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A Trip of a Lifetime

Welcome to my blog. I will be writing and posting pictures during my trip to Alaska from June 20-August 5, 2009.

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Recent Messages

From cade sheeran

I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY AM I SHOUTING!!!!!!!!!!!

From cade sheeran
2 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


p.s Can you come over Thursday?
From cade sheeran

4 More DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From cade sheeran
8 more DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Cant Wait!

today I got a hair cut
Response: 7 more days now. I saw 2 black bears today at Jasper National Park in Canada.
My hair is longer but I won't be getting another buzz...jk , I might.
Have you been playing frisbee? I got to go on a huge, fun water slide yesterday.
From Carson
Did you get to touch any of the penguins? Are you in Canada yet?

I leave on August 1 to visit my grandparents in Illinois. We come back on the 10th, so I won't be here when you get back. I'll call when we get back.

Response: First of all, they aren't penguins. I'll tell you the name when we find out. I'm sorry I don't get to see you right when I get back, but we will see you when YOU get back.
From cade sheeran
Hey Sam!

Today I went 2 see ice age 3 dawn of the dinosaurs with Carson. it was funny! see ya in a few days!!!!!
Response: Guess how many days until I get home? 8 more days
From cade sheeran

13 more days. Im gonna die of happiness when you come back.

P.S. i liked the pictures of penguins.

P.p.S. there is a LOT of new spongebobs
Response: Guess what? I have a t.v. in this hotel and the hotel I am in has 4 swimming pools and two HUGE water slides. Those aren't penguins.
From Carson
Hi Sam! I liked seeing the pictures of the reindeer. Did you see Rudolph by chance?

I'm at T Bar M camp in New Braunfels this week. It's really fun!
bye, Lisa
Response: I did not see Rudolph. There were four or more reindeer but you could not pet them.
Have fun at camp.
From Carroll (Tracy's fri
I am so impressed (and jealous of) by your salmon fishing skills--that sure looks like a lot of fun!! I am going fishing this week but I don't think I have a chance of a catch like y'all had.
Response: I had fun fishing. I caught 2 big sockeyes!
From Aunt Annette
Hey Sammy! How are you holding up? Looks like you're quite the fisherman. That must have been so much fun. Your Mom did a good job too. So what is your next adventure? How did you like Harry Potter? Not sure if Catherine & Victoria have seen it yet, but my guess is that they will this weekend if they haven't already. Are you ready to head back home or are you having way too much fun on your trip? Looking forward to hearing from you. Hugs and kisses,
Aunt Annette
Response: I have got 2 fish and we are done fishinng. Harry Potter was excellent. My favorite part when Dumbledore stirred up fire with his wand.
In three days we go to another country...Canada for 5 days. We'll be seeing Yellowstone and to Buffalo Jump. Then we come home after Carlsbad Caverns.
From cade sheeran

how is you fat nose

P.S.Fat noses can be dangerous sometimes
Response: fine fine yours you said somthing very dangorous
From cade sheeran

Today Seth came over. he got a phone 2. im SO jealous

from cade
Response: what kind of phone.
From cade sheeran
Whats Up!!!

I have know idea what to say. you have about 3 more weeks of your trip and you just made it!

from your friend, CADE
to your self SAMUEL in other words my middle name
Response: I didn't get any sleep. I had to wake up at 5am to go fishing. No bites though.
14 more days until I see you.
From Cameron Dunn
Dear Sam,
I see that you were on a ferry on the 4th of July. Were you able to see fireworks? I am in Maine and saw the fireworks here. I am in Maine until August 12th. I have been looking at your blog and I think it is really cool. I'm Going golfing with my Dad and grandfather. I'll write to you later!
Response: I'm fishing. We will post pictures soon.
From cade sheeran

Did you say hi to Santa for me?

Response: Santa knew who Flat Stanley was. He gets a bunch of Flat Stanleys. I told him that my Flat Sammy was his twin and he thought that I was a twin.
From connor wiley
You're in Alaska allready.
Well eneeway YOU STOLE MY
HAIRCUT! you must miss me
well do ya
.p.s. did i spell eneeway right
from moi -- connor
Response: You got a buzz cut too? Is your buzz cut as short as mine? From moi,
From cade sheeran

today July 13 is...


Response: You're missing some of the words to the Happy Birthday song. I've been playing cards and I've been fishing and I've been playing basketball.
From cade sheeran

about 9:00
From cade sheeran

I'm watching one. It is professional. it was in Houston. the album is called
The Resistance I think

From cade sheeran

Ill talk 2 you more tomorrow Im going to a base ball game

Response: Who are you playing OR are you watching one?
From Carson
Where are you now? Have you finished the 3 day boat trip?

I'm in Lacrosse camp this week, it's fun!

Response: I am in Alaska, in Denali. I got to go by the tallest mountain in North America. I saw 2 grizzly bears, a beaver, and a coyote in one day. Isn't that awesome?
From cade sheeran

I rode by your House 2day. There is Exactly one hundred and 8 in a half scratches on it


Response: I don't get it. Trying to understand your message can be dangerous.....really dangerous.
From cade sheeran
Sam, are cool
2.My camp starts at 9:00 and ends at 3:00. muse album September 16


Response: What is the New Muse album called? You are cool too! I've been listening to some new songs on the ferry. I've been singing the entire songs.
From Debbie

I'm glad your brother and father got there before the estrogen flow permanently damaged you. Although it looks like Dad was fighting nausea instead of bears, huh? Oh well, love the kimono! Love, Debbie
Response: My Dad & my brother leave tomorrow. And that means I'm gonna be with women 4 more weeks. This is going to be dangerous.
From cade sheeran

It's really late right now so i am just gonna say 2 things.
1.Guess what i learned on guitar 2day? SUPER MASSIVE BLACK HOLE!!!!!!!
2. I forgot what i was gonna say.

Response: Did you seriously learn Super Massive Black Hole? How late is it over there?