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Potter's Travel Page!!

Hello and Welcome everyone to my Travel Page!! Woowooo!!!!

Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read so thank you for taking an interest and logging onto my site!!!!! :) :)
Please feel free to leave any messages for me.... and I promise I will respond as soon as possible!! :)

Well hope you are all well!???!!
Can't wait to see and catch up with you all at the end of April when i'm back!!!

Much love always, Sare xxxxxxx :)

Diary Entries

Sunday, 02 April 2006

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Hellooooo team!!!

Hows you all doing?!!!

So sorry that the old updates been a bit thin on the ground!!!! opppsy daisies!!! Have been meaning to get on old tiniternetty but bit hard to go on the internet while traveling on the buses as there always too much playing to be done instead!!! oops!!!!

But you'll be glad to hear am having wonderful time here in New Zealand!!!
Must admit, and mum will vouch for this when first arrived into Christchurch(which may add was BLOOMING FREEZING) was having my doubts whether to stay here or head back to the beloved OZ and the sun BUT thought would let fate take its toll and so glad have!!!
Having AWESOME time on the Kiwi Experience bus and it's comparison to the contiki tour everyone on the kiwi bus is majority English but have got a FANTASTIC group of BLOODY HILARIOUS and LOVELY people...couple ex Cardiff uni boys..James and Tom Green (James was actually last years union secretary-haha!!! they're awesome chaps)..and thank my lucky stars have been blessed with good weather (WOOWOOO) so have been able to put my jumper back at the bottom of the suitcase ..and keep out the vest tops...HORRAY!!!! But still no way as near as hot as the gorgeous Kangaroo land but at least the sun is shining each day rather than cold and raining!!!!
But honest to god the views and scenery here are just bretahtaking!!! so COMPLETELY makes up for the lower temperature..only done the south Island so far (should be heading north by end of week)...done Christchurch, Kaikoura, Picton, Nelson, Westport, Lake Maniapua, Franz Josef, Wanaka so far and noow in the legendary Queenstown!!! PArty central!!!

Have seen so many fantastic sites, all phenomenal!!!

Had the most unbelieveable experience the other day, in Franz Josef I did a full day ( 8 hour) hike up the Glacier, OMG was just the most amazing thing..and was actually FULL on SCARY!!!
You are literally mountain climbing on ice and the guide actually has to hack out the steps for you..reached 850m above sea level (eek)...kind of situation where you realise that if you take one foot wrong you would completely fall to your death..eek, i have a bit of a fear from tredding on/from and to unstable surfaces and must admit fear factor kicked it HELL of alot at many points during the day..can actually say that was one of the most challenging i have ever done, and feels such an accomplishment that I have done it!!! I have got pictures and am spending few days in Queenstown so will come back on on tues and out on some pictures of NZ for you to see just how spectacular it is!!!

Am doing a day trip to Milford sound tomorrow, which is described as one of the splenders of the world so will let you know how got on there!!!

Oh gosh forgot to say, Met up with Nick Busst last night (guy kinda grew up with)..Mum you'll be glad to hear i took a picture of me and him so i'll post it on tues so Jo (Nicks mum) can have a look!! But he's really well!! but was very funny last night as us kiwi lot had a fancy dress 'Bollywood theme' night out so think Nick thought I was bit crazy when first met him with bloomin red dot on my forehead etc and he found it quite amusing that men and women were all dressed up in sarongs etc!!! haha!!!!

Ok well hope that you are all well, can't believe i only have 15 more days away..ahhhh this has gone way to quick!!!! But truly am looking forward to catching up with all you loved ones back in Englando again!!! thanks again for all the emails and messages guys..really touched!!!

Well love you all loads.
Trillions of hugs and kisses xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

G'day all!!!!!!!

Hope everyone is well!!

I'm doing great still!!! Having such a fantastic time here in Sydney, and with Liz and Roger...OMG just don't know how to describe Liz and Rog to you other than saying that they are COMPLETELY SCRUM-DIDDLY-OCIOUS!!!!
They are Both SO lovely and SOOOO enjoying being with them especially as Roger used to play Rugby with my dad, so Liz and Rog have been friends with my parents and all parents friends for years and am getting to hear all the stories of all the scandelous activities they all used to get up to when they were younger (although sounds like not much has changed as my parents + friends are still all trouble makers!!) hehe! Like Mum drinking wine from under the table that was leeking from a wine barrel at one of the weddings...or actually Jimmy Hofton getting a car stuck in a tree??!!!! HAHA! Oh i'm getting all the dirt on you lot!! haha!! They have showed me some funny pictures of when you were all there is of my mum and dad, jim and di hofton and it is just so Gorgeous (think it was at Jo's wedding) all laughing and joking in it is just fab so we're going to try and get a copy of it as i'm sure you guys would love to see it!!

