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Welcome to our Travel Page.
The decision to hit the road full time to see this great country of ours was an easy one - preparing for it was definetly something else!!!
I will try and make regular updates so you can find out where we are and what we're doing.
On your visit to this site please leave a message, we are interested in knowing what is going on with you too.
Between discovering places and meeting new people I hope to find time to reply!!!!!!!!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Location: SOUTH AUSTRALIA, Australia

Today 25th November, 2008 is 12 months since we left Byford for our retirement adventure and experience of travelling around Oz.

I am going to recap on the exciting year that has been....
Before we could actually begin this journey, we had to sell a business, buy a 4WD and organise a caravan, pack and store all of our household belongings and to allow the house to be rented/leased for the time we are away. Pack up the 4WD with what we needed to take with us.
Everything we owned now fits in a 40 x 20 shed and everything we needed was packed into the back and on top of the 4WD.....
With all this completed it was now time to wave goodbye to family and friends and start the engine.......

The morning we left Byford was a lovely sunny morning, perfect travelling weather – and I have to say here, that it is probably one of the nicest days we had to travel in. Since then we have not had many full weeks anywhere that we have not had rain or wind. It even rained on the Nullarbor. So it is fair to say most of the time people are happy to see us when we arrive as not long after it will give them some of there much needed rain.
We headed off to Hyden, and through to Norseman, along the long stretch of the Nullarbor till we hit the SA border, continued onto Victoria until we hit the outskirts of Melbourne to pick up our new home. The caravan was ready and waiting for us and we had booked into a caravan park at Healesville in the Dandenong Ranges, for a week to get ourselves organised.
Luckily we had a friend Titch come over with his truck within that week, with a delivery to Melbourne. He was able to take back the excess and double ups....and there was a bit .......we had and didn’t require, or just wouldn’t fit anywhere. (I have since accumulated a few items on the travels.....)
After getting ourselves packed and sorted, we where ready now for the next part of our travels. We headed up to Canberra, to have a Christmas with family. Spent New Year camping at beachside town of Eden, and came back through the high country.
We have been too Queanbeayan, Yea, Eidon, Jamieson, Cooma, Goulburn, Braidwood, Batesman Bay, Araluen, Googong Dam, Tumut, Tarago, Collector, Echuca, Yarrawonga, Lockhart, Bendigo, Shepparton, Benella, Seymour, Melbourne, Lake Colac, Camperdown, Panmure, Karoit, Warnambool, Port Fairy, Portland, the Great Ocean Road, the Grampians, Horsham, Yamtuk, Dartmoor, Mt Gambier, Nelson, and who can forget Natimuk, behind the wheat silos!!!!! Glencoe, Penola, Carpenters Rocks, Millicent, Beachport, Meningie, The Coorong, Kingston, Robe, Wellington, Goolwa, Milang, Cape Jervis, Victor Harbour, Adelaide, Hanhdorf, Birdwood, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Eyre Peninsula, Nullabor Plain, Gawler Ranges, Flinders Ranges, Yorke Peninsula, Port Pirie, Whyalla, Port Augusta......these are just some of the town we have been through, and Oh my gosh 'we're been everywhere....well not quite yet, still so much more to see. Every town has its own identifying mark and unique characters.
We have now the knowledge of the free camping experience. We have camped on the edge of cliff tops with the most amazing views all for free........Camped in the bush with kangaroos and birds waiting at the door for a feed.......Seen dolphins and whales with their babes. Mal has gone fishing and caught some great fish.......and sometimes he has only caught a cold........
We have stayed in many great caravan parks, and some not so good too. The life style is very relaxed, and fun though must admit to touches of home sickeness and it can somtimes be a lonely style of living.......
We have had 2 return flights back to Perth in the 12 months.
We have certainly learnt a lot about being on the road in this first year. We realise that you cannot travel everyday or you may stay to long in places and need to know when it is time to move on. It has been a very interesting year, met some wonderful people, who all have their own story to tell. Some of these people have already become friends and we keep in touch. Been to some great locations, seen some great sunrises and sunset, amazing and spectacular coastline, wonderful scenery, have even been employed to do things I never thought I would ever do.
We have experienced the four season in one day, the heat of over 40 degrees, the other extreme of minus 3 degrees, cyclonic weather, and rain, rain, rain, along with wind and the cold chill factor. We have also been fortunate not to have had any major incidents.

