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Hi everyone. Four weeks to go and we're away for our special trip. Lynne wants to go now! Keep checking in and we'll update you on all our experiences.

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 03 November 2009

Location: Hamlyn Terrace, Australia

We're back, and over jet lag (we think). It took 22 flying hours to get back, we left Copenhagen on Friday night and flew into Sydney on Sunday morning! Our last few days were very special, driving about 500km through the Swedish countryside (on the wrong side of the road!) and staying at Hackeberga Castle. Lots of places to recommend and we already know we have to go again.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Although wet and 7 degrees, spent the day exploring the old town of Copenhagen, and the docks and canals. Went on a sightseeing tour and we were able to view the changing of the guards at the royal palace and walk through the church where Mary and Frederick were married five years ago. Got some good pics of the colourful houses on the waterfront. Toured the Hans Christian Andersen museum, this was good. The sun set at 5pm and it was pitch black at about 5:15.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

A day of travel today after a great last day in London, Buck Palace, Hyde Park, St Paul's, watching blokes with funny hats do funny things with swords, legs, and horses then Abbey Road and Baker St, followed by Jersey Boys on the West End - what a great show. Got our legs in Copenhagen this afternoon walking the city mall area, but we have worked out very quickly that although the hotel is the cheapest and one of the best appointed so far, the city is the most expensive we've been in, even more so than Paris!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Location: Paddington, UK

Still in London for another day, had another great day today. Did the Tower Bridge, Tower of London, and a Thames Cruise from Tower Pier, walked past Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, spotted No. 10 and Westminster Abbey, visited Churchill's War Museum, the Courtalds Gallery, Trafalgar Sq and the HMV shop in Oxford St. Lynne tells me she's lost contact with her feet, but I know they're still there 'cause I can smell them. Lynne just read this and is protesting. Will try and update when we get back to Scandinavia.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Location: Paddington, UK

Day two in England, and we had a fantastic day. First up was Lynne getting absorbed by the biggest antique market in the world, Portobello Rd at Notting Hill Gate. She was in her jewellery lolly shop! Other highlights included a walk through an exhibition of 60s rock star photographs in the National Portrait Gallery and a trip through the replica of The Globe Theatre. We're running around The Tower Of London tomorrow and seeing our niece later in the day. How nice it is to be able to communicate without any hassles - internet cafes everywhere here. Another week to go, and it promises to be as amazing as the last three.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Location: Paddington, London, UK

Arrived on the cross-channel Eurostar this morning and immediately gained an hour (we get another one on Sunday when daylight saving ends in the UK). Much happier in the UK. Spent the day sorting out the London Underground railway and starting the Monopoly board tour of London (so far we've got all the green properties, King's Cross Station and Piccadilly Circus). Caught up with our niece Nicole at work (and got a sneaky photo Di!), will go to dinner with Nicole and her friend Sophie on Sunday night. Picked up our London Pass which we'll use for the next three days in Regent St, and after our first meal at an English pub will spend the rest of the evening planning our schedule. Heaps of internet cafes around the hotel so will be able to update and upload - viva la England!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Location: Montmartre, Paris, France

Today was Monet day in Paris. We've been on a minibus tour to Monet's Garden & The Palace of Versailles all day, and will visit Sacre Coeur this evening. We have had another memorable day! Last day in France, tomorrow we are off to London.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Location: Paris, France

Hello everyone - major internet access hassles, but our kind new friends from NZ have allowed us to log on to their computer. Lynne is gob-smacked, not believing she is walking around Paris and seeing monuments and artwork in the flesh. Weather is around 10 degrees, but it's been sunny everyday. We've seen the Eiffel (of course!), Arc De Triomphe, The Louvre, Notre Dame, Museum D'Orsay and others - and Lynne doesn't want to leave. On Thursday we are off to Monet's Garden - this will be another highlight. Probably won't be able to update now until the UK - we're there from Friday.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Location: Bernkastel, Germany