Anyway so yesterday had top banana day....Liz's brother Gordon who also lives in Sydney owns a sailing boat (V.NICE!!), and every wednesday they have a race which all the boats from the harbour compete in (even some of the fastest ones in the world like the Scandinavia do!) and i was given the opportunity to join them in the race! wooo!
The race takes place all around Sydney Harbour and everyone here in Sydney says if you really want a good tour and to see the sites of Sydney you should do it from the water (as the city is surronded by water!)..and OMG they are SO right!
We sailed all around the harbour, and was so spectacular! The Opera house is just exquisite! Like all the sites really, the pictures can never really portray what they are like in 'real life' and their true beauty..the opera house really is a magnificant piece of architecture! 10 points for the Mr who designed it (yeah have been told his name but after a few bevoirs kinda went in one ear and out the other..oopsy!)!

But being on the water was just wonderful, the sun was just a nice heat and the breeze was bewdieful (if haven't cottened on 'bewdieful' is how the ozzie's say beautiful..just a wee thing i find tres amusant-....simple things -haha!) so feel like are in heaven being surrounded by all the stunning sites around you!

Then in the evenings here truly have been spoilt rotten as Liz and Rog are big fish lovers, so as you can imagine me who doesn't live on fish at all (HA!) is just hating it!! HAHAH!! AS IF!!! We have been having the most wonderful meals! Liz is a PHENOMENAL cook..for example yest we had a feast of (get this)..crab, oysters, king prawns, marlin, and scallops with lots of salad and veggies including roasted sweet potato which never had before which is deeeelicious!!!! mmm!!!

Last day tomorrow here in Sydney..think planning on going to Manly beach which is one of the main beaches here in Sydney (other than Bondi)! So bring on the last few rays before hit NZ!

Then Fri morn i'm flying off to Christchurch in New Zealand, where will then on Sat morn join the 'Kiwi Experience' tour bus all around sounth island and then the north!
May struggle with hitting internet points often in NZ but will try as often as i can to hook on and let you know what i think of kiwi country!

Take care all of you and will be in touch again ubberly soon!!! WOOOWOOO!!!
Love you all lots,
Sares :)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia


Woooo wooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!!!!! I am so sorry that you have not heard a peep sweak from me for the last two weeks had really no time to sit down properly for an internet sesh so i thought i'd just wait until tour over to properly get back on internet freeway! But as some say no news is good news, and trust me it certainly was!

I really have just had the most magnificent two weeks of my life! It is so hard for me to try and explain to you all the type of experience i have had and actually brings tears to my eyes (as we know i'm a TOTAL wimp!) to think it's over!

For those of you that are not aware I have just done a Two Week tour up the East Coast of started in Sydney and then went all the way up ending in Cairns.
I travelled with a firm called Contiki and for those of you thinking of doing travelling i SO recommend a Contiki tour (they do the the tours all over the world) as it seriously was the best thing and certainly best decision I ever made! (Thanks to Mandy Levey for the recomendation!!!! :) )

Over the two weeks I have been to so many places and paradises, seen so many well just breath taking sites, met completely amazing people from all over the globe, many i know that will be LIFE long friends, and also met the most wonderful guy who well just is so fantastic and made me feel so complete..a connection that i have never experienced before and one which was so hard to seperate from when the tour was over!

The whole trip has completely made me see life in a totally different's made me truly realise HOW MUCH there is out there and although i do want to be successful and get a good job/ salary etc can this make me truly happy?!
For the last two weeks, me and my fellow travellers (group of 45) have traveled all around with nothing other than our suitcases, no fancy stuff, just all basic essentials (ok perhaps my curlers aren't really classed as a basic essential but a girl still has to try and look half decent when roughing it right!! hehe!!) and I can these have been the most fantastic two weeks I have ever had!

When in the Whitsundays, sitting on a white sand beach, lined with palm tree's, with a crystal clear bright blue and green sea in front, and a nice cocktail at my side, and nothing other than good friends and happy people around..i did ask myself can life actually get any better?
I've always believed that money can't really make you happy that its friends and family that what really count but somehow after the trip i believe it even STRONGER than before! DO i really what to work stupidly long hours, which makes me tired and stressed just so i can have money which yeah will be able to buy me nice things but how much joy can you really get from materialistic things?! Anyway suppose these are things i will just have to figure out another time! So back to the tour...

What's so fab about all the people on these tours is that the group is aged from 18-35 (so all roughly similar age group), some people are very successful in their professions, or others just uni/school leavers etc but in these circumstances no one cares about your age, your occupation, your background, how much money you have, your nationality etc they are all irrelavant get to know people based on who they really are and what they're personalities are like.. there's no pre judgement as you are all in the same boat, so i think you form more deep friendships as you get to know the real people without any false first impressions or stereotyping.

As we traveled constantly all together for the two weeks on a bus, you get to know everyone so well, plus we were a big party group so all got to know each other even better in the bars everynight until stupid o'clock in the morning, and then laughing and bonding on the coach the next day (which oh yeah used to leave between about 7-8am most mornings) that we'd only had like 1/2 hour sleep!!! ha!!!

