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Welcome to Sam's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Location: Toronto, Canada

Well the season has finnaly finished. It was a strange time in the manor. Everyone was quite sombre and not really beleiving that the season had come to an end. The Manor was being cleaned and everyones rooms were being packed away.

On the last day of work we had a big staff party and a good time was had by all. I ended up taking a couple of the boys home and putting them to bed, after they drowned their sorrows.

It really wasnt very nice leaving everyone as you know you will probably never see them again. Thank god for facebook. I made so many good friends this season, in Pablo, Guillermo, Sebastian, Michelle, Kat, Livia, Rudy, Dan, Travis, Kristy, Francisco, Cassie, De just to name a few.

After the season ended I went on a road trip from Nakiska to Edmonton, Jasper, Lake Louise, Golden, Revelstoke, Lillooet, Whistler and then Vancouver. I had an awesom time and travelled with Kristy, De, Emma, Gerri. We then joined Travis, Ryan, Rowl and Cassie. Along the way we met Tye and his friends from Aus Mick and Steve. We also bumbed into Dan, Bryan, Scott and finnally when er reached whistler we met up with Dan, Sally, Francisco, Charlotte, Tia, Kat. We had and awesome time at whistler as there was a snowboard and ski festival on. They had open air concerts, and half pipe and big air comps. After a few days there we headed to Vancouver. I spent just 1 day there before I got the overnight flight to Toronto.

I met up with Michelle in Toronto and have seen pretty much everything. the CN Tower, Museum, Casa Loma, Zoo, Steam Whistle Brewery. We also visited Niagra Falls where we met up with my Brother again. It was nice to see them. Me and Michelle also visited Niagra falls from the New York State side. Yep I can now say I've been to the US.

In the next few days me and Michelle will be going to Ottowa, Montreal and Qubec, on the trains. Before we fly back to Vancouver, hire a car and drive to Vancouver Island to visit Sally.

I will try to keep this up to date a bit more now that I am on the move again. There really wasnt much to write home about when I was working.

Love you all.

love sam

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Location: Canada

Well, the season has finished. The mood in the manor changed the day the season finished. Everyone was behaving as though we were going to get up the next day and go to work as ususal but there was a feeling of something not being quite right. Eveyone was packing up their rooms and it felt weird walking through seeing empty rooms. I spent my last night in the manor with my brother. We went to dinner and played pool. I then went to the floor where all my friends from Chile live and spent the rest of the night with them, swapping photos. I didnt actually go to bed that night as when i went to go my room mate was asleep in my bed and she had two guys asleep in her room (ok passed out). Strange evening. It really is an awful feeling having to say goodbye to the friends I have made here especially the ones from south america. I had so much fun with them and I know even if i stay in touch with them i will never see them again.

I have now been on the road for 4 days. I have been to Edmonton where we went to the biggest shopping mall in the world. It even has a theme park (where we spent most of our day). Then we drove to Jasper for the night and met up with another car. That means that there is now 10 of us. We drove from Jasper to Lake Louise. It is the most amasing drive. We stopped all the time and looked at the glaciers and rivers and waterfalls etc... along the way. It was so beautiful. Then we spent the day boarding at Lake Louise and then drove to Golden. Where we are spending 3 nights and two days boarding at Kicking Horse and then we are driving to Revelstoke to go boarding there and making our way to Whistler for the snowboarding festival. In total 21 of us will be going to the fesitval.

I will try to keep my blog upto date now that i am travelling. It is quite difficult but the internet is faster so i shouldnt have so much trouble uploading photos.

spk later

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Location: Canada

Here is the low down,

I changed jobs. I didnt like the way my boss was treating me and Kim. We had approached him and he said that it was too bad that we will just need to change our attitude. All we were asking for was a little credit and less bad attitude toward us. Not too much to ask I didnt think. Anyway. We both left. Kim went back to Aus and I asked for a transfer. Hence I am now a lifty. I love it. I get to work outdoors. Yeah it is cold but I am really enjoying it. My old boss is behaving like a child now and avoiding me when we cross paths.

