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My Government Funded Adventure

Hello, family and friends, while I am on my journey, I will try to keep in touch through this diary. This is a great way to communicate and update everyone on what is going on in my life while away.

Diary Entries

Friday, 27 July 2012

Location: USA

Packing for my trip to London.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Location: Ravenna, USA

I am HOME! I returned last night after a trip to Detroit. Theresa and the kids are doing great. They have already tired me out. Sean

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Location: Norfolk, USA

I made it to the US. I have to wait until Tuesday to finish outprocessing. I then have to fly to Detroit where I have to check-into my Reserve Center. Sean

Thursday, 02 October 2008

Location: Kuwait

Well I am in one of the many camps in Kuwait. I am just waiting for our class to start up at Warrior Transition Program on Monday, and I should fly out sometime next week. The temp is a cool 104. I spend most of my day sleeping and watching movies at the MWR. Sean

Monday, 29 September 2008

Location: Bagram, Afghanistan

Well I have started my journey home. I am sitting here at the Pat Tillman USO in Bagram, just waiting to catch a flight to Kuwait. It shoulf be around 2 weeks before I get home. It has been an interesting adventure. Hopefully I have left Afghanistan a better place. Sean

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Well, my time here is coming towards an end. If everything goes right, I should be out of AFG in about 2 weeks. Then home 2 weeks after that. Take care! Sean

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Within the past two weeks, I have met the Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, Commandant of the Marine Corps, and Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy. A busy week. I am taking my last pass to Qatar in about a week. I hope that it will have cooled off to the low 100's. A couple of months and I should be home. Sean

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Theresa has been given me grief about not posting in a while. However, nothing much to tell, which is a good thing. I put in for my final pass to Qatar. No matter when I leave it will be very hot there. I think I am down to 82 days left in AFG. Sean

Friday, 18 July 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Well I made it back! It took me 5 days. I ended up spending 3 days in Kuwaut, with 115 degree heat and sandstorms.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Location: Ravenna, USA

Well I made it home. After spending three days in Kuwait at 115 in the shade, a 14 hour flight through seven times zones, a four hour lay over in Atlanta.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Location: Bagram, Afghanistan

I have statrted my journey home (for leave). I made it to Bagram this morning after an hour and a half convoy ride. I am just sitting here in Bagram waiting for a ride to Kuwait. The current temp in Kuwait is 111 degrees, while here in Bagran it is 93 degrees. Sean

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

The last couple of days have been busy. I was enrolled into the Combat Lifesaver Course (CLS). Volun-told vs. volunteered, though I would have gone anyway. Today I passed the most difficult part of the class. I had to insert an IV into another person, then turn around and be stuck. I was able to insert the needle w/ the catheter on my third try. A little difficult when the pressure is on, everyone is watching and the instructor is yelling that your battle-buddy is bleeding out hurry up. The first stick I barely missed the vein. The second stick, I hit the vein, but when I moved to take out the needle the catheter came out of the vein. On the third stick, I got it, inserted the saline lock, flushed the saline block and inserted the IV. Then it was my turn to be stuck. Unfortunately, I was also stuck three times. The first stick went through the vein; second, one barely missed the vein and he got it on the third try. Some people had to be stuck six times. =:( Now all I have to do is complete the written exam to get my certificate.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Starting to warm up over here. 103 right now, supposed to get up to 107 today. Good thing I work in an air-conditioned building. A little over a week to go. Caley is supposed to get her cast off very soon. She was upset because it is coming off before I get home. Colin and Caley are enjoying summer camp. Patrick is doing great, just running around. Sean

Monday, 09 June 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Steve was kind enough to send me a funny video from home, more for Steve's comments than what people said. Ang, how much are you going to pay me not to post your clip on YOUTUBE? On the other hand, I could sell it to some fetish porn website that specializes in pregnant chicks. I should be home soon. Sean

Sunday, 01 June 2008

Today I was promoted to Lieutenant. I have enclosed some pictures. We had a great ceremony out at Bela Hissar. We then walked around and enjoyed the view. Caley is supposed to get her cast on Tuesday. She was telling me that she wants a pink cast. Theresa, Colin and Patrick are doing fine. A couple more weeks and I will be home for leave. Sean

Friday, 30 May 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

News from the home front. Caley was running around the playground, fell, and broke her arm. Theresa took her to ER and had x-rays taken. She has to make an appointment in a couple of days to have a cast put on her at Akron Children’s Hospital. I talked with Caley this morning and she seems to be doing OK. Poor Theresa has spent more time at the Hospital and Dr’s in the past 6 months then the last 10 years.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Starting to get warm here. 91 today, 95 tomorrow. I was able to get out today and went to Kabul Military Training Center (KMTC), just outside Kabul. We also had to stop off at Camp Phoenix for a couple of things. I was able to eat at the Pizza Hut there and had a Dairy Queen Blizzard. I will probably be paying for that for a couple of days, but it was worth it. Sean

