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My big adventure to New Zealand!

Hiya, Sarah here, just writing this wee into in case people didnt know where i was going etc. Wel New Zealand is my destination and hopefully i will be there for a year working on various dairy farms and seeing a bit of the country as well. will keep you all posted.

Diary Entries

Saturday, 02 February 2008

Location: morrinsville waikato, New Zealand

i have no idea when the last time i updated this was, i cld check but i cant b arsed....wel there is currently a drought in new zealand i dont no if u no? its not rained here since about november that i can remember. there is no grass at all what there is is cripsy, crunchy brown stuff!!!!

currently we are milkin one herd once a day and the other still twice a day but not for much longer, had a herd test the other day so have got rid of all the high scc cows and the 3 teaters are goin soon as well. cows were pd'ed on wed and there was only 2 empty cows so thats not bad.

some people have dried the cows off already and others are doin 18 hr or three times in two days milkins, when we put the wee herd onto oad the milk fell by about 3000l!!!!

cows bein fed out maize silage in the paddocks just now and calves to go on silage shortly.

right thats the work bit done, socially i havnt done much as usual tho i did go swimmin in the waikato river a few times with eric (the longest widest river in new zealand that is as deep at some points as it is wide!!!) weather has been hot round about 30 degrees c most days, i am gettin quite a good tan and my hair is all blonde!!! woohoo!!

had a wee party here for my 21st which was v nice of brenda and steve, it was just a small gathering of my new zealand family, brenda, steve, kate, lucy, eric, kat, jack, jono and philippa and i think every1 thourougly enjoyed themselves. i got a sleep in that mornin cos i got drunk the night b4!!! not as much as i did at my 18th tho!!!!

went to hamilton one night with eric and james and when to the outback, drinks are so cheap over here!!!! cocktails were $5 thats like less than 2 quid so i had a couple sex on the beaches and my peach schnapps and lemonade was $4.50, i mean how cheap is that!!!!had a fairly good night tho we headed bak home early cos james gf came for us.

went to hamilton one night with jono and philippa as wel, went to a karaoke place...and no i most definatly did not sing but had a few drinks a good laugh and game of air hockey b4 we came home.

was invited to erics tonight for a piss up and bbq but so cant b arsed, its 730 and im ready for bed!!!! brenda has been callin me nana cos i went to bed at 8 last nite!!!

anyway think thats about it tho i mite say what i said on bebp as well just in case any1 that loves me reads this!!!!

i am feeling sad, unloved deprived of sleep (after my birthday the doc thot my drink had been spiked cos i was high for a week and didnt sleep at all!!!) sex and decent chocolate...u can only help in one of these situations-send galaxy to me..po box 248 matamata, new zealand!!!!


Sunday, 30 December 2007

Location: morrinsville, waikato, New Zealand

decided it wa about time for an update...but just a quick one as am knackered and need to go to bed, its wel past my bedtime.....its 630pm!!!!think the sun is makin me sleepy, weather has been pretty good recently tho it rained on christmas day-made me feel at home. christmas was good, i got loads of presents from mum and other ppl so thank u any1 hu sent me a present!much appreciated-mum gave me waterproof socks which are pretty cool!not much been happinin cept i happy htat i bak home in morrinsville and happy workin away tho we start fairly early i up at 345 to get hte cows at 4 start milkin at 430 but mind u we finish early finished tonight at 5. was v hot today so i ended up in my swimmin stuff!!! i put it on with shorts then i said i was hot so eric hosed me and then i was all wet so i finshed milkin in just my swimmin costume and no gumboots had a water fight at the end best milkin av ever had!!!!

went to erics 20th birthday party and ended up showin off that i cld do shots and funnels better than the boys (i could) but i ended up a bit rough and eric and his friend john had to take me home cos i cldnt drive the motorbike!!! the next mornin i slept thru the alarm and jono fonin me twice and eventually came round at 6!!!! jono had milked hte 1st herd himself!! i felt so guilty but he wasnt 2 bothered.. then i threw up when i moved the calves, it was all the bumpin about on the bike that did it!! felt fine by that evening tho.

at jono and philippas for a party at new year but i dont think i will drink as much as i did at erics!! i had a bottle of baileys, a wee bottle of whisky and eric sat on me and poured vodka down my throat! thats what made me ill!!! never mind, what i rememebr was good.

hope u all had a merry christmas and have a happy new year.