Still in Germany (only just) and will do three countries in two days (Germany, Luxemborg & France (cheers from Lynne). Lost a day yesterday due to Steve being sick (fed the swans on the Mosel), but he's fighting fit again and ready to go. Today we're off to a wine tasting in Bernkastel and a coach trip through Luxemborg. The cruise has been above our expectations the whole way, and we recommend it as a great way to travel. The food, the staff the amenities are all fantastic. Lynne says one sleep to Paris, she is very excited. No photos until we hit land - have a look next week.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Location: Miltenburg, Germany

Hello everyone, have managed some time at one of the two computers on board, so here comes a quick message. No photos possible, as the satellite dish is not on the roof of the boat and every time we go through a lock the connection is kaputski. Have visited 2 German towns (Bamberg and Wurzberg) and continue to be amazed at the architecture and history, and in the case of Wurzberg, the way it has been rebuilt authentically after 1945 bombing. Highlight of Wurzberg was visiting the Bishop's residence, a Palace of Versallies copy, complete rococo style rooms and a hall of mirrors. Lynne has decided she would like to continue cruising every waterway in Europe. Temperature yesterday was 12 degrees, 5.5 predicted today (colder than Sweden!). We are on the Main River for another day and then chuck a right into the Rhine. Will update you when we get a chance to hit the keyboard after successfully avoiding 16 stone facebook users (that's another story).

Monday, 12 October 2009

Location: Bamberg, Germany

The river cruise has been underway for a day, and what an experience it is! Luxury plus - we are being treated like royalty, the meals are fantastic and the staff are exceptional (Sue, Ruth & Judy, you'd love the menus). Lynne's happy because the water line is below our portholes! Going through the locks on the canals and rivers is a spin out (the boat drops up to 10 metres), and we will go through 49 of these before the French border. Internet connection on the boat is by satellite, so we may not be able to upload any more photos until we reach Paris. Today we had our first visit off the boat to Bamberg, another very interesting town - lots more alleyways, cobblestones, small shops and churches. What's special about this place is the town hall, built in the middle of the river that passes through the town, and it's also famous for it's beer, which was sampled at 10:30 in the morning at a very old German pub - tasted like bacon flavoured Tooheys Old! Tomorrow we will be exploring Wurzberg, on the Main River. Kids, don't forget to use Gmail.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

It's the afternoon of our second day in Prague. What a fantastic place, so full of history and interesting architecture. Iva, we now know what you mean. We've been on half day walking tours of the city including the Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock and Prague Castle - magnificent. Off to Germany tomorrow afternoon to join the river cruise.

Thursday, 08 October 2009

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Final morning in Stockholm involved getting to the airport, which we managed to do by bus. We left 7 degrees in Stockholm and arrived at Prague to 23 degrees (very unseasonal)! There are some new photos to view. About to go and explore Prague. Nathan, Gmail isn't working so please post a note here.

Wednesday, 07 October 2009

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Last day in Stockholm, and another glorious sunny day. Today we started with a boat cruise around a couple of Stockholm's islands and went past an ABBA house! Next we went to the National Museum of Sweden, and Lynne got her art fix! Then to the island museum/zoo and saw some local animals, glassblowing and a re-created hardware store from the 1930s. Back into the Old Town we visited the Nobel Museum, dedicated to Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize - very interesting. We're off to an Ice Bar tonight, should be amazing.

Tuesday, 06 October 2009

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

After 25 hours in planes and their transfers we finally arrived in Europe, setting foot in Sweden to be greeted by 5 degrees, but a fantastic sunny day. The connection between Copenhagen and the Stockholm flight was tight (40 minutes) but we made it. Spent the day walking the streets of the Old Town (like The Rocks), and our hotel is very centrally located on the edge of this district. Went to a fabulous museum showcasing a resurrected Swedish sailing boat from the 17th Century - see the photo. More sightseeing tomorrow.
We are tired but well, souvenirs and trolls have been located. Nine hours behind ESDT.

Sunday, 04 October 2009

Location: Central Coast, Australia

Only one sleep to go before we are off on our adventure. The next time we'll talk to you we'll be in Sweden. Keep checking in to read the diary entries and have a look at the photos.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Location: Central Coast, Australia

No, haven't left yet, but time to update the page. Excitement is building - Lynne only has six work days left, and I've only got five before we jet off to the other side of the planet. Lynne thinks I'm not going to have time to update this page and it will be blank - just wait and see!