In just over a week we will head back over the Nullabor with the car and caravan. We are now counting down the days before we head west, and excited about the trip back so that we can again catchup with all our family and friends.
Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to all our friends.......
Thanks for all your comments, and encouragement to keep you informed when I got slack, or was I just having to much fun......with updating this site.......

We hope to leave Perth in early May 2009, for the next part of our travels by heading North, and see the top end of Australia....

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Location: KADINA YP SA, Australia

It has been raining here for the last few days, so not to much has been happening in the harvesting and reaping department. The farmers, are not smiling. They want rain, but not now.....They just never seem to be happy.....the season that started off so great, and was going to be the season to beat all seasons, is not going to end that way this year......
Well working on the weighbridge has and is an experience. I am dressed in the fashionable fluro green safety vest, denim jeans, and to top it all off my usual stiletto heels/shoes are replaced with steel cap boots. From the nice clean environment that I have usually worked in, to a very very dusty office. The good part is I get to work with a great bunch of guys, meet all the people and get to chat, so it is all good stuff....Only 3 weeks before we head of to the West, not that I am counting....
Anyway, I know someone who is smiling, and that is Marilyn and Ken, congratulations guys for finally getting the keys to the house. It has been a couple of years of frustrating building of their dream home. Look forward to seeing the end product....keep that bottle of champers on ice and we will celebrate big time on our return.
We had a phone call from a couple of friends we met on the Eyre Peninsula, they actually found our step, that I inadvertantly didn't put back in the caravan when we had pulled up at one of the sights. We have kept in touch, after exchanging contact details, and now they have arrived at Ardrossan and will be there for the weekend. Hopefully, with the weather as it is, we maybe able to get a day off and we will be able to catchup with them for a few drinks, meal and chat over the time they are there.
Happy birthday to Alice and hope you had a wonderful time in Phuket. Paul and Simone, hope your trip to Koh Sumui is going well. Look forward to hearing and seeing the photos about the trips....