So guess you're all wondering where actually been and what'll take way toooooooo to describe in detail each place (and we know Sara stuggles in saying things in a condensed manner..oopsy!!) but i'll list where we travelled over the two weeks....Ok so started Sydney then went:
* Coffs Harbour
* Byron Bay (Ace!)
* Surfers Paradise (Awesome!!!!!)
* Brisbane (Great shopping and such a new and modern city..lush!)
* Farmstay in Toowoomba (one of favourite nights! - did barn dancing-haha!!!)
* Noosa (gorgeous..very expensive!)
* Fraser Island (Lake McKensie, fact is one of most beautiful places!)
* Rockhampton on the Capricorn Coast
* Airlie Beach (Party backpacker town, excellent!)
* Mackay (Sugar capital of OZ)
* Whitsundays (FAVOURITE PLACE ON EARTH!!!!! STUNNING!!!!!)..stayed on Long Island total PARADISE!!!!
* Townsville
* Tully
and finally CARINS!!!! (which is super nightlife!!!!) and for you uni people where i randomly bumped into Robbo on a drunken night in one of the clubs!!! ha..was fab!!!

And what have i done...well.. done:
* Surfing,
* Sea Kayaking (brilliant!),
* Fraser Island 4x4 whell drive adventure,
* Held a reall baby croc at a crocodile farm in Koorana,
* Camira Catermaran Day sail around Whitsundays (favourite day- free alcohol all day too!! Was totally beautiful!!! Whitsundays are just gosh so unbelieveable the colours are nothing like you can ever imagine!!!)
* White water rafting (Best adrenalin rush!!! SO much fun!!!)
* What else oh snorkelling um and i suppose drunk ridiculous amounts and sunbathed (yey!!!)!!! Just such a laugh!!!

Time of life!!! I have the best memories and feel well i suppose so alive at the moment is just great!!!
Flew back to Sydney on Sunday after my tour finished (which did cry about!! WOSS!!! hehe) am back with Rog and Liz Green which is so super as they are just like parents so it's nice to come and be comforted!

And yesterday so March 20th did the Sydney Harbour bridge climb!!! WAS FAB!!!! Got to see the whole of the city which was so spectacular! I just love it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok everyone well hope you are all well and i haven't sent you all to sleep!!! i'm still thinking of you all and miss you all!

Sare xxxxxxxxxxxxx :) :) :)

Friday, 03 March 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Day 30

Well today was my last full day in Melbourne!! :(
I can't believe how quickly my month here has flown!!!

I have had such an amazing time staying with Evelyn & the girls and meeting all the Aussie/ Irish relatives I have over here!
They are all so kind hearted and thoughtful, always concerned and thinking of other people..just all truly lovely!
I have so much enjoyed every single second of getting to know them all!
And so grateful and thankful to them for looking after me so fantastically during my stay here!!! Been tip top banana!!!! Don't think I would have experienced anyway near the things I have done if it hadn't been for them all being such excellent tour guides!!! :) :) :) Super! :) :) :)

OK..So what have I done today...Well...knout really except getting sorted again for my departure...This morning did more rubbish packing..(booo!)..have had to unzip another level on my case (oops) am dreading going to the airport and getting my luggage weighed..I have a limit of 20kg which is not good news as it weighed 25kg coming over here (doh) so lord only knows how much it weighs now??!!! Oh dear!!! haha!
Then this afternoon just been reading my book out in the sun as surely there is only so much packing a girl can do in one day!??!! Blimey!

Tomorrow am planning on going to Queen Vic Market for the very last time with Bridgey baby..before head off to the Airport to catch my 6.30pm flight to Sydney, where will arrive an hour later!! Woohoo! Can't wait to see and experience Sydney and compare it to the beloved Melbourne!
It seems that there is a complete divide, from the people I’ve spoken to, with regard to which of the two cities is the general favourite..I actually read in a book that I got here where the story was based in Oz that Sydney is like Melbourne's older sister…. bigger and a lot busier! So will have to wait and see which one I personally prefer!?!????

Am extremely fortunate I suppose that my parents are the ultimate social it means that they have lots of friends and contacts dotted all over the world...A couple of there good friends (Liz and Roger Green) emigrated over to Sydney when I was younger...and they have incredibly kindly said that I can stay with them in Sydney on Saturday night and they'll then so kindly take me to the meeting point for my tour at 7.30am on Sunday. (woowoooooo!!)
And (!!!) they have also said that I can again stay with them for the five days I’m back in Sydney (after my tour to Cairns) before I head to New Zealand!! AM a very lucky bunny indeed!
I have spoken to both Liz and Roger on the phone and they both sound completely wonderful so i'm sure will get on great and am really excited to meet them both!!! Yay!

Ok everyone well this is me over and out..I will try and keep you updated as often as I can of what i'm up to although will warn you that it probably won't be as regular as has been during my stay in Melbourne..but keep checking the website as i'll keep a written journal and post all what been up to whenever I hit a tiniternet cafe!

Just want to say a quick THANK YOU to everyone for all the messages and all the emails I’ve been receiving so far…. I really appreciate everyone making such an effort to keep in touch whilst I’m away :)!!! So please keep them all reading them all and hearing all the mischief from back home!!! Fab!!!