Friday, 14 December 2007

Location: morrinsville waikato, New Zealand

bak in good old morrinsville, not much happening tho milkin is earlier here than it used to be!!! we startin at aboiut 430, i was lookin 4wards to milkin bein later than tokoroa, no such luck!!!

every1 seems to gbe in good spirits and pleased to have me bak including dogs cats horses and no 52!!! cant get rid of dogs or cats they followin me about, sure the horses wld too if htey werent in a stable!! no 52 was dead funny this mornin she came up2 me in the paddock when i was gettin the cows in and i gave her a scratch and then she was groomin me like a horse does!!then she followd me round the paddock and helped me round up hte pther cvows and watched me take the fence down then walked up to the shed bside me!!!it was so cute, she is deffo my fave cow ever (sorry no 55 RIP) and no 106 with no tag, i still love u 2! (at least i think its 106?or is it 206? )

a bit annoyed at my laptop, bought somw dvds shrek the 3rd, love actually, oceans 13 in case u wondered but the laptop either plays them with picture and no sound or sound and no picture!its v irritating.

nearly christmas!!woohoo, thank u 2 any1 hu sent me a parcel!!!they are much appreciated and the boss at marvin says i am the staff member hu has recieved the most pacels from overseas ever!!thank u mum!

b good 4 santa every1 xx

Friday, 07 December 2007

Location: tokoroa, New Zealand

not much happenin reali, just been workin tho yesterday 2 irish boys thomas and andrew came to teh farm and ended up stayin the nite and working they were nice guys asked 100z of questions tho! the boys sister had worked for mary ann and adolf b4 so thats y they came a visit. went out for dinner last nite to tokoroas working mens club tho there were no men there!had very nice chicken fettucine and then ice cream, weather has taken a turn for the worse!!! or better in terms of grass needin water! and has been quite wet, not as wet as at home but i no like it!!!had to wear my waterproofs the other day!very sleepy just now and slightly pissed off cos i milked this mornin then moved the fat cows after breakfast and did the weeds and took the fence posts out a fence then was in at about 11 and waited for the boys and had lunch then i thot i had summat else to do but adolf disappeared and never left me anythin now at 2 he came bak an went to bed if i had known i had nothin to do i wld have gone for a sleep as well!

anyway, write more later


ps only got message from my mummy, does no1 else love me?!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

do me a favour, if u come on here then leave me a message cause i think that the counter thing goes up when i come on to edit it so i dunno if ppl r actually lookin at this so there is no point in me puttin pics etc on if no1 reads or looks at them!!!!


Monday, 26 November 2007

Location: tokoroa, New Zealand

not much news at a new place, its just on the edge of tokoroa so i like bein close enough to town to get chocolate when i need it! farm here has about 300 cows and a 28 a side parlour, its older ppl hu hav this and htey hav no workers so i kinda myself. but i found belly dancin classes so decided to go to them they r ok not as good as at home but oh well. had a disasterous 1st week here!i ran over adolfs torch the 1st day i went for hte cows and on my 3rd day i think i rolled the quad bike on a hill i reali shudnt have gone along but oh well, wont b doin that again. i hav taken to wallkin everywhere instead. was rather painfull tho cos the bike landed on me, i had a headache for 2 days after and yesterday was the 1st day my back didnt hurt!!!

have been doin a lot of choppin wood and splittin logs etc here, i think they wanted a lumberjack not a milker and i hav mucked out calf pens by hand!!!my god no tractor!anyway i did it all fine tho i cldnt stand up straight cos my bak was sore but i never said since it was my fault i hurt it!

weather gettin good here, past week it has steadily gone up from 24-26 today, bring on summer!mind u this isnt warm yet so am told!!it will get to about 36!!il die, was reali hot the other day and a cowwas nearly in the pit, it started walkin down the steps cos it was so hot outside on the yard!! cld do with a wee bit rain cos its not rained for a while wel we had 2mm the other nite but thats it. mite go to bed soon, up early tomorrow!!

ps john douglas-hav u lost ure fone? i tried to fone u a couple of times to give u a nz update but it keeps goin to voicemail.


