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Hey everyone,

I finally put some pictures on here. I will try to update it soon.


Diary Entries

Thursday, 28 July 2005

Location: Taiwan


Well i put a bunch of new photos up, I hope you all enjoy. Everything is going OK here. I can't wait to come home though. I'm counting down the days:)

I don't have much time to write right now. But i hope everyone is doing good, and I will see you all(or most) soon.


Monday, 04 July 2005

Location: Taiwan

Hey there everyone,

Everything is going ok here. I am working two jobs right now and tutoring a few kids. I am working about 35hrs a week right now. It is getting really tiring.... I can't wait to go home and start school again and not working full time.

Tomas and I are comeing back to Canada a little earlier than originally planned. We arrive in Seattle on August 15th.

I just got a cell phone, my # is 09-3855-6754.. you have to dial tyhe country code first.. but i don't know what it is right now.

Well i hope everyone is well, and having a fun summer....


Thursday, 16 June 2005

Location: Taiwan


So I havn't gotten any pictures to put up yet. I bought a camera but i need to buy batteries for it.

Work is going ok. I'm working about 25 hours a week right now. On July 1st i will be working aout 35 hours. I'm kinda getting tired of the teaching, its not as exciting as i would hoped it would be. I miss home and everyone at home lots..... But hopefully i'l be able to come home in the middle of August. I'm not sure yet, it all depends on the money and working situations.

We havn't really done anything to interesting the last few weeks, mostly working and trying to find more work. I just got over a bad flu which lasted about 4 days or so.......

Well I will trry to get pictures up really soon. Hope everyone is doing well.


Sunday, 29 May 2005

Location: Taiwan

Hello to everyone. I put a few more pictures on. Mom I tryed to get some scenery pics, but i wasn't very successfull. I'm working a few jobs now, and I did a small acting job for a Taiwan soap opera. It was really fun for doing practically nothing and getting paid for it. Well hope everyone is doing fine, and I will do my best to keep you all updated.


Monday, 23 May 2005

Location: Taiwan


I put some more pictures up. In both folders. Enjoy.


Thursday, 19 May 2005

Location: Taiwan


Just a quick hello to everyone.... Things are going good here. I'm working some now, hopefully will be working more soon. And more pictures soon I hope.


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Recent Messages

From Michelle
Hey Sam,
How ya doin over there? Miss ya lots, are u enjoying it?? Well not much is new with me just finished registering for my classes in Sept, looks like I am going to be at Camosun once again. Anyways can't wait to see, what day will you be back on?? Take care and See ya soon!! Love Michelle
Response: Hey,
Everything is going ok here. I really miss home though. I will be home aug. 16th...a few days before my b-day:) Ya i have a pretty crazy schedual for next year. I switched to finace instead of accounting... and i'm doing an internship in accounting still.. Should be fun. Well i'll see you very soon. Hopefully we can have a girls night the weekend i get back..

Love Sammy
From Beak
hey same just wanted to say hi! i took a look at all your pics and holy crap that place looks huge and crowded!! but it looks like your having tons of fun which is awesome. well it looks like your coming home soon so hopefully we can all get together and have a girls night?? well have a safe trip back and see ya when you get home!
Response: Hey,
I'm so excited t come home. I want to for sure have a girls night.. my b-day is a few days after i get back so hopefully that weekend. Well i'l see you soon:) I can't wait...mmmm Canada...
From Alaina
Hey Sam,
I just wanted to write you a quick message to say hi. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun over there; I've enjoyed reading your diary entries and looking at your pics. Hopefully we can get together when you get back. I would love to hear about your teaching experience.
Take care,
Response: Hey.... hows it going? i havn't talked to you in forever. What have you ben up too, are youstill living in Vic??? School???
Well i'm home in two weeks.. so we'll have to cetch up then i guess.

