really wish i was back in the UK
Response: You know you guys are more than welcome to come for a visit to Ireland..... any time!
From Katie
Awesome pics mate! What beautiful old castles and the beach looked very relaxing! We have snow on our lawn this morning!!!! So I'm jealous of you lazing around in your togs!!
Big hugs matey potatey xxx
Response: SNOW!? haha that's crazy!! Its even been really nice in Cork lately :-) Was a fabulous trip... aren't you going to come and visit me... hehe - worth a try!
loads of love xxx
From Katie
hey matey potatey,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (did you get my text or did I send it to the wrong Sam UK cell??!!) I have too many numbers in my ph for you! How is your hol going? Can't wait to see some pics. Big hugs chick, luv ya xx
Response: Hey chicky!!
Yeah I did get the text - thank you :-) Ran out of credit to reply so was just waiting to get back from Portugal (today!). Will put up some new pics asap... watch this space!!
From Jenn
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my most favourite Kiwi in the world!!!!

Hope you have a mad trip in Portugal and i am so super jealous of your travel plans!!!

Im off to drink some wine to help u celebrate ur bday in true sam style!!! ;oP

Response: Hey heeeey!!!
THANKS!!! Hehe I'm just getting round to replying to emails and stuff - LOVED Portugal!!! Lagos was fab - so pretty!! Looking forward to the day we can have a celebration drink in person again ;-)
Take care, email coming xx
From mum
Happy NZ Birthday to you, Happy Irish Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Samanthaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Happy Birthday to You
Response: Thanks Mum!!!
Watch out for pics of the birthday glasses.... hehe
From Jo Booze Harg
HARRRPPPYY BIIRRRTTHHDAAYYY TOOO YOUUUUUUUU DARRRRLLYY - YAAYYYYYYY!!!!! Hope you have a super fabby day thanks overseas person!!!!! Love ya lots, Jo xxxxx mwah mwah xxx
Response: Awww fanks darl :-)
Have some champers for me in NZ thanks xxx
From tammy
hey hey chickie!!
just reading your blog - your having a blast of time arent ya matie!!!!
well we are all packed and ready to go to aussie on the 4th june so i will have to email you from there with the goss.
you have my new email address so yeah and i will send you pics etc of us bla bla bla.
anyhoo chick take it easy and i will talk with ya later
tam xx
Response: hey heeey!
yeah i'm having a pretty good time alright :-) wow you guys are off really soon! hope the move goes well & look forward to getting a big update from ya!
take care chicky x
easter sounded like a BLAST!!! Im staying on an apple orchard on Gabriola Island with a few Korean guys and the most golf crazed owner!! its a laugh a minute! we have a local surf pub 10min down road!! Unfortunately it means going uphill on the way home - not so fun after a few!!! But just been chillin with the locals as well as the wildlife of sea lions, seals, river otters, eagles and deer. fortunately no bears here!!!!
Cant wait to read the next Irish installment!!
HUGs from Canada!
Response: OMG - that sounds soooo cool!!! What an adventure you're having missy! Glad there are no bears there too! Will send you an email, and update my webpage haha
Miss you heaps chicky xx
From Jo
Hey hey!!
Well, it's my 2nd to last day here at Tasman, thought I'd visit your webpage to say a last HI!! haha (although I will be back here in Sept)
Email me on my yahoo email address, I will check it once a week and try to reply as often as possible.
Eeeekkkkk time is going too fast, can't believe I only have 2 weeks until I'm due!!!! I'm a wee bit freaked out about it. Glenn's really excited!!
Will text you pics, Take Care Chicky, Love you and miss you!!
Jo :-)
Response: EEEKKK 2 weeks to go!!! OMG how totally exciting! I'm not surprised you're a wee bit freaked out though! Hopefully will talk to you before your wee one comes along. Take care - love and miss you heaps as well xxx
From Katie
hey matey
just been reading about your recent happenings...what fun you are having! Good pics too! You look really good. Love the hair like that. Sending you big hugs and love from Christchurch
Response: Aww thanks love! Got your fab email the other day & will holler back at ya real soon! Hugs and loads of love back xxxx
From Diddle (Lis)
hey there lassie -
Your looking fantastic!!! WOW you been working out chicki

St Pat's was fantastic here too.. Very messy ohh errr
Everythings going well here in OZ, have purchased a Dirt Bike.. fantasic piece of machinery..until you fall off and hit the ground with a cluf broken bones yet..hehe
I'll send you an emmy soon and let you know the dates I arrive as I shall pop in and say hiiiiii... not sure I am keen on trying the trotters tho.... Glad to see the you still have the jacket too.. came in V handy :)
Response: Aww thank you for the compliment - i havent been doing anything special except walking a lot! A dirt bike you say!? wow!! glad to hear all's going well downunder :-D aww no trotters!? i cant understand why not hehe
From Jo
Hey hey!!
how you be?! Hope you had a great St Paddy's day over there!! Things here are great . . . i've been bullied into a baby shower by mum and my bro's girlfriend . . . yay yay. So yeah that's this Saturday . . . I'm just going for the food . . hahahah just kidding!!
Take Care chicky, have fun!!!

