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Sarah and Shelby's European Adventure

Hey everyone! As you all probably know, we have been sooo excited for this trip for such a long time, and now we're excited to share it with you! Feel free to read about our travels as we go from Toronto to Ireland to Germany to Italy and lastly to France! Or so we thought... but we've changed our itinerary and so now it is Toronto-Ireland-Germany-CROATIA-SPAIN, then France! Enjoy!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Location: Berlin, Germany

Hey everyone! So I kind of lied..technically we are in Croatia right now, but we thought we would update you on our last days in Germany! So after our last entry, Dominik and Benny took us to Munich for a day. We saw the English Gardens (where I--Sarah--almost got run over by a biker) where they allow horses and nudity..and luckily and unluckily for us, we saw both. So on Tuesday the 24th we woke up for the last time in Lindau and said our goodbyes and took the 8 hour train ride up to Berlin..after some confusion involving us sitting in first class..oops. The train troubles of course don't stop there, basically we got a bit lost in Berlin after realizing we had gotten off a train station too early than we intended..but we found our way and made it to our hostel where we stayed for the next two nights! Berlin was an interesting city, we did a walking tour yesterday which was very educational and amusing (thanks to Paul our tour funny!) but it was really great to learn and see all of this history. This morning we hopped on a flight that lead us into Split Croatia (yes..we did indeed change our itinerary again haha) where we will stay in a hostel for the next two nights, and then on Saturday we begin an 8 day Sailing Tour around the Islands in Croatia! Since we won't be able to get internet for a while we will talk to you all when it is over and we are heading to Spain! Hope everyone is doing well back home!
Love and miss you all
Love Sarah and Shelby

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Location: Lindau, Germany

Hey guys! We've been in Lindau for almost a week now, staying in Sarah's cousins flat (which by the way offers a sweet view of Austria and Switzerland). Our second day here Benny and Dominik took us for a nice walk out to Lindau Island which is full of history..and really nice buildings. We got to go up the top of a lighthouse (after many stairs..) and got a sweet view of the lake that separates Germany, Switzerland and Austria (and the Alps!) So gorgeous here. Saturday we visited one side of Sarah's family, where they made us an amazing lunch of good! After stuffing ourselves, Ute, Nadine and Benny took us on a walk around their area where we saw the most amazing mansions! Even got to see a bit of Hugo Boss' house here! After this, we drove about 15 min to Bregenz, Austria where we took a gondola up to the top of a mountain! We uploaded two albums of pictures that Nadine was so kind to take for us! The next day we headed over to visit Sarah's other family for another incredible lunch! Again after stuffing ourselves silly with ridiculously good food, Horst and Petra took us on a lovely little walk around their area, getting great views of their beautiful town. Monday Benny and Dominik took us to Friedrichshafen (where we flew into..about 20 min away) where we walked around the town for a bit, and climbed 9 flights of very shaky stairs getting to a lookout point offering great views of the lake! Tuesday was a (surprisingly) fun filled day of cleaning haha and not much else..Can't forget watching soccer every night here as well! Love it! Anyways we'll be in Lindau a couple more days, traveling to Munich tomorrow, and then after that I think we'll be heading up to Berlin, then we'll head on down to Italy where we'll be doing a tour, then..wait for it...we'll be heading to Spain! Yes, we know..we're indecisive about changing our trip but we finally figured out a way to make it work, so Spain here we come! Anyways hope everyone is still doing well at home, we love hearing from you guys! Love and miss you all
Love Sarah and Shelby

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Location: Germany

Oops..So that part in our last entry about talking about Dun Laoghaire in the entry before that one..we thought we had written something in Dun Laoghaire..but we hadn't..Our bad! So...yeah.. just excuse our idiocy (we are lacking sleep). Enjoy!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Location: Lindau, Germany

