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Susan & Verronica's RTW trip

Welcome to Susan & Verronica's RTW trip page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Location: Manly, Sydney, Australia


Whilst S took a trip back home for Xmas and New Year, I stayed to experience the festive period Aussie style.

My flatmates and I started the Xmas celebrations early by hosting a Pre-Xmas BBQ on the 22nd December.

The weather threatened to dampen our Xmas spirits. On Xmas Eve it was pouring down with rain and there was a 50cm flood in our street. Not what I'd expect from an Aussie summer but I'm starting to understand that it isn't wall to wall sunshine here in summer time!!! My flatmate Sarah and I were worried that we'd be stranded in our flat with no food on Xmas day but fortunately it cleared up.

On the evening of Xmas eve I went to stay at Jennifer, Julie and Angie's flat. Jennifer works with my mum back home and left to do the travelling thing at about the same time as us. Julie is her friend and Angie is her wee sister. Turns out Julie was on the same course as me at uni - small world!!! We had a quiet night seeing in Xmas with a few glasses of champagne (ok so we've adopted the Aussie def'n of champagne - it's really sparkling wine and not nearly as expensive as champagne but when in rome).

On Xmas day we were up at 7 to get ourselves ready to go to Jen, Jules and Angie's friend's house for Xmas breakfast. It was worth the early start. We had pancakes and corn fritters for breakfast with champagne! A great start to Xmas day.

We headed to get the boat back to the city but we'd missed it so had to wait an hour on the next one. This turned out to be a good thing because the sky had turned from black to blue and the sun was beginning to shine through. We spotted the tiniest little beach just next to the wharf so we decided to get our feet sandy and take some photos of us on the beach on Xmas day. Not quite bondi but hey it was a beach!!

We didn't have any plans for dinner nor did we have any food in the flat so we were needing to find somewhere to eat that night. I'd love to say that we met a fairy godmother on the boat who was sweet and lovely and she suggested us an amazing restaurant for dinner but that would be a lie. We met this scary woman on the boat who when she found out we hadn't booked anywhere for dinner bullied us into booking a table at her friend's restaurant. She quite literally grabbed Julie's phone out of her hand, dialed the number and ordered her to speak! Having no other option we headed to the restaurant regardless thinking that sometimes these encounters happen for a reason/fate etc. When we turned up at the restaurant it was like Fawlty Towers. The cutlery didn't match and the plates were chipped. We were served by a 50 year old woman with bleached hair, black fishnet tights (on this now scorching hot day) and white trainers. On the plus side we never got food poisoning and it's a Xmas lunch I'll never forget!!

We headed back to the flat for a power nap and then got ourselves ready for our Xmas evening event - Karaoke World!!

I would say that I didn't do much singing when we were at the karaoke place but my coarse voice and the many photos of me holding the mic suggest otherwise. We stayed for 3 hours singing all types of songs from Frank Sinatra to Tiffany (my choice). It was great.

Afterwards we tried desperately to find somewhere to go dancing but it was now 2am on Boxing Day so needless to say the search was fairly unsuccessful so we headed for pizza before going home to crash out!

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Location: Manly, Sydney, Australia


I had a really bad 30 min hangover but managed to pull myself together for my Sydney Harbour boat cruise. On 26 December Sydney hosts the starts of the Sydney to Hobart boat race. It's a big event here and Daisy, Candy, Phil and I were booked onto a lunch cruise to see the start of it!

We met for 'champagne' at 11am at the harbourside before boarding our boat at noon. The sun was shining so we stood on the deck sunning ourselvs, sipping champagne and enjoying the scenery and atmosphere.

We ducked inside for lunch which was a feast of king prawns, muscles, ham and turkey. It was gorgeous. Because it was Candy's birthday we were given some free champagne and a big chocolate cake. It was great!

After watching the start of the race we cruised along to Darling Harbour and were shown where Russell Crowe has his house. It didn't look too bad!

When our boat trip finished we headed to the Opera Bar for more champagne. We sat outside in the sun with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to one side and the Opera House to the other. What a way to spend boxing day. It was so much fun!