Luv, Jo and bellybean :-)
Response: LOL... oh damit!! I should've tried harder to get you to have one while I was still at home ;-) Oh well, free stuff for you and belly bean - YEY!!
From tattie
hey fruit , u got a job sweet ! so i guess the drinks are on u then the next tie ur around. where is the house and if u want a good pub try asking ppl where the gate cinema is and from there ask where the fracisian well pub is, p.s. they dont do ormal beer ask for the scottish on it will kill ya lol, ill try to get home once my shifts came down and then we'll do the pluncett challange , more details later lol , tell gaynor i was asking for her and i miss ya like mad

Sean "the tattie " XXX
Response: hey tattie!
totally sweet having a job alright! cant wait for my first payday (this fri) - Look out cork!!!! will attempt to try as many pubs as poss before you get here next time... i have a feeling i know what the plunkett challenge involves... uh-oh! think we're going to text spud this weekend (dave) if we go out. you take care - keep growing the bottle collection at grove street.... love me xox
From mum
Yay for the job!! The weatherman was right and its been a glorious day today - forgot to slip slop slap and the arms a bit red but hey lunch at Mission Bay well worth it! So will be thinking of you in the cold wet wintery land of the little people and will carry on enjoying the weather while it lasts. Jo is on crutches - something about a drunken fall down some steps! I know you don't do that sort of thing cos you don't drink - much! Love ya
Response: tehe... yeah i heard about the druken fall - on the waitangi day pub crawl no less!! i havent been drinking much - waiting for the elusive first paycheck.... Glad your weather is better than here! Rainy and miserable today...
loads of love, me xoxox
From kiwi nate
Hi Sam..ive been at my new job for 3 weeks now..and its kinda scary..i mean..i might have to stay there long-term..which means i probably wont be able to travel Europe again until i retire...scary...Maybe its time for me to find a wife have kids and settle down eh..
Jen we are so jealous of your travels...
anyhow..hope u find a job soon
btw, whats eds email addy
Response: hehe - NOOOOOO!!! Not settling down?! Sweet though dude, sounds like it's gonna be a great job if you think you're gonna be there for a looooong time ;-) will send you an email with eds addy etc
Take care xo
From Jo
Hey Hey!!! How's Ireland??!
Things here are good, moving house on Saturday - can't wait!! Glenn got a 42" plasma . . . freakin males!! You'd think he was blind wanting a tv of that size! haha I told him he'll just about need to sit outside to watch it!!
Baby is moving around ALOT, i never used to feel him when i was wandering around/standing up - he's definatly letting us know he's there! haha
Hope your having fun chick, talk soon!!

Luv, Jo :-)
Response: Baha - 42" plasma?! oh well, boys will be boys and indulge in their toys (i'm a tiny bit jealous! haha)
Awww that's cool Baby Beans moving round heaps - hope he's not keeping you awake at night! Say hi to your boys from me, miss ya heaps xxoxox
From Jenn
LOL! i bet tattie cant sing nearly as well as you did when we were in Malta!! lucky for me im still a karoke virgin!! teehee!!

Guess what i met a kiwi girl working in Time Square yesterday!! she was from Auckland as well - unfortunately she did know u!!! Lol! i love themisconception that u know everyone from your own country!

Anyways have fun. Im off to ARUBA tomorrow where there are highs of 30!!

love ya
Response: haha - unfortunately she DID know me?! yeess... karaoke.... not something i'll be rushing into again.... Aruba sounds like it was luurrvveellyy!!!! lucky tarty face!!!! miss your crazy arse heaps xoxoxox
From tattie
hellllloooooooo. this is a cool site girly, god i miss u guys. me and the lads wnet to that pub down the street ossians i think , wesley wound me up by saying stuff like " Na man its an english pub they'll kill ya, ya have to be british to drink there" ! turns out its an irish pub staffed with irish ppl lol i even did karoke ! nxt step X FACTOR !!!! any way i got ur email im glad u spent time @ home and guess what ???? i going home to in the end of jan or the start of feb i hope (when ever i can get time off)
so who knows i might be over for your welcome to ireland drinking session lol .
Response: hey tattie!! good to hear from you! i think we're going to just miss each other in cork though.... no doubt will see you there soon enough :-) nice work on the karaoke... i'll keep an eye out for your debut performance!
From Jenn
helloooooo from the BIG APPLE!!!
Just wishing you a merry xmas in the beautiful warm sunny country of yours!!! meanwhile ill be freezing my tush off over here - a blizzard just hit Denvar and is headed my way!

Have a fab New Years and make sure you have a bt or 3 for me! ill be hanging out on the ski slopes of Vermont!! Oh its a hard life being a traveller sometimes!! ;oP

Anyways just before i go I wanna say something. I'm gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don't, send it right back. I want to be on you.

luv and miss u heaps
Response: oh baxter, you're so wise... you're like a miniature buddah covered in hair!
luv and miss you heaps too chicky xxxxxoxoxoxox