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Recent Messages

From corey :)
hope the trip went well and no1 got sick or cried when they had to leave. mum and dad really wanna catch up to see how it all went so we will ring to see when u guys r free :) well hope u guys had a great holiday :)

Corey :)
Response: Hi Corey, Happy Birthday to you - hope you get your "L"s today, everything is crossed here. Been back for two days now. We'll call your mum and dad and come and visit soon. Holiday was fantastic. Love Lynne & Steve.
From Fiona & Glenn
Loved the photos. Glenn wants to know when Steve got his Proctology degree? Monets Garden looked lovely - cant wait to see all the photos. (Paris is one of my dreams too - hint hint! - worth a try). Things just arent the same around here without you!
Have a safe flight home! Thanks for the Troll - should impress Jordy heaps. Shop hard and spend LOTS! Fiona andf Glenn xxx
Response: Hi Glenn & Fiona, We're back to earth with a thud, been home two days and jet lag hasn't been too bad. Looking forward to seeing you both on Thursday. Steve
From Suzanne
Hi Lynne & Steve,
Can't wait to hear about ALL of your travels when you get back, it sounds like you are having a fabulous time!! (that was a given...) When is the next overseas soiree?? We are all very envious but happy for you.. Love to you both. Suzanne xx
Response: Great to hear from you with only two days to go LOL. Have just had our last day in Copenhagen and tomorrow morning are driving across the Baltic Sea (because you can) to Sweden for our last night before returning. See you very soon, love Lynne
From James
Come back. The By-election was announced yesterday.
Response: Not coming back, no, sorry. I'll run the Copenhagen Pre-Poll for you (in 5 degrees C)now I'll got my head around these foreign keyboards. Probably boil when we get off the plane next week. See you soon.
From Trish
Hi Lynne and Steve.
I have just been looking at your pictures. It all looks wonderful. I am very jealous.
Response: Great to hear from you, action packed and wonderful - I had to have a Nanna nap today after travelling from London to Copenhagen, must have been the hour we lost. Go to Melbourne and see Jersey Boys, absolutely brilliant. See you Thursday week, send my love to all at Cowan.
From Teresa
Hi Lynne and Steve,
Looks like you two are having a fantastic time. Great photos!
Thank you for the birthday present. It is lovely. Pup dropped it in the other day.
Keep on enjoying yourselves.
Love Teresa
Response: Hi Teresa, great to hear from you. We arrived in Copenhagen today after a fantastic few days in London. Danish is an interesting language, Mary needs a medal for learning it so quickly, she must really love Freddie. Can't wait to catch up with you girls when I get back (next week, boo hoo). Love Lynne
From Di Henry
Hi guys, I am in Darwin working again and this is the first time I have had a chance to log back on to your journal. I enjoyed catching up on your travels and photos. You will have to send me the sneaky Nicole at work photo. I am so pleased you are having such a wonderful time. I loved the photo of Steve adding to the French Culture and was that Claude the Cats house haha.
Give Nicole a big hug for me and Soph too. Glad you are catching up with her. Enjoy the rest of London and look forward to some more updates.
Love Di xx
PS Phil, Steve only had a flesh wound he didnt actually get turned into a NEWT!
Response: Di, yes I know, called Mum and she told me. Another day left in London, finishing with "Jersey Boys" - looking forward, nice! It was actually the house of Claude De Pussy, famous French impressionist. Lynne found more paintings to be enjoyed today (and did sneaky photos of these too). See you in a week (boo hoo).
From Marie
Glad you are enjoying London, did you buy any of those shiny lollies Lynne!!!!
hope so.
Response: Great to hear from you, I don't think my feet are attached to my body anymore, they've gone on strike from all the walking. I should be trim, taut and terrific when I get back (ha ha). No shiny lollies, only fruit and nut chocolate. One of the highlights was Portobello markets, where I spent thousands on mind dollars on antique jewellery. Love Lynne.
From Jenni
All sounds and looks brilliant. Sounds like your both having a ball ......
Where's the holiday house going to be?