Hello everyone! Sorry about the delay in putting up an entry but it's finally here! We flew out of Dublin this morning (way way too early) into Friedrichshafen Germany, where two of my (Sarah)'s cousins picked us up and drove us back to Lindau. Anyways I guess we can fill you in on what we have been up to in Dublin! We stayed the first two nights in Dun Laoghaire as we said in the last entry, and it was a gorgeous little area about 20 min away from city centre of Dublin (by train..which took a while for Shelby and I to actually understand how to use it haha). It was situated right on the harbor, and it was a really nice relaxing place to walk around and get away from the busy city. We were lucky enough to get surprised by my two friends who live in Dublin that I met in Scotland last summer, they came into Dun Laoghaire and we had such a fun time hanging out with them. And..get this, we went to a pub in Dun Laoghaire (same place mentioned in P.s. I Love You) and the song 'Galway Girl' played in the pub (same song played in the pub in Dun Laoghaire in the movie)! Shelby and I got SO excited haha. After two days in Dun Laoghaire we moved to a new hostel in Dublin's city centre. Dublin was absolutely amazing, it felt like we were living there. We spent a lot of time just walking around the city and hanging out with the irish boys. We visited a few of the gorgeous parks in the city..had a bit of an adventure at Phoenix Park on Shelby's birthday. So the guys took us there to walk around, and I saw a tree that had an 'S' spray painted on it, and for reasons which I'm not even sure of, I decided we should all go hug the tree (long inside joke from our Scotland tour..I swear I'm not THAT weird). So me in my genius-ness runs out to the tree (wearing a skirt), running through tall grassy stuff, and everyone follows (Shelby in shorts). Halfway in, we feel a strange burning sensation on our legs...rather than turning around, Sarah keeps truckin' it..and everyone keeps following! Once we got to a clearing in the forest, we look down and our legs our covered in these sick bumps that burned so bad and itched like mad. Then Shelby had a few not so nice words to say to me..but I suppose I kind of deserved it. I mean, I didn't force them to follow me! Not completely my fault! Luckily the bumps sort of went a few days later...and Shelby is still my friend. All in all, a pretty eventful birthday for her haha. The next day we visited St Stephen's Green, a gorgeous little oasis right off of Grafton Street (very posh shopping area). Here we saw some ducks, or as we have now been brainwashed into pronouncing them 'dooks' which is the "right way" to pronounce it apparently. Anyways I think Shelby and I have learned our lesson to keep regular diary entries instead of writing a novel like this one every time! (In addition, I have also learned not to run out into random forests with tall grass while wearing a skirt. Shelby has also learned not to always follow me without thinking first). I'd say this is turning out to be a very educational trip! Anyways hope everything is going well back home, we are missing you all and love hearing those messages from you! Next time we write it will be more on Germany!
Love Sarah and Shel
P.S. (not I Love You)--please pardon any spelling errors..this keyboard here is very strange.

Thursday, 05 June 2008

Location: Belfast, UK

Hey everyone! We arrived in Belfast yesterday morning, and have spent the last two days touring this amazing city! Today we went on a day tour up to Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Giant's Causeway, as well as the city of Derry. It was sooo cool and we had a blast! We're heading out for supper right now, and then checking out a traditional Irish pub for the evening. Tomorrow morning we're catching a bus to Dublin where we'll be for the next week-ish! Stay tuned for our next update from Dublin (clearly it's Sarah writing this cheesy material..haha)!
Love Sarah and Shelby

Monday, 02 June 2008

Location: Canada

Hello everyone!! We're at Sarah's cousin's house and we're having a great time. We checked out Niagara Falls beautiful! I (Shelby) got sun burnt today, it was gorgeous outside. We'll be leaving tomorrow (Tuesday night) on our plane from Toronto to Belfast, Ireland! So the next time you hear from us we'll be in Europe!

Hope everyone back home is doing well and having fun!