Thursday, 19 October 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia


We arrived in Sydney on 19 October. We spent a couple of weeks getting to know the place and then we got ourselves jobs for 3 months. We've have tried not to let work affect our fun too much though. We have listed below the main things we have done during our time in Sydney:

* Orientation walk with the hostel we were staying at;
* Weekend of living it up with 'bad influence friend' Ian;
* Coastal walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach (hungover due to the presence of Ian);
* Walked through the botanical gardens at the Opera House and walked to Mrs Macquaries Point where you can take amazing photos with the Harbour Bridge and Opera House in the background;
* Visited Paddy's Markets which sells lots of Australian souvenirs;
* Taken a ferry ride over to Manly to see the beach and then go to a food and wine festival in the grounds of the beautiful building where Nicole Kidman got married;
* We did the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb on Tuesday 24 October. The climb experience took about 3 hours including getting ourselves kitted out with the gear we needed to wear for the climb, doing a practice climb indoors, etc. The views from the bridge were amazing and we were lucky to see the city in daylight and in darkness. After, we went for a meal with a girl we had met from the hostel.
* Sat in Hyde Park in the city centre admiring the lovely fountains and visited St Mary's Cathedral;
* Visited the Markets at Moonlight at the Rocks (the old part of Sydney). The Markets at Moonlight has food stalls, arts & crafts and live music. This was a great way to spend a Friday evening in Sydney despite the fact that it alway seemed to rain just as we were about to tuck into our dinner!
* Cycled around Centennial Park stopping on the way to look at wildlife in the park and to look at Aussie Stadium;
* Went to the Kylie "Showgirl Homecoming Queen" concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Was great to see Kylie in her home country and to see her back on stage after her illness. She put on an excellent show singing some of her older songs like the Locomotion but in a different style. Her costumes and the dancers were amazing.
* Visited the Blue Mountains and the Three Sisters. We got an open top bus tour, a cable car ride, a steep train (52 degrees) and the skyrail. The views of the Blue Mountains were stunning and the weather was excellent that day.
* Went to the Minus 5 Ice Bar for a night out. At this bar the chairs, tables, glasses, bar, till, etc are all made of ice and there are lots of sculptures made from ice too. We were given special warm clothing to wear inside the bar.
* Did the Spit Bridge to Manly scenic walk one Sunday afternoon with another 3 people who work/used to work for Deloitte. This walk took about 2 to 3 hours and we stopped on the way to look at Aboriginal art and take photos of the beautiful beaches.
* We have tried out roller blading by going for a 1 hour lesson along the beach in Manly. We had all of the gear on - knee pads, shin pads, elbow pads and helmets! You should have seen us!
* We went to the Robbie Williams concert at Aussie Stadium. Robbie was supported by an Aussie band called Sneaky Sound System who were excellent. Robbie was on stage for just over 2 hours and was accompanied by his best friend Johnny Wilkes for a couple of songs. Robbie put on a great show for us and we sang and danced all night!
* We have been taking Spanish classes for a few weeks so that we can speak to the locals in South America next year!

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Location: Byron Bay, Australia


When we arrived at the hostel on the Monday night we got into our dorm and realised a girl we had met up at Cape Tribulation (north of Cairns) was staying there too. It was nice to catch up with her.

On the Tuesday morning we set out to do the walk to the lighthouse. It was a gorgeous walk with lots of look out points along the way. We stopped to watch the surfers and look out for dolphins on the way.

That night we cooked ourselves a lovely stir fry (thanks to our cooking classes in China and Thailand!) and then sat watching TV with the others in the hostel.

The next morning we had booked ourselves on a snorkelling trip but unfortunately the water was too choppy so we could not do it. Instead we wandered around the shops in Byron Bay, used the internet, etc.

That evening we got on our bus to Sydney at 8pm.

Thursday, 12 October 2006

Location: Rainbow Beach/Fraser Island, Australia


We arrived at our hostel in Rainbow Beach just after 10am. We couldn't check into our room so we got a bus to a viewpoint where we walked through the trees then onto the sand dunes and sat with an excellent view of the sea and beach below. There were lots of people flying kites and hang gliding which was great to watch.

We had to attend a meeting on Thursday afternoon where we were put into groups of 11 for our 3 day self-guided tour of Fraser Island. (Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world). We watched saftey videos and then were told which groups we were in. V and I were put in a group with mainly Finnish people who turned out to be really good fun. The 4 Finnish guys had done their national service so were happy to drive the 4x4 on Fraser Island. They never got us bogged in the sand once on the whole 3 day trip! The other groups got bogged almost as soon as we got off the ferry and got onto the island.