Ok well take care all, will be in contact again as soon as can!
Lots of love, the Aussie Explorer, Sare xxxxxx :) :) :)

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From Laura
Hello Potter

At the moment u'll probably be in the air!! but i got ur message...didnt even realise u'd written on my page, was sooo sweet when i found it. still havent read the page u wrote in my diary - i know i'll probably cry so am leaving it till later!! i seriously have had the best time ever travelling in NZ with u, you really are an absolute sweetie pie and i love u millions! am missing u (and ur big orange crunchy things) soooo much already but very happy for u to be going home to urs and ur mums bday (happy bday sara's mum)!! i'm just sad me and the kiwi bus wont be there for it!! imagine if u'd had it on the bus.....crazy!!
anyway very glad i came to see u off today even if it was a little traumatic and sad!!
will speak to u very soon

take care chickety and have a very happy birthday on 19th!!
so glad we met - def meant to be!!

lots of love
laura xxxxx
From sade
hey mate, cant believe youre back in a day. thats insane. time just flies hey? well, im working on getting as much work done as poss so i can make it on fri... should be ok, but i'll need to be back in diff early sat too... deadlines all next week!! worst!! but really really looking forward to seeing you and hearing all your stories... will be VERy jealous if you have a tan though... tone it down for us whities hey??? cheers. see you on FRIDAY!!! love sades xxxxxxxxx
From Vicky
Hey Sar! In Seattle now - its amazing here! so lovely and gorgeous! wowowowow just cant waitr to show you pictures!! See you when you get back! xxx
Response: OOHh cant wait to SEE the photos!!! wooo!!! We'll have to have big photo session one evening!!! YAY!!! Seriously can't wait to see you sweetie!!! HOW EXCITING!!! Well flying out tomorrow morning so will text you when home tue!!!! :) :) :) MUCH LOVE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
From Rich Hill
Ahhhhhhhh Poo got my weeks mixed up again ha ha. Hope you have had an awesome time anywho's and i'm looking forward to seeing you soon. When you see what my pressie is you will realise how much you need it in your life trust me but Sssssssssssh its a secret ha ha.
Later Babe Xxxxxx
Response: Hehehe!!! you crack me up Hilly!!!! Yey am flying home tomorrow!! woowooo!!! Will give you a text next week buck-a-roo!!! Hooray, muchos love XXXX
From Rich Hill
Hi Sare Bear,
Hope you have a safe trip back tommorrow and i'm looking forward to hearing about all of your mad adventure that I am sure you have been getting into. Also happy birthday for Wednesday and i'll try and remember to give you a bell. Choi for now seniorita, wow have I got a mega good birthday pressie for you woooooooo hooooooooo how exiting.
Rich Xxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hilly you legend thank you for the message!!! :):)

Actually not flying until 17th (next mon) so still got less than week here!!! woooo!!! But thank you and bless you with the present OMG Rich you totally didn't have to get me anything! How much a legend are you!! Yay so excited about my bday next wed, am such a kid, hehe!!! Ok treacle!!!
Take it easy will see you very soon!!! wooowooo!!!
Lots of love, Sare Bear xxxxx
From Vickster
Hey Sara! Well hope your still doing ok over there! Just a quick note to say enjoy the rest of your stay - I am off tomorrow to Seattle and get back on Friday 21st April! So I guess I will be seeing you that weekend at some point! Have a fab time and really enjoy your last couple of weeks - really looking forward to seeing you !! Love Vickster xxx
Response: VICKSTER!!!!

You're in Seattle now but thank you so much for message!!! Let me know as SOON as you're back in the UK and we'll meet up!!! wooowoooo!!! Ok darling love you lots and lots and lots!!! send my love to Amy !!!!!! Love always Sare xxxxxxxxxxx
From Agatha
OMG that is so weird to see pictures of Laura in your photos section!! So glad you two met - small world - fate?!!? xxx
Response: OMG literally, could NOT believe that both knew you!!! You know all those conversations we had about fate during Barclays etc, well after meeting Laura and her knowing you i think if possible i'm now an EVEN stronger believer than before!!!! Literally we could not believe JUST HOW small a world it is!!! But it's just sooo exciting that you're both friends as i honestly think you are both fantastic..and just makes so much sense that you're both friends..i just can't wait for the mass get together!!! OMG will be awesome!!!
Ok chick well hope you've had a fabulous time on hol?? I'll text you when i'm home :)
Lots of love and hugs xxxxxx
From Lolly
Hey beary!!
Just this minute got ur text and those plans sound perfecto-im gonna get on the email case 2mrw and let all the gilrles know!! I think that actually works pretty well as i know suze had to get back to london for the sat!!
Cant wait to hear from u when ur back in the good old uk!!
Response: Sweet thanks for letting all the girls know and everything babes!! Yey..just got your email tooo!!! Ooohhh SOOOOO excited to see you!!! Can't believe it's less than a week now that i'm home..crazy daisys!!!! Am so sad to stop traveling as fully am so excited about seeing all family and home peeps again!!! YAY!!!!!!! :):):)
Well my darling, if don't hear from you in week, have a super duper one and i'll talk to you when i'm back in the UK next tue!!! ahhhhh!!! woooo!!!! Ok love you!!! xxxxx
From liz
hi Good to hear you are enjoying N.Z.We loved having you to stay,you must get the oldies to come over.We are off to a polo match on Sun. with R&Rob.No chickens about Ihope!Beautiful day here,the first nip in the air this morning,autumn is on the way.We have finished all the painting,whoopy!!! so can now put carpets down.Heidi cut here foot,so had to stap it up,and the new game now is to see how quickly they can get it off.The quickest is 4 mins.
enjoy life love liz &rogxxxxxxx
Response: LIZ and ROGER!!!! :) :) :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE MESSAGE!!! :) :) :) and again thank you SO much for having me...truly loved my stay with you really did!!!!!!!!!
Great to hear your both well and the paintings all done and dusted..woowooo!!! OOh how exciting that its all full steam ahead on completion..can't wait to see it when its done!
I have been talking to more and more people and think you may be seeing me in Sept for definite as think really going to go for it and come and work/live in Sydney for a year.. as just loved it so much and can't see what i have to loose, so YAY, very excited :) ..and will prompt mum and dad to come over so even better :) ...Most excited about seeing Roger's Ye Old personal Pub!! Have told so many people about that.. love it!!!