From shell

Thos epictures are great, look like your having a blast!! I tried calling that number with the country code but i was just pissing somone off that couldnt speak english..?!?!? haha ill have to chat with you when you get home!! well miss ya tons and cant wait to see ya soon!!

be safe,

love shell
Response: Hey shells,

Thanks i just looked at your pics..... you need to put more up and stop being lazy.. hehe...

love Sammy
From leah
Do Chinesa people have freckles?????
Response: Umm.. not very many i suppose....
From Christine
Hey Sammy, thanks for calling the other day! It was so good to hear your voice! Anyways, your due for a e-mail soon because I have some funny stuff to tell you! You'll get a kick out of it! Miss you tons and I cannot wait for you to come home! Love ya!
Hey babe.............. I'm now going to be waiting for your e-mail to hear all the juicy stuff you've been doing....25 days:):)
Love sammy
From leah
hi sam its leah!! you were going to get hailey a cell phone and i was wondering if you could get me a phone for my room. BYE BYEZ
Hey.. umm i don't know.. remember you don't have a cable phone connection in your room.. so i don't even know if thats possible..
Love Sammy
From Hailey
Omg on one of ur pics it say "this is tomas and me in the cave thingy" and ur teaching english and thats not proper english its sposto be tomas and I. any i dont care i just hope grandpa doent see it cuz he is still freaking at me for not saying it right !!!!!!!!!!!!!
luv hailey
Response: Hey.......I know i don't talk like that to the kids.. i was just writting it quick.. haha
From Hailey
that makes me even more excited that ur coming home ....
and im loving ontario but i miss my friends A LOT and i mean a lot u 2
luv hailey
Response: I'll be home in 25 days:):):)
From Serena
Hey Sam!! Good to hear your workin lots! Can't wait to see ya! Enjoy the time you have left there and I'll see you really really soon!! YAY Nanaimo!! haha...MISS U! I'll write ya a big email soon! Bye hun!
Luv Serena
Response: Hey babe.....

Its good to hear from you.... i can't wait to come back. and maybe we can actually go to that tatoo place and get something done when its OPEN>>_PR_html
PR_html_entity_gt_>&- gt;>
Luv Sammy
From Hailey
hi, i cant wait till u come home!!and not just cuz of the phone its cuz i miss having u around so thats y!!!oh and mom emailed u back and wants u to email her back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
luv hailey
c ya later
Hey Hailey... I know i'm so excited to come home i miss ya too.... When i come back were gonna go out and do some cool stuff.... and Leah too:)... How are you likeing Ontario?????

Well i will talk to you soon..
Love Sammy
From alison
hey sammy, happy to hear you will be here for your bday. we will have to go out and party. take care and dont eat any more yucky ducks they hang off the street they might make you sick ;) love ya, alison
Hey ali,

I know i'm excited we wil have to go out and do something...I hope your having a good summer. and i will see you soon
Love Sammy
From micole
Hi Sam,

I am sitting here watching Hailey and Leah go through Lauri's clothes, trying them on and modeling them. Lauri said that they could look in her cupboards and have whatever they want "maybe". They have a whole ton of stuff so far. Your mom showed us your web site and was telling us the story about you and Tomas. I just knew he was John's roommate, not your boyfriend.

What a great brother you have, checking out the potential boyfriends for you so make sure they were okay.

You look like you are having a great time, I am so happy for you. What a great experience.

Ethan says "have a good weekend and Happy Canada Day". We are just waiting for dusk to see the fireworks.

Enjoy your stay and we wil enjoy visiting with Auntie Mara and the cousins. Ethan and Emma were so excited to see them all.

Lots of love
Response: Hello,

Its nice to hear from you. I hope you have a good Canada Day, i wish i could be there.... or at least in Canada day for Canada's B-Day. Well have fun and I hope to talk to you soon. Love Sammy
From mom
made it to t.o and I am enjoying the heat so far. On my first car trip, went a total of 12 blocks, I thought I was doing a good gesture by pausing so another car could pass, there was lots of cars on both sides of the road. The guy gave me 5 fingers, not sure if that was a thanks or not. Then a little girl got out of a van that has the doors on each side and was about to run across the road, luckily her mom caught her and I was going very slow. I hope that is the worst of my driving experiences this visit. Off to Stouffville for Canada Day celebrations and overnight with the Ongmans. Laurie and Andrew are having the BBQ then we will watch the fireworks from her deck. bye for now.
Response: Hellooooooooooo........Well that sounds pretty interesting.... The traffic here is just as nice. I'm still getting really car sick on the bu becuase the bus drivers are so crazy... but only a month and a half left of that.. wooh.. ok call me soon... Love Sammy
From johnie
sam i heard you got very sick. take it easy tiger! quit one of your 4 jobs, take a shot of snake's blood, and just way chung! go but some yu-gu-ru, and start an O.C.D.
the best place to but magic would be a gamming shop or comic book shop. get better and grow resistant blood cells or whatever. bye
Response: Hey,

I'm better now, and i can't quit any of my jobs because i need to save as much as i can so maybe i can come home a little early. I've been looking at every gammer shop i see and so far no Magic. But i'll still keep my eyes open.