Our first day on Fraser Island we drove to Lake Mackenzie where we had a picnic for lunch then headed down to the lake to swim and lie in the sun. The lake was gorgeous with crystal clear water. We had to leave the lake around 3.30pm as we needed to find somewhere to camp for the night before it got dark. We found a camp site just before it got dark and we pitched our tents and prepared the food for our meal. Some dingoes came down to our camp site when we were cooking our meal. After our meal we played drinking games which the Finnish people taught us. One was called Yee Ha! It was a really good laugh but I think we need to get some practice in on this game so we don't get so drunk the next time we play it!

The next day we packed up our things and headed onto the beach in the 4x4 up to the shipwreck. We stopped to take photos at the Maheno shipwreck (1935) and we also stopped to swim at a creek on the way to Indian Head. We walked up to the rocks at Indian Head where we sat and had our picnic lunch and watched whales breaching in the distance, dolphins surfing the waves below us and turtles and sting rays coming to the surface of the water. This has to be one of the most memorable times of our travels so far. Sitting in the sun, watching the wildlife was incredible. We could've sat there all day!

That evening we set up camp alongside another 2 groups. We cooked dinner, listened to music and chatted at the campsite. Again, dingoes visited our campsite that evening but none of us had any shoes or food stolen! You need to be careful and clear away all food and shoes at night as dingoes are attracted to this.

The next morning we headed to Lake Wabby for a swim. We had not showered at all since being on the island and really needed a swim to clean ourselves! V and I set off on our own and managed to get lost by taking the wrong path. Luckily we stopped a tourist bus on the track and it dropped us off at the right place to start walking to Lake Wabby where we were meeting the others. It was a long, difficult walk to the lake - climbing up sand dunes in the very hot weather. We eventually arrived at the lake and had a swim and a sunbathe before doing the long, difficult walk back to the campsite to pack up and head for our ferry back to the mainland.

Once we got back to Rainbow Beach, V and I headed down to the beach and lay there for a short while. We ended up falling asleep on the beach and woke up to a guy telling us the tide was coming in. Unfortunately he had told us too late and we got absolutely soaked! That night we had drinks in the bar with our group from the trip.

On Monday 16 we got up early as we were heading kayaking with dolphins. The Irish guys from our dorm were also doing the kayaking and V and I shared kayaks with them as we were not confident at kayaking after our last attempts when we were in Vietnam! That was when we kept going around in circles and couldn't get to where we wanted! When we were out kayaking we saw 80-100 dolphins. They swam under our kayaks and alongside us. After kayaking with the dolphins for an hour we headed back to shore and surfed the waves in the kayaks. It was great fun despite the fact we spent more time out of the kayak and trying to climb back in than we did in the kayak!

That afternoon we got the bus to Byron Bay via Brisbane. We arrived at Byron Bay around 10pm and headed to our hostel.

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Location: Hervey Bay, Australia


Arrived in Hervey Bay a little later than expected on the Tuesday morning as our bus broke down!

Checked into our hostel and that afternoon we headed to the cinema to see "Devil Wears Prada". We both really enjoyed the film.

On the Wednesday we got picked up early afternoon to be taken to our boat "Spirit of Hervey". We were going out for the afternoon on the boat whale watching. We got really close to a couple of whales with their calves. The whales seemed intrigued by the boat and swam under it and floated alongside the boat. The calves were gorgeous and one of them was really playful lying on its back and flapping its fins up and down. After our boat trip we headed back to the hostel, had our meal and then got packed for leaving the next day to go to Rainbow Beach.

Saturday, 07 October 2006

Location: Airlie Beach / Whitsundays, Australia


We arrived at our hostel at Airlie Beach the early hours of Saturday morning. We had to check in for our 3 day/2 night Whitsunday Islands boat trip at 7.30am on Saturday morning. We did that and hired stinger suits for doing snorkelling out on the reef.

We set sail on the boat with the 2 crew members and the other 11 passengers at around 9am.

The other people on our trip were mainly Canadian with a couple of German people, a Dutch girl and a Swiss guy. We all got on really well.

We stopped off at some really beautiful points where we did some snorkelling and some of the people on the trip did a dive. It was freezing cold when we came out the water but it was worth it as the snorkelling was amazing with gorgeous coral and we were up really close to lots of turtles and shoals of beautiful fish.