Response: Hi Jenni, we've now got to London (glad to be out of Paris city), so the holiday house is not there! I think we like Stockholm the best so far, with Prague a very close second. The people were the friendliest in Germany - have to come back and explore some more.
From Denise & Bob
Oh Lynnie you look sooo french and sooo at home!!!! Steve, I knew you would keep this up to date if it killed you, and you are doing such a good job!
So glad to hear you are enjoying yourselves and if these photos are a sample ypur photos will be fantastic! Looking forward to the slide night! We had a great time in NZ and are already planning a return visit. Back at school and it feels like we've never been away! Be careful and stay safe. Love Bob and Denise xxx
Response: Great to hear from you. Doing my best to update despite the bloody çèéù*^^$€ foreign keyboards. I love Europa, I feel very much at home here. People-wise, the Germans are the friendliest. Duelling slide nights sounds great. We'll hopefully have some frequent flyers, so NZ here we come. Love Lynne & Steve.
From Ann and Chris
Hi Guys! Womderful photos of Paris. Such a nice "touch" Steve..Hehehe! I just love the photo of Lynne in front of the eiffel tower....beautiful!! So happy for you. Enjoy every moment. I'll be with you in Monet's garden. Love always Chris and Ann xxxxx
Response: Keep watching the page, hopefully we'll get some more updates up! Three more countries yet. I'm coming home to rip up my garden and Monet-ise it!
From Marie
So glad you finally got to Paris after all our talks about the place! Have a fantastic time at Monet's Garden, get lots of photos. Love reading the reports it's like being there with you.

Marie xxx
Response: Don't worry, lots of photos & videos. It was as I had imagined, and I was a naughty girl sneaking photos inside the house but I didn't care! It felt strange to be at Monet's Garden instead of Cowan Library.
From Heather & Frank
So pleased you're having such a great time and also that the weather in Paris is sunny (who cares about the cold when you're having fun!). It's such an amazing city. Love it. Glad you got to Museum D'Orsay (a personal favourite, even though my knowledge of art is minimal!). Continue having a great time, Love Heather & Frank.
PS - Mum & Dad are also reading your journal.
Response: Yes Paris is truly an amazing place and it has lived up to my expectations. Temperature was 14°today, so not so bad (only two layers). Monet's Garden was fantastic, and it was just how I had pictured it. Keep in touch, love Lynne & Steve.
From *Nicole*
Sending some love from London!!!

Sounds like you both are having a fantastic time so far!!

Looking forward to catching up in the U.K! - Hope you got my email?

Looking forward to the France photos!! You will Love it Lynne! It's amazing!

Love Nicole xoxo
Response: Hi Nicole, haven't got to the e-mail page. Will try and have a look when we get to London on Friday. We'll make sure we see you, don't worry. Love Aunty Lynne & Uncle Steve
From Fiona & Glenn
Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. We are Very JEALOUS! Everything fine here. Lynne tell Steve he can extend your trip so that you can shop some more! Enjoy!
Response: Yes guys, fantastic. Fiona, you'll be happy to know I have a troll in custody. There will be minimual shopping from now on, Paris is so expensive. Hope your holiday was great Glenn. On to the UK on Friday on the very fast train. Stay tuned, and I'll see you soon.
From Phil & Darienne
The cruise sounds excellent! Was the town of Wurzberg showing historical building from the 1940s or has it just been rebuilt? Lynne, I assume that you can almost smell Paris! I assume that someone turned Steve into a Newt, and he got better.

Love Phil & Darienne.
Response: All better now, and have had two full days in Paris. Will try and get a few more photos on. Most of the German buildings have been rebuilt, some as recently as the 80s. Keep watching, and we'll see you soon for the SHITT.
From Louise, Trevor & Cor
Hi guys have been catching up on your trip details and photos. It looks amazing and the cruise sounds out of this world.
Sorry we have written earlier, we have been away at Mudgee and in Sydney all week with Courtney. Lindsay is over today so we have been reading with envy. Have fun in Paris, try not to spend to much money !!!!!! enjoy the snails xxxx Trev & Lou
Response: Thanks for your note. Sorry, only pastry snails - haven't been hunting for frog's legs and snails! It's been amazing, and hopefully there'll be a few more photos soon. Catch up for a full rundown when we get back.
From lindsay
Hey mum and dad,
how are you? the river cruise sounds amazing, too bad dad was sick, is he feeling ok?
mum, control yourself when you in Paris, dont go to crazy lol.