Talk to you soon,

Shel and Sarah

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Recent Messages

Hi Sarah, I guess by now youare at Michelle's. Hope you have a great stay there. How was your cruise? I bet you saw lots of sights. Can't wait to hear about it. I am back off to work today after a week off.(July 7). Have a great week.
Lots of Love...Auntie Irene
Response: Hi Auntie! I love that you have a computer now, you are like my most avid follower! Haha I love it! Anyways yes the sailing tour was absolutely amazing, I can´t wait to show you pictures some time! And Michelle´s is going really well here too, but it´s sad that our trip is almost over! Love and miss you! Love Sarah
From Auntie Leah
Hi Shelby,
Glad to hear that you are having a fantastic time on your trip. Your Mom and Dad have been keeping us posted when we visit with them at the lake. Can hardly wait to hear all about it in person and see all of yours pictures. Take care and safe travels. Love Leah & Larry
Response: Thanks guys!! It's been amazing so far, we're just in Spain right now and then off to Paris before going to TO and then home. Talk to you soon,
Love Shel
From Marcy Melnyk
Hey Shelby.

Finally had a chance to check out your blog and photos. Brings back many memories of my own European travels. I'm very jealous by the way you little bum! Enjoy the rest of your stay and soak up as much culture as you possibly can cuz it'll be back to dullsville soon enough.

Wishing you safe and happy travels.

See you in Swift in a few weeks!

Marcy, Mike and Emma
Response: Awe thanks!! Yah, I can't say that I'm looking forward to 'dullsville' hahah ( that's a gooder!) but I'm seriously having the best time!! I can't wait to see everyone in Swift though!! Talk to you soon!
From Julie
Hi Sweetie,

Missing you like crazy. Jer and I have the count down on till you come home!!

Now that the majority of our family is on a big holiday we have a empty nest!! The kids got off good yesterday. They loved their first airplane ride...I think that Grandma's thankful now that they flew instead of the 14 hour drive. It was very exciting. Jeremy and I are not sure what we are going to do with our least Gracie is at home!! She will keep us busy.

Glad to hear that your trip is going so wonderful. Can not wait to see the pictures.

Love & Miss you lots...


PS - the kids cant wait to teach you to water ski & show you the whiparoo!!!
Response: hahah water ski...I don't know...hahah I probably break my leg..or both with my luck haha. I'll be home soon went by too fast!! 6 weeks sounded a lot longer...but it hasn't felt that long...anyway...I'm lacking soo much sleep so I am going to get to bed!! Love you!
From Marian
Hi girls,
Sent you a rather important email....check it out and get back to me or Michelle, ok?

Hope you're enjoying the cruise...wish I were there...hope you have sunscreen!

Oh ya, Paula and I are off to 'Las Vegas baby' !! on Saturday for a few days....going to take in the American Idol Top 10 concert too...Jason here I come!!! Paula plans to hold a sign that says "David Cook I love you" haha Hope you're wearing plenty of sunscreen!!!
Response: David Cook I love you..haha oooh Paula. That´s pretty sweet about Vegas though, I actually feel kind of bad though because I kind of had a cow when I had to learn about the trip from Shelby first..but I guess if I had checked here I would have seen you telling me first...Woops. But yeah we totally wore sunscreen like 24/7. I´m not going to lie, but you would be proud if you saw us. Love and miss you!
From Mom and Dad Trautman
Hi girls, glad you made it there safely. Thanks for the update as well, always good to hear what you've been doing. Awesome that you'll be able to sail the islands, I hear it is suppose to be beautiful! Love you and miss you! Take care
Response: Haha finally someone gives us some messages haha...yah it is soooo fricking amazing here, so hot and so gorgeous, I love it. We leave on the sailing tour tomorrow morning so this is the last I'll be on the to you later!
From joe / verna
heard you are having a great time. these are memories you'll have forever. enjoy the rest of your trip and see you when you get back. look forward to seeing your pics.
Response: Thank you!! Hope all is well back on Rita!
From Mom and Dad T
Hi girls. Thanks for the update. Glad you "eventually" made it to your hostel in Berlin, and also safely to Croatia. Hope you have lots of room left on your cameras as we think you'll be seeing some awesome sites. Look forward to hearing all about it. Have safe travels, girls
Love you lots, Shelby,
Mom and Dad
Hey girls sounds like eveyone is missing you guys. I miss you too Sarah, Its funny because I would not normally see a lot of you, but with you being so far away, It seems like I'm constantly thinking about you...Hope all is going well, as you haven't updated since the 18th. Looking forward to seeing all your pictures when you get home. I'll make time to come and visit...
Love Auntie Irene
Response: Hey Aunt Irene, sorry the update took us a little while but we just put a new one up, and then today we start our tour, so in about 8 days we will have another! Love and miss you as well! Hope to see you soon:) Love Sarah
From Makayla
From Makayla I missed you so much. I hope you have a good time at Europe. I love you so much. Can you please come to the lake with us sometime. School is done tomorrow. Yeah!! We go to Grandma's soon. You should come. Mom says its lunch time. Email me please.
Response: Hello Makayla!! I miss you soooo much too!! I would love to come to the lake with you!! I will try my best to come with you when I get home okay!? I hope you have fun at Grandma's! I love you!