Monday, 19 May 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Nothing new going on here. Patrick was supposed to have tubes in his ears, but when he showed up for the surgery, he had a cold, so the Dr. cancelled it. Still planning to be home end of June. I am on the downhill side of this deployment, I am over 50% done. Colin and Caley are doing great. They are both looking forward to summer camp. Colin just has a couple more weeks of school, then he will be done with first grade, and Caley will be starting kindergarten this fall. WOW!

Wednesday, 07 May 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Nothing new here. Still just working long hours, but it goes by very quickly, especially when you work with a bunch of jokesters. The weather has been nice (upper 70’s). Theresa and the kids are doing fine. They are looking forward to summer camp. I should be home for Colin’s B-Day (July 3rd) I had to think so second, he will be 7. WOW!!! Sean

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Well, I have had a couple of very long days, but I am now back to a somewhat normal schedule. I did not go to the parade, but a couple of people from my work did. (Fun Times) They sent me some of their pictures. I will try to post them later. Otherwise, life goes on here at Camp Eggers. Looking forward to my leave in June. Patrick has to get tubes in his ears, so that is another thing Theresa has to worry about. (more trips to the hospital and Dr’s appointments) Almost half way through, next week I should hit the 50% mark, and be home sometime end of Oct beginning of November. Sean

Monday, 14 April 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Well, I am back into swing of things after my mini vacation. Nothing has changed here, still working long hours. Theresa has the kids in ice skating lessons. Patrick will have to have tubes placed in his ears. Patrick was sick, then Colin, Caley and Theresa in that order last week. Colin wa upset that his horse "Spirit" did not win at the Church's Night at the Races. I am planning on taking leave the end of June. It should take me about two to three days to get home once I leave Kabul. I will try to write more often. Sean

Wednesday, 02 April 2008

Location: Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar

I made it back from my little trip to Qatar. I had a great time. I spent a night in Bagram and was able to see Jeff Greene. He was kind enough to let me sleep on his couch. Once in Qatar, I went on a couple of the excursions throughout the city. I went on a Dhow cruise, went swimming in the Persian Gulf, and had dinner at an Iranian restaurant, though they served mostly Indian food, smoked a hookah pipe (grape flavored) overlooking the Doha skyline. The next day I went on a Doha City tour, but that was mostly a shopping trip, to a couple of malls, a camel farm. They do have a Starbucks and Victoria Secret’s in Qatar, so we can now assume what is under the burkha (Brian’s site on planetranger). On base, picture taking was restricted, so I was not able to take any pictures of the Camp. Sean

Monday, 24 March 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Well, I am on my way to Qatar, so I will be away for about a week. Sean

Friday, 14 March 2008

Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

I have added some pictures of a trip I recently took. Sean

Monday, 10 March 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Another nice day here. Sunny and a high aroung 60. Not 18.5 inches of snow over the weekend. Still planning on going to Qatar end of March. I had to work the bizarre detail on Friday, and that gave me an opportunity to play around w/ the some of the local kids who are always begging for money. Most of them have more money than me. they know how to work the system. Later Sean

Saturday, 01 March 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Nothing much going on here, just enjoying the 59 degree weather. Three weeks and I get my R&R. Sean

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

59 degrees today. I almost had to break out the shorts and turn on the AC.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Starting to warm up here. It is supposed to be 55 all week. Over the weekend, Theresa went to an indoor water park with the kids, and had a great time. Colin asked when I get back if I can take him there. Theresa signed the kids up for ice skating lessons. Mom and Dad are OK. Dad had his check-up and is doing great. I bought a handmade Afghan rug to ship home.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

New pictures added. I took a trip over to the new Kabul compound. Sean

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Nothing going on here, I am just planning to take my R&R to Qatar end of March. Theresa and the kids are fine. On Friday, Colin had the day off school and spent Thursday night with Mel. Caley was not happy that she did not get to go, but maybe when they are both at St. Pats. Theresa said they had a bad storm that passed through and that Vic actually closed the office early.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Nothing new to add. The snow is almost all gone. The time is just flying by here. I might be able to go to KIA tomorrow to pick up some people. I hear they have a Thai restaurant that I must try. I added some pictures of a going away party we had. Sean

Tuesday, 05 February 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Woke up this morning to a 1/4 inch of snow on the ground. Talked w/ Theresa and she didn't take any pictures of Colin and Caley ice skating for the first time. =:( I guess Colin was afraid of the Zamboni, he did not here over the intercom system to clear the ice, and before he knew it, he was all alone on the ice.