Oh because limited days haven't had the chance to get to Te Anau to see Sam which is such a shame as would have loved to of met her as she's bound to be ultimately scrummy as Jo, you and Roger, but hopefully will get chance to meet her when next over!!
Well thanks again... for everything!!!!
Will hopefully hear from you again soon :)
Send my love to the dogs and all the Glenorie gang!
Lots of love, hugs and kisses, Sara xxxxxxxxxx :)
From Lolly
Hey Sares!!
How u doing? Cant believe we're gonna be seeing u in 3weeks!! Thats so scary! Making me feel better tho that a few months can go that quickly-hope the next two do the same!!
Me and Faye r off to longon on sat-meeting up with suze, fell, fry, diggs etc etc so really looking forward to that!!
Ill let u know of any goss on my return!!
Also-have u read suzies email about spain yet? so hope ur gonna be able to make it!! Think me and faye r in so far so lets notch up that number!!
Spk soon
Response: LOLLY POP!!!
2 weeks to go..ahhhhhhh!!! CANT BELIEVE HOW QUICKLY GONE!!! so bizzarre!! SO sad to finish traveling LOVE IT!!! BUT am SOOOOO excited about seeing you girlies and partying at mine when back, yey, actually almost dancing on my chair thinking about it!!! woooowoooo!!!!!!
Yeah read email about Spain will have to checkeo out dates a rooney when i'm back etc as got a few other hols but sounds top banana though!! :)
Hokay right going to read you other message and find out goss from Londonia!!! woowooo!!! LOVE YOU xxxx
From Scott / DOTTTT!!!!
AHHH POTTTT!What a hero!How u doin???How's things babe?Soo glad ur having an awesome time- NOT JEALOUS AND GAUGEING MY EYES OUT AT WORK AT ALL!!!U trooper-bet you don't come home!Sorry been tres lame on the communication muchos apologies!Not much is new with me, been to few banking interviews and am currently staring at my phone waiting to hear back from one realy want but hearing all you're stories realy am wondering whether i should start in sept or not?Apart from that london's cool, and if you are up for working down here i've got first dibs on sharing a flat with yourself!Gfriend is starting to do my nut in so eyes are beginning to wonder,woops!oh just had some fun- went onto some other girl called sara's page and posted a message saying "last tuesday was amazing hope your bum's not too sore!" and then a follow on one saying "oh my god soo sorry didnt realise the message would be public!" hohoho! Considered doing same to you but then saw that your mum was using this so thought best not! But anyway bub take care of yourself, sooo jealous and miss you soo much u big tartlet!!!

Lots and lots of love,

Response: DOT!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! HELLLOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WOooowoooo!!! You finally found the page!!! YAY!!!!! SO great hearing from you!!! You're so funny, been in fits in the old computer room, think the fact that still little bit drunken from last night hasn't helped as actually almost crying of laughing so getting quite a few odd looks from fellow backpackers around but ho hum, hahaha!!!!
So you still at Disney? Hows it all going? Send my love to Mike and Debs, hope those two crazy bunnis are well?!!!! :)
So whats the situationo with GF then? Can't believe you've lasted whole time been away..good on you Dot!!! Record??!!! hahaha!!!!
Now chappy all about my house weekend 21st when back? In/ out shaking it all about?!!! Thinking reunion last year team? Yep all about it!!! WOOOO!!! Hope your free!!!!
Right spoodula, letter me knowa whata your verdict!!!
Tres looking forward to seeing you!!!!
Keep it real (thought would add in a bit of surfer language because i'm such a aussie wannabe!! haha!!!!)
MUCHOS LOVE, Potsey xxxxx
From sades
gosh, just caught up on everything!! mate, the continki tour sounds amazing!! so jealous right now, here in rainy cardiff, studying my ass off!! got a couple interviews in london next week, assessment day - oh no!! very scared. have to prepare a presentation and everything!! yikes!! thinkin if i get it i'll move to london, save for a couple yrs, get good experience n that... if not i'll work from home for a wee while, until i have enough to go away!! hate thinking about the future!! aaaaaaaaa.