From Jamison
Hi Shelby How are you? I love you. We had fun at the lake. We went tubeing and Jackson water skied. Hope you can come with us soon. I miss you. I hope you come back soon. Hope you are having fun in Europe. Love Jamison
Response: You went tubing!!?? That's awesome! I bet you had a lot of fun! I miss you too!! I'll be home before you know it and then maybe we can go tubing together!!? Love you lots!

From Jackson
I miss you Shelby...You are lucky you get to go where ever you want. Hope you have fun at Europe. I am going to my Grandma's soon to ride the new quad. That is it for now. Love Jackson
Response: I miss you too, Jackson! I think you're pretty lucky too, you get to go to the lake! I hope you have fun on the quad at your Grandma's!! I heard that you water skied at the lake! Was it fun? I bet you did a great job! I love you!

From mom/Marian
Hi girls...thanks for putting up some pictures. Makes me miss my German family so much...Sarah, you really have to convince those boys to come visit us next year...tell them they owe us since they had dad and me, then Michelle, then Michelle again and now you! Sounds like you're both having fun..look forward to hearing more from you as your travels continue. the Croatia trip looks like fun...too much fun, perhaps?? can you say "party"??? Have fun, be good and don't leave any drinks unattended!! sorry I missed you this morning Sarah (by 20 minutes) Much love, lonely mom
Response: Haha I did my best to convince them but I guess we'll see! Anyways must go get ready for our sailing tour! Miss and love you!
From your trip planner
really? you can see Switzerland all the way from Benny´s appartment... thats pretty impressive. haha
better update this again with croatia in the mix!
Response: ...michelle? haha yes we can see Switzerland..but wouldn't you know that? and yes yes we are getting on updating this haha. thanks for ALL the help though, wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for you! (and me sleeping in past the alarm when we planned to go to Zurich..)
From Jeremy & Julie
We were just here looking at pictures of you...missing you like crazy!! It looks like from your pictures that you are having a great time.

Love You lots.

Jer & Julie
Response: Love you guys too!! Glad you liked the pictures!!
From Lynda
Hey girls...when are you coming home....! I really miss you! But, don't let that hinder you from having (or continuing to have) and amazing time! I am slightly envious, I must admit. But so extremely happy for you both that you are able to have this experience. Isn't God great!?!?!
Looking forward to more pics and sweet stories of food..., I mean adventures!
Love Cousin Lynda xoxoxoox
Response: Hey Lynda!!! Sooo good to hear from you! We'll be coming home (yours...and Sarah's second home haha) on July not for a while! Missing you like crazy! Hope you enjoy our entries...we can throw in some more food talk though haha! Love Sarah
Hey girls, just took a look at your pics. You sure don't have to worry about eating so much as long as you keep walking like you do. Sounds like you really are having a great time. So nice to be able to follow you in your travels. Keep having fun...Love Auntie Irene
Response: Hi Auntie Irene!! We are loving it here in Germany..including the food haha. Spent the day in Munich today, it was lovely! Nice hearing from you as always! Love Sarah
From Julie
You will have to check out the fruit crops in Germany...there were pictures in the star pheonix today of cherries being harvested in germany!! The pictures were so beautiful. I hear the food there is awsome. Have Fun.