Saturday, 17 November 2007

Location: tokoroa, south waikato, New Zealand

at yet another new farm, jst down the road from thelast place, its in tokoroa so i can get chocolate easily!!!`last place i had to drive for half an hr one way for hte stuff!!!

hav had a bad week, the ppl here probs think i am the mostuseless workier they hav ever had!! in no particular order this week i have:let the calves escape, gone ove on my ankle twice, fallen on my knees on the race, let a cow out b4 it was miked an drenched, left the car lights on all night so i hav a flat battery, fallen out of bed and last but not least i took the bike along a hill i reali shudnt have (i chopped and changed my mind aout this a few times, i even walked halfway and ten decided i wld b fine so went bk for the bike! lazy cow!) and along this slope i felt the bike begin to tip so tried to get to the uphill side to stop it but over went the bike, over went sarah then the bike was on my head s i pushed it off ans it bounced all teh way down the hil and landed in a muddy hole. after i came round lol i slid down the hill on my arse and got the bike out the hole. the handle bars wer twisted, the box ahd fallen off, the handbreak thing had broke and hte lights on the bike ldnt work. i managed to fix everything except the handle bars but iam not flavour of hte month as the bike now needs fixed apparently cos they cant drive t like that!!!well i can! hav had a sore head, neck and shoulder for the past 2 days but i suppose that is to b expected when a bikr landson ure head!!!

has any1 had a worse week that that?unfortunatley the week still has 2 days left!!


Friday, 09 November 2007

Location: atiamuri, New Zealand

At new farm now, i quite like it, its in somewhere beginning with an a and its near taupo, rotorua and tokoroa which wont mean anythin to any1 unless u no where i mean! its good here th ppl on the farm were away for a few days cos their son keely does racin (in cars) so i was myself here!! woohoo, was quite good a wee guy called davidcame and helped witht h mlkin so that was good. went to the irish pub in rotorua with keely and one of his friends one night...thats about the extent of my excitement so far.....oh except when i nearly killed mself by v almst coupin the bike!! oh dear, round here some of hte paddocks are quite hilly and i was sprayin weeds and went down this slope and my front left wheel went down a hole and the bak end of the bike wasup in the air and it was rockin like a seesaw, lke summat out of a movie, i clammbered onto the bak of the bike with my foot on the brake and i sat contemplating life fo a while wondering what i shud do!!! i decided just to go for it and leant right bak and let the brakes off and made it to the bottom of the hill intanct!! thank god!!!
john if u stil lookin on this then i have lots of ideas for u to make overton the best farm in the world and the most efficiently run!! u jus need me as farm manager!!! lol!

xx miss u all xxx

Sunday, 07 October 2007

Location: dunedin, New Zealand

Quick update tho not done mych. after leavin Picton we headed south along the coast to kaikuora, the coast was absolutly amazin!!!! the waves were huge and the sea turqouise on our left and massive mountains to the right. all along the coast there were seals lyin on the rocks. wanted to swim with dolphins at kaikuora cos not much else to do but sea was too rough so we couldnt. a wee dude in a blue ute reversed in2 our jucy!!!!!oh dear, luvkily not 2 bad hopefully the guys wont charge us2 much!!! left kaikoura and stopped a bit along hte road and made lunch and watched the waves and seals playin in the sea.