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Recent Messages

From John
Hi Guys
I should have done this sooner but have been reading your updates on a regular basis - so envy your travels - but Kerrie as I have said before you can do anything with the right motivation. I will be home for Xmas so hopefully we can chat if not meet - what is ur phone number these days> Been quite a hectic year here as well so a loyt to catch up on I think. Keep having fun as only you can do :)
Response: Yes it is about time!!!!! Glad you have been keeping up with our travels. We are back in Perth now, you should have my mobile number..... if not why not!!!!! It should have been biroed in!!!!!! Look forward to the seeing you as has been awhile. Maybe we can do the 'Christmas Eve' catchup xxxx
From Marilyn & Ken
Well it has all started, painting, painting, painting and then when you think you are nearly finished there is more painting... Hopefully we will be moved in by the 20th December that is when Renee and Jackson come back to Perth. Did I tell you that she has got a permanent posting at Byford She is very excited. Jack is a bit nervous about going to a bigger school but he is a great little boy and should make friends very quickly. Looking forward to catching up with you both. Love to both of you xxx
Response: What wonderful news for Renee, and for you too.....she has done the hard yards to get this. Well done to her. Yes I do remember the days of new homes, and we will be joining you doing the same probably next year. Don't we ever learn!!!! CU soonest, 2 weeks to go.....Love MAKS xx
From Bill & Barb
What is rain? Other than a couple of showers that we we experienced in Darwin, we haven't seen any rain although the weatherman keeps threatening. We are in Broome, leave here on Tuesday and slowly make our way to Geraldton for Xmas. We hope to make it south far enough before the 'wet' sets in. Keep in touch. Bill & Barb
Response: Hi Guys, we have not had a week go by when it doesn't rain here. We have such extreme weather from one day to the next. One day we have the airconditioner on and the next the heater. Unbelievable. We head back West in 3 weeks, so when you get down to Perth let us know and we will catchup. We have decided to take the caravan back, only decided yesterday - then when we headoff again we will go north -so we maybe able to find a park together. MAKS
From Marilyn
Yah Whoo!!!!! we got the keys to the house today..... Crack open the champagne... it has finally arrived now the hard slog can start. How are you both, hope that you are not working to hard. Might be able to have you around for drinks through the Christmas break, if things are sorted out at the house. Love to your both. xxxxxx
Congratulations, and not before time, I'm sure you agree. Keep that champagne on ice, we will definetly have drinks to celebrate. Don't work to hard, and see you all soon. Love to you all MAKS
From Marilyn & Ken
What is going on... I have been checking your site and no new information for a while. I am beining to have withdrawals...... Are you and Mal working too hard? I hope that you are both in good health and I look forward to reading some more about your adventure in the not to distant future. By the way we should be getting the keys to the house in a week or so..Yippee!!!!!! Lots of love Marilyn
Response: Wonderful news about the keys to the house, Christmas at your place LOL....
Yes being a bit slack, will try and update again soon. This is the excuse....we are on wireless and at present on the farm not able to get connection to network, so have to drive to town and go to the library. There I am only able to use for 1 hour a day which is not enough time for me. Anyway will try an rectify the situation. Mal and I are both well, except and now working the harvest season and that can be 7 days aweek, then I will be working far to hard. Lot of love to you both MAKS
From Bill & Barbara
So glad to hear that you are out of hospital and AOK - that was the best news we could have heard. Keep in touch.
Bill & Barb
Response: Hi B&B, yes all ok now thankfully, will keep in touch and monitor your progress also. Love MAKS X
From Wendy
Great news Kerrie. I work in a CCU unit in Perth (not as a nurse), so understand what you must have been going through your mind.
We have our van now and in the process of decking it out (lots of fun). A short trip to Esperance in November before our first big trip next April for three months up the centre and down our coast.
Happy travels
Wendy (the bike lady)
Response: Hi Wendy, All is good now. Great news about your van - sure is fun packing, and very easy to overpack but you soon sort that out. Send a photo through would love to see it. Hopefully we will get to see you on the road. Happy travelling and glad to know you are still online. Love MAKS
From Heather
Congratulations on grandchild number three. sooooooooooooo wonderful. miss you xoxox
Thanks Heather, very exciting, just a shame we will have to wait for a cuddle. Congratulations to you and Adam on your engagement wonderful news. All the best to you both and look forward to catching up sooooonnnnnn. Miss ya heaps Love MAKS xx
From marilyn & Ken
I love reading your site... hope that your are both well I know that you are having a wonderful time. I am still dreaming, but as they say, it will happen one day.. Gongrats on your new little granddaughter. love and hugs to both of you. I look forward to hearing about your next adventures....
Marilyn xxxxxxxx
Response: Thanks Marilyn, we are enjoying and having a good time. It will happen.....dreams can come true. See u real soon!!!! Love MAKS
From Paul & Simone
You are back on the road, glad to hear as we enjoy reading about your travels, stay safe and maybe catch up next time you are back home.