Monday, 04 February 2008

Location: Afghanistan

We have a ½ day today because of the Super Bowl. I of course slept right through it. It started here at 4:30 in the morning. Nothing much going on here, just work and sleep. Due to the undersea internet cables being cut in Egypt, they limited our internet access at work. No email or Yahoo. I talked with Theresa and Patrick is wearing his first set of shoes, and Caley was excited about her open house at Saint Patrick’s. Colin was going to a birthday party at the Kent State Ice Skating Rink, hopefully Theresa takes a camera. Sean

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

I finally got a roommate. Two weeks of enjoyment ends. Nothing much going on here, just work. I am trying to plan when to go to Qatar for my four-day leave. So, if anyone is planning on going to Qatar let me know. Before I forget, another person in my unit here started a planet ranger site titled "What's under the Burka?" and on his site, he added a couple of videos. Sean

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

I received a call from Tpr / Master Sgt Jeff Greene yesterday, telling me that he was going to be at Camp Eggers today, so we set up a time to meet. He was on his way to Camp Phoenix, also in Kabul. He was only here for about 15 minutes, but it was great so see someone whom I worked with. Jeff seemed to enjoy what he was doing.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

I was able to get out to Kabul International Airport yesterday to celebrate the birth of the Afghanistan Air force. No flybys, no Blue Angels or Thunderbirds, just a static display of 2 transport helicopters and a transport plane. But they have to start somewhere. I was able to get my picture in front of a MI-17 transport helicopter. I added some pictures from my trip. Not everyday you see someone riding in the back of truck w/ an RPG.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Interesting night. The Serena hotel is a just a few hundred yards away. I was working when I heard the explosions, still very safe on base. You have to go through layers of security to get near the base. W/ in minutes CNN was reporting, most likely because most of them live near, if not in the hotel. Still no roommate, hopefully the berthing people forget about my roommate leaving. Sean

Monday, 14 January 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

I talked w/ Theresa and Patrick. He just has a runny nose now. All Patrick says is blah, blah, blah. No snow here, just cold. No roommate yet, but I will probable get someone who snore. Nice to have a place to myself, at least for a couple of days. Some people are still in shock over the Colts and Cowboys losing, some people even got up at 2:00 a.m. to watch.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Patrick was able to leave the hospital, but he can’t go to daycare until all the symptoms are gone. He is happy to be home, and to be able to run around. Today is Friday, so I only have to work a ½ day. I have added some pictures of the snow here and of the Ohio State football game. My roommate is leaving tomorrow to go back to Hawaii, so I should be getting a new roommate here in the next couple of days.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

For those of you who do not know, Patrick has been in the hospital the last three days w/ RSV. He is supposed to get out today if his oxygen level remains up. I was able to talk w/ Theresa yesterday, during her short visit home to change and shower. Both of our families are helping w/ Colin and Caley. Theresa says that Patrick is walking around and playing in the room, but he cannot leave because RSV is contagious, so he gets upset and just looks outside the door. During the daytime, he can go w/out the oxygen tubes, but he still has to have an IV.

Monday, 07 January 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

999 people have logged onto my site, who will be lucky 1,000? Still snowing here, but doesn't seem as cold. Go BUCKS!

Sunday, 06 January 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

We had a pretty good snowfall here last night. On thursday, the temp should be a high of 6 degrees. (Almost like Ohio) Nothing new to report, just getting ready for the Ohio State game. Sean

Wednesday, 02 January 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Another work day down. We are just sitting here in the office watching Sling Blade. Nothing much to do except watch our nightly movies. In the office on New Years we watched the entire series of The Matrix. On one DVD you can get 16 movies, perfectly legal. (over here).

Tuesday, 01 January 2008

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Happy Birthday Caley!

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

I had to go to a class over at the ISAF compound this morning. It gets me off Camp Eggers for a couple of hours and of course, we have to have lunch over there. I ran into a couple of people who were w/ me at Fort Jackson. I think work wise I have it better over here, where at least I get a ½ day on Friday. Some of them are working 12-hour shifts every day of the week, w/ no days off.