On the Monday we got up early to head to Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island. We walked up to the look out point which was breathtaking. Whitehaven Beach is apparently one of the 10 most photographed places in the world. The sand on the beach is so fine and white (98% silica). After being up at the lookout point we went down onto the beach and walked to the inlet where we saw lots of sting rays and some people saw reef sharks. We then lay on the beach before heading back to the boat. The boat took us back to Airlie Beach. We tried again to put the sails up on the boat and do some sailing but there was not enough wind so we just used the motor to take us back to shore. V and I were quite happy with the sails down as it meant we had more room on the boat to sunbathe without being shaded by the sails!

That evening we got an overnight bus to Hervey Bay.

Wednesday, 04 October 2006

Location: Magnetic Island, Australia


We got up early on Wednesday morning as we were getting the bus from the marina to Townsville. The bus left around 9.30am and we arrived in Townsville 6 hours later. We got the 3.45pm ferry over to Magnetic Island then the bus to our hostel. Once we had got into our room we decided to go for a walk along the beach and we bought some food from the supermarket. We then had our meal at the bar which was included in our package deal, used the internet for 1 hour and then had some Australian Tim Tam biscuits for the first time - people rave about them in Australia. They were yummy. Then chatted to the other girls in our hostel room before heading to bed shattered after our long bus journey. On Thursday morning we decided to do one of the walks on Magnetic Island. The walk was from Nelly Bay to Arcadia and took about 3 hours. The highlight of the walk was seeing a koala bear in a tree when we were walking along. It was gorgeous and just sat looking at us before climbing up a little higher in the tree. We just wanted to cuddle it - it looked so cuddly and soft. We learnt that koala bears sleep for around 20 hours a day, mainly due to the fact that the eucalyptus tree leaves they eat do not give them much energy to move about and do things. After the walk we went back to the hostel, made lunch and then sat in hammocks reading our books - oh, what a hard life! At 3pm we got the bus to the start of the fort walk where we were told was the best place to see wild koala bears. We were not satisfied with just seeing the one koala, we wanted to see more than that! We did the walk which lasted about 1.5 hours, got the bus back to the hostel and cooked our meal. We then headed to the bar to have cocktails and we sat chatting to some girls from our dorm room and a girl we had met in Cape Tribulation.

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Recent Messages

From Christine Kerr
Hi Susan!

Just got this link from Aunt Anne at the weekend so now i have some catching up to do on what you've been up to! Thanks for your postcards - drop me a line when you get back - we should definitely organise a catch up! My mum and dad and Ian send their love too.