I have also got plans organised for when the season finishes. I am heading on a road trip with one of the girls north to a place called Edmonton and then driving back through the rockies to Vancouver. I will then fly to Toronto were I will meet up with another of my friend to tour the east of the country. I then fly to Lima, Peru and do a 31 day tour including treking the Inca trail to Machu Pitchu and finishes in La Paz, Bolivia. I then fly to Chile. I am staying with Pablo and his family. They seem really nice I have me them all over the internet on a video call over MSN. I am staying with them for about a month, and then heading back to Vancouver and then to the UK and then NZ.

I am getting excitied about my travel. I am ready to move on. I have just about had enough of Kananaskis. I have only got 2 days off work for the rest of the season. Not that I am complaining the money will come in handy, and I get to ride doing my job. Especially when I go up to work on the gold chair. In the morning I get the skidoo up and then we take it in turns to go for a snowboard all day.

that is about all.

love sam

Thursday, 06 March 2008

Location: Banff, Canada

Hi All

I have just been on a 4 day trip to Banff. I was going to do the insturctors course but due to money issues we cancelled. We did how ever still go to Banff as we had organised the days off. Banff is beautiful. It is a tourist town in the Rocky Mountain only 1 hour from where I am working/living. I spent one day walking around the town shopping. Spending money I shouldn't on things I shouldn't. I then spent one day at Sunshine Village. A beautiful ski resort 20mins from Banff. We had perfect weather. I spent alot of time learning to be braver. Practicing jumps, and going through the glades.

We then spent the next two days at Lake Louise Resort. I had not been there before and it is amazing. The runs are so long and there are sooo many of them. We spent our time on the front of the mountain but there are runs off the back of the mountain as well. We spent alot of time in the park. I learned to ride a wall. (literally a wall with a ramp of snow leading to it) and I also learned to ride a box (a table top type thing, of varying widths, lengths, angles and shapes). I was on the beginner one but it was still scary. I had to jump a gap of approx 2 foot to get on to it and then you must keep your board perfectly flat or you will catch an edge and you will fall, no two ways about it. I fell once as I was unloading the box. I fell about a meter flat on my back hitting the right side of my body (it was up hill) and my head really hard I also winded myself. I shook it off and tried again. Still I had a headache for the rest of the day. Good thing I wear a helmet.

Due to the schedule I also had the following two days off work as well. I spent the first day at Nakiska working off the soreness from my fall although most of the day was spent in the lifties hut at the top of the beginner run watching people fall over. Nasty i know but soo funny. That night we had a big dump so I was back at the mountain the following day riding in fresh powder. I had a awesome time. I spent some of the day by myself hitting little jumps and I even rode a narrow box (only the width of my board). The rest of the day I was with some of my friends teaching them to turn and ride in powder. Going so slow meant I was able to ride the blue runs in switch which was good practice for me.

Pablo leaves in four days time. I am a bit sad about that, losing my best buddy here. Oh well bound to happen, I'll get over it. I might be able to get back to Lake Louise next week. One of the girls has invited me to go I just have to change my days off and hopfully she has her car back. Cant wait.

love sam

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Location: Kananaskis, Canada

Hi All

Not too much has happened since the last entry. I guess the most exciting thing is that we went on a pub crawl in Calgary. A party bus was hired. It was a really good time. It picked us up from Manor at 7pm and we had a hours drive to Calgary. The bus had lights music and poles. Most people were already drunk so it was a pretty fun drive. We only went to 3 pubs but the bus didnt leave the last one until 5am. We got home at 6am and then went to work at 7am, most of us still drunk. Made for an interesting day at work.

I also went iceskating with Michelle at the local ice hockey rink. Havent been iceskating for ever. So I had a good time finding my feet. We spent a couple of hours going round and round in circles, doesnt sound too interesting but it was an outside rink so it was nice.

My boss Nelson took me and Kim (the girl I work with) out to dinner in Calgary for making really good sales. We went to a semi fancy place and ate too much. Then we went to a sports bar and went 10 pin bowling and played on the games machines.