Friday, 28 December 2007

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

We received many care packages over the Christmas holidays and I would like to thank everyone for that. As you can see by watching the news lately our region keeps me very busy. I was able to go over to the US Embassy in Kabul yesterday. I felt like I was back in the States. Carpeting on the floors, pictures on the walls, and people wearing business attire. The only thing I was disappointed about was that I was not able to eat over there. Over here, everything breaks down into meals, and anytime you get to try something different even if it is just the scenery you try.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Merry Christmas Everyone! I was able to sleep in this morning. I am trying to take more pictures, but it is difficult because I cannot show you any of the security measures that are in place. I was able to talk w/ Theresa and the kids on Skype for over an hour, so that was great. They were heading to her sisters and then my parent’s house for Christmas. The snow here melted already. I have to go into work this afternoon for a couple of hours. I received a care package yesterday from a Cub Scout from Alabama, which contained a couple of magazines, a disposable camera, paper and envelopes, along with an envelope w/ his return address. I am going to have to send him a gift from Afghanistan. I will try to write more. Sean

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

782 people have visited the site since it started. We had a little snow today. The Afghans are celebrating Eid al-Hadha, so it is very quite here. Nothing new to report, still just working 12-14 hour days. Makes the time go bye very fast.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

Well another long day. I usually wake up at 5:15; get into the office before 6. Read the 50 emails that come in while I slept. Prepare the morning read book, do research all day, eat lunch, do research, eat dinner, do research go to my room rest for an hour than go to sleep. Pretty exciting stuff. Going to accident scenes doesn’t even compare to some of the things that I have seen over here.
Everyone here is getting into the Christmas spirit. Please, please do not send me any Christmas decorations; we have so many we don’t know what to do with them. I was able to call Theresa and the kids, and she told me what a very generous gift the Portage County Bar Assoc. gave her and the kids. Thanks! Sean

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Location: Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK!!!!! One year old today. Growing up right before my eyes/webcam. I was actually able to leave Camp Eggers today and go right next door to the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) compound. They have the good life. The food over there was amazing. ISAF is international so they have a beer garden and a bar, which US personnel are not allowed to consume any alcohol. (GO FIGURE !!!!!!!) So you just get to watch all the other people drink. (English, Dutch, French, etc…) The prices in the stores are in Euros. I can also get a box of Cuban cigars for 75 Euros. I not sure if I could ship them back to the US. It is getting colder here; there was actually snow on the ground this morning, but it melted by noon.

