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A Nepalese Adventure

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Location: United Arab Emirates

Just in case anyone is interested i thought I'd say a quick hello...

haven't done that much really since being here as there is nothing cultural left in this country, have been to the pool, beach...have gone on slingers which is where you lie on this inflatable thing and get dragged round behind a was fun and very painful!!!! have been to the wild wadi which is a big waterpark where the slides go up and camping in the desert!! dunno what else we're doing in our last few days. Am looking forward to seeing everyone again x

Wednesday, 03 October 2007

Location: United Arab Emirates

Well everybody, just thought I'd let you know we have left nepal and are now in Abu dhabi as we ran out of things to do in nepal! We loved it there and would most definately go back there one day! \

Dunno if anyone wants to keep reading as we're not doing anything over here, apart from seeing my dad, sitting by the pool, and drinking! Although its ramadan and we have to eat covertly!

We will be back the 24th oct, so hopefully will see everyone soon x

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Location: Nepal

Hello, it's Carl.

I haven't done an entry on this yet so I thought I might put a quick one here before we left.

Nepal is great. As you've probably read from all Sara's posts.

However, I've decided I don't like elephants... or India.. well Delhi really.

Anyway, I'm off now as I dont have anything interesting to say.



Sunday, 23 September 2007

Location: Nepal

Well we're back from Chitwan..which was an adventure to say the least! First we had a 5 hour bus journey down to chitwan, which is on the "tourist" bus, which basically meant that although they didn't let as many people as possible and more on the bus, locals could get on as long as there were seats. That wasn't too bad apart from making the journey longer, and our window didn't open so travelling in a non air conditioned bus in tropical heat wasn't too good...

Anyway so we get there and get picked up and taken to the lodge we were staying at, and we were the only people there!! we had an entire hotel and its staff to ourselves!! We got fed a 3 course lunch which was quite nice, a lot of food though, and some time to relax and do some sight seeing. We saw the village and took a little walk through the jungle, and saw where they keep the male elephants, which were used for breeding but now they use wild male elephants! It was also very very hot, so by the time we got to the river to see the sunset we were rather grumpy but the sunset was amazing!!

After a very early start and a 3 course breakfast, everything came in 3 courses, we went for a canoe ride, which was very peaceful and pleasant, until we saw a rhino in the water and our guide made us get out of the canoe, we got very close to the rhino until they made us hide because the rhino turned face on which apparently means they may charge us. We then went on a jungle walk, which i hated as it was far to hot and where we were there was no shade at all. We ended the walk with a trip to the elephant breeding centre, saw a baby elephant which we could have played with but I was far too hot to enjoy anything at that point, and it was only half 9.

On the way back to the lodge, we went and saw the elephants have a bath and I got to join in!! it was so much fun, i had to sit on the elephant and its owner person made it spray water all over me again and again!! then made it roll over so i fell in the river, got very very wet but it was fun!

In the afternoon we went on an elephant safari, which was the most uncomfortable experience ever, 4 people sharing a hard wooden thing on top of an elephant, and then walking through the jungle and our guide seemed to want to go through the most overgrown parts, so had trees and things hitting our heads and legs, however I accepted the pain as long as no huge bugs landed on me! top it all off i get food poisoning...its not fun!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Location: Nepal

Yesterday we did/saw 2 interesting things and 1 really quite horrible thing, I'll start with the horrible and I advise anyone who likes dogs to skip this bit!

There are lots and lots of dogs running around Nepal, most seem to be fairly healthy and have an owner of sorts, ones that leave them to run around and do what they want. Anyway, they sleep all day and at night all they do is bark and bark and bark.....the internet cafe across the road had lots of dogs especially one lovely little puppy that was friendly and unfortunately I got quite attched. We came back from breakfast yesterday morning and there was a big crowd of people stood around, some stupid tourists had complained about the barking so we saw them put the puppy in a sack along with its mother and 2 other dogs and put them in a car to take them to the water to drown them!! it was not nice, you could hear them crying and it made me feel physically sick!!

Anyway, we went to see a village called bhaktapur as well yesterday, which is where we would have been if we had done our placement. Its a really interesting town, very peaceful compared to kathmandu! We hired a guide, and he explained loads like how the old palace there has 55 windows because the old king had 55 wives! and there is a temple there which waas carved out of one tree!! must have been a big tree as it was huge! the tallest temple in kthamndu valley is also in bhaktapur, which when you braved the very steep steps gave a lovely view.

the other interesting thing we saw, was on the way to bhaktapur there was a very small maoist rally!! so taxi doors were locked! then we looked at the other side of the road, for as far as you could see were buses full of maoists coming to kathmandu for a rally of something, the result of which is that the maoists have pulled out of the government, which is really really not good!

oh and we saw our first glimpse of the mountains yesterday, apparently the tiny tiny bit we saw was annapurna, stupid monsoon not letting us see the mountains!

anyway off on an elephant safari tomorrow, so will let you all know how that went when we get back!

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Location: Nepal

Yesterday we went to the holiest of hindu sites outside of India, Pashpatinath (something like that anyway) said Pash - u - pati! Its the place where hindus hold their funerals, so you can see cremations happening there all the time. While we were there 6 bodies were being brought in and prepared for the ceremony, it was quite unsettling being able to watch the families go through their grief and how different it is to what we do in England.