C xxxx

Response: Hi Christine! Hope you're well. Thanks for your message. I got back to Edin on Friday & trying to see as many people as possible before I head back to Sydney on 6 Jan. If you're through in Edin at any point over the next couple of weeks let me know & we could catch up. If not, we will def catch up when I get back for good next year. Hope that you have a great Christmas & NY and send my love to your family. Love Susan x
From pat gilmour
hi susan - great to read all the info, esp about Laos, Thailand and can't you fit in Indonesia!! Rhona (our youngest) has talked me into going with her to these places in Jan/Feb (born again backpacker). It was very reassuring, so far I've been reading an account of lone travel in Laos by 67 yr old lone woman (she damaged her foot too and ended up doing most of the tour on sit-up and beg bike - creams/massage administered by locals seemed to work better than anti-biotics) - did not fancy freshly caught rat or squirrel.
Best wishes and our best thoughts to Veronica - hope her parents are making good recovery - alex & pat gilmour
Response: Hi Alex and Pat. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your message - we have not been in the website much recently. Been busy with working and trying to see and do lots of new things while we are leading our new mini life in Sydney. That sounds a great trip that you and Rhona are going to do. I will need to meet up with you before I come back to Sydney and tell you all about Laos and Thailand. I hope that you are both well. Take care, Love Susan xxx
From Laura Young
Hi Susan!!
So pleased to get your email saying your coming home for Xmas!!! It will be great to see you and catch up in person - cant wait!!! Hope you can come to our girls xmas night out 2! Thanks for the postcards, just got your Sydney one today - isn't Darling Harbour lovely? I really loved it in Sydney but if you get the chance you should visit Canberra (2hrs away) where lots of my family stay. Let me know if you plan going there and I'll give you their email address. Hope your new job is going well, it must be so exciting that work is probably great fun! Can't wait to hear all about it and of course to see you soon!!!
Missing you, lots of Love, Laura & Fraser xxx
Response: Hi Laura. Really great to hear from you! Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your message - as you will see we have not been in the website for a while! Hope that you had a great birthday. Vicki said the girls were meeting up for your birthday - hope it was a good night. Can't wait to catch up with you on 16 December for the girls' night out. We had a meal down at Darling Harbour the other night before going to the Kylie concert - it is really lovely down there. May try to visit Canberra when I am back in Sydney in January. Take care & I will see you soon, Lots of love Susan xxx
From Alex & Pat Gilmour
Hi Susan,
Your Mum is over the Moon with you coming home for Christmas. We will hear more nearer the time, but are so happy that all is going well on your adventurous trip. Oh, to be young again, you lucky person.
Our Rhona has given us a fright, she is talking about travelling after Christmas on her own in China and Australia, she has already been to S. America, so is a seasoned traveller.
If you manage to Melbourne, keep away from Bridge Road, or you will spend all your remaining money, it's a Shoppaholics Paradise.
When you eventually return, we will try and have you meet our Kirsty, she and Ian her husband covered much off the same outback as you in a 4x4 disappearing off the map for day's at a time.
Much of the Strollers activities
are very tame compared to your epics, but are thinking of you at the time.
Take Care,
Alex & Pat
Response: Hi Alex & Pat. Was a nice surprise to get your message - thank you! I hope that you are both well. We are enjoying Sydney just now but I am looking forward to coming home for Christmas. Hopefully I will catch up with you when I am home. That would be good to meet up with your daughter and her husband next year sometime. Thanks for the advice on Melbourne! Hopefully we will make it there before we leave Oz to head to New Zealand. Anyway, take care & I will see you in December, Susan x
From Kenny Goodall
Hi ! glad to hear you are having a good time! Am hearing that you are climbing the harbour bridge and that you are a bit nervous! don't be its a doddle!!! and a great experience. will catch up with at xmas! xx
Response: Hi Kenny. Thanks for your message! It is great to hear from you. I hope that you are settled into your new home. Look forward to seeing it at Christmas time. Did the Bridge Climb on Tuesday - it was excellent! Take care and I'll see you soon, Susan xxx
From Becky Sweetland
Hey Susan,

I've transferred your files to my laptop now, so I have been catching up with your adventures! We had a great time in Corfu and I had a lovely birthday there - Thank you so much for the card!!! I hope you had a terrific Birthday also - how could you not!!!! We are in the middle of doing up the house and we have just bought a wee car together. Meeting up with the girls & partners this weekend at Vic's new house as a wee house warming & Goodbye party to Lynz which should be fun. Are you thinking of returning to the UK or have you now got the travelling bug for life?!?!? Better go - I have put my home email address on this too so feel free to email me there also. Keeping having fun, lots of love Becky.xxxx
Response: Hi Becky. Thanks very much for the message. Sorry for the delay in replying - we have been so busy recently. We were on Fraser Island camping for 2 nights getting back yesterday and then we went kayaking with dolphins this morning which was amazing. Glad you got your birthday card and had a good birthday and holiday. Will be in touch again soon. Take care, Lots of love Susan xxx
From Hi Girls
Hope you had a great birthday Susan. Sorry I haven't been in touch for ages, things have been pretty hectic at this end. Thanks for your postcard from Malaysia, I just don't know how you filnd the time to do all the things that you do. Hope your foot is better Veronica.

Aunti Tricia and Uncle George xxxx
Response: Thanks very much for your message and for my lovely birthday card! Thanks also for your email. I will send you a proper reply to it when we are next near internet - we are going out in the bush from 6am tomorrow (camping in swags under the stars) for 3 days! Hope that you are all well. Will be in touch again soon, Lots of love Susan xxx
From Louisa Lennen
Happy Birthday Susan!!
Hope you are treating yourself!
We can have a belated birthday celebration when you get home!
love Louisa
Response: Thanks Louisa! Had a really good birthday - had a night out in Kuala Lumpur on the Saturday before my birthday, had a nice meal out on the night of my birthday at our hotel on the beautiful Tioman Island and then opened my cards & pressies at Francis' house in Singapore on the Sunday after my birthday so it was good! Missed seeing my family and friends though. Hope that you and Ross are well & school is going ok this term. Not long until the October break! Take care, Love Susan xxx
From john stewart
Hi V V,
To much to see, to little time to do it in. It all sounds very interesting. Every time I hear someone talking about Vietnam I think of Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam, it's one of my fav films
It's funny to think that two of the worlds superpowers went to Vietman and failed.