oh and im doing a work placement this summer, pr for topshop/miss selfridge!! wayhay!!

seriously cant wait for summer though, im soooooo over the rain, and all this hard work is beginning to take its toll... and i havent even started my 20,000 dissertation yet, oh god.

well, enough of me, fill me in mate! sounds like you really are having a great time, and whats the deal with the guy? gonna see him again? and working out there hey? a permanent move????

and whats all this 'meaning of life' talk about hey?? you only just clocked on that money isnt everything??? hehe, try telling that to glodigga lolly!!!(sorry lols, but true!!)

no real news this end im afraid, still work work work for me, i will spare you!! cant believe youre back in a few weeks, mental!!

well, better get back to grafting!!miss ya!,

love u dude. sadesxxx
Response: Me again :)
How'd the interviews go babe??!! So you're going to turn into another Londoner from the uni crew, man loosing everyone there, but good i suppose as means visiting people is easy :)
And a work placement, Sade you've really got it going on!! Wow, tres impressed!!!! Where is the placement?

Ahh am having best time here Sade, i have met SO many super people..and yes included my chap Dan, oh he was just, well perfect match for me, sucky that oh he just travels ALL round oz all the time so not really ideal but keep in touch so who knows, just let fate takes its toll!! And meaning of life malarkey, you know i love the Deep and meaningfuls, but i thik just being out here has dunoo know sound weird but kinda made me feel more alive! Just love it, so yeah thats why kinda thinking why not move out here for good?! All depends if can get a marketing job in Sydney, but fingers crossed!!
Anyway, can't wait to have super duperly large catch up when back!! YAY!!! Can't WAIT to see yoU!!!!!! woooowooooo!!!
Well good luck with all the work babe!! Keep up all the good work!!!!
Love you so much, speak and SEE you soon!!! YAY!!!Sare Bear xxxxx
From sades
hey mate,

sorry this is gonna be short, but will defo keep that weekend free. notched another 1st on some coursework... check me out!! proper geek!!

anyway, glad to hear youre having such an ace time, and whos this lover lover ey ey ey???

sades xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Fab bring on party weekend!!! whoop wooo!!!
And sweetie am so proud..a first!! Sade that is AWSOME..well done chick!!! :)
Right going to reply to your other message now, yay :) xxxx
From Katie
Sar! How the hell are you? I am so utterly jealous of all this fun stuff you seem to be doing and cannot wait to see these pictures of this lover of yours. hehe dad and i went to st andrews on wednesday and i have definitely decided that thats where im spending the next 4 years of my life!!! yey im so mega excited. I hope NZ is fab aswell because im thinking you will have a totally different experience to what you have had in Australia. Anyway sars i am missing you lots and am really happy that you seem to be loving it there. Now unfortunately i am not going to be home when you get back as I am going to Paris :S but i will be back on the 22nd April so we can have a big catch up!
Lots of love and hugs,
Response: Peanut!!!
Wohooo!! how you doing? Jolly hearing from good to hear all is still shining with you!! And think St Andrews is an EXCELLANTE decision!!! wooo!!! Going to need a big jumper shop before you go tho!!! BBrrrr!!! But good choice..that will be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Having great time in diff from Oz (ie colder!!!!) but is BEAUITFUL and group im with is just super having SUCH a laugh!!!!! Love it!!! Good times!!! BUT can't believe your not going to be there when i get back or for my bday :(..oh well agrees mass catch up when you are back from frog land!! Alritey then babe, well shall hopefully hear from your wee self you loads, keep smiling!! Love Sare xxxxx
From Amy
Hellooo! Glad ur having a super time out there! I have been thinking similar to you whilst Ive been away too, life is too short to not live it exactly how you want to, so go for it! Just wondering, what were the names of the two things you wanted me to get, was one of them clean and clear morning glow with spf? Cant remember if there was something else? I'll get Vicky to bring it back home with her as she's coming to visit, she'll be back on the 20th April.

Keep up the good times! Amy xx
Response: Hello sweetpea!! Totally agree that life is too short!!! Thats why totally trying to make the most out of my trip and so far loving every single minute!!!
Yeah don't worry so much about the moisturiser hun as managed to get some out here in the end, funny some are SPF 15 and others aren't anyways the other thing was a 50+ Hawaiian Tropics, oil free sun stick (is white small flat rectangular jobby kinda thing) for my nose etc..if you could get that that would be super duper!! thanks babe!! Hope you and vic have a wonderful time together!!
Keep living the dream lovely!!
Lots of love, Sare xxxxx
From Vicky
By the way Sare! wow you missed the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne! Were you not tempted to stay and see a bit of them? Oh well you both looked like a nice couple anyhow hehe xx
Response: Yeah i know, planned my dates so would miss the Common Wealth games, and so glad did as the city was starting to get chocker blocker when i was leaving and they were cancelling public transport etc so wanted to avoid all the mayhem! So what date you off to America darling?! Bet your tres excited!! Make sure you make the most of it and do make sure you send my love to Ames! Hope you had an awesome weekend for Claire bday, shall look forward to hearing all the goss??!
Ok treacle, love you loads, big hugs, Sares xxxxx
From Rich Hill
Sound like you are having a mint time babe missing you millions and everyone says ahoy at planet eon. We have got the Friday club back in swing so we will have a mega one when you get back love. We went on a team building thingy to Stratford on Tuesday and now we are never allowed in the Alverston Manor hotel again whooooooops had a very rough day yesterday planting trees ha ha beautiful ha ha. Take care Love
Rich Xxxxxxxxxx
Response: Wooo!!! Rich :)

