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Our Switzerland Adventure


We are getting ready for our trip to Switzerland on Sunday. Please join us as Sammy looks for his roots in Rothrist Switzerland. Rothrist is a municipality in the district of Zofingen in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland.

Looking at the forecast for next week, the high will be 62-70/lows 52 with lots of rain.

We hope to hear from you on our trip,

Auf Wiedersehen,

Sam, Margaret, Marielle, and Thomas

Diary Entries

Monday, 18 June 2012

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

We made it through customs in zurich without a hitch and boarded our plane to Chicago. we flew Swiss Air home and wsawelocme change from the Canadain Airlines we flew to Zurich. Candaian flight attdentants were rude and obviously not happy with their lives.

The Swiss Air attendants were very happy and helpful. They also have free drinks on their flights. Check, check, check, we will deffinatly fly swiss Air again.

Chicgao Airport was the usual loud American chaos as we had at IAH. Lines, rude airport TSA people. they need to take a chill pill and take lessons from the Swiss.

All in all we had a great trip and hope to go back some day.

Thanks for following along with us,

Sam, Margaret, Marielle, and Thomas.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Location: Zurich , Switzerland

We are back in Zurich. We took a direct train instead of the boat and bus route.

Today our plans are to finish looking at some sights we missed earlier. We will have our last dinner in Switzerland and then early to bed. Off to the airport in the morning. Our flight leaves at 1255 and we change plans in Chicago.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Location: Illgaus , Switzerland

Good morning.

Breakfast at the bnb's has consisted of wonderful bread with butter and jams. Salami or ham, yogurt, boiled eggs and granola cereal. We bought bread peanut butter and jelly for sandwiches and fruit for lunch or supper. We have eaten at delies or at the train stations. At the Lucerne station I had the best thing ever. A fresh baked large pretzel with butter and Salami. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

We have also found a chain grocery stop called Migros. Fresh bread and fruit. By bread we mean homemade crusty loafs. Not the gummy white bread we have in stores.

When we made our reservations for the bnb's no one asked for credit cards and they wanted to be paid in cash. No one asks for payment until we left and when we checked in we didn't have to give a credit card. Half the time, no one checks for our tickets on the trains. Crime is very low in Switzerland. Maybe 40 murders total nationwide in a year . No one locks their doors either. Everyone you see says hello and has been friendly. It has been great to travel somewhere around polite and civilized people.

Today is the election day in Europe. The restaurant in our bnb is also the voting locations.

Happy Fathers Day everyone!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Location: Illgaus, Switzerland

We have Internet again. We have had several busy days. We spent two days in Olten the second day we took the train to Interlaken then back up to Speiz and finally a birthday dinner for Marielle in Bern we ate at a great Italian resturant. We have some great pictures to post as soon as we can get the lap top charged.

We are now in Illgaus. We took the train, two buses, then a gondola up to the village. We have been staying in a charming chateau. Today we did some hiking and while Thomas and Sam play golf, Marielle and I went shopping.

We have been eating well. Tonight we had pork chop marsales, salad, and a great pie.

Dessert just arrived so I will blog later.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Location: Olten, Switzerland

Hello again. We had a great day today and no rain. We took the train down to Interlaken then road back up stopping at Spiez and ate lunch overlooking a beautiful lake. We then road up to Thun and visited a hugh castle built in 1200. Of course everything is high on top a hill with at least 500 steps to get there. Our feet are crying tonight.

We then travelled to Bern. Bern is a large cosmpolition city. We roamed around the central old section of town and ate Marielle birthday dinner at a great Italian restaurant. Generally every city hasva central area with a tall clock tower. All of the historical areas tend to be there.

Wearer off to Lucerne tomorrow and we have not solved the problem of charging the lap top so we can download pictures.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Location: Switzerland

Hello everyone. Today we traveled to Rothrist and got to see where Sam ancestors are from. We have not beenable to locate the church that has the Zimmerle crest but was able to locate a street named Zimmerliweg. There is a museum we will try and call tomorrow for information.

We have done pretty good mastering the train system. Even though everythimg is in German it is easy to figure out. It is very well organized and on time. I have come to love the people here. Uber clean bathrooms and restaurants everywhere we go.

The money exchange hasn't been to painful either. The Swiss Franc is pretty even with US dollar. We just have to eat the fees. We are getting about 85¢ on the dollar.

As soon as I can get the computer charged we will upload more pica.

