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Friday, 09 February 2007

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Absolutely freezin - yes, that's how i would discribe the the Scandanavian winter - but unfortunately like in the rest of Europe that's not up for discussion....But hey i am South African, so i am the exception!I left congested Heathrow airport 20:20pm with Scandavian airlines - (Ohh and just for the record - if you eva do decide to fly with them, they make you pay for refreshment on the plane, yip nothing is free with SAS, what a rip-off) I landed at Copenhagen airport on 09/02/2007 at 11:45pm local time, the airport was rather quite like to my surprise but was very appropriate as i was quite exhaussted. Copenhagen is a wonderful city with beautiful achitecture very much similar to Amsterdam. Although the danes are much, much more friendlier no doubt about that. My stay in the city was really short i didn't get half as much done! Only saw a few sights but the people that i met made my short stay very pleasant and so much worth it - the expirience was amazing! I will certain go back and recommend the city for a holiday - but do go in summer!

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

So i finally left 18 Jan 2007 for Amsterdam. I landed at Schipol airport, a flight filled with heaps of turbulence but never the less i landed safe and sound, thank god!!! After looking frantically for my luggage i noticed that there were no trains into the city and only to learn(hence the turbulence on the plane) that Amsterdam just suffered a severe storm, leaving tons of people stranded on the airport not a very nice sight. I then made my way to the closest bus stop. Trying to suss out helpful folks as i just want to know which bus i should take - with the dutch being so unfriendly i just stood there for about a hour and a half and nobody seem willing to help (and i thought londoners was unfriendly). Finally luck stike and i met a lovely couple from "london"(can you believe it) who was on their way back home but only to find that their flight was cancelled/postponed due to the weather. We then got a cab back to city center where i stayed at the Stayokay hostel. I got there very late, think after 12 and every1 was fast alseep. I awake at 8am(friday morn) took a shower had breakfast and check-out at 9am as i had to meet my new founded friends for breakfast and hangout for the rest of the day. After walking for 30mins i finally found the hotel where they stayed. They then had breakfast and while they where getting ready i waited for them in a coffeeshop close by, my first expirience in an Amsterdam coffeeshop. It was awesome feeling being able to smoke "good shit" without running the risk of getting arrested. After that i met my friends(Abbey and Jonathan) and we made our way to the Heineken brewery....hmmm nice!!!(Although i was a bit sceptical - as i am not really a beer drinker) But what an amazing expirience it was - for only 10euros you get a free tour together with 4glasses of beer and a free gift, not bad at all, you can get really drunk at that place>>> After that we walked around the city went to more coffeeshops, had some spacecake, and just smoked some more!!!! Until my newly made buddies had to get ready to go to the was really fun to hang-out with them. Later that eve i met up with a buddy(Neil) whom i stayed with for the rest of the weekend. We went to a friends birthday party, unfortunately Neil could not drink as much as he was driving - which means i had to drink for 2(but no complaints here).
We had a really good time and i could speak afrikaans which they understood and respond in dutch....
The following day i tried to get as much culture as possible and made my way to the Van Gogh museum to see he's amazing work and it was quite interesting! I totally lost track of time and stayed there for about 4hours and didn't even see everything.
I then met up with my buddy Neil and a friend, where we had supper at an Indian restaurant - the food was really good! After that we head of to the "red light district" and sexshops....what a nice way to digest>>>LOL!
We ended off at a cool bar for a nightcap........and that was my weekend in a nutshell - i will def recommend Amsterdam and will go back there someday real soon.

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