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Saturday, 13 January 2007

Location: UK has been a while and i probably wrote the same thing in my last diary entry. Every body has been hassling me to update my photos and so here is what i've been up to!
I know that most of you remember that Marc came from Canada over to London with me so here is the brief rundown of the last year and a half......Are you ready!?
After leaving Sunshine in Banff, we went to Peterborugh. Ontario and as you know, stayed with his parents for 4 weeks and then we drove to Chicargo to meet the rest of his family for the 4th of July celebrations. After a quick stay we were off to New York to do the touristy stuff and then to the UK.
It took a few weeks to get use to all the changes and settling in was harder than we thought! What do you mean 'No more holidays!' The last 12mths felt like one big holiday and now we have to work!!
I'd forgoten the meaning of the word!
But anyway, we both got jobs and moved into the house that you saw in the photos. So that brings you into Jan'06.....and since then....
We moved house 6mths later into a really cute little appartment. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an openspace living and kitchen area. Sarah, a girlfriend in the UK,also an Aussie, moved in with us and Marc started playing Hockey (Ice Hockey) for a team over here in London. Marc worked in IT and i nannied for the past year with a lovery family with a baby boy!
So.....the year went fast and we did a few trips throughout the year. Whales, York, Bath, Oxford, Wostershire, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, France and Ireland.
All were great trips, some short and others long.
It passed fairly quickly but apparently thats wat happens when your having fun!
Marc spent the year in London with me and has now unfortunatly gone back to Canada to study - He always wanted to go to uni in Victoria. BC. and so......we are having a long distance relationship!
Its alittle hard at times but overall - It is working! So were happy!
After Marc left i started a new job, now doing maternity placements and have done a few more trips... Amsterdam, Southhampton, Bali and Australia for xmas and the new year! Happy New Year for '07 Everybody!!!
I will keep in touch and fill you in soon on the plans but so far.... Im off to Canada in March and home in November for a few weddings.... See you soon and Happy and safe travels! Sammi xx

Saturday, 27 August 2005

Location: London, England

Hi everybody...It is that time again, updating you!! Yeah!
Well, we've seen the cold area of Canada, a little warmth and now we're in the UK - a little like Melbourne really - you never know what your going to get!
Amber has gone onto the hopefully warmer area of France and Marc (the boyfriend) is with me in London. I will keep you updated with some more photos to this website soon and send on a really long letter soon. Hope you are all well. Take care & Safe travels.

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Recent Messages

From keels
hey sammi!! u need to update this website chickadee! whats been happening! where are u now?? hehe
Response: I just saw the photos and 1. thought the same thing and 2. saw your face and realised how much i missed you! Im in london at the moment and have caught up a few times with Annabelle. I will be here for a year and i will keep you posted soon by email. Miss u mate!
From michka
Yay - Good photos!! I finally got to have a look :) It looks like you're having such a boring time - NOT!! Cant wait for the next lot.
Love you both xxoo
From Mum & Dad
Just showing you photos to Georgette (our lady who cleans the unit). Loved your new shots. We want more!!
Response: Don't worry there will be plenty more but the new photos have a lot of small footage of film aswell!
From Gav, Kel, Gem, Lachl
Dear Sam,
Thanx for website link.
Luv the photos & the roo.
You look well & having a ball, lucky duck!!!!!!!
Love the Hopes.
Response: Hey guys thanks for having a look and hope you all enjoyed. Can't wait to hear of some news from you all. Hope all is well.
From Adam
That is, the most attractive Elephant I have ever ever seen!
Response: Thanks Adz, thought you might like it!!!
From alex
I want to be kanga....!!

good to hear (and see, that you are having a bit of fun.

Ive gone all corporate (except for the sitting on the table and talking, talking on the phone and wa;ing around, and other non-corporate like activites (;like saying hi to people in lifts). Lovin the job......wonder where itll take me.

still single, imagine that, but hope to keep getting into trouble.

hugs and kisses to you both - the tool
Response: Hey there tool! Thanks for the kanga but i must say we only can put 2 more signatures on her before she is full! MAC (guy i work with) got a 5ft crocodile sent to him from his mom who is over there at the moment....hint, hint! Talk to you soon mate. Love you and miss you!
From deb
Nice Pics!!! Thanx for the updates. You're having too much fun without us, STOP THAT!
Response: Not too much fun - just different fun and we miss dancing so much it's not funny anymore!!!
From Marie T
Thanks Sammi, Great to see what you are up to. Watch out there's not too much Lovin.


Response: How could there be too much loving Aunty Marie?! It's better to have too much than not enough!
From Jenny Reynolds
Sam, Photos are great showing that you really are having a great time. Your new found friends Kanga and Chunky are so cute. However, I do have a question - HOW ARE YOU GOING TO BACKPACK WITH THEM???

Thank you for responding so quickly with your website. Now I can get people to correspond with you. Keep on keeping on. Jenny
Response: Well that will be our new challange!! Lucky for us the Kanga deflates and the elephant makes for a great pillow in airports and a great couch, bed, cushion.....ect....
From Tony Townsend
Hi Sam,
Some great photos and great times by the look of it. Hope all continues to go well for you and your adventures.
Love & Best Wishes, Tony
Response: Hey there Tony, Thanks for checking out the site. Keep looking at it on occasion and you will find that it is updated fairly regularly! Talk to you soon. Sammi xx
From Di Byrne
Love the photos Sam, looks like you are having a great time. YOU GO GIRL!!
Response: Hi guys - and congrats on becomming Nanna and Pa! Send my love to Uncle Ross and some to Scott, Julie and their new addition! I will talk to you soon. Sammi xxxx