The only other thing that has been happening is that the boys I live with have got a bit of cabin fever and have made a rail/terrain park in our from yard. It is pretty cool. They have some 3 jumps (one is to clear the steps), a barrel to jib on a rainbow rail, a rail and are currently in the process of making a box. Quite often by the time I walk home they are out in the yard and want me to get photos. I have managed to get a few good shots. There is one guy Macka who can do back flips. I got a really good photo of him mid flip. Watching them makes me want get better at snowboarding. I keep practicing my jumps and stuff but they give me motivation. They make it look so easy.

Ok for future activities. I am going away to Banff for 4 days. I am spending 1 day in Banff, 1 day at Lake Louise, 1 day at Kicking Horse and 1 day at Sunshine. I am soooo excited about it. My boss is also trying to get us free tickets to COP (Calgary Olympic Park) for some night riding. Oh yeah, and Eddy the Eagle came to visit the other day, crasyness!

My plans have changed as far as what I am doing after the season finishes here. I am going hire a car and to do a tour of the other resorts like Silverstar, Big White, Ferney and then Whistler. I am then going on a tour of East of Canada with Moose travel. Michelle is coming with me on that. After that I am going to get a tour of South America finishing in Santiago, Chile, where I am going to stay with some friends and go snowboarding in the Uni holidays. After that I am heading to the UK and then Zew Zealand. I would like to go to Japan for their winter. I will see about that though. I have to decide with Mark what we want to do.

I think that is about all I have to tell everyone.

Oh quick reminder, I am on facebook. I am able to update it easier than this blog so it is a little more up-to-date. I will try to work on getting the photos updated on my blog so keep checking.

love you all


Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Location: Canada

Hi everyone,

So sorry I have taken so long to update my blog.

Ok here is the run down on what I have been up to.

We had a staff party - tropical themed. We all dressed up and went to the mountain in summer clothes and thongs. It was really good fun. That night we had a massive dump and I was able to try boarding the other day in powder for the first time. I had so much fun but at one point I bent my thumb back and hyper extended it. It was sore but it didnt stop me from boarding. Turns out it was dislocated, lucky me. Oh well, good thing I'm tough.

My boss took my department to Banff the other evening to go clubbing. It was $1 drinks so we had a few and danced the night away.

Happy AUS day everyone!!! I didnt celebrate too much because I have been unwell with a cough and fever. I did dress up at work and we will be having an Aussie themed staff party. They have brought in coopers and a few other beers for all to try. That will be fun.

The weather has been incredibly cold the past two days and the mountain has been closed because it is too cold for the lifts to work. The high temp yesterday was -38 and today was -27 BBBBrrrrr chilly.

Mark is back out on the slopes his elbow is healing well.

Out driver has just left for a month and so we no longer have the ability to go to the hockey game, that has annoyed alot of us because most of us have not been able to get out of Kananaskis since we got here.

Ok that is about the high and low of what I have been up to. Oh I nearly forgot I am now also on Facebook. Yes i have given in finaly. So look me up.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Location: Canada

Hola, work has slowed down and I am now able to close the shop early. The other day I closed at 2pm and went boarding for the rest of the day. Yeah this is the life.

Thanks to everyone that has sent me emails and left messages. I am having a few email issues so I know that you will not have received many if any from me.

I also went into the nearest town the other day and bought new boarding clothes. This way I can leave one set a work for when I close early and have a set at home if I need them on my day off. I now do not need to spend any more money.

A group of us are organising to go to a Flames ice hockey game in Calgary. Looking forward to that. I havnt been able to get out of Kananaskis since I got here. I am starting to get a little restless.

I am going to take 3 days off work in the hopefully near future and go to Lake Louise. I will let you all know how I go. Should be good.

We have got our monthly staff party on Monday, yay I have got the day off and the Tuesday so should be good fun. The weather has not been too cold lately only -11 or something so we are having a tropical theme.

I have decided that I am going to do the snowboard instructors course, next month. It is being held at Lake Louise there are a few of us wanting to do it so it will be good fun.