Grans house was good, i stayed there for a week. been getting a few shifts at Coles so that means some extra money.

hope everything is fine with you both,

love lindsay xox

love you both very much
Response: It's about time you wrote to us! Keep getting those shifts so you can afford to go yourself. See you in a few weeks - love Mum & Dad
From Ann and Chris
My computer just came back from the doctor today (again!), So I have just had a wonderful time catching up on your trip. Sounds and looks exciting....and COLD!! Very "Snuggly" weather! How romantic. Keep safe, love Ann and Chris xxxxx
Response: You and Chris would love the cruise - it is total luxury - I don't want to leave, and Paris is only one sleep away. Approx. 7 degrees today - that's warm. We've had icicles in places we never thought they would form. Vienna and Bavaria have had snow the last few days. Keep writing, how is Lesia. Love Lynne
From Di Henry
Hi Guys,
Sounds like you are in the lap of luxury on the cruise - sounds fantastic. Cant wait to hear about the 16 stone facebook users - they would be peeing you off Steve! haha
Just read Brads email - how funny is he. He is right though - Lynne + Paris = many Euro's but remember its her 50th so she deserves it. Have fun and looking forward to the updates, Love Di xx
Response: Our last day on the cruise today, yes much better than we expected, we will be sad to leave the boat. It definitely the way to see parts of Europe, which is now connected from the Black Sea to the North Sea by canals and rivers. Off to wine tasting in the morning and Luxemborg in the afternoon. Steve was sick for 24 hours so we missed the Medieval Castle tour in Cochem. Photo posting will have to wait until Paris (only one sleep!).
From Lynette
Enjoying reading about your travels - what a great idea this travel page is. I feel like I'm travelling. Continue to experience a great trip, enjoy the shopping and take lots of photos!
PS: I'm about half way through the books, Lynne
Response: Hi Lynette, so glad you are enjoying our page, we don't have many chances to get on to one of the 2 computers on board, and the satellite is not on the roof in case it gets souvenired by a low bridge, hence the connection cuts out frequently. Will try and update when we can. Thanks for working through the books. I definitely don't have time to cover any of them! Have decided I love Europe. Love Lynne & Steve.
From Brad
Ya Stephann & Lyndstrom , have you seen Chevy Chase yet ? glad everything is going great , by the way , that evapourating sound you constantly hear is the sound of EURO;s being drained from your pocket !! wait till you get to the real tourist spots , Europe on $498 a day ...ahh the good old days , Love Uncle B x
Response: Ya, ist goot over here, no Chevy Chase, just Chevy Captiva - true, yes! The good thing about the boat is that all meals onboard are included, so Euro damage not so big so far. Won't be able to attach any more pics 'til Paris (on land), unless we find an internet cafe on shore, and they are hard to find. Keep writing and watching.
From The Henrys
Hi guys, well I'm impressed you have actually had the time to update your travel log. We are enjoying read the journal and checking out the photos. Keep em coming and keep shopping Lynne !
PS Nanna raiding your CD collection omg I wasnt even allowed to breath on them. haha
Response: See, told you I'd get to it - Lynne is into it too (when it works)! Have taken some more photos, but we may not be able to upload any until Paris - will give it a go.
From Phil
I see that the holiday is so far a CLASSIC. Was the ABBA residence that of Agnetha?

Bathurst probably hasn't gained any of your attention but it was excellent. Of the top 10 cars, 9 where Holdens! The only Ford was Craig Lowndes who of course is about to become RED not BLUE. I assume that you ether know or don't want to know the winner. He is one of my favourites.

The Astronomical Clock would have been classic to see. I'll bet the temperature changes have been tricky; just remeber Lynne, Whisky solves any problems.

We are waiting to read more, Phil & Darienne.
Response: Cannot reply, don't want to know about Bathurst Phil
From Tammy
Hi Lynne and Steve, hope you are having a wonderful time. Your entry about Prague reminds me of when I was there. Your Cruise will be fantastic.
Response: Hi Tammy, great to hear from you. We have started on the river cruise and it is out of this world. Photos may not be posted for a week, but we'll get there.