Love Julie
Response: Actually we've been walking and we've already seen so many orchards, wine berries, apples, pears, and it is gorgeous!! They have these orchards just within the towns Lindau(where we're staying) Sarah and I were talking through the town and saw some orchards just in the middle of's soo beautiful here. Love it!

Love Shel
Yes you brat... Austria!!!!
Response: Hahahah!!! sorry I just couldn't resist!! Miss you lots! Can't wait to see you!
From Julie
You know I was just thinking looking at the map above...I can not believe that you are in Europe let alone looking at Switzerland & Australia at the same time form your "FLAT" in Germany!! You are so lucky and we are so proud of you for working so hard to get there!!

Love Jul & Jer
Response: Oh my goodness I love all of you guys soo much!!!! Hahah and I think that you mean Austria and not Australia..haha you are so funny. I miss miss miss you!!
From Julie
Thank goodness I finially have my computer back!! I went through major withdrawls!! I am so happy to hear that you had a wonderful birthday!! We are all thinking of you. I am sure everything is so very exciting!! The kids are already asking when you are coming home and if you would like to play with them at the new McDonalds play land!!! HAHA...should have never started that. I am going to write you a letter on facebook today so please check it when you have time. Love you lots.

Response: Oh I cannot wait to play in McD's with the kids!!! We'll play all day. I miss them so much. I say HI and I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU to all of the kids

From Grandma Schultz
Hi Shelby,
Sounds like you're having lots of fun, hope you are. Look forward to a new update as this will be easier for me to follow you
Love Grandma
Response: Hi Grandma!!!!! I miss you so much and I can't wait to see you at the reunion and tell you all about the trip and show you all my pictures!! I'm in Germany right now and I'm having a blast, it's absolutely beautiful here!!! I hope you are doing well, love you a lot and miss you!

Love Shelby
From mom/Marian
Hey girls, Thanks for the update - you guys are a riot! I can just picture you running and screaming through the forest...hope there's no lasting scars from whatever it was! Wie gehts to all my family in Deutchland...wish I was there too! Hope you're taking lots of pictures. Sar, did you see anyone from the science olypiad thingie?? That's who I thought you were talking about. Had a great time in Nanaimo...we were living the life of the rich and famous, for a few days. Think I'll send dad to medical school! Take care, have fun. Be good! Wiedersehn! love mutti xoxoxoxo
Response: Haha hi mom, I think we're pretty funny as well. Yeah wow Germany is gorgeous, kind of want to come live here haha. But the cousins are just stuffing us with delicious food! It is ridiculous. So much for our diet. Thanks for being the ONLY one to comment on our brilliant diary entry!
From Breanne
Hey ladies! Have read your diary entries and it sounds like you are having a great time. Do you not love the Irish accents, haha. Germany is fantastic and I really hope you enjoy it. I hope you girls are having a fabulous time and that you remember to stay safe!
Response: Hey! Nice to hear from you!! We're having a great time, and hope you're doing well over in Australia too!
From Paula
Ok girls, when the messages from everyone following you are longer than your diary entries, something is wrong! So Sarah, what did you get me in the very posh shopping area? haha Go to your facebook... NOW! ps... I write my BIo 120 final tomorrow... PCR... when you need to know your daddy....
Response: Who's your daddy!!! Ahahahaha wow that just made my day! That posh area was a bit much lol too posh for lowly travellers like ourselves. Although we found a body shop and got very excited haha. Good luck with bio! Nice hearing from you!!