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Recent Messages

Hi, Sean.
We are glad that you are back home safely. Tell Theresa and your kids hello!
Jonna, Mike, Caleb and Aubrey
Response: Thanks! Sean
From Bill Nome
Good to have you back. Saw Sean, Gretchen, Finn and Gideon on friday and they said you were back. I will see Vic tomorrow morning, let me know if you have any words of wisdom for him.
Response: Nope. I just hope you do some juvenile work, because that is where they are putting me!
From Cindy
Welcome back to the good 'ol USA!!! Glad you had a safe journey and thank you for your service!!
Response: Thanks!
From Bill Nome
Sean, Glad to hear you are on the home stretch. I'll be in Ravenna during Christmas week. hope to see you then.
Response: Thanks! As I email this from the USO at a certain German Airport
From Cindy
I am sure there will be a few tears of joy shed (if anything like Jeff's welcome home- especially from the kids)!! Have a safe trip and thank you for your service!
Response: I am glad to hear that Jeff made it home. I am still about 2 weeks out. Take care! Sean
From Steve
I am sure you have!!! Glad to hear your tour of duty is coming to a close. PC needs you back here, we are running man (or woman) down because angela decided to be a stay-home mom, (good for her:).... C you when you get here. L8r Steve
Response: Theresa told me about Angela. I am in Kuwait now for about a week. It got a little chilly since I was here in June. It is only 104, with a low of 80. I will definetly need some time off. I slept for 14 hours yesterday. Sean
From Steve
Now thats some good news. Get home safe. And whats this two weeks off thing when you get home????? we got cases to be tried Mr. Prosecutor, get back to work.
Response: More like a month off. Sean
From Bill Nome
Sean- You know that it will fceel like its freezing when you get back even if its a balmy 65 degrees. Sounds like you are getting spoiled by the heat.
Response: I just returned from R&R in Qatar. It cooled off. It was only 111 and humid. Sean
From Roy Richards
Sorry to have missed you when you were home, but I'll have plenty of time for you to get tired of me when you settle into The Veterans Service Commission. Your blog has been very interesting.
Response: Thanks! I am looking forard to it. Sean
From Leigh
Gosh Sean, so sorry to see how your alma mater was destroyed by your wife's in football last week. Wonder if she made that known to you. Of course, Theresa is much too nice a person to trash-talk like that. So I'll happily do it for her! And yes I know that OSU beat my alma mater, Miami of Ohio, three years ago. But at least we managed to put up some points!
Response: Yes, but YSU walked away with a new athletic facility and some pocket change. Sean
From Bill Nome
Sean- I thought I sent a message last week but didn't see it here. Anyway, if you aren't already admitted to US Supreme Court, there will be a swearing in in April (after you are back). It's part of a JAG seminar, so you can wear your uniform. Let me know and stay safe.
Response: I have been on R and R pass in Qatar for the last week. Nice time, but not a lot to due because of Ramadan. But I did enjoy my 3 beers a day. Sean
From Mills
Well, it's almost time to get your butt back to your civi job! We're giving a test next month- think you could do it on line? I broke my record from last year and took 42 days off for vacation. (It's good to be da Police!) Nice pics of you sucking up! Good to see some things never change! :) Everyone is doing well - SPD is finally about to get a new K-9 for the first time in 10 years. It's long over-due and I'm excited about it- I hope Coates gets it, he has worked really hard and I feel he deserves it. But, as you know, my opinion usually doesn't count for much @ the boro! (It's good to be the problem child). Justin is deploying with his unit to Egypt in a few weeks. At least it isn't Iraq again. Keep your head down, hurry up & get home safe. Can't wait to take you to lunch again (I'll drive but you buy this time) Mills.
Response: 42 days!!!!! Don't you have to get recertified? Pigpen is getting deployed again? I feel sorry for his roomates. I saw that Toothamn went down for a short time. I should be home before the Halloween. Sean
From Bill Nome
Sean- For when you get home- there is a JAG seminar in April in Port Clinton. You can wear your uniform. If you are not admitted to US Supreme Court, they will be swearing in then. Let me know if you are interested. Stay safe.
Response: Sounds good, but I don't even know what I am doing next week, let alone April. Sean
From Steve
Well you get to hob nob with the top dogs now!! that explains why there havent been any new episodes on the Sean show for us to watch. 1 month between posts you must do better.
Take care and get home safe and soon. ANd leave the Camels alone this time on your trip. PS need another Eggers hat puhleeze. :)
Response: 1 month between posts, with 1 month to go. I go to Qatar in 1 week. I might not be able to get off base this time because of Ramadan. I have a buch of movies for Stephen and Mikey. Sean
From Cindy
Maybe it has something to do with all of those passes you keep taking (haha)!!
Take care
Response: Navy ------- Army, I am supposed to be around the ocean, not in a landlocked country. Sean
From Mom K
It was great seeing you. Stay safe.
Response: I will. Sean
From Cindy
Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and stopping in to say hello- everyone enjoyed seeing you! Glad that you made it back safely and look forward to your return for good!
Response: It should be mid to late Nov. I still don't know how I beat Jeff to AFG and he is leaving before me. Sean
From Mom
Hi Sean, I know that you like the sun and warm weather. God answers your prayers but be careful what you ask for, you never know what may come your way. It is suppose to be 92 this afternoon. I like the air conditioner.
Response: Thanks!
From Steve
You make it back to work yet? It was great to have you home, even for a short while. Stay safe and keep us posted with updates. L8r
Response: I made it home after 5 days, a sandstorm and and being 115 degrees .
From Bill Nome
Sean, I will be filling in for Judge Oswick the week of June 30, so if you have nothing better to do with your time, stop in and say Hi.
Response: I will. Sean
From Steve
She bared all for her Country, what a Patriot! As you can tell (from VVV's reaction) we werent expecting her to be so "giving" of herself. My Camera hasnt worked since, I think its blushing. L8r
Response: For the record I have been gone for 8 months, I don't know why she had to show me her pregnant belly. Though, I have a couple of Aghans asking for her number. Thanks! Sean
From Bill Nome
Wow, Caley got a pick cast. I broke my finger last week and all I got was a tan wrap and a metal piece that makes typing really difficult. It keeps hitting diffferent keys than my finger does. Hope your trip home on leave is safe and soon.
Response: All she talked about was getting a pink cast. She has to go back today for more x-rays to see if see needs surgury. I am sure Caley would be more than happy to sign your wrap. I am going to stop and see Jeff Greene in Bagram before I leave. Sean
From Mom K
Congratulations on your promotion!
Looking forward to seeing you when you are on leave.
Response: Thanks!
From Mom
Caley told me she has her pink cast. I am going to plant a few tomatoes at your house. Colin will like taking care of them. It will be nice when you come home, that way it will be two against three. We are having nice rain here. Lots of Love,
Response: She told me she wanted a pink cast. I am sure Colin will be more than happy to play with the hose, I mean water the plants =;)
From Cindy
Congratulations Sean!! What a view from up there! I hope all is going well and that you and your family enjoy your leave. Take care and stay safe!!
Response: Great view. Thanks!