Yeah having the toppest of times thanks babes!! Totally fantastic over here, really do love it!!!
HA! Can't believe you all are banned from the Alverson Manor, haha, certainly sounds like a good night!!! Well keep up the good work my dear!! Give the Friday club some extra loving from me :)
Lots of love, Sara xxx
From Vicky
Hello Sarah . . .you cheeky monkey is that your romance with you in the prange / red top? xx
Response: No haven't got a good one of Dan and I as we had to be on the sly, the one in the pinky red top is my uni friend Robbo! My friend Soozie took loads of me and Dan when we were not so much with the group so she said she's going to email them to me so i'll post them on when i get them!! :) Hope you have a super day at work sweetpea, send my love to all the crew!!! Muchos love, Sares xxxxxxxxxxxx
From Mum
Can't believe what a fab time you're having--go for it Sare!!!!Just to let you know all messages are displayed!!!!! Have good flight to N.Z. Love to Liz and Rog and a huge thankyou for looking after you so well, just don't believe a word they say!!!!!!!!!!! All great here Love and miss you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Thanks for message mumsy..i'll let you know when i get to NZ so you know got there safely!!!! Been enquiring today about living and working here and think i really am going to go for it!! Seems just to good an opportunity to miss!!! Just been round to a couple of Liz and Rogers house for a 'drink' well got there at 4 and now 8.30pm haha!! good fun!!! Well will speak to you when in kiwi country..Love you!!!! xxxxx
From suzie
Hey Sara,
Oh my God hun you are bringing back so many memories of my gap year!!! I am so glad u r having such a fab time and I so want to go back to Australia and am actually looking at flights at the moment for Xmas time.
You are right travelling does make u look at stuff in a different light.
Have a great time in NZ!!
I've got Faye and Lols (and maybe Sade's) staying next weekend and I can't wait to see them. We r also hopefully meeting up with Fry, etc and I bumped into Jez (and Henry!) in Infernos last weekend!
Anyway missing u lots, take care of yourself.

Lots of love, Suze

ps How are you going on the checklist??!! I expect everything to be completed b4 your return?!
Response: Suzie Flooz!
Helllooo chica!! Tell you what OMG suze when you said it was great over here, just didn't realise just HOW great is really is! I'm even (now this is all a bit up in air) but am kinda thinking about perhapsy working over here for a year??..this is just totally my kind of place and spoken to a couple of people and found out that the marketing job opps are fantastic here in Sydney so i think i'm seriously going to consider it when i get home, but don't know whether thats too much of a dream yet, but the more i'm talking to people the more it seems workable..especially as i know people here in Sydney (lovely Liz and Rog who i'm staying with) and all there sons and daughetrs are over here who could help me out!?! But anyway, we'll see about that! Not sure if feesible really! But good to dream ey!
Thats great that you have the girls staying! Oh please have a drink for me :) Can't wait to catch up with you lovelies on my return! And send my love to the by Henry do you mean 'our' course Henry (hehe!)?? OMG if it is HOW funny!!!