Its is also the festival of tijh at the moment, which is when all the women get a day off and dress up in red and go to this temple, they queue for hours and hours, to celebrate and pray for their families, long life and health and all that! Which when put next to the cremations was an even weirder feeling, something I can't describe.

We couldn't go into the temple coz of the festival but we walked around the site, with our taxi driver, which was alright, was hard to appreciate some things due to huge amount of people there, also the heat was a bit much!

As for those people asking if we have eaten any weird and wonderful things the answer is no, daal bhaat is about the weirdest. I do quite like daal bhaat especially as it costs about 80p but I challenge anyone to eat it for dinner and breakfast, it is not good then!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Location: kathmandu, Nepal


well just thought we'd let everyone know what we're up too...

first we're not doing our placement anymore, the company was very very slack, not surprising as this is nepal and nothing is done when it is supposed to but it was taken to whole new levels!!

we have had some nepali lessons though which have come in useful when telling the drug dealers to go away!

anyway the sights we have seen since escaping from the company are kathmandy Durbar Squarem, which was slightly disappointing as it looked and sounded a lot grander in photos and books! we did arrive though on the day the kumari was to come to the window so everyone could see her. the kumari is a living goddess for those who don;t know. we missed her though coz everytime we stood still for more than 10 seconds we were asked buyt his buy that..etc

we have also been to patan durbar square, which was a lot grander and went to the museum which was actually very good and very interesting!

after a day of rest as i (sara) have a bloody cold and a heat rash as it is rather warm here now it has stopped raining we are off to the holiest of hindu sights tomorrow and some temple a taxi driver has recommended..

see everyone soon

Saturday, 08 September 2007

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Hey guys

sorry we have been so crap at this but we have had no time to think and the internet is so so slow here!

anyway here is a summary

delhi was very very hot!! too hot!! we tried to sight see in the afternoon and got to the red fort but couldn't really enjoy it due to the heat!! actually soaked through with sweat!! also delhi was crazy, dirty, and everyone possible seemed to be out to screw us newbies for money...and unfortuately it worked!!

arrival in kathmandu was good! we are based in thamel which although is also hectic and a bit smelly its a lot nicer than delhi. the organisation we came through seem very nice if very disoraganised! have done a little sight seeing, saw the monkey temple which was good heard some monks chanting and went to watch which was actually very moving! there are a lot of steps to climb to get up to the temple though and they are so steep that you feel like your going backwards at the top!

had our training village placement, which was ok! the people are very nice even though we can;t speak much nepali yet, are learning very very slowly. it was quite a shock to see how village people live.

thats about it for now. nepal so far is really nice and can't wait to have a chance to see some more of it..

will try and get better at the internet

see you later

Monday, 03 September 2007

Location: UK

Hello everyone,

We are currently sat in the deptarture lounge waiting for our flight out of here so thought it'd be a good time to write the first entry.

Not much to tell yet for obvious reasons!


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From Uncle Julian
Sara, where are you?
Still in Nepal........or gone to India?
Response: We have gone to abu dhabi, we loved nepal and as we didn't do our placement due to a horrible company we ran out of things to do! we didn't go to india coz carl really really hated it! we know we'll lose the tickets, thanks for your help x
From Mummy
Oh those poor dogs - its amazing how different cultures do not feel the way we do about animals - maybe they are the ones who have it right???!!!
Its very interesting reading all about your travels - its very informative.
Must go at work and busy.
Love you loads
From Darren
Hi Sara. Sounds like your having a great time. Am not jealous at all. :)
From Sara
Hey elaine, glad you enjoyed egypt, all this travelling makes everyone poorly!!! i am enjoying myself lots, will be home a month early so see you soon!
From Elaine
hiya sara, we had a good time in egypt...we were all poorley! car broke down on way home..not doing very well so far eh? glad to be home tho. sounds as if you're having fun! take care of that cold of yours ok. hope your family are enjoying kitty??
take care, look 4ward to reading the next installment of your journey xx
From Mummy
Hello Sara & Carl - what an interesting website - i am really enjoying reading it - you are very luck to be there rather than in the fab uk (!)
Rachel now gone to uni (bit of a weepy moment), she came back saturday as no one else moved into the flat! She will be on a first day proper of Freshers week.
Penelope Pitstop is GORGEOUS! Such a lovely temprement.
Gotta go, phones busy
love to you both
mum x
From Mummy
Good morning Sara and Carl
Just a quicky as I am at work (again!"!!!!) - hope all ok and you are getting enough sleep and lots of excercise! I have passed this blog site to Maia, as she is coming to Nepal next week - so, you never know, you might get a visitation at the refugee camp.
Mummy x
Response: hello just got your messages..we are good sent an email explaining more..not doing the placement you x
From Kathleen
Yo Sibbo and Carl!!

How is Nepal-all ok? eaten any weird and wonderful things yet!? needing the loo lots yet?!!

laters! xxx
p.s. i would like to steal Kitty!
Response: yo dude we are good no tummy trouble have eaten anything weird yet but have had lots of bloiody daal bhaat
From Olivia
Hello!!! have you done anything exciting yet? Rachel passed her driving test. Have fun without me xxxx
Response: we are having a lovely time will try and keep you informed x
From Fernie
cant wait to see what you put up here...GOOD LUCK and have OODLES OF FUN!!