John ( From Mum's work)
Response: Hey John

Afraid Susan and I haven't seen Good Morning Vietnam but it's been added to our (ever growing) list of films to see when we come back. Just as well we'll have lots of films to watch as we certainly won't have any money left after this trip!!

From Laura Sandilands
Hi Verronica,
Your mum and dad told me all about the website and I have been keeping up to date with your travels - it certainly makes me wonder why we all just sit at a desk when there is so much to see and do out there!
Anyway thanks so much for the postcard from Hong Kong it arrived at the weekend - I leave 7 weeks on Friday and am really looking forward to it.
Anyway I am glad you are well and enjoying yourself.
Take care
Response: Glad you liked the postcard. You'll have the most amazing time there!! I'm desperate to go back with money and an empty suitcase!!
Take care Vx
From jordan
hiya auntie ca! hope you're still enjoying your trip. grandma and papa are here tonight baby-sitting because mum and dad are away to cousin ross's 18th birthday night out! the girls are getting to stay up late (taking advantage) hope to speak to you soon on msn! love joje xxx
Response: Hey Jo

Hope you had a good birthday - i hear you got a pressie and nice card from your girlfriend!?!?!

Send my love to M&D and the girls.

Auntie Ca xx
From Louisa
Hi Guys,
Just popped into school to get ready before the new year and have been caught up reading all your news. You sound like you are having such a fab time. Makes us very jealous - mind you we have been having a heat wave!!!!! At least it has been a good time to be off school.
Keep enjoying your experience but I am sure you will .
Susan, thankyou for the anniversary card - much appreciated. Veronica, hope the foot is well and truly healed now.
Take care,
love Louisa and Ross XXXX
Response: Hi Louisa & Ross. Thanks for your message! Glad you are enjoying being off school with the good weather. Was thinking of you on 23 July - can't believe it has been a year already since your wedding! We are still having a great time. I'll email you Louisa when you are back at school. Take care, lots of love Susan xxx
From Grandma
hi susan
have taken the opportunity to send you a message from auntie anne's. Getting up to date info from your mum and dad which I looked forward to in the mail every day. Good to know that
you are enjoying youself and that you are safe and well. Got your cushion cover which is a good match for my couch. Have been looking at some of your pictures as well. You seem to be with a lot of nice people.
Take care love grandma xxx

Response: Thanks for your message grandma - such a nice surprise! It has been difficult to find an international phone where we have been the last few days and I have no mobile reception so I will call you as soon as we get to Vientiene (the capital of Laos). Missing you loads and can't wait to speak to you soon. Love you, Susan xxx
From Kimmy
Hi Girls,
Look at this fancy bit of web technology!! Where have I been?? Oh yes sitting behind a desk, heavy head in hands and pondering work! I'm so so jealous of your travels...miss you V. Keep it coming we are living our lives through you! Kimxx
Response: Hey Kimberly!

Good news is that you aren't so technologically backwards that your message never worked ;-)

Have to admit don't envy you being stuck behind a desk but don't want you thinking it's easy getting up everyday having to think about where to eat (always have my tummy on my mind), whether to sit in the sun or go sight seeing!

Speak to you soon LOL V x
From Ruby
Hi Victoria your mum told me about your trip good on you gal hope to hear from you if you have time
Response: Hi Ruby

Good to get your message and glad to hear you are enjoying reading about our trip. I would never have thought that we'd have so much fun but we are and hopefully it will continue that way!

Verronica x
From Maggie and Norrie
Hi girls

Been monitoring for a week or so since G & F tipped us off about your site but never quite got round to putting fingers to keyboard. Some adventure and glad to see you have been enjoying some of the places I was lucky enough to be sent to by my company. Isn't HK great? Just so much energy about the place although if you're like me you'll be glad for somewhere less hectic now. N retired a month ago and we hope to be moving north of the border again in the foreseeable future, insh'Allah, so will look forward to catching up with you then.

Are we right in thinking you're heading for Oz? If so, let me know where as N's got some good friends among forner colleagues in a couple of places there.