Paul & Simone

Response: Hi guys, so glad to know you are still on board. We are at present in Victor Harbour, pouring with much needed rain here at the moment. We would love to catchup with you both on our next return home. Love to you both MAKS xx
From Emma Gill
great to hear from you cant wait 2 catch up for a drink, loved looking at your beautiful photos, kids look so cute, see you soon, drive safely luv emma and lyndonxxxxxxxxx
Response: good to hear from you and looking forward to catching up with you next week....Don't forget those winter we will be in touch soon xxMAKS
From Sue Briggs
Dearest Kerrie, thanks just got your email and wanted to have a quick look at what you have been up to.
You clever lady you! Will get back to you soon. love ya and miss ya xx
Response: Hi Sue, We have been busy since finishing work. Visiting new places is always exciting. We are presently in Mt Gambier very wet and cold here at the moment. Look forward to hearing from you again soon. Love MAKS xx
From Bill & Barb
Welcome back to the cold weather. Did you have a good flight? We are in Gawler and will be here until Wednesday. We are heading to the Barossa tomorrow, so may taste a few wines however there could be a few too many wineries to try them all.
Keep well. Keep happy.
Bill & Barb
Response: Hi guys, Leave for Melbourne on Monday 16th. Enjoying our family and friends and being in Perth, but now also looking forward to returning to the road. We will be in Mt Gambier from 20th then we will just take it as it comes, no more planning for us. Just when we want to move or stay is the idea from now on. Hopefully we will get to catchup again xxMAKS
From Helen Zull
Hi kerry and mal,
I must say it was thrilling to see a picture of myself on the world wide web with a bra on my head! I suppose you do strange things when you hit 50! It's good to see you are still enjoying yoyur trip. Hope you are enjoying your home fix. I will continue to follow your adventures with interest!
Helen & Bob Zull
Response: Well hello Helen and Bob, great to hear from you. Glad you are pleased about the pictures, sure was a great weekend we all had together. How is being 50 going? I'm sure you are slipping into it nicely. We are enjoying our time at home, family and friends, I can't do without them for to long. Great to know they still remember us. I hope to hear from you again, when I get back on the road again I will definetly keep you updated with our where abouts. Enjoy and hopefully we will catchup with you all again. MAKS
From Jenni
Wot's your email address? or is it still the same? x
look forward to hearing from you soon. xx
From Marilyn & Ken
Well hello there happy wanderers. Even though it has been some time now since I have communicated with you, I have been following your travels and adventures. I am envious, but my time will come. How are all the family and especially the grandies. We are still plodding along with the house a few hickups here and there as most people who are building have but we are nearly at lockup. Ken had surgery on his shoulder a few weeks ago and should be starting physio soon, as you know Ken he hates not being able to do things. he will probably be laid up for another 6 weeks. I am still loving my job and one day, not to sure when, will think about stopping and then we will be on our way. Jackson is now in grade one and doing great, won three first places in the Eneabba swimming carnival (I didn't even know he could swim properly so was quite surprised) Reuben is 3 and very bright, he goes to day care a couple of days a week and loves it, Travis has just turned one and is full of smiles for everyone, such a beautiful baby. Renee is looking forward to coming back to Perth at the end of the year. Bec and John have now settled into their new home, it is lovely. Rod is still up in Queensland with Jacinta and the girls and very happy. Well keep having a great time, the both of you look so well in the photos, take care of each other. love Marilyn & Ken
Response: Well hello to you two, great to hear all the news....Hopefully Ken will up and running in time for the new house. we are back in Perth 23rd April, and I am counting down the days, home for Toris 4th B'day...
Your grandies are going great and growing they do. Love hearing from you and Look forward to seeing you all on our return visit. Love to all. MAKS
From Bill & Barb
Glad your great time. We leave tomorrow for Shepparton (again) to get our hail damage fixed. Still waiting for Stephen's results, so we don't know exactly where we are off to after Shepparton. Regards
Response: Hope all works out for you both. We are off for trip up Great Ocean Road tomorrow. Have a great and safe trip. Happy Easter. MAKS
From Irene
Hello Kerrie
It is great to be able to log in and see how it is all going - it just sounds fantastic. I told Nic where you were and he recommends a cake shop in town - I bet you have tried that one also. There is another caravan show on next weekend - that makes it a year since we ordered our van. We still haven't finished the house - progress is so slow. Dave needs a bomb put under him. I have upped the credit card limit and trying to drag in money from everywhere to pay for this caravan. Can't pull it though as we need to buy the 4wd yet and that certainly needs to be funded from house sale. Don't think the panel van could cope with the weight. There are many houses up for sale currently. We got a postcard from John Hood who is now in Ceduna - going very slowly. Do you know Ashley Sampi is playing footy in/for Port Fairy? I know we will be staying out of the cities and keeping rural also - for one the traffic with a van is something very daunting. The weather has cooled off a little here and we are now getting some beautiful days. I hear Vic has warmed up to some lovely days too. I would love to do the whole south coast from Albany to as far east as can do as I reckon that is all magic. Haven't heard from Sue, Pat, Nic and Sharmini all were in Bunbury and had dinner with her (Sue drove up from Yallingup) but didn't hear too much about it -everyone is so busy. Sharmini has now gone to India for a sabbatical. I am trying to work out my leave and what to do, chooks, dogs and cats still a problem but I am sure a solution will arise. That's what I am praying for. Do you know where you will go after April/Perth? Keep up the travel log, enjoy them and so does Dave. Take care. Irene
Response: Hi Irene, so good to hear from you, and Dave, come on get your act together and then you can be on the road too. Yep know the cake shop well, Nic, they also sell great coffee....
Didn't know that about Ashely, will see what I can find out....
The weather here has been just wonderful, though was 40 yesterday 30 today.....I hope Sue is ok, haven't heard either. We will fly home and pick up van again in SA in May. Great to hear from you, sure things will work out. Say hi to everyone. you take care also. Love MAKS
From Pat
Hi Kerrie and Mal