continued on our way drove for a good couple of hours and i saw a sign for a pub so we followed it! it was an old english style pub and we had a few drinks, we are v good for the new zealand economy!!!! then slept in our jucy in the carpark. got up early and drove to christchurch. stayed 2 nights in christchurch and went a wildlife cruise to c dolphins but they must have been on strike cos all we saw was seaweed!!! and v rare whitefinned penguins. after our cruise we went to a maori experience thing which was good, we got dinner and a tour as well. the maoris were scary!! they jumped out as us and shouted and stuff!!! we learnt how to do a traditional poi dance and the men learnt how todo the haka (i wanted to learn teh haka!!!)

yesterday we drove from christchurch to dunedin, thats where we are now, goin to go to a chocolate factory later. but we went tot he scottish shop here!!!! its so excitin!!! i bought stuff for takin bak home to morrinsville like IRN BRU, JAFFA CAKES, TEA CAKES,CARAMEL WAFERS and EDINBURGH ROCK!!! it was so good got 12 cans of bru and it cost me about 1.50 a can!!! it was $3.20 but i dont care!!!

hope u all well. i am!


Wednesday, 03 October 2007

Location: Piction South Island, New Zealand

God not written for ages!! sorry been far far to busy!!! So i wil try and update everything now!!!

finished work on tues the 25th was half sad cos i was leavin but also v v xcited cos we were goin an adventure!!! stayed in a motel in Matamata (hobbit village in lord of the rings) for 2 nights to recover from workin then drove bak to farm to drop of Henare (he is my red ford telstar, he was born in 1989 and i love him) he was called Harry then Henry then a combination Henarry and now henare which is maori for Henry. he is stayin at Philippa and jonos b&b while we travel. then we got the bus to auckland to collet the camper. its a lean, mean green machine!! its just a people carrier with no bak seats!!! this is our itinery so far

wed 26th- hot water beach on Coromandel Penisula
thurs 27th- Auckland pick up camper
fri 28th- Waitomo, black water raftin in glowworm caves
sat 29th- Rotorua, zorbing, agrodome, sheep show, bungy swing. luge.
sun 30th- Taupo, animal park, craters of the moon thermal park
mon 1st- Taupo- sky divin!!!! spa
tues 2nd- Wellington- Te Papa museum, ferry to Picton
wed 3rd- Picton-internet!!!

weve been very busy and drivin lots so we can have most of our day at teh place we are goin, headin to Kaikura today prob go whale watchin or summat, its right on teh coast so shud b pretty.


Sunday, 09 September 2007

Location: morrinsville waikato, New Zealand

another copy, sorry sorry but not enough news to rite 2 things!!

not been up2much as fairly busy, the boss and family are away skiing in queenstown just now and the farm manager jono is away a dirty weekend (wel thats what am assumin!) so its just me and eric on the farm, i think hte allocation of jobs is slightly unfair but hey ho at least am gettin wel paid for it!!! my typical day is like this
0430 up muck out and feed horses
0530 milk cows
0800 wash parlour
0830 feed bobby calves
0900 feed heifer calves
1000 breakfast
1030 excerise 2 ponies
1130 put pony out for grass change bandages on other
1200 make up haynets and feeds for horses
1230 exercise horse
1330 lunch
1400 feed bobby calves (just put milk in feeder)
1415 set up parlour
1430 milk cows
1630 wash parlour
1730 make sure calves have fed!!! if not tube them
1800 feed horses skip out beds
1830 feed dogs and cats
1845 shower
1900 feed self
1930 check horses lock dogs away
2000 SLEEP

erics day is like this

0500 get cows in
0530 milk cows
0800 wash pipeline
0830 shut cows in paddocks
0900 breakfast
1100 put up fences
1200 lunch
1400 get cows in
1430 milk cows
1630 wash pipeline
1700 lock cows away in paddocks
1730 go home
1800 dinner
1900 bed (i swear he does go 2 bed at 7!!)

anyway jono bak soon and hes a nice guy so he wil help me i hope!!! was reali fed up and actually finished early tonight!! its only 6 and av fed horses and dogs and cats so am ahead of schedule!!!

when i hav real news i wil rite but i got a cmera the otehr day so photos should b on way soon!!


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