Good night all.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

We had a great day in Zurich yesterday even with all the rain. We saw many incredible sites. St. Peter churchy, the Fuaumunster (church) built originally in 853 and the Grussmunster (church) which is built over a Roman cemetery. We also visited the site of a Roman Baths and an excavated Roman well which provides water. We found a great pizza place for dinner and took some great evening shots.

Today we are headed to Rothrist and Olten. We in search of the church that has the Zimmerle crest in stained glass.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rain, rain go away!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Good morning from Zurich,

It is 9 am here and 1:54 am in Texas. We are staying in a Bed and Breakfast run by a writer named Franz Rueb. We had a breakfast of Birchermüesli, the Swiss version of oatmeal and very tasty served with fruit, bread and cheese.

We arrived yesterday about noon and decided to stay awake and go to the old city instead of falling into the bed. We found a good deli and grabbed sandwiches or supper. We also went to the market and bought peanut butter and jelly with fruit for lunch today.

Apparently the converter we brought blew out the flat iron so I am in major trouble with Marielle O_o. Such is the life of mom's.

Today we will head back to the old city and then head out to Olten tomorrow. My sis-in-law Frances suggested we should go to lake Geneva and check out some castles so we will do that it a couple of days.

It is raining and cool this morning and we are hoping the rain lets up a bit.

Until later...

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Location: Toronto Airport, Canada

Well, made it out of the US with Sam's suitcase in hand! Now just waiting or our light to Zurich. We take o at 9:05 pm, EST. Next posting will be from Zurich.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Location: USA

They say getting there is half the fun. Up at 6. Left house at 8. Dropped Sugar of at sitter. Arrived at IAH at 9:45. Parked and arrived at terminal E at 10:00. Got our boarding passes, went through naked body scanner, and now at he gate at 11:17. Phew... All that after
boardingpass lady said we couldn't get passes because we do not have visa to travel in CANADA. Oy vey and and Ey chiwawa... Anytime we change planes in Toronto they loose Sams luggage. This time he is not checking luggage he just has a carry on.

Saturday, 09 June 2012

Location: La Marque, USA

We are almost packed and ready to go. Boarding passes and passports are in hand. We have to sit separately on the flight to Toronto. United wants $236 to change our seats, really? Hopefully we can sit together
on the flight to Zurich. The weather forecast for Switzerland is improving daily too. We cannot find the adapters for the electrical outlets so I am sending Sam to the store. Otherwise, I think we have everything ready to go. Happy Trails!

Thursday, 07 June 2012

Location: La Marque, USA

T minus 3 days and counting. Arrangements for dogs-check. Rail passes-check. Passports-check. Tickets-double check. Baby sitting assignments for mom-check. Accommodations-well almost. We are still looking for BnB in Lucern area. We will start packing tomorrow and tomorrow is my LAST DAY OF WORK!!!!!!

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From Michael Z
Wow! Incredible place to visit. Really liked the golf course pics!!
Have a safe trip back home. Michael
Response: I am posting more pics today.
Response: I know. We cannot charge the lap tops. Tomorrow we will lay over in Chicago so we will find a plug.
From Dianne
Hi guys. Hope you're having lots of fun. What a beautiful place. Can't wait to see all the pics. Love you!
Response: Hey there. As soon as I can get the computer charged I will post pica. Love u too.
From Russell & Betty
Well it sounds like you'll are having a great time. Be careful and we can just imagine how beautiful the country is. Ck on momo and she says she is fine. Love Betty & Russell
Response: Hey there. Thanks for checking on mom. We are having a great time. Thanks!
From David Peters
We took Momo to the Lazy Lizard for dinner. It was good as usual.
Response: Groovy. Thanks again.
From sue mathis
This is really cool the way you are doing this. Wish I was there. Have a wonderful time.
Response: Thanks! It is good to hear from u.
From Brandy
Sorry to interrupt your vacay but an emergency has come up. Not sure if you can call me or email me. Unexpected trip home for a couple days. Dad is sick. Please call when you get a chance.
Response: Email me at my phone is dead.
From David Peters
Sounds like you are having a great time. Wish we were there. We taking Momo out to dinner tonight.
Response: Groovy thanks :). I think they are playing golf tomorrow. We are watching the Germans stomp the Netherlands in soccer.
From Marilyn Black
Have a wonderful trip. I loved Switzerland. When you go past farms the cows have big bells around their necks.
Response: Hello,
We are in Zurich today and then we will be heading to the country tomorrow. We can't wait!
From Jennifer
Glad y'all are taking a well-deserved vacation! Have a great time, but be safe....keep your money close to you.
Response: Yes we will and yes ma'am :)