Take care and stay happy!
Maggie and Norrie
Response: Hi Maggie & Norrie!
Thanks very much for your message - really good to hear from you. We loved HK too - just a shame we couldn't do much shopping there! As you said, it was nice to get somewhere a little less hectic as the streets in HK were so busy all of the time! We are having an excellent trip. In Laos just now where the people have been so kind & friendly. That is great news that you are moving back to Scotland! Would be great to meet up with you when I get back - I can bore you with my photos! I have added you to my group email distribution list. Take care, love Susan xxx
From uncle george
back on your trail. the trip just gets better
Response: Hey Uncle George

Not sure if you are my Uncle George or Susan's?! Either way it is good to hear from you and we're glad you're enjoying reading about our adventures.

Love V / S xx
From auntie t uncle a
missing you but are glad your are so enyjoyimg your fantistic
experience we are all having a nice time we are all missing you and love your lots but we have been following your experiences

which are fantistic take care love your lost miss you every day
antie & uncle A xxxxxxxx
Response: Hey Auntie T & Uncle A

So nice to get your message. Auntie T i was just thinking about you yesterday when i found a Marks and Spencer in Hong Kong - half expected to see you in it!!

Hope you are both keeping well.

Spk soon lots of love and kisses V xx
Hi girls.
Look forward to hearing all your news and seeing the photo's.
Verronica, you will not be surprised that your trip is the main subject at the "pub" on Thursdays.
Enjoy and keep safe
From Alison Gordon
Hello Chicken

Sounds like you are having a ball. Things here are grand move went well and we are enjoying the new place. Our holidays were fantastic, loved Poland and France was great. Thanks for the postcards that you have been sending. Will be intouch soon. Take Care of you and missing you.
Response: I am indeed.

Can you send me photos of you guys in the new place by email??? Would be good to see. Remember if you need any decorating advice you can consult me on email!!!

Will have to hear all about the hols.

From allan robertson
alrite big cous how are you doing? A started ma new job on friday the 7th of july. I am loving it. Hope everythings going well. Love your wee cousin allan
Response: Thanks for your message & your emails Allan - really good to hear from you. That is great that you are enjoying your new job & your new home. Can't believe that you are back living in Scotland now. I'll let you know re Australia. Lots of love Susan xxx
From Lauren
I am so jealous of your travels- well apart from the spiders and showering with monks. I have to say Verronica - i think they done well to wake you! It really does sound great. Wish i was there. Youve been to great wall of china! Weather her not been too bad of late but the sights remain the same and Edinburgh town centre is its usual annoying and busy self with the festival coming up. So you are not missing much.

Take care. Lauren.xx
Response: Hey chick

Hope you are well. Was nice to get your message. We're in Hong Kong now trying to avoid the shops so that we don't spend money! It's so amazing here. Skyline is stunning but prob not as good as Edinburgh!

Spk soon. Love V xx
From verronica
can't believe you have been away a month now. we miss your cheery smile and your chat but we are so pleased that you keep well in touch with us. sounds like you are having a great time and it is good to hear that susan and you are having a wonderful adventure. the group you are with seem to be very nice as well which is good. please take great care of each other - i enjoyed our chat on the phone on sunday. you sounded as if you were next door - so clear
take care and keep well.
lots of love

Response: I know - a month already!! Can't believe our china trip is almost finished!

I am having the best adventure ever and am glad that i can share it with you over the phone and by email. I'm missing you and dad lots and think about you every day.

Get booking your trip to Australia!!!

LYMY 99-100 V xx
From Stephen (Brov No1)
Sound like your both having a ball.

The pictures on the Yahoo webpage were stunning and brought back a lot of memories for myself and Yvonne. We had forgotten a lot of the stuff we had seen in India and your snaps brought it all back.

Yvonne was cooking a curry and the kids were knocking ten bells out of each other, so we could look at the pictures with background smells and some atmospheric noise in the background.

Both take care and keep up the weblog.


Response: So you were only missing the cow wandering along the street outside!

Thanks for the message. Glad to hear the kids are still behaving themselves!

LOL V xx

P.S Hope you had a good anniversary. Can't believe that's been 15 years. Time flies when...
From Frances and Graeme
Hi Susan and Veronica
Reading your site at Jenni's. Just back from holiday and spending a few days here in sunny Yorkshire before going home. Brilliant to catch up on all your news, keep it coming and keep taking these pictures!
Take care, lots of love.
Frances and Graeme.
Response: Hi Auntie Frances & Uncle Graeme! Thanks for your message. Hope that you had an excellent holiday. It is bucketing of rain here today in Yanghshuo so hope that you are having nicer weather back home. Take care. Lots of love Susan xxx