From Christine
Hey Sam, I don't know what's faster for you this or e-mail.. but... the cheque came in so I'll pick it up Thursday and get that money to you soon hopfully.. also, my brother isn't moving down so unless you can think of someone or I can looks like its just the 2 of us.. but that wouldn't be so bad ;) tee hee.... anywho...hopfully you get some more pics up soon! Oh yah.. and remember that guy from Lucid records...the one you thought was cute... hahaha... I now have a story to do with him :) hehe.... Miss yah dude... be safe and I'll talk with yah soon! Ciao
Response: Hey babe,

Don't worry about getting the money to me now i'll get it when i come back. If need be it can be used for the next damage deposit if i'm not there when it needs to be in. Ya me and you will be totally fine, i don't think i know anyone else who could move in with us. Is any of the girls comeing down to nanaimo for school next year or anything??????? And whats this story, you have to tell.. you can right me an e-mail about it if you don't want it on here. Well i hope to talk to you soon.. Liss you lots.. Sammy
From johnie
hey sam, "way chung!" if you find foerign magic cards and have a selection ask/look for "Champions of kamagawa," but any will do. good luck and chung away
Response: Whats with this way chung stuff?? well anyhoo i was looking yesterday for some cards and mostly that yi go ru stuff or however its spetl.. but i will look for that one. Ok talk to you later

From Aunt Paula
Hi Sam;

Tony and I enjoyed looking at your pictures. I'm amazed at how much you look like your mother, you lucky girl.
We got a kick out of your titles, such as "me in some park". If you can get the names of the places you visit, it would be helpful.
You look wonderful, take good care of yourself.
Much love and kisses,
Aunt Paula and Uncle Tony
Response: Hello,

Its nice to hear from you. Its really hard to remember the names of the places here because you see them spelt usually 3 or more different ways. Its really weird. Everything is going good here, I hope everything is going fine with you. I want to come visit soon:)

Love Sammy
From Hailey
hey sammy way chung(what ever that means email me back k
Response: way chung?????? weirdo.........
From Jen
Hey babe... it looks like your having a've got some good pics.. I'm missing you.. Went to DC for the long weekend.. send you some pics soon.... Thanks for the post made me laugh.... its pretty cool. i didn't want to cut it up to make it though... and the intructions are in funky language...i'm sure i'll figure it out. thats awsome that you were an in a soap opera...well take care.... don't do anything i wouldn't do....Cya Jen
Response: hey babe,

what time are you comeing home in the summer, well thats if you do at all??? Hopefully i'll be able to see you.

From leah
hi sam!! i was woundering if you know where my disman was. if you know please send back to me !!!! bye bye!!!0
Response: Hey leah.... sorry ummmmm i'm not sure right now... maybe i can find a cheap one here for you.. we'll see...
From Christine
Hey Sammy!!! This is such a good idea having this page! Everything is going good out here... miss you tons! Seems like your having a blast! Tell Tomas I say hello! Take care! Love yah and miss yah!
Response: Hey Critter..............I miss you too, i've been thinking latley about september wondering what kind of place your going to find for us. hehyeh.... is your brother still moving in with us????? Hopefully he is. Well hopefully everything is going well. I treyed to send you a post card but i didn't know your addy??::::( Welll love ya.. sammy
From Dunk Taylor
sam , awesome adventure dude. looks like you've been checkin out some pretty sweet places eh. the snake picture was intense ! hope everything rocks for you guys over there, have fun, taipei looks groovy
Response: hey dunky............thanks.. everything is awsome over here... hope the party is sweet... Sammy
From Margo & Mitchell
Hi Sam,
Great to see the pictures and seeing how you are enjoying your summer in Taiwan.

For the past year, a friend from school and former Assistant Director of the child care in Mitchell's school travelled all over the world, of which she also when to Taiwan, as well as many many places throughout the world. She travelled with her Husband.

Enjoy your time there, & do travel and research what you are seeing and doing, because it will be a very long time before you are there again.

Margo & Mitchell
Response: Hello,

Its great to hear from you. I am and will continue to enjoy my time here. I hope to go to Thailand to do a bit of traveling soon. I hope you are having a good summer and i hope to hear from you soon.

From anon
Lobster, orgasims and cheesecake, what more could a girl want for her birthday.
Response: What????????????? orgasims??? Cheesecake, Lobster??????????????????