Checklist going well! Will have to count up in a bit but think doing superly :) Must say though def did not dig the Bundy and coke! I'm def more of a white rum girl..Barcardi all the way for me!! woowooooo!!! hehe!!!
Well sweetie pie, miss you lots too! Can't wait to hear from you again soon,
Lots of love and kisses! Sares xxxxx
From Fryboy
Potter its fryboy, sounds like your having an awesome time and even a few romances i hear. gotta be quick cos im at work but just wanted to wish you the best and look forward to seeing you soon. love dave xxx
Response: FRYBOY!!!
OMG fantastic hearing from you..too long time no speak!!!
How things with you treacle? Hope all still well!!???!!
Happy belated birthday for the 10th my love..did try texting but it wouldn't send as it said your number was out of use?? If get a spare momento will you mail me your mob num (email: Hope you had the most superest of days my old saturday night pi$$ partner!!!!! :) And the bday was one to remember!
Hope life is treating you Excellently!
Will most definitely have to catch up when i'm back my dear!
All the best!
Lots of Love, Potter xxx :)
From Lolly
Hey Sarey!!!
Oh my god-sounds like u had the best time ever-making me even more jealous than before!! Cant believe u bumped into Robbo too, thats so weird seeing as what a big place oz is-fate i gues!!
Also-y did we not get more details about this guy?!! Im waiting here with baited breath!! We want deets!!
Mat is off on his travels on monday so spending alot of time with him this week-really gotta get my butt into gear and go travelling myself-cant keep hearing about everyone elses amazing experiences its gonna kill me!!!
Well my love-looking forward to catching up in april, ive written u an email so will kepp this brief!
Loads of love
Response: Hello my darling!
Oh truly am having best time lols! OZ just suits me down to the ground..def is my ideal country!!!! Can't believe i'm leaving it on fri..booo..but am tres excited about going to NZ as heard it bewdieful!!! Altho tad disheartened that it's there autumn over there so means i'm going to loose my tan!! DOH!! Oh well ho humidge!! Shizer happens! hehe!
I know honestly was SO crazy bumping into Robbo..madness..he wasn't even supposed to be there in Cairns and the fact he was in the same club at the same time was just unbelievable!! Was SUPER and so awesome to see him!
Well my guy..didn't want to post too many details on the webpage as all eyes can see it but yeah had a full on romance..was just fantastic..His name's Dan (24) but was a bit scandelous as he was my tour guide! And they have rules about getting involved with tour passengers (i.e. NOT ALLOWED!), but we totally just 'clicked' big time from the very first second as he had same banter as me and is just soooo cute!.. and the fact that we had to keep us a secret just added to the excitement!!
Was so sad to leave him on sat though when tour ended, but luckily haven't been on my own (as always people around) and because always busy and doing so many fun things been easy to try keep mind off it!! He was supposed to be coming to Sydney yest to spend time with me but because of the Cyclones his planes been looks like it's down to fate with what happens but i'm so happy that i met and had the time i did with him as it was just phenomenal! Anyways..where's Mat off too? Remember you mentioning before but not quite sure- Thailand is it?
Ah chick you completely have to go traveling truly is best thing! Def best decision i have ever made!
Well my sweets, going to go and read your email now see what goss is in there :)
Love you oodles! Sare Bear xxxxx
From Mum
Glad the tour was so successful- in more ways than one!!!!! Have booked your flight to Ireland- it had gone down to 0.99p to fly out!!! Had to book it before it went up again.When are you thinking of going back to Aus?Didn't Euan do well in the swimming? did you manage to catch it on T.V. Hope you have a great few days in Sydney love to Liz and Rog.Love and miss you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: 99p...wowser!!! THats FANTASTIC-OSO!!!! woowoo!!! Bring on Ireland!!!! YEY!!! Not sure when planning to come back here..thinking maybe sept if i can get the money together but think will just make decisions on my future when i get home..i'll so confusing at mo!! Especailly as i was talking to Jo Green last night and she was saying that she has contacts for marketing jobs over here in Sydney so if ever wanted to come and work?????? But anyway won't scare you with that thought ey!!!
Climbed the sydney harbour bridge yest, was super!!! Oh mum you must come over!! Oh tell dad, Rog..haha, they're doing renovations on the house at the mo (which by the way is GORGEOUS) and they're converting all their basement into an English pub, with bar, pool table, flat wide screen tv!! haha!! HOW COOL ey!!! Going to be finished in a month!!! Sounds super!! ANd they said as they're now doing this BnB honestly they have soooo many rooms(really lovely all with own bathrooms too) we could all stay over here easily!! They're desperate to see you two!! Anyway, i'll try give you a call tonight perhaps?? As want to discuss some funny stories i've heard about about you drinking a barrel of wine from under the table??!!! ha!!! Ok well love you!! Send my love to Dad and katie!! Oh and tell Katie sorry didn't reply to her message, but thank you very much for it :)
Love you xxxxxxxxxx
Hi Chicken!!

Hope you are enjoying your tour and got on well with Liz and Roger. It has been snowing on the M42 & M1 to Nottingham and back to Solihull on and off the last few days, lovin it!!

I saw that Kath and Kim programe a few weeks a go that Vicky was writing about, funnyish but not as good as our humour.

Keep safe. Nick x
Response: Hellloooo Nicholas!!!

Haha!! Thankyou for the three messages treacle!! hehe!!! Can't believe it's snowing back home! Madness! Well surely must be warming up a bit now???? Ah i'll try send some sunshine over to you guys, certainly plenty over here!!
Ha, kath and kim made even funnier when it's explained to you by an's like showing an american little britain, they don't truly get it or understand if they don't know the steretype they're mimicking etc! I'll explain it to you when i'm back!

Well hope the eon banter is still flowing nicely!!
Speak soon :)
Sara xxx
From vic
hye you hear your having a fab time! im off to the states a month today cant belive it! then you will be back when i get back !! anyway let me know how your gettning on! went to see the x factor on saturday night which was really good!! xx
Response: VICKSTER!

Hey babes! Yeah forgot you're off to the states, oh you will have a wonderful long you going for?? You'll have to make sure you give amy a massive hug from me!! What date you back? Can't wait to go out for a drink with you!!!

Yeah having such an amazing time still over here! Just really really love it! Gorgeous/!

OMG HOW WAS XFACTOR??!! How funny!! Bet it was good??

How's all the Solihull Posse? hope all well..send all my love!!

Ok petal, well i'll look forward to hearing from you again soon...thanks for your texts as well vix you're such a little legend, and your guardian angel keyring has been keeping me safe so thank you :)
Ok love, much love, hugs and kisses!! xxxxxx