It looks like you both a having a fabulous time. I rather do what you are doing instead of being behind a desk at work. I met with Sue couple weeks ago in Bunbury. We had dinner and it was good catching up with her. Sharmini leaves for India tomorrow for 3 weeks - lucky her! Love Pat
Response: Hi Pat, so lovely to hear from you. Travelling is good, but can't do it everyday. I hope Sue is ok, have not heard, Which Sharmini a great holiday and look forward to catching up with you all on our return in April. Say hi to all, and don't work to hard Love MAKS
From Wendy & Ian
Hi Kerri & Mal
Thanks for the photos of your bike rack. We are having a similar setup added to our van.
We have our new diesl Prado now and the van is due in about 5 weeks. Cant wait. Have been following your travels with much interest. You must be having a great time.
Thanks again for the photos.
Kind regards
Wendy & Ian
Response: Hi guys, You must be excited...when do you set off, and in what direction? Its all good travelling.....we in Melb at present. Like it better out of the cities. Love to see some photos of the new van when ready. MAKS
From Carol & Reg
Hi Kerrie & Mal
Great blogs Kerrie, sounds like you having a ball. Your trip down the Newell Highway reminds us of our trip 3 yrs ago, Lockhart, Jerilderie, Eucheca, Wagga Wagga, we can remember them all so well. Did you see the 'iron horse' which was in the Sydney 2000 Olympics by the lake in Jerilderie, I believe it was 'born' there. Please give our love and best wishes to Rebecca if you read this whilst at her house. Look forward to reading more fantastic news. I will be in contact with your Mum very soon Kerrie. Take care and travel safe
Love Carol & Reg xx
Response: Hi Carol & Reg, Was a nice trip through to Echuca. Have posted a picture on web of the horse you are talking about on the lake. Jerilderie has so much history and very picturesque. Bet you are excitied about your trip too. How is the new knee going? You take care also and will catchup in April. MAKS
From Bill & Barb
Check our web page and that will let you know what is happening in regards to Stephen. No neighbour not moving at our request and though we were told he would move on 21st, he's still here. Were leaving Thursday, so suppose we can put up with him. Regards Bill & Barb
Response: Hi guys, Glad to know Stephen is going OK now, and that you are finally on the move. Hope to see you on the road, enjoy, and safe travelling. MAKS
From Steph
Hi there Kerrie and Mal. Good to see your travels. My very good friend Rosslyn Nimmo and her husband live in Lockhart and they have the hardware store there!
What a coincidence.
John and I are going West at Easter.
Happy travels and hope we catch up soon.
Love Steph
Response: What a lovely surprise to hear from you both. We are now just out of Melbourne. I loved Lockhart, nice little town, the day we were there was a Sunday, everything was closed. Glad you going West, and will be with Mum for her b'day. Have a great trip, will catchup and hope to hear from you again. Love MAKS
From Bill & Barbara
We bet that Mal was most upset at the airport when you proved to have a better view. We are back in your spot; neighbour being moved within a few days. We had a great time in Wagga- it's hard to believe that the boys are so tall - makes us feel old. Keep in touch. Regards Bill & Barb
Response: Hi guys, Mal sure enjoyed the air show & Bill sure knows his stuff about planes. We had good time in Wagga, stayed where you said. Is neighbour moving by your request? How is Stephen going? keep in touch MAKS
From Paul & Simone
Hi to you both,

Really enjoying your travel blog, and look forward to seeing the new entries. We are off to Bali in 12 days not that we are counting, we will have a cold bintang or two and think of you both.

Best Wishes

Paul & Simone
Response: Hi Guys, Glad to hear that you finally did get to talk Simone into going again. Wish we could be with you.....enjoy and look forward to hearing that Bali is still intact. MAKS