I think that is all I have to update you on at the moment.

love sam

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Location: Kananaskis, Canada

First of all I would like to apologise for not updating my entries. I have been wrking really hard lately and having some really late nights.

I would also like to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year.

I had a fun christmas this year. I got a little drunk xmas eve along with the girls I live with and then on xmas day we went boarding. We some of us, although we all got to the mountain not all of us got up the mountain. My roomy Kat was so hung over the lift ride made her sick. So funny. After one run I was ok a bit of fresh air cleared my head.

Other than that I have not been doing too much. I am in a routine now so i get up go to work and when I finish I come home have dinner find someone to hang out with and then go to bed in the early hours.

I am also going to try to learn some spanish while I am over here. I have made good friends with some of the people here and they are from Chile. Pablo is trying to teach me some words in spanish but I can only remember Helo, Beer and Goodbye. Oh well I guess I can get away with that.

Pablo is going to take some photos of me tomorrow as neither of us are working. I am going to reciprocate the favour and buy my season pass to the rail park and take photos of him. I hope i can get some good ones.

We are going to have a party for new years. So I will have to see how I am at work the next day.

Oh yeah and Mark fell and hurt his elbow. He had an akeya ride off the mountain and was taken to the hospital. He had chipped the bone and had a crack in it but it was fairly minor. He was in a splint for a week. He cant wait to get back on the board.


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From Bron
Heya Samantha!
Sounds like you're having a great time. While you've been getting used to the cold in Canadia (as i like to call it :D ) back in Adelaide we've been aclimatising to consecutive days (4+) of temperatures over 41 degrees! Actually I was in Melbourne for their hottest day of 2007. It just happened to be 31 Dec 2007! Happy New Years! They were melting over the border! Things are going well back here, miss catching up with you tho. Take care and hear from you soon...
From Chris Sweeting
Stop having so much fun and update your journal and pictures
From Karen B
Hi Sam - just had a quick look to see what you have been up to. Looks like you are having a great time in Canada - can't see nay frogs in the pics though!
Take care - Karen x
From Rhiannon Slade
Hey Sam,

Just found your site, Pat told me about Mark's and said your's was attached to that. Looks like you are having a great time. You saw heaps of wildlife in Vancouver. We had a NYE party at our place, it was very hot. Anyway keep having fun, I'll have to get your email address too, someone told me what it was but i forgot, silly me!!! Take care, Rhiannon xxx
From Adam G (from ABL)
Hi Sam,

I love reading your blog - I think it would actually be the first I've seen in a long time that's really worth reading. I haven't read it in a couple of weeks but it seems that you've been really busy!
I hope you're having a wonderful time - seems like you are. Keep carving it up!

ps. You're really lucky you didn't bang into something slinding down backwards! I've seen some1 do something really not so good b4 doing that!
From Katie
Hi Sammy!!! Photos are great. I'm so jealous... Hope you have a great Christmas and a happy new year. Now I have your website I can follow all that is happening!!!
xx Katie.
From Barbie & Neville
Your Mummy & Daddy made us look at your web page - if we didn't we would have got in trouble with Daddy!!! Great to hear you are freezing cold .... it is 37 degrees here today!!!!!! Just about to have a schnitzel hotpack with Mummy & Daddy. We will keep checking your web to see your adventures. Hope you catch up with Markie soon!!
From Mum
Hi Sam,
Can't get in touch with you, e-mails being returned. any other address. please e-mail back.
From Auntie Trish
Sounds like you're already having a great time which is terrific. I'll keep checking your site regularly . You're doing an excellent job with it. As you probably know, it's been just SO HOT here, so I've been imagining myself in your's and Mark's places!!
Take care Sam.
Love Trish.
From wendie
thinking of you guys heaps
william asked for you the other day very clear he asked for s and mark. happy birthday bet it was the best one. my scan is next week 14th getting excited seems real now im feeling it pants are getting tight. love ya heaps be good have fun love dee.
From mum and dad
Wow you look like you are having a wonderful time, love the photos keep them up. Keep warm its 37c here tomorrow (Sat).